China is so Free you can do whatever the CCP ALLOWS you to do!

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  1. Covid has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for China. China’s economy is booming while her rivals are hit by Coronavirus-induced recession.

    The worst is yet to come.

  2. Weird and undesirable bullshit …..classic 😂…that’s the CCP.. the religion is the party …the richest man in China just recently was silenced by the CCP for make a gaffe … no one is immune ..

  3. I grew up a JW and it was horrible. Anyone that is looking for help getting out, check out the subreddit r/exjw or John Cedars YT channel.

  4. Anything that discourages Christianity ( and that is currently the case in the USA ) helps release the beast that lives in all of mankind. I’m not a practicing Christian anymore as I find guitars playing hip-hop has replaced the organ and piano music I loved and that stinks BUT at least my early teachings of Christianity stick in my mind and The 10 Commandments still dictate my behavior.

  5. China is so free it made itself free to puppet any country it fancies… including USA ;-(((

    Edit: … and if you criticize the CCP, then YT, FB, Twitter will be more than happy to censor you… for spreading hate of course!

  6. My problem with religion and culture is when it starts interfering with basic human rights. Unfortunately, the US is a huge offender of human rights through the act of male circumcision.

  7. 8:10 You can go to jail for testing positive for marijuana in China. In other words, you can take a bong hit in California, take a plane to China and get thrown in jail for having it in your system, even though you did not possess it in China.

  8. Not saying that i approve ban on religions in China, however it is truly the last thing i would miss on this world… The sad thing in China is that the only reason they do it is to prevent any potential organised opposition to their CCP “religion”…

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That opening line, love it. Yes I would like to know what these things have to do with China.
    I feel like the whole world is becoming a cult when I look around and we are all wearing masks. Like I woke up in a horror movie and all I see is eyes……. Also communism is creeping in over in the West.

  10. In communism no other god is allowed but the leader of the communist party! He is your god.!! You must worship him and all he does….
    Now dont think that the u.s. is not on the same path! Equality and much others are the first number of steps in communism.
    Read the “manifesto”.
    Those who control INFORMATION are those who control the masses!

  11. I travel to China frequently for professional reasons and nothing matches what you’re on about. You need to get a proper job and see your frustrations go away. Ciao

  12. Only one complaint yes Homeopathy is complete b******* but not all alternative medicine is b******* a lot of alternative medicine is extremely effective

  13. I almost joined Falungong when I was in the college, good that I didn’t do that! Otherwise I would have been in the heaven now! Because a lot of people got killed Because of that!

  14. I wonder how the CCP feels about the LGBTQ+ community? I mean, theyre pushing it very hard in America. So how is this community in China.

    Am i mistaken? You mean… China doesnt have gay parades? Wait… you mean its ILLEGAL to be GAY in China??? But the CCP is paying for the backing of SO MANY progressive movements IN AMERICA.

  15. I’m a “Mormon” aka a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there’s definitely strange things in my church but we’re 100% Christians haha

    Great vid, as always!

  16. I could use Facebook before 2008, after 2008 people can not use it anymore. I criticized the government very mildly, and my social media account is permanently blocked

  17. USA is a chinese province now.
    It’s insane how the same people that are outraged over what happened to Tibet and Hongkong are doing the same thing to their own country and don’t even realize it…they even fight people for just talking about it…

  18. Quite often I see Falun Dafa silent protests in front of PRC embassy in Prague, once I signed their petition so I guess I’m not going to PRC anytime soon.

  19. love that you always point out things that people are afraid to even mention cause it’ll hurt some closed minded sensitive tw*ats. people rather choose beautiful lies instead of painful truth. keep em videos coming bud!

  20. I do not subscribe to “belief in belief”. All faith-based religions do more harm than good. The fact that so many are drawn to them means less than nothing to me. “Wokism” is an intellectually lazy religious cult replacing other forms of reason. They are all products of intellectual laziness and a desire for security or perhaps power; not a desire to obtain knowledge and answers about what matters in life, or even achieve durable happiness.

  21. You need to point out the Chinese finger trap once you put money in you cant pull it out. Love and respect. America stands for freedom not racism, we are not divided yet together we get better.

  22. “How many crystals are in your watch? You need crystals to run a radio!” Why give a diamond to a girl you love? “It’s just BS crystals!”

  23. I’m not saying you have to but start looking at the American government through the lens of soft power hour and see if you have anything to write down in your notepad just call it an exercise you don’t have to put it on your video just see what you see

  24. Well, placebo effect is real, as well the nocebo effect! Getting thinner, huh, future skinny… hahaha o/ greetings, best wishes from Copabacana, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil o/

  25. I’ve got no problem with people who believe their tai chi or yoga moves can cure cancer. Doing some tai chi is probably healthy anyways, especially for older people who suffer from immobility. I do have a problem with people who think the cyanide in bitter almonds cures cancer. Yes, some people really believe that. They call the compound which breaks down into hydrogen cyanide, “Vitamin B17”.

  26. What would happen if chinese people got access to a free (non censored, not monitored) internet? What if they got starlink modems? Would they shoot them down or just jam them?

  27. I may be slightly misunderstanding the point, but to me, disallowing (or more preferably, disavowing) legitimately dangerous alternative religions would be a good thing, if it is done to protect the public. But what China is doing is disallowing it because the CCP holds precedent over any other organization or belief.

    Edit: As for the “let them believe in the malarkey” thing, I don’t really agree. As you pointed out, many people have been hurt or killed by delusional beliefs. I just think that our objections against China are often targeted at the wrong thing, and are missing a crucial part of why they are wrong. Again, I know this specific topic isn’t the major point of your channel, and I love how your videos stand up and bring awareness against the CCP, so that would be an argument for another time and another place.

  28. People do not have control over what they believe. When someone says “you can believe what you want”, they are demonstrating their ignorance of how beliefs work. You cannot choose what to believe any more than you could choose your parents, or your hometown, or religion your family indoctrinated you with. When you change your mind or realize something, you won’t be in control of it when it happens. Stop punishing people for their beliefs. They have no choice of them. This doesn’t mean you should not bother trying to bring someone’s beliefs to a more defendable side of reason. YOU are under zero obligation to respect beliefs, and under all sorts of obligation to respect the person you’re trying to convince.

