China’s Beautiful Lie

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  1. Did you have to include the Chinese videos in as an inset of people watching to avoid copyright problems? I think it still works to get your point across.

  2. LOL, lets be honest here. The headache you encountered and the work arounds taken just added more back story and will hopefully add “rocketship” (seems to be an adjective that’s used a lot in the stock market these days i.e. GameStop, but alas I digress) to what to be honest was one of your more textbook insights. Though still interesting and professionally done. As usual thank you for all your hard work so I can have the odd minute of thoughtful distraction from my life in the Matrix. To answer your question, the video is fine and made me think about it even more so with the side story… Cheers,

  3. Is that lovey couple watching the TV set also part of China’s propaganda? Or did you stage that to emphasize your point? Thanks for the great video.

  4. You raise a good point – It is important to assess the content of media coming from China on the basis of the content itself, and also to question what connections it may (almost certainly) have with the CCP. Hope you’ll continue to highlight the deceptions and outright lies involved – Americans and really everyone else in the world needs to wake up and pay attention to the junkfood (soft power propaganda) they’re been fed. There’s definitely outstanding people within China and people of Chinese origin who’ve made their way to and positively contribute towards other parts of the world… The CCP meanwhile is most definitely not outstanding in any way or by any definition.

  5. In rural China little kids wear split pants and are free to leave their things wherever they want.
    For me the most disturbing encounter when a little boy dumped a poop beside me in the middle of the footpath and the mother didn’t even remove it.
    Rural China mostly is incredibly poor. Thanks for those videos!

  6. This sucks. I was hoping the new US admin would have been just as tough on china, but it seems its quite the opposite. Those CCP assholes might actually win

  7. I hated the couple in the beginning. I thought they should of got a hotel room. She wants some but he isn’t willing to give it to her. 😬😅🤣😂

  8. Wait, ofc it’s not real? Was anyone really thinking that? It’s even shot like a movie, even if you knew nothing about China watching a single video should give it away what type of video that is.

  9. I realize it for what it is. 90% of “reality” TV everywhere is BS. Having said that, I still like her video’s
    Her fist video’s were fare more crude.

  10. i don’t have to go to rural china and i know it’s fake. how much energy she has doing all that hard work and keep look beauty and the high quality cinematic footage drove me to think it isn’t real

  11. Another exceptional insight, really well put together. Lately I’ve hardly been watching or listening to anything else on TY other than you, ADV & C-Milk’s material. A huge thank you from me in the UK for help keeping my lockdown from being drab. We had a trip planned to go to China again not too far in the distant past, it’s sad to see that opportunity for us and all others in our countries, slowly disappearing due to the CCP’s feud with the West. It’s a shame it affects ordinary citizens on both sides, when really it’s just all government propaganda. Hopefully we’ll see a change but with chairman for life Xi-the-pooh there when that will be is anyone’s imagination…

  12. There should be more copy cats. Cute girls doing stuff has been popular way before lizyq. But they certainly stepped up the game. Its art. Id watch an American version. Peru. Iceland… i like that there aren’t any words.

  13. China is all fakeness

    Funny how the CCP is praising her for embracing “traditional Chinese culture,” when they’re the ones who destroyed it in the first place.

  14. I’ve seen a few of her videos. I must say they are beautifully done and the morning scenery of the landscape with the rolling clouds and mist is absolutely stunning. Professional quality recording and editing. But in the back of my mind I know I am watching propaganda. I’ll still watch it though from time to time. Nice work Serpentza.

  15. WOW, I love watching her vids, always thought they were a “tip-o-the-hat” to days gone by, had no idea it was actually Chinese communist propaganda. Truth be told, I’ll still watch for the cinematic experience, however, I’ll now watch it/her in the proper context, a fallacy!

  16. I think I stumbled upon something very similar.. there’s channel called 滇西小哥 Dianxi Xiaoge: beautiful girl, beautiful countryside, traditional cooking, there’s everything

  17. It’s a beautiful, cinematic channel. But I’ll tell you what I surely knew instantly it was propaganda. I knew that many of the people of the country side lived in severe poverty.. and I say severe poverty because if you haven’t seen her show, compared to the true reality of the people of the countryside… You’re missing a huge part of the propaganda they push. If this were the case many of the people that live in the countryside would be doing the same thing she is doing. That’s only obvious.

  18. Funny how they show people what they yearn for: a rural, natural, independent, familyoriented, selfsustaining life of an essentially idependent farmer.
    Independent and selfsustaining strong families is the kryptonite of imperial socialism and its unnatural evil motivations.
    All humans are socialists but there are two distinct forms of socialism: imperial/unnatural (communism, socialism, fascism etc.) and natural/family/tribe socialism which relies on strong natural loyality, natural heirachy, enherent love for, knowledge of each other, common culture and common goals.
    In short large impires are an unnatural and evil concept opposite to the natural and stabile/good small nation/tribe/family. The best longterm is to let all ethno/cultures have a place to call home with a piece of ‘garden’. and from there foster great neighbour relationships with bordering families/ethnocultures. You can still have some military and trade alliances as long as noone tries to take over another ethnocultures land. This is how we must do for maximum natural happy living with maximum longterm stability in an overcrowded planet.

  19. Most Chinese know that lady makes money from producing internet video. She works with a company. Other people prepared and she is an actress being there making a show. I have lots of friends in China’s countryside. If anybody interested in experiencing their life, I can arrange a long term rent.

  20. God damn bamboo sofa, I actually liked that video. If they made it as if it was real China she’d be making it out of rebar, styrofoam, rusted car parts and covering everything up in weak concrete.

  21. I’ve seen that channel and don’t understand how anyone could NOT think it’s pure over-produced propaganda. Damn production values are better than most Netflix shows.

  22. Wow So Many Channel about Village Girl in China such Liziqi, Dianxi Xiaoge, ErmiChuiyan, Many Others!!! I Like to Watch All of Them, Feel Rilex & Nature but I Know that’s only for Image Purpose, the Video is so Cinematic & Professional!!! Very Different with the True Condition in Real Life 😌😌😌

  23. You seems to be right as I watched another chinese girl running a cooking channel in Yunnan with a dog called Dawang. This matches exactly what you are trying to outline. I am familiar and well versed with Indian country side which more or less like china but what you show in your video is worst than time which is pretty amazing for China. It looks like Chinese govt did nothing to boost rural development. Thanks for exposing this.

  24. Hi mate. I know where you are coming from; however, over the last few years, there are many people who have been leaving the big cities to return home… and many people have actually found their “first pot of gold” in their hometowns. I personally know quite a few people who worked here in Guangzhou who have went back home to start a business and have been very successful. So, I can’t say that this is the case for everyone, but this is now something that is possible for some in China. I, like you, also have decent knowledge about filming and the equipment required, and I also know the average going rate for hiring teams like this, and it is not that exorbitant, especially if you are investing in these kinds of services for marketing purposes.

  25. I think it’s all a form of dumbfounding to reality that people would believe in a way of life that’s passed away so why would they build up a dream , well it’s easier to control people that are as country farmers … But that’s only my thought and opinion ..
    It’s all a faded dream working people to be controlled …. Like the California dream life but many people live their california dream life but can you see how that’s really going as the poor get poorer and the rich get richer because of corruption ?

