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  1. We are still working at skeletal work force (50%) so earliest would be August 2022. We have been very lucky with the weather, as in no typhoons, still a long way to go. You can always tell the progress of a bridge when you can drive on it. So far that is not possible.

  2. Thanks for the update Rod. I have been wondering about this. Looks a lot different than it did last year when we were there. We seldom go to Mactan but it will help big time. Best wishes Bob.

  3. Great video as always Rod. Nice to see something about future developments there that remind one that someday Covid-19 will be in the past and great places will be growing and becoming greater still. Take care and all the best.

  4. Thanks mate, again great vid,,, But something crossed my mind as i was watching, some of that is scary bloody high for an earthquake area. Eddie Sydney Jagna / Bohol

  5. The new expansion of the airport is really very nice and will allow much more tourists. I wonder if this will help the traffic on Mac tan? The island has really become a chock point in the last decade.

  6. Hi Rod, your mention of the proposed Cebu/Bohol bridge has huge possibilities for Bohol, which is basically the poor cousin of Cebu.
    We have family over there and it is common sometimes not to be able to purchase certain goods and having to wait for several days for what you are wanting. Having said that, i guess, having regard to the present economic climate, it will be many years before this eventuates, maybe not in my lifetime Rod.

  7. Time for a drone Rod. My BIL loved flying his drone when my sister’s family were on vacation there last year. This will be an iconic landmark when finished. I’m happy for my hometown.
    Oh, I looked into the native born foreigners issue (Balikbayan), it seems they can come home. Thinking of doing it but the quarantine and being in an enclosed space for almost a day kinda scare me.

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