  29. I’m with you on the religion thing, but I do have to say,a homeopathic remedy DID 100% help me not have menopause symptoms n less than two weeks. I bought it out of desperation before I took medication that didn’t really promise to stop the symptoms, just “manage” them. I was very skeptical, yet, after I took the remedy (which I went into the health food store, self diagnosed from the symptoms in the book on which remedy to buy, and within two weeks after two weeks of this remedy, I went through menopause with no negative symptoms (hot flashes, emotions, weight gain). Not sure I understand how it worked, or that I believe in homeopathics as a sole remedy. My attitude is not to throw the baby out with the bath water, alopathic and naturopathic medicines would be best if they intermingled when possible. Just sharing my story, because actually I was surprised. Although if I get anything serious, I definitely go see an MD.
    Thanks for your videos, I can’t believe anyone thinks China is actually free after listening to you n the last few years.

  30. John 13:19
    King James Version (KJV)

    “Now I tell you before it come, that, when it is come to pass, ye may believe that I am he.”

    2 Timothy 3
    King James Version

    1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

    9 But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as their’s also was.

    10 But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience,

    11 Persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: but out of them all the Lord delivered me.

    12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

    13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

    14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

    15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

    16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

    17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

    Time is running out, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, the Gospel:

    Acts 10:34-43
    King James Version

    34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

    35 But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.

    36 The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ: (he is Lord of all:)

    37 That word, I say, ye know, which was published throughout all Judaea, and began from Galilee, after the baptism which John preached;

    38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.

    39 And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree:

    40 Him God raised up the third day, and shewed him openly;

    41 Not to all the people, but unto witnesses chosen before God, even to us, who did eat and drink with him after he rose from the dead.

    42 And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick and dead.

    43 To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins.

  31. You can do whatever any government allows you to do based on where you live, not defending just pointing out the pointlessness of the statement, I know this is how you get all your views and is very relative towards your life and you’ve provided fantastic insight and understanding to much of the goings on in China but don’t you think it’s time to start focusing your energy elsewhere a bit more, just feels like they’re living in your head rent free from here til the end of time, not a slight on you as you do you my chum, anyway thanks for the videos

  32. Giving you the middle finger on this one Winston! Christianity has undesirable bull shit reason baked into it? normally I only save the middle finger for the CCP (and sometimes the mainstream media and my own government). Sorry, you didn’t hit it out of the park on this one.

  33. Hi serpentza,
    What do you think about aliexpress and alibaba platforms? Is scamming often on these platforms? How to spot genuine value seller from fraudster?

  34. But have you been approached by Scientology? Scientology operates like North Korea and China in regards to their propaganda and treatment of their staff and public.

  35. treatment superstitions are things to be studied by scientists to determine their use. Though if it’s safe or the person is desperate maybe it’s worth trying. Sometimes something really promising shows up

  36. Who on Earth is saying China is doing it right? It must be a minority of Americans. I don’t know anyone on the left or right who thinks that way. NONE. Not even the hippies. I can see how right-wing media would try to amplify these minority voices to make “the left” seem crazy (similar to how some media on the left tries to show the craziness on the right). I’m sure you don’t personally know of anyone who thinks China has it right.

  37. You shut knew it before you breed into China, now its too Late… I think you playing with Fire with your Channel, but good Luck. 😂😂😂😂🇨🇳

  38. The only people praising China are the socialists and communists on the left! Most of them have never read anything about what Mao and the communist party did to the people, and they never will read. They’re mindless sheep that absorb leftist propaganda. Liberty effectively died on the 1/6/21.

  39. man, i liked your video with the exception that you kind of make christianity look like any other religion. it’s not, man. you can say that you can take bad and good things from all religions and i’d agree to that except christianity. there’s nothing bad about it. if you think there is, you might be considering stuff from the old testament which are part of the old covenant, thus has nothing to do with christianism. the modern western world is based mostly on greek and roman and judeo-christian values. christianism basically transitioned europe out of the dark ages, and set americans’ minds on living for work instead of the rest of the world’s work for living, and it’s where christians could ask the govern to not interfere with them (that’s how the separation of state and religion happened; it was the church who kindly demanded that) and this is what made the us what it is. it’s the strongest force pro-individual freedom and free market. basically, it’s the us and isreal that are on the way for a global government. win over these two countries and no one else can stop you.

    i like your videos. you’re a courageous guys and i admire your willingness to risk your safety to bring conscience to people, to expose the truth few dare to talk about. above is a punctual criticism. don’t take it like a personal thing. cheers from brazil.


  41. Because we have “Freedom of Thought” here in the U.S., we don’t need to “Respect” someone else’s opinion if we don’t agree… but because of “Freedom of Thought, we need to “Tolerate” their opinion. Unfortunately, we now have one party that is not happy with just tolerating an opposite opinion, they need to shut down any voice that doesn’t agree to their new ideolgy of where they want this country to go (Marxism/Socialism). They call anything THEY DON’T LIKE…”Hate Speech”, even when it’s not. Let’s hope we still have “Free Speech” in another 50 years.

  42. I wouldnt be surprised if the CCP top brass dont even believe in communism of marxism core values anymore rather just staying in control is their main goal .

  43. Shouldn’t have said “some say organs are harvested”. Should have said “organs ARE harvested, as proved in independent international court”.

  44. Winston, have you been studying your Xi Jinping thought lately? Perhaps this could be a video topic someday.
    You mean that my liver could end up in some rich Russian who drank too much vodka??

  45. Most people DO NOT believe China is handling this Pandemic well. They see the bullshit. Anyone who tells you that is stupid and should not be trusted to make a cup of coffee.

  46. SerpentZa/everyone 😉

    Satan controls the world 3 ways:
    big business
    FALSE religions

    All doing very well out of the virus 🎯

    HalleluJah is praise Jah 💚 praise Jah you people 👉

  47. Our Father Xi Jinping who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
    Thy kingdom come.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    and forgive us our trespasses,
    as we don’t forgive those who trespass against us,
    and lead us not into democracy,
    but deliver us from freedom.