  26. God damn bamboo sofa, I actually liked that video. If they made it as if it was real China she’d be making it out of rebar, styrofoam, rusted car parts and covering everything up in weak concrete.

  27. please, everyone knows that this is not true, when you want to do some garden work, you get wear overshoes and you will covered with mud , you can do nothing at all if you dress like her

  28. When I first found her videos a few years ago I really loved everything but after some time I discovered weird interviews of her and questionable cooking methods of life animals… like slowly steaming life crabs and the fact that they’re always new puppies walking around but never growing up.

  29. I’ve never even filmed anything besides all my phone and I can tell you that the production value of those YouTube videos just by seeing them on your channel are far superior than any YouTuber I’ve watched so far. Keep up the quality content

    PS except your drone shots those are pretty badass

  30. A stupid foreigner who pretends to be a so-called China expert with TERRIBLE CHINESE SPELLING 🤣🤣🤣.The way he spells Liziqi made me question his ” knowledge” of China

  31. Your videos (you and C-Milk) have so often blown me away simply by the epic scale of it all. The motorcycle journeys and spectacular drone shots. Most memorable of all to me though has always been the sense of connection to the humanity of ordinary Chinese people both rural and urban. Mongolia too. Your accomplishments in these regards are unmatched. The best.

  32. yeah i’ve always wondered how she manages to get high quality shots in the forest. like how do u even have internet in that area. although i love the videos, i can see how this is a lie.

  33. Beauty is just a façade. What is far more interesting about LZQ is who is supporting her? In China, for anyone to become successful they have to have connections. Who is/are LZQ’s connection(s)?

  34. Her videos are beautiful and relaxing. She’s very creative and talented. So much of social media is fantasy and not how things really are so I appreciate it for what it is.

  35. Liziqi had mentioned that she had started using her own camera and her own music. When people started noticing her, she basically had no choice but go down the snowball effect because her family is basically poor and ill. This is the type of advantage that money has over people.

    It is true that the city is nicer than the rural part, just like any other place, but there are differences in family rural areas as well.

    Liziqi does deserve her lifestyle now because she is a good soul, but the devil has her hostage.

  36. Common dude, there are plenty of channels like this for many countries.
    And, I may add, if what is saying/selling is positive than is good and should be allowed. We can’t make the mistake of only looking for the bad things, in a negative and xenophobic way.

  37. I follow the channel which is beautiful but am always amazed all the comments who seem to genuinely think this documenting a real person’s life. Every frame just screems propaganda.
    Indeed chinese real world countryside life is a tiny bit different from my experience 🙂

  38. Well under the Great Reset you will be moved into your Company’s office building with rabbit hutch supplied, work from that rabbit hutch to save your company costs and they will monitor every single minute of your working life. Of course your Company’s rabbit hutch would be deducted from your wages and you would be left with just enough money to barely survive. If you do not fit into their narrative your currency supplier will be turned off.

    Or turn your back on all this crap, work hard on your own land and eat untouched food. Time they started attacking those of us who have decided to live in the Country we would be long dead anyway.

  39. Good stuff, it’s clear to see that you truly love the country, It’s a shame that some chinese nationalists can’t see that your criticisms are constructive, not attacks

  40. Every country and culture puts out pretty fantasies about what their country or culture is like. The more oppressive the reality the prettier the fantasy.

  41. I knew it. She is so FAKE. very much like CCP. who records, edits, and posts the videos from that little bright girl that cooks so well and with so much wonderful cook equipment.

  42. I think this is far from a new thing as we see distorted history, Disney fantasy, Hollywood film jujitsu, can’t get away from this anywhere,.
    Maybe it can be looked at like a heavenly thought while trapped in Hell’s Kitchen

  43. China is a brutal fantasyland. If you’re wealthy, and don’t piss off the Party, it’s a fantasyland. If you’re poor, it’s brutal. It’s like much of the rest of the world, including your birth country, SA. My heart really aches for SA… the white genocide and racism going on there is terrible…. it’s collapsing like Rhodesia.

  44. I always watch her videos mainly because of her big pup. Kinda disappointed now. What about Drunken Lee videos? There’s also a couple others I like to watch. Now I feel bummed.

  45. I knew there was something odd about her channel. It just looked too professional. It doesn’t have the rawness or subtle amateur feel of a self produced video.

  46. I ran across her videos awhile back and thought it was odd that they came over as being done more like some scripted show than a true look at reality. Just as I had thought yet another look at propaganda. Same junk in every country, It is always nothing more than what the government want you to see. Seems more like a tourism video for back to nature. Thanks for your truths and reminders as always.

  47. Do a video about Hollywood and their ‘soft-power’! I would especially be interested in the role they played in popularizing that commie Mandela and what role that played in turning South Africa into the beautiful rainbow nation that it is today 😊

  48. China has a big problem: The one child policy didn’t work and people are still pouring into the urban areas for work while the food-growing countryside is emptied.
    That “advert” is a feeble attempt to reverse the trend.

  49. All Koreans know that Li Tzu Chi is one hell of a fraud sponsored by CCP.
    Who the hell could be filming and editing in a fine HD quality?
    And stating that Kimchi is one of Chinese food is pure bullshit.
    There is even Kimchi refrigerators made by Samsung, LG, etc.
    And there are historical records like the people enslaved or taken to China from Korea(I remember it was during the Joseon kingdom) also taught how to make Kimchi,
    yet they say it is from the Yeonbyeon Koreans which are also Chinese.
    Yeonbyeon Koreans did NOT made Kimchi from their own.
    China craving on other countries’ culture is just pure comedy.
    Those who have been mesmerized by Li Tsu Chi needs to get a life.

  50. Even IF the individual scenes were realistic, they are tiny slices of a life designed to glamorize. But that is exactly what every video or movie does. Nobody is going to sit and watch hours of anything without it being edited down to the interesting and/or relevant parts. Even books (remember books?) leave out the mundane in order to tell their story.

    That said, propaganda is still propaganda. I agree with Winston in asking about the timing.

  51. Just like America bro. We are “the land of the free, the home of the brave.” we are the “saviors of the world.” the “richest in the world.” we get portrayed in shows like the Leave it to Beaver.

    When in reality, America is just a bunch of spoiled brats who think there are a thousand genders, worship intersectionalism etc

  52. Hailing from London, can confirm, the place is literaly snowed with sophisticated gentlemen wearing monockles and top hats. We have so many of them in fact, that we have to regularly deploy plows to rid the roads of the build up.

  53. I’ve waited for so long to have an informative piece on her. My parents really believed everything she put out. That’s not to rag on Liziqi, but like you mentioned in the video, I found it odd how she would talk about life in a rural area yet the camera quality is like 4k. I always thought it was a play on a stage, but that’s the extent of my concern. Just glad you pointed it out!

  54. This is why I prefer Dianxi Xiaoge a little more. It’s a little more realistic while still being beautiful. She recently went around her villiage taking photos of its citizens. Showed how old the town was and falling apart. She also films and works with chinese minorities, showing their ancient traditions. Her dog is adorable too. But I do know it’s still propaganda.

  55. Let’s watch it and like it before it disappears.
    Honestly China’s propaganda works as many have an image of China that doesn’t match the reality.
    Mainstream media fail to educate the public about China too and even relay the regime perspective.

