Car Prices in Thailand are INSANE

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  1. iv been wanitng to buy a super car in thailand for years, i actually went home to the uk last yuear for the first time in 8 years to buy a 458 maserati gt and amg gtr, i wish i could afford them in thailand

  2. The video was very good and you can’t help the mask part. The same thing happens in the states as did in your video where only ‘some’ people actually wear the masks after they get into an event. I also can’t read your lips with the mask on which is pretty much the same as having no audio on the video. I appreciate you still continuing on with videos when the rest of the people around you are being disingenuous.

    The whole ‘face shield’ appearance gives the models a rather ‘Blade Runner-esque’ look IMHO.

  3. Wear that mask.
    Thai Coronavirus Cases: 4,180 if you don’t like that number… 10x 41,800 100x 418,000 All year!
    Deaths 60, 600, 6000 all too many. But thats the year, not per day! 70mil people with 60mil all in traffic.
    Wear that mask. Social that distance. stay in the car.

  4. Some pricey motors if you want something a little bit fancy. The sick green audi wagon was cool. Car of the day for me was the Aston Martin, could live without the matt purple. As always class vid, now get back to your tours or showing us some talent!!!!!

  5. I remember when I asked my auntie how much her Mini Cooper was in Bangkok and she said it was 80k USD…I was floored. She was also a vp for a major tourism company in Thailand so she is loaded, but yes…car prices in Thailand for European cars especially are nuts.

  6. The mask affects all of us, Chad. Having a diaper on the face does wear you down…especially when loaded with bureaucrat excrement. Hang in there, bro!

  7. so do parts have same import tax of 300%? for someone making a custom car, crazy example you can youtube, but Ford crown Vic, re-bodied as a 1969 Dodge Charger for some jump scenes. or new mustang re-bodied as vintage Mustang. so Isuzu, with a custom suspension, but say a vintage Camaro body panels?

  8. Ok mr chad what are we going to build? Where’s the shop! You need a home base and what that will do is let you have friends that hang out in the shop so make sure you get a shop that’s half just covered and the other half is enclosed. That way when your friends pop by they can work on their car even when your off on a motorbike tour. Please consider a shop before the car.

  9. I would love to live in Thailand and love to have a real nice car but not enough to pay a 300 percent tax on a car. Whats everyone else thoughts would you pay a 300 percent tax

  10. Still cheaper than cars in Singapore and you don’t have to pay US$30,000 to US$50,000 every 10 years to continue owning the same car. We don’t own cars in Singapore, we rent it from the government on 10 year leases. 😑

  11. Hey Chad. If you wanted the mask to stay on, you had 2 options.
    1. Make a knot on each strap to tighten them.
    2. Grow a new set of ears 2 inches above the originals !
    Respect. Trinidad & Tobago.

  12. The 300% import tax means that 66% of the cost of the new vehicle stays in Thailand. It also helps the roads not get flooded with new cars because traffic is already bad. Without import tariffs, a country just sends all their wealth overseas like the way most countries just send money to China.

  13. Thanks for the vid – no wonder the roads are full of Toyotas – you would need to be super rich to afford an imported car. Im guessing its the same for imported bikes?

  14. 300% tax on import cars in Thailand is insane. Can you imagine if U.S. tax 300% on cars here? Nobody would be able to afford to drive and everyone would be taking buses to work lol.

  15. Cars are way overpriced in thailand.they literally have loan officers there if you want to buy a car with financial services for payments for 20 years HAHAHA

  16. Thailand have an import tax of 300%, Malaysia have an import tax of 200%, heard that Singapore car price are on par or even more expensive than in Thailand. Only the rich can enjoy supercar over in those 3 countries

  17. Yip trying to thing of a single imported thing they don’t slap with massive taxes and duty.. plus a huge list of jobs farang cannot do… unusual other countries don’t treat them the same… but most just set up manufacturing there and enjoy the cheaper output and distribution costs.