  48. heavens gate didn’t kill themselves, they went to “the level above human” so they just left their bodies behind while they flew off in a space ship that was hiding behind that hale bop comet, it’s a well known fact Winston. the leader guy told everyone this so it must be true. I can’t see any issue with this not being true, lol

  49. another “i love china, but it sucks” video, have nothing else to make videos about? seriously, why you had this urge to kicking CCP all the time, all gov suck, in every country its no surprise, but at least china had achievement many great things. ps: im not chinese, just tired to listen your whining about how bad is CCP. you not even live here anymore. Make interesting videos about USA, i would love to see that.

  50. Keep in mind that none of us first generation Chinese ex pats even consider living in China, after being born in democratic western nations. It’s the same as choosing to live in America and accepting that your children have even a significant chance to be involved in a school shooting.

  51. I love Winston because he says stuff I’ve always thought. Like people who wear Che Guevara shirts have no idea who he was and what he did

  52. I want to draw your attention to a very serious problem thousands of medical and engineering students studying in different universities of china they’re been stuck out of china and Chinese authorities doesn’t allow them to go back to school and they force us to pay full fee our situation is getting worse our future is at risk

  53. Oh I recommended China to someone bashing free press (aka. the media) yesterday! I told her that she would be free of it there because the gov’t checks all the stuff that gets aired. Delightfully quirky timing! I will say thought that Winston reminds me of an international roomate I had during the Obama/McCain race. She couldn’t understand why Americans would criticize a leader (mostly because “[Tanzanians] don’t do that.”) I think Winston will see under the next administration that Americans tend to hold a high moral standard for their leaders and when they need criticized they will get it (sometimes they will get it when they don’t need it, just for good measure), regardless of party. If the CCP was allowed to be criticized, maybe they would change for the better.

  54. This channel gone from I can’t wait next great adventure video to talking nonsense on green screen. Should I unsubscribe or there is gonna be some adventure?
    Dude like drive on bike to Niagara falls or grand canyon and talk about it.

  55. Thanks for yet another great insight into life in China. I suppose you live in the US now (according to Worthless Whips) but your Chinese perspective is invaluable, due to the amount of time you’ve spent there, and of course your family being part Chinese. Amazing view point. Are you *sure* you don’t work for the CIA? Haha! I totally get it. China is super oppressed. Hopefully the people of China will one day be truly free, but I suspect that this is a long term dream. Cheers for now!

  56. China is trying to protect they’re people from bad influences from the rest of the world; that they have it good and don’t need people from the outside to tell them what to do, keeping it tight

  57. Outstanding video. Keep on making these great videos👍👍. There are way to many Americans that have a ridiculous picture of China and communism that needs to be exposed for what it is.
    Start speaking to universities or other organizations that have stars in their eyes young people so those same young people don’t have to live under socialism. 👍👍

  58. Just love this guy…………….honest/open opinions…… wishes to you ‘Serpenza’ to you and your lovely family…….from UK……

  59. I get accused that I work for the CIA too from commies. I dont know much about the CIA except Sidney Powell said they were heavily involved in voter fraud on America. I wish I had CIA money! But they sound really corrupt. I wouldn’t want anything to do with that,. But I dont get the CCPs OBSESSION with the CIA.

  60. Hey! We can’t worry too much about those who can’t see or won’t see the TRUTH. I’ve found that if you lay it out for all to see, truth can stand on it’s own. I’ve already seen haters come after a comment like this in support, but who cares! Lets keep it going!!!

  61. “Crystal energy channeling hippy shit.” Winston, your vernacular is both colorful AND descriptive!

    Also, referencing those VERY SPECIFIC cults makes me suspect that you’re also a man of class, and enjoy the Count Dankula Mad Lads.

    (If you, or others, DON’T know what that is, he does amazing long format, hilarious, borderline documentary of crazy shit. 10/10. It’s perfection. I’m still waiting on him to do a Steve Irwin Mad Lads though…)

  62. As someone in the middle yeah no, I wouldn’t want a government like China’s controlling my life any more than the stupid government we do have in the States. I happen to like being free and left alone lol. I’m also extremely anti censorship, so yeah.

  63. Thank you for making this video! Sorely needed right now!

    As an engineer, I’ve always been skeptical about anything I hear about, even though I might not like it. Wish more people would do the same!

    Good luck to you and yours in the next year! 👌🏻

  64. I am frankly surprised YouTube is allowing these videos given the influence China is having over American politics, Companies and how many in America are buying into their ideas.

  65. What the CCP allows you to do also depends on your race, location, social credit and rank in the CCP

    There is no freedom. It a system designed to enforce support for the CCP and those pulling the strings within the CCP.

    Not only is that not free it is immoral. No one serves the country or the people. All must serve the CCP leadership cult

  66. 5Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    With such massive election fraud in the 2020 election, and such massive corruption with the politicians and judges, and such online censorship happening in the US, the West has less and less ground criticizing China for doing literally the same thing.

  67. Falun gong is similar to yoga. Those who practice yoga in the west are more often very liberal in their political views as well as being anti establishment which is contrary to the ideology of the CCP. I think that is one reason they have been persecuted.

  68. We all know you are worshipping make believe but hey have fun! Just don’t ever impose upon free thinkers…….We are humanities only hope to someday be relieved of this cancer. My grandmother was nearly a victim of Jim Jones…..She had her plane ticket so I am not very keen on these belief systems.

  69. Good vid. I’m happy you’ve modified your message. I too see that China is not what it was 25 years ago. Depressing. I watch China in Focus daily and see nothing but abuse and atrocities toward citizens. I must stop watching. More serious events in the USA now.

  70. I feel the UK is going the way of the CCP, as the only non-left leaning, ‘woke’ MSM channel – Talk Radio – had its platform cancelled for a day by youtu8e earlier this week.

  71. China is what they are doing to Hong Kong today. CCP literally robbed a shining economic diamond of its freedom in broad daylight by their one ruler for life BS.