  56. Thanks for making the video it’s important that you keep making these that you bring it back to reality and Truth not some fantasy that the Chinese government is pushing on the world

  57. ok I was actually looking into her channel recently and the whole thing seemed really sketchy to me. it was just too perfect to the point of fakeness, and i was wondering if there was something else behind it, and then you posted this video! thanks for diving into this for us, really appreciate it 🙂

  58. Was that unreleased GoPro footage from the documentary? Would love to see more! Have to say I miss seeing those Churchill Moriartys, they were such cool bikes 😎

  59. Yes, I like her videos. A lot! But just the fact she was on YouTube made me wonder what I was watching. I look at them these days as a type of historical reenactment or documentary. I do think your use of “fairy tale” might be more appropriate thought. After I watched her make the bamboo furniture, I was thinking a woman like this cannot exist. I wish they did. She portrays a strong intelligent industrious person.

  60. If I understand correctly, Ziqi’s channel that is on YouTube and is monetized, by watching it we are actually financially supporting the CCP. As a side note, I’ll bet none of its episodes have ever been demonetized.

  61. It’s high time to “Boycott: Made in China CCP!!!” This is for the WHOLE world, by-the-way !!! Understand that if this is followed, China CCP will be determined to stop it. Same w/ tariffs; you know they are effective b/c China CCP was DESPERATE to get them removed. They are effective b/c they destroy China in the medium & long term!!!

  62. It is kind of sad how much history was/is destroyed in China, even today. It is hard to imagine that at one point in history china was among the most prosperous countries.

  63. I dislike her from start, you could tell she was a fake. I follow quite a few off grid people, bushcraft / wild-camping, independent farming channels, and it is NOTHING like she portrays it. You can see there are 20 people running around and doing everything for her, with a budget probs that of a tv station. She is just filming a movie. There is enough fakeness in life, before people start thinking that it is a normal life, it is you who just sucks.

  64. A charming fake. This is certainly not an isolated case; not in this time nor place. It wasn’t in the past, nor will it cease to be in the future. The national leadership in too many countries promote this picturesque drivel with the intent of molding the minds of their populace towards an enduring belief in some halcyon ideal. Typically, their propaganda efforts promote a past or present that never existed and never will. Best to keep your scepticism to hand and ready for use, folks.

  65. It always baffles me when Westerners who are so distrustful of their own nations’ media and news sometimes get taken in by foreign soft power propaganda.

  66. I think it’s incredibly irresponsible I hear so often people talk about channels like her thinking that’s what it’s like and therefore don’t even realize what trouble the people in that area are, and thus no awareness and action can be raised. I’m very grateful I had the privilege of you and c-milk opening my eyes through your channel. I thought it was weird anyway with all the poverty we also see going on in Asia that this could be a thing, it’s fishy at best. And a very very terrifiying reality, especially how the government most likely is in involved. Even though it may be relaxing to some people, I still think it does way more damage than good, especially since it’s not promoted as fantasy, but real life, she even defends it herself it’s gross

  67. I love her channel, but I guess you are right about it being sort of propaganda. That said I never thouht that every village girl’s live is like hers, that would be idiotic 😛

  68. The amount of pain a mainland Chinese person deals with due to CCPs efforts to hide problems is disheartening. To all those individuals who don’t GET what Winston is doing, Imagine if your a kid in an abused household, you get physically and mentally abused every day and your parents are really good at hiding it around others. Then you notice how your parents are bragging about how amazing they are and that you don’t need any help from anyone for the troubles you have. Imagine how isolated you feel and how helpless. The CCP is the parents and the average mainlander is the kid. Don’t buy into the propaganda support truth seekers (Winston, prozzie, that weirdo matt, and many others), remember truth is painful especially if you never lived the struggles that these good ppl in the mainland have lived.

  69. Maybe she can go on youtube without getting in trouble not because she is state media, rather they tolerate it because she gives China face with those beautiful videos.

    Also, I vaguely recall that her early videos were not nearly as well shot. How she got from there to where she is now I don’t know. There is a small chance she organically grew, or maybe she was spotted by some propaganda department early on.

    I get what you mean by it seeming a bit too idyllic. I guess editing, postproduction and camera angles can work magic

  70. I lived in Sichuan and I tell you the countryside is full of these beauties and living just like this! And all willing to marry Laowai to come live with them on this beautiful countryside!

  71. “Xia jie from shanbei” is the only Chinese channel I can tolerate because it seems a bit more genuine. It showcases the village lifestyle but I think it might be scripted also. The dialogue feels forced sometimes and I don’t even speak Chinese but I can tell. Still, it’s not as professional. She has videos sometimes with the audio muffled because the person who was recording held his hand over the mic.

  72. When done right, even Chinese rural life is workable, but rural life comes with hardships anywhere in the world. As well, in many places farmers *rent* , not own, their land, so the pressure to meet regular production quotas makes the rural life insupportable for many, thus forcing emigration to urban centers.

  73. I am Chinese,i totally agree with you!Most Chinese are still very poor but hidden by our government CCP!Thank you so very much for you and another guy help us to let the world knows the truth about China!

  74. Hello Winston. For the last few weeks now I’ve subscribed to all CCP YouTube outlets. I’ve made sure to turn notifications on so that I can be the first to comment and spread the word. Thanks for the letting the masses know the truth behind the wall. Cheers mate

  75. To me, it’s just like watching Bear Grylls. You know it’s fake, but it’s fun to watch anyway. I’ve watched a few, though I’m not a subscriber, and found them to be basically an enjoyable cooking demonstration entertainment show.

  76. You need to get a life and proper job. and stop using China as your money making tool. Also stop making up lies and turning the west into racists and shallow minded fools. People are better than that.

  77. Hi Winston! I’ve been a viewer for a few years now and I’ve loved and found all of your video very interesting.
    I have been having to come to terms with the whole Chinese soft power thing since getting enthralled with their current pop music scene. and being a very big fan possibly the most popular current musical artist their Zhang Yixing, I find his political allegiance disgusting but for what it’s worth I think he’s a genuinely nice person who is taken for a ride, He was Hunan’s youth league ambassador. He appears to be very patriotic and genuinely believe everything the party says and the saddens be because it’ll only damage his image on the world stage as he intends to go worldwide with his music.

  78. I have watched her videos and realized right away how well made they are.
    I also know it must take a crew to not only produce the videos
    but to tend the estate and prepare the foods.
    One video she mentions other sites claiming her vids as their own.

  79. It’s cuz it’s currently trending on YouTube to post such aesthetic slow life living blogs from Korea Japan and English cottages. I started to see these pop-up in my algorithm since I watch these blogs a lot and knew something was off. how is it that I’ve never heard of or seen any Chinese talk about where they live where is all the other Vlogs I’ve at least seen those places in those countries ?Also they never tell you what exactly they do for work? How do they pay bills?

  80. Her videos is propaganda to people outside China to make them think Chinese farmers’ lives are good. But it’s unfair to the real Chinese farmers because their real life is pathetic. I can normally tolerate 10% fake, but her videos is totally lie.

  81. The video where liziqi casually built a whole house worth of furniture from Bamboo with the precision and artistry a master craftsman/craft-woman was when my little radar went up. However, compared to most of the vapid and shallow contents on youtube, Liziqi’s videos are still top-notch entertainment, highly produced, highly curated and not at all representative of reality.

