Chicken Breeding Enclosure Update

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  1. If you take your time to remove the galvanizing from the chain link fence you can get a proper weld. Which would keep the fence tight and allow easy egg access.

  2. Would putting the chickens on dry rice hull bedding help prevent disease? I remember on a older video you mentioned how after time its like the problem that was making the chickens sick and was from the soil from all there waste?…… It would be like a big carbon diaper.

  3. I agree with grabbing the eggs from outside, there are numerous ways to accomplish that. I am sure you will settle on something useful. Looking forward to the fish harvest.
    Michael #LifeAndLoveInThePhilippines

  4. Good idea to be able to access the eggs from outside. When I had Rhode islands, had large three section nest box along one end of the coop ,with a hinged waterproof roof. My then wife, was nervous about entering the coop, in case she got pecked!! 😂

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