  72. Winston do you think they are into some or obsessed with this idea of producing tall Chinese? In regards to all these”Tall Long Legs Model” type vids Tic Toc’s been pushing/ trending recently?

  73. I’m guessing you haven’t bothered to research the beliefs of Falun Gong, or you wouldn’t have associated yourself with them(videos with China Uncensored, Joshua Phipps etc.). Of course, like any cult/religion, maybe not all members of Falun Gong are 100% invested in their beliefs, but you were used by them without knowing what they are all about.

  74. Falon Gong cultists have been guilty of terrorism in China. China did the right thing banning this dangerous cult. When we go to San Francisco Chinatown we are pestered by brainwashed Falon Gong handing out their leaflets in English and Chinese. They are exposed by the factual inaccuracies in their own literature.

  75. 7:02 the weird political forces coming from both the left and right are lil informed politicians and people, sometimes referred to as Republicans in Name only (Rhinos) or as Democrats in Name Only (Dinos) they are politicians who will do anything to stay in power, and anything to make tons of cash, including exploiting their own country and selling it to China! Certified NOT epic!

  76. Great video, super interesting. I totally feel you on this.. It’s sad because there is so much potential in China but it’s hampered because of all of this.. Anyway, have a great weekend!

  77. That title is pretty weak… Every government have law… Like it could be Canadian is so free you can do whatever the canadian goverment allows you to do. :/

  78. Islam is bad? Whaaa? Mr Mo’s favorite wife he married when she was 6yrs old…. don’t forget the only guaranteed way into paradise is by dying in battle against non islam believers….. see Usama dakdok or shahram hadian for more ….

  79. It sucks when u loved something but it turns to bad infront of ur eyes and u have to point it out and critize it against ur own desire for greater good. But ultimately I think people like you who actually like China (until few years back) are best chance for blind CCP followers to wake up

  80. While in America you have liberals whining about the constitution and how it does not give any power to the government power.
    And im like “well good. “

  81. You can heal your aura with some crystals. Stop hatin’ on hippies. Angry white guy sh*t. P.S. Qigong and Tai Chi are not the same. Qigong is a lot easier.

  82. Dear Winston. I have followed you for many years, and have always appreciated your hard work and listened amused to your personal stories.
    But when you tell these things about Falun Gong, I’m a little upset.
    It is quite clear that you have never read their writings, only the propaganda against them.
    Nowhere in Falun Gong is there talk of breathing exercises, nor do they practice Tai Chi.
    They have their own Qigong movements and just want to be good people.
    If you really want to know, every text is available online, all exercises are taught for free, and no one wants a single dollar from you!

  83. Thanks again CCP for this virus who took 2 of my family members. I really appreciate the quarantine and the unemployment. I’ve come to see my mistakes. Please make it stop. Or even better why don’t you stop? Haven’t you done enough damage? Please mister XI ,stop it. You are the greatest most better witted leader in the world! See? I Believe in you! Just stop this nonsense !

  84. We love you Winston. I usually carry crystals in my pocket. They may not be the cause of my good mood, but they’re a reminder to me that I don’t have to be in a shit mood all the time.

  85. Traditional Chinese Medicine mostly basically scientology IMO, most shit just doesn’t make sense and most of the ‘cures’ are just coincidences

  86. Thank you for this awesome report. Stay strong, and keep on following that moral compas. It is a God given part of our being human, but sadly to say, few there be that find it or will listen to it. Atay Awesome!!

  87. For the youngsters who think Che was cool, he was a medical doctor who under Castro, would kill enemies of the state with a baseball bat. In case any of you missed it, this is not an admirable trait in a human being.

  88. What the hell do you know about Scientology!? You have no idea what ..

    I’m only F**king with you.

    But seriously though, leave the Crystals alone. Ok man? C’mon.

  89. You can’t see how American’ts are following the Chinese Communist model? If you refuse to wear a diaper or a dirty rag on your face and the Masketeer communists party members call the cops or try and bully you into complying? Welcum to the JSA!!!

  90. You mention that falun gong got too big but do you think jiang “frog” zemin had more influence in this decision than other people in CCP? I have read he was basically so jealous of their popularity that he made them scapegoat and he wanted to grab more power for himself with establishing 610 office (whose main mission was to crack down on FLG so zemin basically got his excuse for establishing 610 office by scaremongering CCP members after beijing demonstration of FLG) where he handpicked people loyal to him which ensures he had basically control of goverment since china was (is it still?) controlled through internal security apparatus and not through army. Another thing i have also read that zemin was also feeling somehow inferior to deng xiaoping so him grabbing power more through this move was one reason (and also doing something great compared to deng? i dont remember details too well) falun gong were cracked so hard upon.

  91. I got a Falun Gong pamphlet from a practitioner at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. It was focused on raising awareness about persecution in mainland China, not trying to convert me into a follower. The Bitter Winter website and app shows many CCP crackdowns on Buddhism with statues and temples destroyed. No one is off limits with all the Catholics, Christians and Muslims all under attack. China is as backwards and brutal as can be and its leaders are wanna be deities.
    I don’t care if some Americans practice Wiccan earth magic or energy work or even drink the blood of Jesus. As long as believers have a free will, no one gets hurt and no kids get abused sexually then even satanists have religious freedom. The big religions do offer standards of behavior, business and social opportunities, and a positive message that makes the world a better place.

  92. You are spreading urban legends and sad things many of your followers believe whatever you said, I know many catholic and muslim people currently in China practicing their religions without any issue

  93. Make a small private email startup, we don’t read your email or sell your data etc. Go to some conferences. Within a month you will get CIA contacting you.

  94. I like Beck’s beer from Germany. It is fun to say “Beck’s” while burping as well. The hefeweizens with a slice of lemon are a nice change though.
    As far as Dutch beers widely available here I prefer Grolsch to Heineken. Heineken has an aftertaste and is too acidic so I need to eat tums while drinking it.
    The beer purity law that only allows four ingredients is where it’s at.

  95. Jack Ma, got inprisoned afar, just B cos he wanted to Rock really hard on His guitar 🎸
    Dressed like Michale Jackson, trying to get a reaction, now he’s disappeared, blamed for coursing faction.