  82. Haha ide have to say I watch her channel cuz it’s mesmerizing but I knew that it was a fake. I guess it’s cuz I’ve been following you and laowhy for some time. Also, China in focus.

  83. And she’s too pretty, just right amount of skinny, fixed hair and fair skin to do this daily. Even if you’re naturally pretty, you don’t have to do all this while doing all that labor.


  85. Have been watching her video’s for some time now, I guess 4 years or so, idk. I love them, they feel very homey. That being said never have I ever thought for a single second that it was her real life. I definitely think you made a great video about this. It’s kind of weird that they are trying so hard to look good but everybody knows it’s not like this at all, and that counts for more Chinese outlets.
    I have no clue how many people watching her video’s think it would be real, but it’s good that they probably see this video as well.

  86. I don’t doubt the main thrust of your allegations, but her earliest videos are consistent with what a single individual could do with an iPhone. Her property was not as well cared for back then either. Many other Youtubers see their production values increase as they gain in income and invest it into better equipment. Her Youtube career would not be anything unusual in a Western country.

  87. Thanks for ruining the only Chinese channel I’m subscribed to! lol, I knew it was all a fantasy though, or that she was just in some super pristine area with her mom and living her life, I had no idea there was such a.. BS story behind her..

  88. I may be mistaken, because I know you were threatened a lot when you were in China. But how did you get away with having a YouTube channel while you lived there?

  89. SO GLAD you’re calling attention to the fraud of Li Ziqi’s channel! I’ve been getting the word out to everyone I know that it’s all deliberate manipulation — scripted, framed, shot with elaborate propagandist deception as the agenda. “A beautiful lie” is the best summary of it.

  90. Thank you Winston, for exposing this lie. They try to sell her off as a “princess fairy” and I have gotten into quite a few arguments over this ruse of lizi.

  91. I knew since I saw her first video that it’s a fairytale. Beautiful but not real. They’re trying to convince the audience that communism ist absolutly the best – City or rural.
    I follow a swedish woman who lives in China and has a Youtube channel. She’s showing the true life. Miriam in China. She use VPN. Don’t know if it really works.

  92. I’ve seen this girl before on some news article. I was suspicious then about her story. It looked nice and sweet but it was a bit too fantasised.

  93. Maybe we should level the playing field and ban CCP content and propaganda across all platforms they use outside of china. Then take out any media platforms they own and make available outside of China.

  94. When I saw Liziqi in the thumbnail I thought Winston was gonna talk about the kimchi controversy between China and Korea that got reignited by one of Liziqi’s posts lol. I still love Liziqi’s videos despite the fact that it romanticizes rural life. Though to be fair, there are tons of cinematically shot travel videos, vlogs, etc on youtube and all social media that romanticizes everything from all around the world. When people want to share something they’re passionate about, of course they will try to present it in the best light possible. This is just the nature of social media.

    I understand where Winston is coming from, but at the same time, I sometimes feel like this effort to “expose” China youtubers can lead the internet to paint all China youtubers that produce positive China content with a broad brush and label them all propaganda, which is unfair. There are many China vloggers/youtubers that only focus on positive, but non-political China content (language-learning, vlogs, lifestyle, food, culture, etc.) and because they aren’t openly anti-CCP like Winston, they sometimes get accused of being CCP shills. There’s a fine line that China youtubers/vloggers walk, but I don’t think it’s good for the internet mob to draw where that line is because that can lead to character assassination, canceling, and all that.

    Take the Uncle Roger debacle. He definitely could have handled the issue with the Strictly Dumpling collab a lot better, but people labelling him a sellout to the CCP is a bit much. I think Uncle Roger knows that him blowing up on youtube was mainly due to the international audience, not the mainland Chinese audience. I agree he made a weak move, but it’s a stretch to say that he sold out when he’s still based in the UK and primarily produces content on youtube.

  95. Coming across the friend (C Milk?) you collab with and your videos, I kind of feel mixed about this. On one hand, I can see why people might find offense at your videos. There are a lot of really patriotic people who go overboard, and since the government in essence is an extension of the people and the country they belong to, they lash out because it feels like you’re insulting them.

    On the other hand, I get it. It’s not a paradise over there and there’s a lot of soft power propaganda and censorship over there, as well as other things like corruption. It’s that kind of stuff that I can see why it garners the reaction from my friends and family who are worried about me going over someday to China for language studies or to work there, if that’s even a possibility in the future.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is keep making the videos. You aren’t insulting the people for being Chinese nor are you insulting the culture itself. I’m sure that a lot of Chinese people want to make their criticisms as well but know that they can’t go as far as what you do on your videos, because censorship.

  96. Winston, you pronounce videography like photography. You don’t say video-ography in the same way you don’t say photo-ography. Just a pet peeve of mine.

  97. Lol at the France fantasy description. I went to Paris a couple of years ago and 60% of the time I felt like I was in west africa or the middle east.

  98. The same goes for America and most other countries. Anyone that’s allowed to have over 1 hundred thousand followers is a shill for Government. Period

  99. Winston, the problem with having a go at the CCP (and they are equivalent to Stalin). Our governments are just as bad nowadays? Definitely heading in the same direction. Personally I think our democracies will split into smaller countries. Then we can control the politicians and they cannot control us.

  100. Their video quality really is absolutely incredible, to the level of BBC nature documentaries. My favorite point you make though is that this could be China, and I hope it could be as beautiful. Unfortunately it is not.

  101. You are absolutely right! How on Earth could a poor girl afford such an expensive video camera to take excellent videos? By the way, I have a question, kinda off topic, but I am curios. Why did you not visited Guilin city when you shot the first documentary videos? Guilin is a fantastic city, with some amazing landscape.

  102. Watched a couple of videos. Beautiful and therapeutic and fake AF. She does so much of this work without any gloves and let me tell you, after watching dishes by hand for a year at this point, I need GLOVES. There’s no effing way she did all of the hard work and her hands remain in these conditions. in several videos, she starts making something… then cuts to an entire pile is already made. Of course not by her. There’s no way she can sustain a living like this, with this fake AF pseudo medieval lifestyle, and still look like she does. If you look at old photos, even Qing ROYALTY look aged at a super young age; many loose their teeth early. Because a medieval lifestyle is HARD on you. I also know people from rural China. Those who really had to do hard work? They have ROUGH hands.

    This is a pastoral and nothing more. Pastoral is a literary genre set in the countryside for city people to imagine that the country is literally a fantasy land made of beautiful maidens, nymphs and handsome young shepherds. I mean, she literally wears pseudo period clothing that always looks suspiciously clean for someone who does so much farm and kitchen work. She must spend all of her off time doing laundry, by her flawless hands.

  103. Yeah.. I already figured it out and already commented before. This woman definitely has a whole professional production team doing everything for her. She probably earns more through Youtube views than most with a fulltime job. 😂

  104. Well done, Winston. I’ve loved Li Ziqi’s videos, and while I was sure that there was a staged propaganda element (as there is in the so-called “Shaolin monks” and many other cultural products of China), I found the sheer beauty of Li and what she does beguiling. Thanks for bringing it into focus. QUESTION: I admire how Taiwan has handled the Covid crisis (possibly the best performance on earth), and how they govern their island generally. Can you do do an episode comparing China and Taiwan specifically wrt Covid? Thanks.

