Cebu City: *MECQ Update 7/25/2020* RFID bracelets for tourism?

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I give an update about how local tourism is unfolding out in Cebu Province. I also give some small updates about other things going on in the Philippines.

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  1. “Pursuant to Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID) Resolution No. 56, Series of 2020 dated 16 July 2020, the Embassy hereby announces that effective 01 August 2020, foreign nationals in possession of the following long-term visa categories shall be allowed entry into the Philippines:

    Section 13 series of Commonwealth Act No. 613, as amended (13 quota, 13(a), 13(b), 13(c), 13(d), 13(e), and 13(g) visas)
    RA 7919 visas (legal residence status granted to foreign nationals through a Social Integration Program in the Philippines under certain conditions as provided under Republic Act No. 7919)
    EO 324 visa (foreign nationals who have acquired permanent residency under Executive Order No. 324)
    Native-born visa (foreign nationals born in the Philippines whose parents, either or both, are lawful permanent residents)
    The Embassy emphasizes that, to be allowed entry into the Philippines, foreign nationals must already have valid and existing visas in the above categories. The Embassy will not be accepting and processing applications for such visas.

    The Embassy further emphasizes that the entry of foreign tourists, non-immigrant visa holders, and other categories of aliens is still prohibited, except for the following as previously announced:

    Accredited Foreign Government and International Organization officials and their dependents;
    Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals; and
    Foreign airline crew and seafarers
    Kindly refer to the Memorandum on the above from the Bureau of Immigration dated 20 July 2020 below for reference.”

  2. Hi Jayson..the governor stating it’s gonna be cashless to book a reservation and such. I find it unlikely. Just more of the same of where you will not be giving the hotel the cash for the reservation but handling this cash still and having to go outside among people to a bank and deposit this cash in the hotels account. The governor should be thinking about the poor Philippine people who use cash and crowd around a Palawan everyday to pay their bills. Also get them rich Ayala mall owners to stop charging for parking with cash. Or better yet stop charging. Lol. Be Safe Jayson.

  3. Jason, great video… you are one of the few that keeps it real. Other vloggers it’s all about dating, age gap, take your Filipina out of PH etc etc… Too gynocentric if you ask me.!!!
    I was just at Paul M’s channel; it seems HE is also ALL about women. It’s disappointing

    At the end of the day, Paul McGill is just another old boomer who got stuck in the classic drugs of his generation: Oxys and Xanax. He’s recovering from massive failures experienced back in USA, in every single space of his life: finances, marital, children, jobs.

    Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Paul is re-booting his existence from MS-DOS to Window95 to Vista and now a low version, low budget copy of Linux.

    He claims happiness and defends his current lifestyle as a simple version of his former self. We just see an expats trying to re-live his sexual glory days by acquiring the services of a poor, uneducated Filipina, victim of PTSD, who sees Paul as her last chance to exit poverty.

    May the Filipino Scamming Gods spare this poor soul and help him see the pathetic reality he has become.

    Oh.. and before I forget, please contribute towards Paul’s Bikini fund. Keep up the good work Jason!!!

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