  96. Winston, Im curious, despite all the critical videos you made of the CCP. Is the family of your in-laws under any kind of danger/risk? Considering they’re notorious for threatening family, I’m wondering if they’ve gone to the extent of attacking your in-laws. Though I dont think this threat is the appropriate place to answer this question..

  97. China does not want Competition.. They want People to Worship Big Government.. Like Minded people could gather at a Church and Speak against the Government and plan a way to rebell against the CCP .. They want to keep people divied..
    The Filloon Jong was getting to be too large of a Group.. They could have resisted the CCP ..

  98. People are very lucky to have a man with your prospective to learn from. You’re a credit to mankind and I hope you never give up your morality. You should be proud of yourself.

  99. I just find it funny that the YouTube channels 100% funded by the CCP are the ones suddenly saying you’re a paid up member of the Falungong, no no no don’t trust Winston! How convenient!

  100. I can empathize with you Winston. I have a Chinese wife and stepdaughter living with me in America. I enjoyed my time living in china. It was a fantastic place. I made many friends there, her family treated me with great, and the people were respectful. I had plans on returning there after my retirement, but i guess those plans are now shot in the foot. I hope the best for the suffering people there for a better china eventually

  101. Even in western countries, people choose not to look what is China doing. Every time when I tell them the dark side of China, they, western people, never been to China, start arguing with me, as if they know more about China than me.

  102. Religion is a unifying belief in something greater than man. That’s really not a message that a totalitarian and thus perfect state wants.
    Say what you will about the Catholic Church, but it served as a way to legitimize and hold accountable the various monarchs of Europe. Kings were appointed by god, and the Church was the arbiter of the will of God. There was a unified “Truth” that everyone agreed with.
    The reformation also shows how dangerous it actually is when the maintained truth gets challenged, and can no longer be suppressed. (The same can actually be said about Socialism, and how it was suppressed in Russia, until it became the suppressor)

  103. I saw online someone talking about the concentration camps in China, obviously some pro China Troll:
    China oppresses people, that’s true, but the concentration camps, that was just Falun Gong propaganda.

    Yes, because we draw the line at concentration camps, not oppression of liberties here in the west? *face palm*

  104. Eating healthy food and taking vitamins is healthy and smart. it isn’t a religion. it takes no faith. it is purely science. Strange you mentioned that as a religion. Now if you meant cell salts or something sort of fringe then that is a different story.

  105. i really miss when you used to bimble around china on your homemade scooters, showing off your chinese car and telling us about how life was in china. Shame it’s turned into what it is now 😟 but I will keep watching! 🙂

  106. Loosely related to China, after having left the states for 10 years it’s been shocking to see how much nicer Taiwan looks than the states do now…

  107. Actually, scientologist beliefs are crazier than you think lolol.
    If you want to know their actual beliefs, check out the South Park episode on Scientology lolol
    but I guess it’s not that much crazier than other religions of humans having super powers

  108. In other words Serpentza, you’re a bit like Joe Rogan. Joe grew up Catholic, but quickly abandoned that pretty early on. Joe’s just a bit more candid about religion than most. 🤷‍♂️

  109. I know an American Taoist teacher, Michael Winn, who is very involved in Taoism, and often travels to China. Also, there are the Shaolin, who seem to bypass scrutiny, or do they?

  110. If people of China has freedom, China will be super powerful and richer because theres no limits. For a country that has limited freedom it’s already doing quiet well. Plus most people in China are happy the unhappy you mentioned only counts for a fraction.

  111. Omg… Can you not spread lies? I saw adults going to churches as I grew up there. Don’t you want to show churches in China in almost every big city in your channel? Google it.

  112. This guy knows China inside out ! No embellishing and tells the reality of how CCP really controls people!

    Ofcourse they are other westerners living in China making YouTube vlogs parroting CCP’s propaganda, while holding their native country’s passport close to their heart always in their chest pocket!!! BTW YouTube is banned in China!

  113. Chinese foreign media like CGTN are on the chaos in the USA like a dog on a bone, and some “liberals” there and elsewhere are rightly condemning it but at the same time they will argue with anyone who suggests that there are worse places, like China, forgetting that Mao’s rule was basically chaos from one end to another that makes what’s going on in the USA now look tame,

  114. can you find something nice in satanism? that is a religion. granted i dont know much about it, except uneducated assumptions, like they probably do the opposite of whatever Christians do.
    which i find weird because 60% of what is in the Christian religion can easily be attributed to Satan (or something a Satan would do).

  115. Can u imagine, at the capital, u would disappear in China, be an organ donor. People ,the press, missed what was happening, it was about people demonstrating that they don’t like corruption, related to voting counts, and Trump not winning the election. Too bad he message was missed and harped on by the press to condemn and freedom blah blah blah. The damage wasn’t all that bad, and the damage was by idiots, and so the real message is missed. But if corruption here was bad emough, them a takeover could happen. Here the idiots will pay, but they won’t disappear, become organ donors, or intern into labor pets. Our press radio gurus and such trumped their horn to pat themselves on the back in public view, they sicken me. And on the news ,not one is harping about the real message that some good folks were trying to make. It’s always the goons lurking in the background wanting to express their idea of rampage ,theft and destruction at most protests. Our police need to weed out their goons within, yet be able to squish the goons. Trump is the best person to have taken office of presidency. Biden is a goon , speaking of freedoms and democracy solely to attack Trump. Biden is a piece of crap, and contributes to the cesspool that good people want to eliminate.

  116. And Falun Gong… isn’t they have been promoting misinformation abroad trying to get the current president of the US re-elected? I saw them spread all types of conspiracy theories in 2020 to support DT, what a disgrace.

  117. It’s died down a bit recently, but back when The Motorcycle Diaries came out you’d see tons of people wearing that stupid Che shirt. The funniest, and certainly most ironic, thing about that shirt isn’t the fact that the person wearing the shirt would invariably be one of the first people Che would have put against the wall, but the fact that Che’s face became a copyright-protected image licensed to t-shirts and Zippos. The fates must have really hated Che Guevara.