  105. This video reminds me: I grew up on a cattle farm in the Ozarks. Nothing annoyed me more after I moved on to be a software engineer than people who had never worked on an actual farm a single day in their lives romanticizing how wonderful ‘farm living’ is. It’s not. Some people like it, most can’t stand it. Urban people’s ideas of how it works are mostly total BS.

  106. I hate going back to hometown, I rather stay in GZ. There is one phenomenon that I don’t get is why people go back during holiday’s? There is nothing there? Even the toilet you have to walk to the fields to do your thing

  107. Sure. It is all fake. Compare yourself before and after one week of primitive camping. Everything in that channel doesn’t make sense. How?

  108. That’s how I always saw her videos, historical fiction. I know that’s not what the Chinese countryside looks like, but what might have looked like in the past.

  109. The CCP is desperate to create more family units and draw some of the people back to their villages because the cities are flooded.
    A) They want women to be housewives and abandon their city life
    B) They want women to marry anybody and be less picky
    C) They want men to think that they can find a girl like that back home

    Its a kind of plot to revert to the traditional ways which is what Xi wants the most..

  110. I really appreciate that you’ve pointed out these channels for what they are, I’ve considered watching them. Good to know they’re fantasy, thank you so much! BTW I love the last minute of the video, China looks like it could’ve been quite an interesting place, it’s just too bad the CCP is screwing everything up.

  111. her comment is full of hired supporters/wumaos. you know they’re wumaos when they say: I’m from Rwanda and I…., or I love her and I’m from Pakistan. Just to pretend she has world wide support. So lame

  112. From the first videos I saw it was obvious that she must have had a very skilled production crew and a considerable budget to make her admittedly beautiful videos.
    Her story had to be bunk, and seeing them as a very sophisticated element of Chinese state propaganda directed at outsiders was the most logical approach.

  113. Holy shit this is a brilliant way of avoiding a copright strike (you were talking about earlier in the podcast). You want to reduce the aspect ratio but not to a degree where it just looks like black borders on the screen; that would feel way too intrusive. Therefore, you get something that could fill up the space, but in a tasteful manner where it fits the occasion. Her videos are the exact type of videos you would see playing at some appliance store when you look at tvs, or national geographic material you would have playing in the background lol

  114. ccp is sugar-coating these bs fantasies to trap the westerners: ccp blocked YOUTUBE in China, yet YOUTUBE lets ccp use the platform to promote their bs. Wtf.

  115. Our rural areas are pretty sad, too. My mom lives in a disease-ridden dump. It’s better than in many areas, but yeah. I went out there to help once, and I had warts all over my fingers for a few years. I don’t even know how I got them. Most of them have cleared up, minus on my middle finger. Other relatives got lice and stuff. We used to have a nice house in the suburbs. At this point, there’s no point in doing anything about it. She will probably fall over dead at some random point due to her health problems. it would mess her up psychologically to come back to town. I just hope they burn it when she leaves.

  116. “France is full of romantic, handsome men and beautiful women sitting on the sidewalk sipping wine and chatting jovially”

    As a French I can confirm that the stereotype of France being full of rude, arrogant men and entitled women letting their dog poop on the sidewalk and being mean to each other is far closer to the truth.

    I usually go back once a year for Christmas (well except in 2020) to see the family and as soon as I land to CDG airport the only thing I want is to leave. And I’m not talking about Paris only, my family is from some small rural town in Burgundy.

  117. Equally a lie are some of American “reality” shows about people living in the wilds of Alaska, and shows of that ilk on Discovery, NatGeo, Animal Planet and others. Some are completely made up and passed off as real, are scripted, etc when everyone knows they’re not remotely real…like the Alaskan Bush People. People can smell a rat when they see it.

  118. I heard that ziqi originally filmed with just a phone camera, and that it was only after she starting being popular that a production company invested in her and bought cutting edge equipment and hired great directors to film her. Not saying that it is not propaganda now, just that originally she began as a poor girl with nothing but her phone camera.

  119. As beautiful as her channel is,I realized it was a fairy tale,to sell products! She makes tons & tons of money from selling. Not sure if you mentioned that.

  120. I think I worry about you a little, given that all of your videos lately have the same theme. The Russian government isn’t above assassinating/poisoning people abroad whom it perceives as working against its interests. I really don’t think the Chinese government has any more morality than that of Russia, so if they started getting involved in that kind of behaviour at some point in the future it wouldn’t be shocking. You and C-milk were a little (a lot) naive about China during some of your time there, and I wonder if there isn’t just a little bit of this naivety at work still – not to be mean, just concerned.

  121. Me and my buds all watch those videos, even though we know they’re propagandistic schlock. They’re still shot really well and fun to watch.

    Also, I swear one of her videos had a cover of Broken Moon from Touhou as the background music, so even the music in China is stolen, lol

  122. If China is so start spangled awesome, I bet all those US guys praising China on Youtube must’ve already given up US citizenship, established life in China, got the red passport, applied for the party membership, etcetra. Any of those Youtubers you know given up the US passport?

  123. Li ziqi’s video never said all the countryside of China like her countryside… If you are just want to say: Li ziqi’s “countryside” represent all the countryside, I gonna feel you are way so funny : )… Just like what you have been to this poor village cannot represent every countryside in China. I was born in the countryside, that small village might not be as beautiful as Li Ziqi’s countryside, but it is still beautiful. I found out Serpentza really likes to find “some” evidence and pretend those evidence happened everywhere in China right now. There would be a poor village, rich village, a beautiful village, or a polluted village. there could have a skillful girl, a talented girl, a lazy girl….. You can’t judge something because you can’t do that….lol And someone said Li Ziqi should have tanned color but she doesn’t have, so she must just did a show……..Plz, she is a girl and knows how to protect herself with makeup, if you saw her hands, it’s a farmer’s hand, not a regular girl’s hand. RIDICULOUS BIAS I feel people are really hard to accept there would be a talented people better than you, and people in western feel much more hard to accept there is a good side about China ;D

  124. I don’t think she started off with a production team and I think the story was that she did well in the city before she returned to live with her grandmother, who brought her up.
    The early videos are less slick and actually nicer to watch . You just have to remember its a fantasy – entertainment…art even.

  125. She didn’t start out with expensive equipment but rather small like any other YTuber with small means. As her audience grew she was able to afford mor elaborate filming and thus made a name for herself. Ultimately it’s all a matter of what someone reads into it, be it “glamorizations of urban living” or otherwise. People of urban life don’t have the means and may kit had mad any effort to do things out of the ordinary and condemning her life style which she earned!!! Jealousness is a power to distort perception and adding one’s own narrative filter by people!
    She has shown in one of her clips how she went about filming her events, clearly not with affordable equipment. She EARNED her “bread” on the way up!!

  126. She could easily afford all those expensive shooting equipment and hired an entire crew after she went viral on the internet and earned hell lots of money. I do believe the ccp trying to use her as a figure to spread their values. But I don’t think the ccp makes her famous.

  127. From what I recall, she didn’t “fail” In the big city, Cheese worked as an electrician and DJ, and simply got fed up and disgusted with big city life, Did not feel happy there, And returned to take care of her grandmother which raised her, And she said she feels more alive living that lifestyle.

    Perhaps that storyline was contrived, I don’t know, how does anyone know?But her stated reason for being in the countryside was Because she wanted to be there

    S far as her videos, she Admitted awhile ago that now she has a production team.