  18. Wut? No electric cars??? Did a vid driving leccy cars in Bangkok & altho still a ways to go, will eventually miss the roar of a V8 etc, just not the fumes… (or maintaining 2000+ moving DT parts vs about 20 on electric;) Pickup choice? RIVIAN 0-60 3secs, absolute beast

  19. Masks suck but covid is no good .
    My stupid country is leading the world in covid deaths by a factor of 3 x .
    Love your videos man , gotta hop on a plane and check out the surface drive boating !!!!!

  20. This is the other side of the coin people don’t realize exists when you start using tariffs and the like to “protect” domestic jobs; it’s not only the foreign manufacturers that benefit from open trade.

  21. Well these are mostly fancy ass vehicles…….I wonder what say the cheapest toyota little crappy vehicle costs there? Wouldn’t that just be the same after exchange as any other country?? Anyway thanks buddy from BC Canada for the great videos……..I think Canada is too hot for me, I couldn’t imagine Canada

  22. Yep that’s my pet hate living here the price of cars and big bikes along with having to wait for a model that’s already out in other countries and still trying to sell you a overpriced out of date model

  23. the mask is now essential not only in Thailand but all over the world until we get a handle on the virus. I use to hate it but now its a normal way of life for me. Remember its not only for your protection its also for other people around you. Stay safe everyone.

  24. Bruh… Buy a better mask! I’ll send you the $! It’s really not that difficult. I love your videos. Suck it up. We all gotta deal with this shit whether we like it or not. Make the best of it.

  25. Bruh….epic cars….always liked going to the different shows and conventions that they would have out at Muang Thong Thani complex when it first opened….

  26. Chad you need to get an ear saver for your mask and get a k94 mask instead, it will prevent the mask from riding up and down on your face when you talk.

  27. I’m not going to complain because you didn’t show enough of the models in this video. I enjoyed it in spite of that. Your comments, witicisms, personality, location and subject matter all make for a good time. You do a good job, Chad, and we appreciate it . Thanks.

  28. All of the comments saying how expensive all the cars are, the 300% is only on pricier cars with an engine of 2.0L or more. Pickup trucks are still fairly cheap, as well as economy cars, so you have options. It’s funny seeing car specs with engine sizes like 1,998cc, well that keeps them from being heavily taxed

  29. Does the 300% import tax apply for even cars imported that you have owned in another country ? And if so how do they judge the price figure of the vehicle. Does anybody know ?

  30. They should take the microphones away from those sale girls. They run them at full power and it makes your ears bleed.
    Fifteen years ago when I first visited my wife’s remote Isan village, no one owned a car and there were only two ancient Toyota pickup trucks here. We live here now and, almost every house has a new car or pickup truck.
    Reading some of the comments, I see that wealth difference is a concern to some but envy doesn’t seem to be a part of Thai life.
    Here you can be happy on a couple of dollars a day, or be unhappy on thousands. You just can’t do that in the US or UK.

  31. The three coolest vehicle were the Ranger Raptor (Not sold in the US), the GR Yaris (Not sold in the US) and the ADVx (Not sold in the US. The ADVx (like it’s cousin, the NC750x) is a bike that will easily do 120 MPH, get 80 MPG, and you can legit JUMP the little fucker! I’m buying the 2021 NC750x whenever they finally get here, but if I heard a rumor the ADVx might be sold in the US, I would wait!

    Actually I would go ahead and get the NC and then just take the loss and trade for the ADVx when it comes. WTF, Honda??? WTF??? Give us the damned bike!

  32. Import cars are heavilly overpriced. German imports are more expensive than Norwegian prices, and it doesn’t even come with the same standard of equipment. Still there are plenty of them in Bangkok. Mostly Thai Chinese driving them.

  33. Love the new video. Those prices ARE insane…no wonder guys do so many custom builds! That said, I would LOVE more videos about Triumph motorcycles as I love and have owned many built in the UK where my next one is likely to be built in Thailand! Keep up the great work man

  34. Hate to break it to you dude, but FYI a model dressed conservatively, wearing a face shield is still a million times better for us than looking at your ugly mug! lol

  35. Wow 77k for a wrx…. no thanks. I’ll take what I paid. It’s not worth more than that.

    What about buying a used car there how is the pricing?