  118. It’s so true. You can go to jail for criticizing the government in China. The systemic racism and religious persecution… Incarcerating over one million Uyghurs. If that happened in the US it would be all over the news, protests in every city etc etc. In China there is no feedback mechanism between the government and people. The people can’t say “No, this must stop”. That’s not a model system.

    US citizens hear and talk about all the flaws of our country. We have political and civil rights movements. We are keenly aware of all the problems because of free speech and free press. In China the CCP tries their best to have their abuses flying under the radar. Americans are fooled by hearing repeated messages of US flaws while hearing much less about authoritarian China. Chinese propaganda tries to either not talk about their issues at all or label them rumors. It’s time to stop being fooled.

  119. Homeopathy has been shown to work and many get benefits whether you understand why it works and seems impossible. But would you not say that quantum entanglement that can instantly be in 2 places at once no matter the distance seems crazy too. No one can explain how it works but it does. Just because it you don’t understand how it works one shouldn’t rejects what works.

  120. i love your videos, but your thought that people who smoke cannabis are a certain type of “hippy” or is any different than you is extremely wrong. its like saying people who drink or some cigarettes’ are dirty piss stained pants wearing hobos. everyone from doctors , cops, lawyers literally all walks of life smoke cannabis and that may not bet the way it is in china and africa but everywhere in the west thats the way it is, i feel you living in places with extreme laws has painted a picture that maybe you dont understand. I miss your videos with all the B roll from china but i dont blame you for getting out at all! stay awesome serpentza!

  121. If you were a normal citizen and go about your day to day life and don’t bring up the Dalai Lama or insult the CCP, life in China is very similar to any capitalist country.
    Never had to use any identification when attending the Buddhist churches in Hunan

    Also here in the states wealth gathering is also the main driving point and it wasn’t long ago you could go to jail in the USA for smoking a joint.
    Keep in mind we have the highest amount of prisoners per capita than any other country.

  122. Serpenza bro, it is time to stop this. Life is too short for what you do. China is just much more than you could ever possibly realize. Bro, what you do is….. not what you do to China but what you do to yourself. You are a good-hearted person with a not accurate compass in your hands. We are all humans. And we do a mistake. That is called evolution. We all pay a price for it………..pls don’t do your attacks against China government or the people of China anymore. No point in that. Please continue your life, I know what you feel, from your presonal experience you told us before about, but you need to accept that some of us love Chinese people and their direction. Give some love to the world. Cheers

  123. Mormonism is over 200 years old, 190 officially, and is as big as Judaism and one of the only religions still growing in the West. Built on original Christ’s teachings rather than the post-Nicaea / roman terrorist sects.
    It’s not an alternative religion or fringe, it’s a major global religion with temples all over the world, including Hong Kong.
    Anyone in America that thinks China has anything right, is because China has agents embedded at every level of government and media, and Chinese money lines the pockets of many more politicians and influential figures. The DNC- And most Republicans, are multinational traitors that are pushing for a Great Reset.
    The world will look like the CCP in a few decades.

  124. Comfortable people will always choose safety over dangerous liberty.

    We all live such pampered and luxurious lives in the West nobody cares if we have the Bill of Rights or the 1A or the 2A or whatever. People “feel” unsafe so they will vote for Daddy Government to come fix their problems for them, even if their problems are statistically unlikely or insignificant compared to their real problems. It’s why people talk about nebulous things like “Black Lives Matter” despite the number one killer of young black men being other young black men, or why we’re talking about the SARS-nCov-02 virus despite the flu and preventable heart disease killing far more people.

  125. Christianity IS NOT a religion. It is a spiritual faith. Anglicanism, Catholicism, Presbyterianism, Mormonism etc. etc. ARE ALL *MAN MADE* RELIGIONS. Christianity IS NOT A RELIGION…It’s a FAITH.

  126. *tomorrows video*

    Winston rolls up in a Ferrari, explains how China is the best place ever and has no issues.

    I imagine someone with as much influence and credibility as you have would be highly valuable to the CCP.

  127. First off there’s good & bad in every religion! But, saying alot of these religions even compare to a cult is rediculous! Scientology is a CULT! And no i can’t imagine liveing where you can say nothing about corrupt practices by the government! As no-one is perfect! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  128. I think 🤔 I’m crazy but it keeps me from going insane and I’ve seen enough of what is happening to know freedom is a tool for anyone who wants to use it for good or bad….. But what is Good that you can trust in as is in Truth over all creation , rather it be of new or old creation, and there be all Truth in the Lord Jesus Christ … And note I’m not judging you right now with the words I said here but I only wanted to clarify of what I believe as this is my statement to anyone ….

  129. And it’s not too far away in the US (really kicked off about 100 years ago) Most people here have no idea what Liberty means or absolutely hate it. Liberty as a concept would not allow them to demand “free” healthcare, higher mandatory wages, “free” housing or whatever other “free” things they want. They wouldn’t be able to use the State to enforce the use of their misused pronouns, and they sure as hell couldn’t force their Covid controls.

  130. Serpentza I feel like the lesson to be learned here is that if wholesale put all our beliefs on any single ruling party whether it be The Republicans or The Democrats We would cease being a democratic society and be no Better than the Chinese Communists Party.. Tolerance acceptance and communication between our leadership is key to what we are fundamentally as a country and that is a message I can really get behind. I don’t know if this is truly the message you were so delicately crafting for your audience sir but.. That is the conclusion I came to and it is very much a valid unifying principle that should be expressed loudly and often. The United in the United States stands for much more than simply a grouping of land border connected countries and it is evident by the differences between how the EU presents conducts its self around the world and how the US does it. Thank you Sir for the positive encouraging sentiment.

  131. Expat in Taiwan for 20 years: We’re worried about China’s thirst for global resources now that a communist puppet is now in the Whitehouse.

  132. Get this. Thou shalt not worship a false idol. The idea of God is a transcendental good that is in each individual has( your conscience). It hurts your psychological well-being when you don’t listen to it but you are free to nonetheless. A false idol is when a person takes place of this transcendental good(your conscience) and God becomes very real and freedom is lost

  133. Do not discount the validity of placebo effects studied for decades by medical scientists who have proof of measurable improvements in patients (or practitioners) when they “believe” in the “cure”.