    But insists that her 1st videos were filmed by herself.

    If you look at the very 1st videos,Does that backup her claim or are you still claiming they were made with $10000 cameras?

  128. Great video as always. I have seen so much chinese promotional videos on TikTok and you tube . Which really is lovely to think it is like that but I get a sense of a dark evil shadow lurking underneath lead by that evil bell end President Xi . But that said the awareness of the evil CCP is becoming much Morley widely known. It is a shame that there is so much racism on TikTok towards the Chinese , especially the young girls from the ignorant people out there when they already have such a shitty challenging life. All the best to you and your family Winston 🙏🙏🙏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥰😎

  129. What I remember is very nice people, but I understood what a peasant was once I went there. Most villages had garbage everywhere and small dilapidated structures. Never an attractive 20 something riding a horse and picking berries. It looked like a harsh life.

  130. Can you do the Treeman Chinese channel too? Sometimes I wonder if people are more open to helping others in certain big cities or if it’s like that all around

  131. Now that you have talked about these CCP propaganda YouTube channels by Western YouTubers as well as Chinese Youtubers like Li Ziqi targeting western viewers mostly outside of China, can you make a video about the CCP propaganda YouTube channels by Chinese YouTubers for Chinese viewers inside as well as outside of the great firewall? Besides the Falun Gong do you think the CCP is also behind these major Chinese YouTubers? Channels like: 江峰时刻,文昭談古論今,猫神(猫眼看中国). Channels like these have been clearly pushing the CCP propaganda and narratives to disrupt the U.S. government and democracy.

  132. I am also come from rural China, When I watch this mud house in this clip, it just remind me how I grew up. from another perspective I do like her video and this fantasy show me another beauty of traditional Chinese culture which I didn’t know about, but when it comes to reality it’s just so ironic that this kind of lifestyle does not exist at all. Countryside memory for me is absolutely messy tough and dirty, poor people just struggle to survive especially when the tough year coming such as drought and floods.This kind of disaster will ruin everything what the farmers already created but left the only poverty and the despair. The generation of my grandma is still working hard in the field and take care of a lot of other crops. They are over 50 60 70 even 80 years old because of poverty, Unlike the people from city, they don’t have any retirement support from the government. they wish they can sell their crops with a descent price,but the truth is that the price of this crops is artificially pull down by the government, With so many years of hard working they sacrificed their health but they didn’t get what they deserved, Finally the old farmers cannot work anymore so they are being abandoned and died poorly with disease . so many tragedies happened in my surroundings which just break my heart but it’s the reality what rural people is facing and how life really is

  133. Serpentza is really sad. Why someone would go all the way to bash others baffles me. Also, what about reality show in USA. Its all just a show. So much jealousy that people here just can’t handle their nerves. Sad.

  134. Thet expect me to believes that a pale fragile looking girls that seem like never hold a shovel in her life could working in a farm equivalent to 20 strong Mexican worker.

  135. The best videos on real China that I know of. My frustrations of what I have been through there are expressed here. Deeply appreciated, Winston.

  136. serpentza, Looks like you stirred up the winnie the pooh army in recent days. Been getting a lot of attack videos suggested by youtube recently. Good job. Peace.

  137. Communist Propaganda is infecting the world because the people that run the entire financial system on the planet promote it to keep themselves in power and the little guy stays little. It’s exposed so they are doubling their efforts to control the planet as always.

  138. About 20 years ago my wife and I met a Chinese woman who was a waitress in a local restaurant in NJ. She showed us pictures of her daughter who was being raised by her parents in a small city, I don’t know if it was a rural area, but it wasn’t a modern glamorous city and this video reminded me of this. She and her husband worked in the same restaurant.

  139. Thank you so much for posting on her and jer channel…

    I stopped watching it a while back, just because I am struggling with giving any support for mainland china/CCP.

    I try never to buy stuff made in china, taking it so far as to look up and researching every component…xd

    I know its impossible to go completely with nothing made in china.. but Im trying..

  140. I used to watch her but then thought “wait… why would one woman have a ton of specialized equipment for all sorts of different things? and you’re telling me she is setting up those shots while doing a bunch of labor??”

  141. Been to countryside China, Yunnan.
    First thing to notice is the poverty and the extremely bad dental care people have (couple of teeth missing is not a big deal) .

    Li Ziqi definitely is not part of those people

  142. isn’t any documentary or video blog a “product”? So, what is your point? Nothing new here.
    You are drawing conclusions, but do not prove anything!

  143. omg they are so poor they are eating rats..all though i do understand chinese people eat all living creatures even the birds in the parks…if he had money he most likely wouldnt hunt the rat. he would possibly just go buy one? i imagine chinese people can purchase rat meat to eat??

  144. Culture means that a group of people believe in something and regularly live in a unique style to celebrate or emphasize an attitude. Chinese women has never live in this way for past 3000 years, her team faked a culture image to diver an morden illusion. Chinese women who live in rural areas always struggle with basic human rights, and have never lived in a fantasy commercial world.

  145. If Alphabet would grow a pair, they’d not allow ANYone from China to post to YouTube until EVERYone from China is generally allowed to.
    Yeah, a fantasy equal to this representation of rural China.

  146. Jealous you. I will go on watching beautiful 李子气 videos eventhough it could be overrated. I tried recipes with success, I bought her delicious beef sauce which is so tasty, and like her grandmother too.

  147. Her CCP propaganda videos still needs more work. I expect to see panda bears sitting next to her when she cooks. Someone needs to bring this up to Chairman Xi.

  148. I took her content as just what historic rural living might be in a cooperative Chinese society that isn’t driven by greed and controlled by the CCP.

  149. I like how Serpentza talks with such compassion and balanced manner. He is a great man with wisdom and moral compass. Thanks for making such valuable content.

  150. You will get a glimpse of rural China if you go to any of their cities. Rural Chinese grandparents will be the ones marking their territory by getting their grandson to take a dump in the street.

  151. When I first found her videos I loved them so much, but soon after I started looking at your adv videos going through china, I realized things weren’t lining up

  152. Honestly if you are able to make a few basic logical deductions you can arrive pretty quickly at the conclusion that her presentation is not the common representation of rural China // she does a great job in producing these videos with superb equipment and very skilled dishes etc. though

  153. With around 300 000 homeless people in USA, it is easy to find spots to film there too, and say that all of USA is like that.
    Just like you have found some few buildings in China, and then try to make them representable for China.

    Can it be because you want a American passport that you have jumped on the “hate China train”?
    Its no doubt that this will make you popular among brainwashed Americans, beside from the fact that it gives you extra cash on YouTube.. 😉

    So like you say, you MUST be working for China if you shall be on Youtube there. And since you was on Youtube when it was blocked there, you MUST be working for China.. lol
    Or is it just bullshit what you say? As usual.

  154. SerpentZA you are doing an amazing job. These are things the world needs to hear about… and few people have more credibility, first hand experience, and the demeanor and character to be able to present it effectively to the audience. It’s especially good that you openly and honestly give credit and praise where it is due – about the Chinese people, the positive aspects of Chinese culture, the physical beauty of the Chinese countryside…

    Keep up the good work! My biggest hope and prayer is that you stay safe. The better the job you do on these videos, the more likely it is that you will be targeted. Because if the CCP hates anything – it’s truth.

