China’s BIZARRE White Monkey Vegetable Propaganda

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  1. Covid was a blessing in disguise for China as her economy is booming from selling PPEs to the world while her adversaries are drowning in Coronavirus and losing trillion dollars.

    USA alone has lost 16 trillion dollars so far.

  2. I don’t need China in my life. Can’t we just go back to like the old days where no-one knew a thing about the patent stealing counterfeiting environment destroying drones?

  3. 🌽🌾🌿🍃🌱 Popeye was right about spinach: dark green, leafy vegetables are the healthiest food on the planet. As whole foods go, they offer the most nutrition per calorie 😋😋😋

  4. They don’t know any better. Almost a soon-to-be parity of our western upcoming generations – – the ones who won’t know what real freedom is.

  5. I’m a forager and herbalist for a living. Im fascinated with vegetables. Where do I sign up? OK, now I’ve seen the veggie dance, I’m game. I won’t even ask for money!

  6. Hi Winston, while I understand all these video’s against/about China, I was confused as to why you never use your vast YouTube influence and followers to get the word out about South Africa. Too many people think it’s so rosy over there, under the gauntlet of their ’’god’’ Mandela. Nobody is talking about the murders day in and day out.

    This is where both you and I come from, a place where both our families still try to survive. It’d be interesting to hear your reply, if at all?

  7. If China really planned on becoming self-sufficient in food supply, it wouldn’t be investing so much in agriculture in Brazil so they can buy millions of tons of soybeans while the farmers there destroy the Amazon

  8. few people wearing masks, how is China doing on Covid-19? (since they aren’t posting numbers) Statistically China is likely around 10,203,452
    cases and around
    245,453 deaths so far. Has there been a summer and fall surge, like the rest of the world?

  9. I didn’t use your link to primeinchina, I typed in “prime in china” – nothing. Then I tried “primeinchina” – nothing. Your link worked.

    YT trying to bury the channel?

  10. Matt is such a hypocrite, calling you guys out for being political, and refusing to answer political questions unless ir is about America. He was great before covid but a mess after. I get why, but do he really think his audience are that dense? You guys might not be right 100% of the time but at least you look honest in what you do, The JaYoe nation, not o much imho. I miss the good China videos from you, but I get why you can’t do those right now. The day I unsubbed from Matt was after he went on a tirade against you, being hypocritical AF in the process. Hope you get a new president soon, fairly and legally. God bless.

  11. This video contains pure poetry.
    “This propaganda banner that they’re so proudly holding along with their impressive stalks of celery”. “Intrepid troop of tomato jugglers.”

  12. Sir, avid subscriber. One short question: Does me skipping ads early affect your revenue? I feel bad about skipping and want to support you and ADV/Laowhy / worthless whips as much as possible.

  13. I guess the CCP foresees losing thier ability to purchase millions of tons of grain and other food from the West. Too many countries will be protecting themselves from the coming food shortages. So the CCP has to gaslight their citizens now.

  14. Fact is China is #1 in most lives lost from starvation due to famine (#1, not #2) man made.
    While they try to play US Great Depression and dust bowl, yes, people is starving but the deaths is by the couple thousands not in millions.
    I have scored free ham and free Turkey every holiday season (yearly for 10 years straight at my grocer), this year I get 2 *free* turkeys 🦃 for thanksgiving (yes, you do have to spend a certain amount). I have given away a few freebies to the cashiers, my favorite neighbors and charity a couple time. In our great old USA.
    I signed up for Ibotta (app) too to get a free thanksgiving dinner (that is if I am in the mood to shop @ Walmart) if anyone else is interested (yes, free Turkey as well as the stuffings, dressings etc.).

    (“plqoqom” if someone needs a code) Get your own code to share with others if you want. Just to say, yes, there are freebies out there in USA 🇺🇸 if anyone wants, even in Covid 2020 if someone really needs to eat some good stuff.

    This is America! 🇺🇸💪💪💪❤️💯🙏👍

  15. China, ( read cccp ) suffers from an inferiority complex. They just can’t comprehend that wealth doesn’t matter…it’s the conviction and pedigree that matters….and that differentiates them from developed nations irrespective of GDP growth
    That’s what they are fighting about… why not recognise me as superpower ….while being a superpower has its own responsibility .

  16. Those two other (the couple) the girl is Spanish and the guy is Mexican. It’s so hypocritical of him. He raves about the socialism in China. But Mexico elected a far left socialist president. And Mexico is in dire situation! I’m Mexican . It’s people like him who elected current mexican president.

  17. We want you to come to Hong Kong to prove that it is still safe to travel there even with the CCP crackdowns and virus. Just ignore all those little old death threats.
    😅 NO

  18. Looks like 加油 is doing everything he can to please the CCP, and protect his family and business in China in doing so. The difference between you and 加油 is like the difference between romaniticism and realism. Winston, you and LaoWhy86 are the courageous ones. I’d rather see the real world then to stay inside the matrix. Keep up the good work!

  19. White dude: “Hey, I answered this job ad for a cool show overseas kinda like “Dancing with the Stars, but it’s “Dancing with the Vegetables” and you don’t even need to speak Chinese.”

  20. Noticed that JaYoe Nation and gweilo 60 were there, cutting a rug with the rest of them. I usually ignore these guys for varied reasons, but primarily because they tend to carry water for the CCP on Youtube. Stay defiant, and stay awesome!