  134. Mark My Words.. China in the Near Future will fall into complete disarray and experience a really wretched period of time, The Puppeteers AKA “The Nationalists” will succeed to execute it’s Puppet whilst the Puppet Err-Dictator’s faithful will hunt down the Puppeteers behind his execution, The people of china will then fight amongst each other killing the fat corrupt Nationalists off, to which their family members will reciprocate and fighting amongst each other will escalate, Anyway after many years if not decades a proper constitute and an elected government will eventually be sworn in for it’s first elected term, China once again will be Opened up, but finally with freedoms “Yes real freedoms and not the current BS Freedom” that the rest of the world can even envy.

    But none of this can happen if the Puppet Err-Dictator doesn’t address his current corrupt government before they manage to execute Him, He seriously needs to setup mandatory voting where a candidate is elected in by the Chinese population, all he needs to do is setup a few more parties, free to setup what they feel the Chinese population think will benefit from their declared Policies, much like the rest of the world have Political parties, Which BTW still have to answer to a sworn in Governor General or in a monarchy it be a Ruler ergo it’s a win win situation for everyone except those who are corrupt.

    He has nothing to lose other than the corrupted government hell bent on his demise, so he seriously needs to act quickly..

  135. My biggest issue with the Falun Gong is that their propaganda like the Epoch Times is slowly becoming more mainstream among alt right people in the US—I see ads for their content all the time, and it’s always pushing an anti-mainstream, somewhat conspiratorial right-wing viewpoint. Given the current political situation in the US, I feel like they’ve certainly added fuel to the fire that’s burning.

  136. fa lun gong is a cult. It should be banned. However, in the U.S. there is freedom to join a cult
    , freedom to take drugs, freedom not to wear a mask, freedom to own guns. I hope your family well in America all the time.

  137. While you were in China you said the China has freedom for religion but just don’t go out preaching others people come to it but you can practice specially in case of Islam but now what you say is opposite to it so should we beleive whatever you said while being in China has many lies..
    Whatever but nice video from Pakistan

  138. The Bible laws have been so corrupted over time. One of the good laws I came across is “Don’t give your children to the CCP (the government).”
    It doesn’t mean that anymore they made up a fairy tale to explain what it now means.
    I’m sure this process of corruption has happened in all the major religions to make the followers subservient to the masters of the religion.
    By this logic every person needs to have their own personal religion that serves them.
    P.S. Ivermectin is the new cuss word on YouTube.
    Why can’t the Chinese be cool like they used to be back when they could build the great Wall and most of the world’s railways!
    You just gave me the most awesome stupid gift. An actual Moral Compass.

  139. Hey serpentza, did you see the CCP bragging on twitter about their genocide of the Uyghur muslims? Actually blows my mind these people will leave that up, but demand trump be banned for asking people to be peaceful at his rally. Big tech is owned by china.

  140. i did read the old testament and then the new one and it was full of emense differences. in the 2 latest versions . How wrong will it be over 2000years.

  141. Winston, I understand that you are trying to cover yourself from earlier videos and don’t want to mislead Westerners about China.

    So that just confirms that you really aren’t concerned about China. Despite claims to the contrary in other videos.

    But the CCP, and many of its supporters, really are concerned about China. However imperfect they are in leading the country.

    As a westerner, you cannot possibly be concerned about China the way the CCP is. It’s impossible because you are a westerner. If China becomes a democracy, will you work tirelessly and relentlessly to get China off the dollar dependence? Semiconductor dependence? Jet engine dependents?

    Only Chinese people are concerned about this. Westerners that claim to be concerned about China are only giving lip service because if they were truly concerned about China, they would be rooting for all these other efforts like semiconductor development, jet engine development, space exploration development, etc.

    But as a westerner, you naturally and in your gut see these things as a threat, despite you having a Chinese wife and a half Chinese daughter.

    It’s not in your DNA to want to see China become a full equivalent (or greater) to the combined resources of the entire western world.

  142. I have the same religious belief. Pick the the best from any religion or philosophy. I have been more in China then in the US but i do feel safer with the Chines view on religion. If i get in legal problem in China i am probably in some deep shit. OK, accept that. But what happens in a US court. A jury with 95% religious (nutcases). What happens if i don’t want to swear on the bible or laughs at the whole thing. Is it guilty by default then?
    How is it for you living in the US with your values? Or anyone else who knows?

  143. I was just in my garden thinking about the poor over controlled Chinese population, unfree to fully express them self’s as human being’s on this planet.
    It made me think of the scene from 1984, when the main protagonist pull’s his diary out from behind a loose brick, where he had been writing his thought… thought’s of which, which are illegal “thought crime” as they go’s against the party… really its just free of thought, you cant have that in a oppressive dictatorship now can you.
    Then his house is stormed by swat because, well he is under surveillance the whole time. A truly Crushing idea of a lost humanity, which clearly is a sad reality for the unfree people’s republic of china.
    One of our greatest nightmare’s, is china’s current reality. let that sink in, Truly.

  144. I get your taking a dig at China’s government but insulting peoples choices while taking refuge in my country is kinda a low stance. As a American we fought for our right to follow our hippy dippy shit, your fucking welcome.

  145. Ever notice how every time America is on the verge of collapse like the other day Winston and his botox face appear to say something bad about a different country? Wonder why that is….

  146. Hi Winston, I’m going to start a club at school that talks about China and US politics. It just seems to me that these days, a lot of people in the US are looking at China with a wistful eye, as all the bullshit is happening here in America. Thanks for speaking the truth and being a shining light amongst all the nonsense.

  147. Serpentza brings up a very important point. He is teaching us. He is giving us his opinion based on his experience. HE IS A TEACHER. We have lost sight of the very very very important fact that WE ARE ALL TEACHERS. Don’t outsource the education of your children or anyone to the govt only. Find out what the govt is teaching. Question it. It’s your very important task. WE ARE ALL TEACHERS. Friends, uncles, aunts, parents, brothers, sisters, children, etc. TEACH TEACH TEACH.