  155. I honestly don’t know why you keep China Bashing. Nobody cares two flicks about China in the West anyway. You and laowhy86 now live in the USA. Your channels are getting tedious and boring. Even China Ignores you now. You have both said all thee is to say about China and the CCP. What more is there? Change the record dudes.

  156. She had plastic surgeries. You guys can google her before pictures. She used to sign up to be on tons of reality shows and trying really hard to be famous. Apparently ccp gets a cut of her earnings on youtube. This chick is a con artist

  157. I am Chinese I definitely agree with your point,generally life in China is on the opposite side .If you were living in countryside people normally look down upon you and show their contempt to people who work as a farmer.this series are dramas ,lies and unrealistic .

  158. My impression of her was “a girl who was raised by her grandmother worked in a big city as a DJ, but had to move back to look back after her aging grandmother”.
    I never read too closely into her bio or activerly googled her.
    I realised that she had some money for cameras and production team, plus her house and the garden are REALLY well put together.

    My assumption was that she was combining the care for her grandmother while earning money on Youtube (with VPN or something).

    Although I when I showed one of those videos to my sister she told me:
    “You are so naive, everything is so staged and fake. Her cameramen are professional, and look at her hands: I doubt she can cook or do any gardenwork,
    Someone is doing 90% of work off camera”.’

  159. yes i know… me and my dad watched this,We are 5th generation Huaren we loved this because yes that is how you cook traditional things, and the first thing i told him is, She needs money for this, cooking, camera and editing. Since my dad is from a rural area he immediately agrees, you need alot of money to buy those meat btw XD. But i just love the food. Oh and yes i told him we need a VPN to go on Youtube which he knows XD hahaha it made me turned into a detective

  160. *Brother… I like your channel but i’m feeling some hate vibes on this one. Guess we can’t all agree on everything because THIS VIDEO is BS about LiZiQi. No one is selling anyone on how life could be in China. Actually that sh*t looks super boring. She lives in the sticks. Maybe because I live in NYC i can’t relate but nothing about that video says China to me other than the fact she’s Chinese. It looks peaceful for a weekend get-away but that’s it. Maybe a few pervs dreaming of smashing her but even that would get old quick. That is not a life that the average American thinks about. Doubt me? Just look at IG. Those videos remind me more of like listening to the ocean. To each their own*

  161. 4:29 the writing says enemies everyday 敌人一天天. Could a native Chinese explain the meaning of this? Is this something to do with the great leap forward or the purges from mao?

  162. Well, uploading the videos on YouTube for sure brought her a lot of money . She also replied that she has a camera team since about 2-3 years?I first saw her videos on a Chinese video platform. The picture quality was far more worse as it is now. Anyway I can see that she really enjoys to realize some of the traditional Chinese cultures into her life. To me it is natural that CCP would praise her work and propaganda as a “soft power”. As a Chinese I’m also proud about what she has achieved. She actually has achieved more . A lot of the dishes that she made in the videos has been produced as convenient food with registered brand of “Liziqi”. Maybe some would say “ without the CCP the Chinese life is just like that. “ Or “ the life that Liziqi showed is more like the life in Taiwan” . Well , the life in Taipei is definitely not like that. Just like the life in Shanghai or Beijing. There is no perfect party to rule a country. Just a one fitter.

  163. @serpentza thanks for your content, been watching you for years and always enjoy it! Please could you speak about the Uighur population that is currently being destroyed in china. I am sure the awareness you could bring might be helpful. thanks.

  164. I did follow her for awhile, I loved how beautiful her videos were. I loved how she cared for her grandma. But sadly that was probably a lie too 🙁

  165. I didn’t know about that channel, but I recently came across videos from a girl named Dianxi Xiaoge, which seem to be about the same deal. I also enjoy them to be honest, but “soft power” is what I immediately thought of when I saw them.

  166. I actually love her videos but there is no way one person could do all of this on her own or even in a small team like she claims she now has.
    Now these videos are wonderful and i don’t really care who’s behind it, it’s excellent work.
    But it’s a modern day stakkanov type figure.

  167. Last 20 years I’ve been to the poor parts of China both my two ex-wife from China one from a well off rich family one from a poor family.
    I got to experience well-connected rich CCP connected government people in all the benefits and glamour with first class jump to the front of the line benefits it has.
    I was brought out to the countryside to see where older family members came from in the poor areas.
    Being privileged in Shanghai in the higher end of the prejudice and discrimination among Chinese against each other.
    I introduced one of my sons to a Chinese student here in the United States who I knew was the daughter of a general in China.
    He ended up dating her for over a year and eventually she took him for more than 10 weeks to her hometown in China.
    My sons girlfriend were among the spoiled rich elite with government connections.
    My son returned with amazing stories and excitement living the life in privileges like a king. A lifestyle that he could never dream of living in the poor backward Third World of the United States ( LOL 😂)
    My son donated his time and join the group that went back to China for another 10 weeks in very poor desolate area of China to be an English teacher without pay to give back to people who need help.

    The girl in the videos super great photography and to say she doesn’t have 10,000 proposals for marriage from men all over the world would be an understatement. Hell the story so good even I wanna marry her.
    And I know the reality in China both on the rich privilege side and poor countryside.

  168. I thought China was poverty free?! The communists just said that in an official statement! Oh, wait! Now everything’s clear, the communists said that! What a perfect system a communist one is! Their government is always so perfect, and all those stories about people beeing forced to eat their own family memebers to survive because of communism, are all jokes!

  169. Reminds me of another show that I do watch called Family in Northwest China. basically a cooking show with this woman, husband and daughter, The thing that made me question this one was at the start of the pandemic, there was talk of mass ques in shops and supermarkets for food, and empty shelves in China, when this was going on the amounts of videos this channel started pumping out at the time, showing this home with ample food, and quality family time just seemed a little suspicious with what was going on at the time. Maybe I was wrong, but again its on youtube and just supposed to be a regular family. But then again, you guys uploaded onto youtube whilst living there, so who knows…

  170. She shows how beautiful China could be without the CCP and Mao’s destroying all that she shows. We should all watch her and tell everyone that. “Have you watched the fairy-china-girl yet? Imagine China without communism. She shows that”.

  171. I know she’s a lie. I know it’s not real. But watching her videos is incredibly relaxing for me. I think of it like watching a Japanese drama set in Sengoku Jedi era or something. The story is that she shoots this all herself, which is obviously not true.

  172. How is she even able to post to youtube since the Great Firewall is in place and youtube is banned in China? Not technically (VPN) but I mean without the CCP coming after her? She is clearly sponsored by the CCP.

  173. Is there any further proof/explanation that the background story about her is all made-up, that she isnt genuinely who she says she is and that the beautiful rural area doesnt actually exist in China?

  174. According to the information from the internet, she went back home, was not because she failed in the city, was because her grandma was sick and she had to go back to take care of her. I watched one of her very beginning videos, she was cooking rough outdoor or a open yard, can’t call it a kitchen. Just some basic country folk cooking way.

    Yes, after she got professional team working with her, things just got so fake. Nobody in the country dress like a fairy to cook and work. Those absolutely fake!