    Nice car show!

  36. The Thais have come a long way in the last 30 years.
    It was mostly bananas, coconuts and silk but they are way beyond that now.
    What is the mainstay of the Thai economy now that tourists are rare?

  37. 05:05 The nickname of WRX STi is “Tiger face” (TH : หน้าเสือ) and previous generation WRX nickname has “chubby cat” (TH : แมวอ้วน).

  38. Chad. Go on line and check out the prices of motor vehicles in Singapore. They are ridiculous. A friend just bought a scooter for SGD11,000 (4k for machine price and 11k for taxes).

  39. Whoever did that to the Supra should be cained! That RS6 Avant though! I’ve seen those things just blasting up the autobahn when I was working in Munich. I also love that if you want it metallic green, Audi will do it.

  40. Is that a audi rs avant in green ? Love the car content as always . I thought india only had high import duty on CBU (completely built unit Cars with 60-100% duty depending on the vehicle ) but the import duty here is insane .

  41. 5:52 that’s Toyota Yaris GR limited edition. 1.6L turbo 270HP AWD racing tranmission. Only produced 600 units and only available in selected country. Cost 3.8m in Thailand (x8 standard Yaris price)

  42. Basically, any international car manufacturer that wants to sell a large number of its cars in Thailand has to build a car plant in Thailand or else you’re paying $200K USD for a Honda Civic!

  43. Oh man I know the pain of 300% taxes on imported cars.. Malaysia suffers the same.. a new 3L GR Supra at a Toyota Dealership here in Malaysia costs RM 588,000 (THB 4.36 million) … heck even a Honda Accord costs RM 186k here (THB 1.3 million / USD 45k) and it’s made locally in Malaysia! 😂

  44. People complaining that you didn’t film enough of the models are just thirsty dudes who not used to dating attractive women. Your video is about the cars. Seeing the models is a plus, but that’s not the purpose of this video. No wonder a lot of you struggle with women.

  45. So 50% of Americans cry and throw a temper tantrum over a 1 % tariff on some imports. To protect our own industries.
    Thailand has a 300% import tariff 😂 on American/ European manufactured autos. Meanwhile I see more BMW’s Mbz, Infinity in the darkest Ghettos of America than anyplace on earth. Same people couldn’t even afford a Yaris in Thailand. Tools.

  46. In the US or Japan, Silvia is like a throwaway project car, you buy it, ride it smash it, and throw it away.

    In Thailand, if you’re average people. buy one used one you got in debt for like 5 years. that not even count modify cost sadly.

  47. On the official Ford Thailand site it says a new Ranger Raptor is just 1.7 million Baht ($56,000), which isn’t too far from US or European pricing. Any idea why it’s so cheap, but a Mustang is insanely expensive? Do they make the Raptors in Thailand?

  48. We bought a Ford Everest diesel, 7 passenger, 2.2 L diesel, 6 speed, double overdrive in 2016, new! It was 1,300,000 baht! Made in Thailand! Great full size SUV, fold flat seats to the back of the front seats! All leather, triple climate control, premium stereo!
    Chevrolet had a plant here, but sold it this year to a China auto Co.!

  49. That’s why the dual pricing needs to be abolished,you won’t believe how many Thais drive these cars. But they still slug the Falang extra to go to certain places as he is considered rich. Not to many Falang living here in Thailand can afford half the cars I see Thais driving.

  50. Those prices are out of control wow. What about importing old second hand cars? I see some great old school Ford escorts have a following there? Those import taxes might change my mind about living there for half the year to be honest. I think Malaysia under their long term visa scheme allows someone moving there indefinitely with the retirement type visa to import one vehicle without those taxes applying.

  51. Man, that is nuts. I’m planning on picking up a WRX probably midway through next year (hoping the market is flooded when the new model is announced and prices drop lmao). There’s absolutely no way I could ever afford even something so simple as a WRX in Thailand lmao.