  148. I noticed the other day. The U.S. filters Gory stuff. If not tje Government, the Widespread media does. From Animes to everyday stuff, the U.S. really doesn’t see much gore.

  149. The power the president of USA has is so pitiful, so pathetic compared to our glorious emperor General Secretary Xi jinpin. You have a elected leader constantly being pushed around by the media, threatened with impeachment by politicians. While in our nation, no matter how rich and powerful you are, if you say one negative word about Chairman Xi, you are done, everything will be taken away from you. For a supposed fascist, Trump simply doesn’t not live up to it. And for anyone who admires China’s way of life, I hope your dreams come true, you all deserve it.

  150. Another great video. But I now have a sore neck looking at you on that crooked chair lol.
    Respect to your outlook on religion which I also think is spot on.

  151. I am sincerely appreciative of your knowledge and your reporting on China I find it honest and informative please keep up the good work that you do and most of all stay awesome. Your knowledge and feelings about the Chinese people are respected I live in hope that the CCP can be overturned and freedom is returned to China and it’s people, take care

  152. Definition: Sci·ence
    – The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

    As you progress through life, you will find that there are two major groups of people. Those that believe in God and those who do not.

    Those who do not believe in God go through a progression of feelings towards those who do believe in God.

    SerpentZa, You are at the beginning of your progression.

    As time goes on, more and more, you will find the things that believers think and do to be total foolishness. Your opinions of them and their beliefs will progressively become more negative. You will begin to embrace what you feel is science and abhor what cannot be proven and what must be accepted on faith.

    Later, in your mind, you will agree with acts that you would have previously found reprehensible, but being the science-based thinker that you have become, you will justify those acts as being for the greater good.

    If you live long enough, your thinking may eventually progress as far as the Communist Chinese Party has currently progressed, and you will agree with all of their doctrines.

    You see, we as humans think logically.

    However, there is a fork in the road of logic.

    One goes down the road of Intelligent design, i.e., God.

    The other says that an explosion created by two rocks created us and everything else.

    One believes that God created us from nothing.

    The other believes that two rocks were created from nothing and collided to create us all.

    At the end of the day, faith is the same.

    Something was created from nothing that created us all.

    You just have to make a choice:

    Were two rocks created from nothing, that created us all?


    Did God create us and the world from nothing?

    Consider the shear complexity of the design of so many billions of microbes, minerals and creatures:

    Is it more likely that God created all of this through intelligent design or that two rocks were somehow created from nothing and happened to collide, thereby creating all of this?

    I am going with science: It was God.

  153. Come on mate, fair crack of the whip. Unedited bibles are available in Government owned bookstores. You can also download it freely and access it freely. Interesting videos but keep it real. 🙂

  154. China does very much have online influencers, they just don’t use Instagram. They use douyin, weibo, bilibili etc. These people can make a big living as well, as they are often being invited for different promotional activities by companies. When it comes to freedom in China, I’d say the Chinese have never been freer at any time in history. The best time to be an ordinary Chinese citizen, ever in history, is now. It’s true there was a more lax control of many things a few years ago, I came to China in 2001, but I doubt most Chinese felt that this was for their benefit, or that they even had that perception. Things are more “by the book” but part of that, I suspect, is a side effect of corruption etc. being curbed. On the other hand, China has made it easier to do business here legitimately. There’s a lot of encouragement for foreign entrepreneurs etc. It’s more a one step back, two steps forward kind of thing, well hopefully, but my point is that while some things might have digressed from a certain point of view, other things have undoubtedly improved here as well. I do see some positives in the current development. Although, yeah, lighting up a joint in the middle of the club is not something that is well-advised anymore. I do miss those days XD

  155. Hello, Gang!

    Right now, it’s 12:35 on a cold, beautiful blue-sky Beijing day.

    I’m about to get on the Beijing subway system with a Tai Chi sword; it’s not a toy it’s a real sword.

    When I arrive at my destination (a major Beijing public park) I will be with a lot of fellow students all practicing various, real, weapons.
    I’m sure 师父 will be telling us to pay attention to our expression of hippy-dippy “special” breathing techniques.

    I assure you, from the street, through the subway system, into the park, no one will bother us.

    Also, as it happens, there is a giant Christian church on the street where I live.

    Now, this is important: What Mr. Serpentza says in the video is true.

    Just wanted to share my afternoon schedule with you, because it is true also.

  156. Isn’t it always the case that people can only do whatever the laws allows them to in most counties?
    I understand your desire to make money off the China-hating trend but you should probably try harder than this.

  157. SZA please do a video on what’s going on in the US right now. I’m a country loving patriot, and I used to think we were a free country. I have now lost all faith. It’s clear as day shady shit happened on the election if it wasn’t just completely rigged. On top of that, the US government & big tech has basically overthrown the President. Reddit, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other websites have all banned ways of Trump to communicate. Besides him, Twitter and other platforms are getting rid of any of his supporters that they can figure out. Our freedoms are dwindling rapidly. Please shed some light. At this point, I don’t feel any different from China. I have always looked down on people in China because they let this happen, but we are letting it happen now. The very fact youtube probably wont even let you talk about it is proof enough.

  158. No rule of law, no property rights, no freedom of speech, expression or religion. George Orwell could not have described the CCP any better with his novel “1984”.

  159. Mate, you and laowhy were good in ADV. Now, all I see is hatred. I left China in 2013 because I wanted to. Give it up mate. I have no bad grapes there, nor should you!

  160. I’m a Christian, I do not agree with you on bullshit 🙂 however, it may be unclear what a text or sentence is or says or perhaps how it should be perceived. And you have to use your brain when you read the Bible. And sometimes have to go to a web page that explains the meaning or significance of the verse

  161. Why not try and find funding to make a proper documentary, say Michael Moore, on how China is redesigning the world order… we think to still possess our freedom but as our governments are slowly introducing the Chinese doctrines those said freedoms are melting like snow in the spring sun.

  162. In Italy is the opposite there’s too much Catholic religion in the government even if they say it’s an unreligious state. A lot of laws are not accepted because of it (like LGBT rights) and also things regarding abortions and surrogate mothers.

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