    I was born and raised in the country in China too. Smart country girls could be very handy. I am one of them, I did everything around the house all by myself, including building retaining wall, lay patio concrete blocks, build my own garden edges, made my own mouse traps etc. I believe Li can do what she has been doing, like making bamboo furniture and learn those fancy cooking. But noticed that she used all sort of fancy modern tools which poor farmers usually can’t afford. The style and background is too fancy after she had the professional team.

    Now she has so many products under her name, and she is extremely rich now.

    Winston is so right that YouTube is banned in China and it’s interesting that her videos are allowed to be out.

  175. sadly cheats and lies works and works very well, in world best nation for faking near everything, as u said our high trust nation, i think always many will believe china ccp, till they personally went there and being shocked by it. Get real, we are dealing with a genocide communist state here

  176. Li Ziqi’s video is to show audiences how to run a good life in rural area, but not to prove life in rual area is always good.

    However this video is dedicated to collecting the ugly side of rural areas. It would be good to be positive and show audience how to run a good life, rather than to blame others.

  177. I subscribe to like 8 different of these liziqi style channels, all of them are the same, very high production quality, similar style, its all the same team I think, I know its all to push some agenda, but I know this and the video’s are very relaxing and interesting (even though I know its staged)

  178. I want to believe in a world where more people sit with good posture, occasionally touching each other affectionately, having sparkling conversation while watching a cultural visual feast in a brightly lit, uncluttered room. Not that this *never* happens…

  179. I was fooled by her until I questioned myself:
    1/ YouTube is banned in China so how could she went through Chinese scrutiny to post there.
    2/ She doesn’t look like a farmer at all.
    3/ Knowing CCP propaganda I found out she is just a fake!

  180. Many contrived YT channels exist. They have certain characteristics (as you have pointed out) which after a time you learn to discern, and thus dismiss their legitimacy…yet they usually have 100K plus subscribers. I guess the masses love to be entertained – even if it’s contrived, disingenuous, nonsense.

  181. LOL, my Chinese wife binge watches those videos. I find them quite fascinating and beautiful, but like you, I immediately thought being on YouTube was a huge red flag. The other one is that she’s hot (and not just naturally, but she wears fancy makeup and everything). I’m sorry, I know this isn’t the very feminist thing to say, but when you take into account gender dynamics in China today, it should be more than obvious. Due to both tradition and the huge gender imbalance in China, it’s customary for grooms to pay large sums to brides’ families and also own houses and cars before being allowed to marry. Meanwhile, young beautiful women largely get their pick of successful men. I know not every woman wants to be dependent on a man, and I’m not saying Chinese women have to either, but I have a seriously hard time believing any straight, attractive young woman (especially with talent AND top-notch domestic skills) in China can’t find a suitable husband with money in urban areas. She could easily be one of those rich men’s mistresses being given an apartment and luxurious spending allowance just for being a hot side chick. And even if she was this independent woman or perhaps homosexual or some other progressive category of person… is RURAL CHINA really the place they could call home and find acceptance and peace? I SERIOUSLY doubt it. A girl like her would have friends and family ravenously auctioning her off to male suitors for the highest price without her consent because that’s how it’s always been done. There’s also not really anything analogous to Catholicism in China, at least in the mainstream, where she might decide to be a nun or some other celibate designation. Basically, even with well over a billion people now in China, she’s such an anomaly that there might not be a single person like what she presents in all of China, and even if there are a few, they would almost certainly not be YouTube stars, lmfao.

  182. Nice episode; EXACTLY, that is my point why the CCP regime soft power propaganda have access to media BLOCKED AND BANNED in China for the regular people? it would be nice if foreign people would have free access to Weibo and WeChat to post whatever we want without being CENSORED and BLOCKED by the Chinese government. Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂

  183. Oh man those shots at the end really make me miss China. Despite all the CCP shit, it was a cool place to live. hope things will get better and not worse there, but probably will be a while…

  184. Hey winston. Could you do a video about melbourne shuffle and how it is popular in china (if you know anything about it). I’ve noticed you’ve filmed it in a bunch of your videos in China and I personally find it facinating that out of all places it has become popular in China.

  185. For a very short period of time, LiziChi’s video started with opening of red back ground and golden dragon flying around, with text in Chinese, as if it was promoted by government. I lived in China for 4 years, and fully agree that her videos are fake and propaganda. If a girl with grand ma can have life like that, 1.4 billion Chinese will be desperate to do so.

  186. Lie is too harsh a word in my opinion. She never said anything in any of her videos. She never stated her life represents the typical Chinese country life. Her life for her is real. Billionaires are a very small number of people that don’t represent the rest of us but their lifestyles are real to them. I know none of us like CCP but CCP aren’t her. Her videos are purely for inspiration and they are enjoyable to watch. Hate won’t get us anywhere.

  187. Yeah I honestly would think the really freaking nice cameras and angles would raise the most red flags. I have seen cheaper produced full Chinese dramas on Netflix and Amazon… When a lot of “Professional” mainstream Chinese TV series have shittier camera work, with supposed professional actors…. If a lot of TV shows in China don’t look this good, then some women living out in the middle of nowhere living in a rural lifestyle where the quality of her channel looks better than a lot of Chinese TV that should definitely raise some questions.

  188. Even her life (failed in big city and moved back to rural area to live like that ) is a rip off of japanese movie”four seasons ” (based on manga) xD

  189. Thank you for giving us the true picture behind these videos by Liziqi. I’ve been following her for quite some time and was starting to feel badly for Americans not being able to live this kind of life.

  190. Serpentza mentioned that propaganda Youtube channel having high-quality video equipment and cameramen constantly following around. Not mentioned is that channel is highly scripted. They need writers to come up with stories for that channel. Furthermore, the traditional Chinese techniques and skills used and shown aren’t commonly practiced these days — least of all not by one person hosting a Youtube channel. This means they have to use a team of researchers and technical consultants. All the costs involved isn’t going to be profitable even for a popular Youtube channel. The propaganda channel uses much higher production value than even PewDiePie, which is many times more popular on Youtube.

  191. @serpentza you have finally pointed your finger at what really matters: whoever lives in China as a youtuber is breaking the law, PERIOD, no matter how hard they are trying to sugarcoat red China. Anything else is, as you have justly noticed, CCP sponsored or condoned propaganda, also illegal, for it makes use of youtube, that is illegal in mainland CCP-run China. Your most recent videos, Winston, are scathing, absolute dynamite. All my rispeck is yours, mate!

  192. Thank you Mr. Serpents for giving me the opportunity to enjoy those vids from China with the knowledge of the truth behind them!!! Very good video!👏👏👏

  193. Your videos are very interesting and generally well formulated. If you structured it a bit more clearly and made your points more concise, I think that could make this channel a real, exceptional banger.
    Great work! Hope it gets more recognition 💕

  194. I remember a comment made on a video where she made bamboo furniture. An elderly Chinese woman, an expat, in typical Chinese grandmother fashion started off by saying that the furniture was being made all wrong and would fall apart in a couple in weeks. Then, she said how much she loved the video because it reminded her of herself growing up in rural China many years ago. It was very touching.

  195. One thing that stands out for me in these cushy rural slice of life is the lack of INSECTS!!!!!
    I remember going to rural China …. especially in the Spring/Summer months and boy oh boy are you swarmed by insects!!! That’s why a lot of these rural villages have these small fires going all the time …. one it burns rubbish and secondly it apparently discourages insects?! 🤔

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