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  1. When you think how resilient the average Filipino is everything closed since 15th March and they have survived with very little god bless them and may the prosper

  2. Nice to see things opening up a bit, the usual confusion with no one being sure what the current restrictions are. Thanks for the up to date news Rod, I quite liked a night out at Marshall’s , or Howling Dogs. The bar scene seems to be changing there now.

  3. i love going out and drinking just like anybody else!!!!!
    BUT BARS ARE THE GREATEST RISK right now in a pandemic!!!!!
    the 3rd wave is poised to jump.
    drinkers get tipsy. and make poor judgements.
    you can’t drink with a mask on, right?????
    social distancing ain’t happening.
    people will let down their guard and get sloppy!!!!
    this will backfire!!!!!!!
    numbers will go up again in November and December.
    you’ve been warned.

  4. Well like i have said before it’s the movement of people and the restrictions of transport that is crucial to survival of this country that needs tourism. Cebu pacific airlines. yesterday. laid off thousands of staff and it’s struggling to survive ,if as they have said not open until middle. of next year then there will be no aeroplanes flying whether it’s local or international this has to change.

  5. why is alcohol a restriction ,what has that got to do with anything . In fact it should be free for people to drowned their sorrows watching the country collapse

  6. Who in the Philippines had linked alcohol to Covid19? Why is the logic to choke all businesses to death, I will never forgive this administration for putting the country to its knees.

  7. Hey Rod.. I thought Mr. Bartholemy was from the UK or OZ, but he sounds American from the North East somewhere… He has been on FaceBook many times during the COVID complaining about what is happening to places of business, and he should have.. It essentially ruined Howling Dogs.. I hope he does well in his new venture… Thanks for the video… Bruce..

  8. I sent this video (link) to Michael (Howling Dogs) and he wants me to tell you that he’s putting it on his Facebook timeline, so you might see a traffic bump over the next few days.

  9. according to the WHO, lockdowns are counterproductive so if your 65 or older your gonna be on lockdown my last lockdown was from march 15th to September 30. virus cases were at 169 in march with 12 deaths here we are at 356,000 cases and over 6000 deaths.

  10. My filipina girlfriend told me filipinos can travel outside ph if they want for tourism or whatever after 21 October.
    Now just waiting for Philipinnes welcome tourism

  11. Had a bucket of SMLs this past Monday at an expat bar in Metro Manila. Outside seating in front. Even barangay authorities stopped by to check out NBA score on the tv.

  12. Thanks for your latest video. We enjoy your videos posted always

    Allow me to show you our latest video. For your review since we dont have a YouTube account yet.
    I hope you like it. The full version will be televised world wide soon
    Stay safe be careful from Corona virus 🙏🙏🙏 🇵🇭🇺🇸🇱🇧

    Hello!!!! Finally, here’s our initial video for the interview on GMA Pinoy channel.

  13. Looks really nice, this country should start thinking of having the people decides what kind of business will start the economy🙏 a lot of potentials as far as I’m concern🥰take care Rod, don’t forget to use the trash bin for a disposable masks😀

  14. We got to travel over to Aklan Boracay for a couple days before we left most everything was closed at the time we were Living Kalibo Aklan. Glad we got back to the USA when we did “August “ we will be back when Covid is gone

  15. We are still waiting to move from USA to our retirement home in the province of Cebu. There are hundreds of us hanging out in the USA doing that. We are waiting for when it is legal and to safe to come. But we are still struggling with the virus here in Montana too. Thanks for posting Rod. Opening up businesses is a good sign!

  16. Good to see you out walking around again.. slow how things are still around the area.. made me laugh now you had to run to Mandue to stock up ,since you are drinking a little more due to lockdown, nothing else to do. haha. Hope u are fine Rod.. hope to see you 2021, summer

  17. Sounds like it’s time for some intelligent, enterprising Filipino to go into the “Pub Crawl” tour business, especially if this “two drink” restriction remains once travel opens up. It’s not hard to limit an establishment to serving a patron, but it’s almost impossible to keep determined patrons from exceeding that limit, lol. This could be a nice, little goldmine for someone with the right people and business skills that would only grow as restrictions ease.

  18. Until 1:37 I did not hear any audio, just letting you know. Nice to see that businesses are opening up. Thanks for the walk and talk tour. Stay safe out there.

  19. You would make a great Mama San Rod. LOL. Sadly the world population has become fearful, not of what can be seen, but of the unseen and of what we are being told through the media by the authorities, and i bet those same authorities because of their wealthy status are not affected in the same way as those business owners and ordinary folk these restrictions are imposed on.

  20. Vikings Bar on mango Square is inside very old, dirty and the toilets are from the second world war… 😵☠️ But thank you for walk on the mango street for us and let me dream from the good times in begin of 2020 👍🏻🍻

  21. This owner of el gecko bar sit in another bar as the boss in middle of 2019. When you walk from the circle of cebu to the mango Square Street, you must turn left on the oil station (behind burger king) in the left street inside and after 500 meters come a sport bar for foreigners on the left side. Maybe he is the owner of both or he leave the old place and is now more central there direct on jolibee…

  22. Are you sure that stripper pole at the end, wasn’t in your condo? lol

    I think so many of these rules and regulations are so arbitrary Rod. Why under 15’s cant go out. I think you have a better chance of being hit by lightning, while driving a unicycle, than you do of getting Covid while you are under 15…crazy
    And to allow restobars to open, but only sell carry out is crazy. I think the biggest problem with this pandemic will turn out to be all the baby Stalin’s in local and regional government its created.

  23. So how are those bikini bars? I’m asking for a friend…ha ha, Who is the genius that came up with the 2 drink rule ? In California the Gov said to pull your mask down between bites when eating out. My head is about to explode.

  24. my wife was telling me this morning the paerwork required just to go to different cities each. i see all of this as “divide and conquer” and a lot of people are not going to put up with this long-term, at least in America with the restrictions there. In the philippines, i do not hit bars to drink, i like to people watch and BS, i might have one drink, as I got older, i drink so much less. I just think the virus fear is getting out of hand, what about the previous viruses they have had in Asia, that also came from China, no surprise there. I can see if expats go somewhere else, i am not retiring and spendinga lot of money to kove some f my belongings, and myself, my wife to the Philippijes just to be under house arrest. I want to do outdoor things and enjouy life.

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