  52. In Thailand if you riding bmw or benz you very rich because 150k dollar on base model
    If you rid Nissan gtr you supper rich (400k US dollar)
    If you riding lambo or ferrari (1-2 million dollar)you’re millionaires
    Owner of naraya group have 2 koenigsegg (15 million dollar per one)

  53. Here are some interesting numbers:
    The population of Thailand is around 75 million…less than half have a legit drivers permit…
    Nearly 10 million live in Bangkok…the traffic jams in the city are among the worlds worst.
    The government demands such high taxes to discourage people from owning a vehicle…smog and lost work hours because of traffic jams are on their radar…
    And to the governments credit…they are ALWAYS building new SkyTrain and Subway extensions.
    125 cc motorbikes outnumber cars by 4 to 1 in Bangkok.

  54. Awesome video again! 👍 But I have to correct you about the cars manufactured in Thailand. There’s a lot more then the ones you mentioned .

    BMW: 3-series, 5-series, 7-series, X1, X3, X5
    Ford: Everest, Ranger
    Honda: Accord, BR-V, City, Civic, CR-V, HR-V, Jazz, Mobilio
    Isuzu: D-Max, MU-X
    Mazda: 2, 3, BT-50, CX-3, CX-30
    Mercedes-Benz: C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLA-Class, GLA-Class, GLC-Class, GLE-Class
    MINI: Countryman
    Mitsubishi: Attrage, Mirage, Pajero Sport, Triton
    MG: 3, Extender, HS, V80, ZS
    Nissan: Almera, Kicks, March, Navara, Note, NV350 Urvan, Terra
    Subaru: Forester, XV
    Suzuki: Celerio, Ciaz, Swift
    Toyota: Camry, C-HR, Commuter, Corolla Altis, Corolla Cross, Fortuner, HiAce, Hilux, Majesty, Vios, Yaris, Yaris ATIV

  55. That Supra? Thats got a Veilside kit on it; same the same thing in Japan last year at the D1 drift meet in Odaiba.

    There’s money in Thailand, a LOT of it. The ability of people to pay a 300% duty on imported cars proves it. However, Thailand has an excellent reputation for quality built cars, with even some BMW’s now being built there.

    Cheers Chad!

  56. I live in Nakhon Sawan far from the city in a nice village of Thai’s with my Thai wife. Those are superb cars and my wife really loves cars. I don’t drive anymore in Thailand but she sure does. I started out with motorcycles when I first moved to Koh Samui and really loved them being used to cars in Boulder, CO, U.S. At 64 I let her drive me around, no problem an excellent driver. We have had an MG and a now a larger MG.

  57. how would the 300% import tax work if you bought an old classic and had it imported. Like say a 69″ Camaro with a US tax value of $500-$1000. Then modify the piss out of it? Just curious.

  58. I’m from the US, and all these countries like Thailand, that I used to think were third world look like you have to be rich to live there. Everything is so modern and high tech

  59. Thank you Chad for this vid, I think your not the only one who is fed up with this whole “Situation” and were not even going to touch the subject of wearing a mask and if it’s effective or not, that’s a whole other conversation. But the import tax is really insane and only to put money in the wrong pockets of the people…..still hats off to the thai people that their car scene is bigger than most countries around the world.

  60. Yeah Chad the show was sick. I attended a few days in a row to cruise slowly around. Why I ask myself would you go and pay 5 Mill + for a Toyota Supra, or God forbid a junk Mustang when you can buy a 6 cylinder turbocharged AMG Benz for less, or about the same price !!!! FYI for the ‘face mask drop-down’ syndrome. Tie a small knot in the elastic to shorten it or, go buy a needle and thread and some decent elastic and redo the straps for your reusable masks. I have a few and re-sewed decent elastic onto them and they are great, and washing them each week don’t effect the elastic at all either this way. I never (well hardly ever) have to adjust them by hand – and believe me I can talk a lot lol 😁. Talking does tend to make the mask migrate downward like you’re experiencing, tight elastic fixes that pronto.

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