  21. You know the sad part is what’s happening over in China will eventually be the normal over here because the ones that own China own America too because the American government sold its people out and they’re slowly trickling their way in and taking over

  22. The last time an east Asian nation tried to become more self sufficient it didn’t work out too well. Hopefully Xi doesn’t decide he needs his neighbors land to grow more crops.

  23. Hilarious! I have to say I do enjoy Gwelio’s video’s though. I can’t blame those guys for kissing China’s ass all time though tbh, as they must be worried about getting kicked out of the country as relations with the West deteriorate.

  24. Many are willing to play a part in all this. Actually they want us to eat bugs and synthetic meat// printed, yes. They want to rid meat in our diets and create a food shortages the world over. This is world wide if you just research a bit. The farmers world over were held back weeks ( co-v-i d )from farming be it meat or vegetables. They use the GREEN deal and disease to rid meat. We will see the effects in the near future.

  25. Ah, so the economy is falling apart and the CCP is having a push to go back to full communism through increased propaganda and by shutting down trade lol welp so much for the great China takeover. Wonder what the Chinese middleclass thinks of all of this.

  26. Every time I start to ask myself “should I consider going back to China,” one of your videos pops up in my Facebook feed and I’m reminded “oh, right. THAT’s why I left that place.”

  27. China imports food about 100 billions dollars and exports food about 60 billions dollars per year. Food supply is a problem in China but not as serious comparing with chips and oil. China imports soy bean for oil and corn for feeding the livestock. But they don’t really import a lot of rice and wheat which are their major food sources.

  28. Jayoe nation has gone from exploring china to spread propaganda on his channel, I use to watch his channel, but now it’s turning into trump hating, why china is much better than USA type videos. It seems selling fakeness is more profitable these days. I m waiting for the day he says democracy is bad for China.

  29. But I totally understand why these white foreigners do this, they’re from eastern Europe. The amount of money they’ll make looking silly for a few hours will be more than what they’ll make for a month. Only eastern Europeans do these silly jobs/positions.

  30. Wow, at the start the guy had the biggest chillies I´ve ever seen. Maybe they were only green pepper but they are huge.
    Controlled economy has never worked except for propaganda. China under Mao, USSR under Stalin and GDR under Ulbricht and Honecker, all have failed. You can´t beat nature with propaganda.
    And there I see a big problem in the near future. China is not asking, they take what they need and the needs rise and rise. I´m really afraid of a China, that is taking resources by force.

  31. I might check out worthless whips, but I’ll comment on the craziness of how cheap things were back then, they also didn’t get as much money as we do now,
    just my two cents*** take carez

    Edit: $10 in the 1970s is equivalent to ~$67.11 today

  32. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with foreigners helping out with advertising. I believe there is something else you are resenting that you are not talking about.

    Of all the things in this world to criticize, it’s a bit odd to criticize fellow expats dancing while holding vegetables.

  33. Funny the Wumao warriors don’t mind you discussing their strange relationship with produce! I just found out we’re importing Chinese beef in the US. Hopefully it’s not as bad as it sounds

  34. Actually judging from what they have been doing worldwide I think the Communists were intending this mass murder through starvation and they were just telling the people it was for the bettering of the country. There are active elements in world leadership aiming for population reduction, especially in China. To a decent human being this might seem hard to believe but there is evil out there you cannot imagine at the top of the pyramid.

  35. Okey so it’s called the Grand Solar Minimum. It’s a 400 yr cyclical. Essentially the sun is going into its winter cycle. China is prepping for an ice age.

  36. How safe it is to travel in China.. Well, I remember fearing for my life more than once on the highway where trucks were transporting huge stones in front of our bus that were just loosely put on the back and some huge ones just fell off to the highway and almost hit us. Use the train. Dont use a car or anything on the road if you wanna stay alive. ^^

  37. Hey Winston. Why did you have to make this video? A small town is trying to promote their produce to the domestic market, maybe they hired some vloggers to help them promote them better, they are small town people, maybe they don’t know any better. Why are you trying to make it seem nefarious? Why do you try to connect everything with mao and cultural revolution which happened half a century ago? You put these people on blast saying white monkey white monkey over and over again then in end say you don’t want drama. You were a simple english teacher back in china but you larped around telling people you trained doctors. You walked around all day in streets wearing your retarded suit in hot southern china weather because you like to roleplay as a successful businessman or a ceo in your vapid educationless life. You larped as a fake bodyguard to earn money. You don’t get to say which is white monkey. You don’t even live in china, have not for more than 2 years, why would they want to promote travelling to china with you? You are obviously lying. You trying to portray that you still have some relevance so you can keep talking about china. ‘look guys. I’m still important. They are still sending me emails saying they want to work with me even if left china more than 2 years ago’. You live in the U.S. why not make videos about your life there? Why do you need to talk about china? You are like that pathetic butthurt boyfriend that could never let go of their terrible ex. But no you need make money off your blind boomer china hating audience because that’s the only thing you are good at. Living in china was the only thing that gave you some sort of relevance now you hate waking up everyday with your directionless life with no proper skill or job
    Hey winston. How does it feel to be so goddamn pathetic?

  38. *White Monkey moving to China: **_a timeline and history_*

    1990’s: Get worshipped
    2000’s: Gain a well paid job and beautiful wife
    2010’s: Survive off ESL and pretend to import/export
    2020’s: Promote fake vegetables for a living

  39. Boy o boy, or should I say Playboy? I got married that year, 1970, at the age of 24. That would make that cover girl my contemporary, and btw, the contemporary of D. J. Trump.

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