China’s Invisible Army HURTS all of us!

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  1. Well, only hearing the good things, but almost nothing bad, should always make you sceptic. The bad things we hear from our own countries in the west, is just proof that Freedom of speech and journalism still(well not always) but still works and exists here. The medial presence of these problems in the west is proof that there is always room for improvement for us. While the CCP just assumes they are perfect and Imperfections, people who disturb the harmony, will be ruled out by the system. This works to a certain degree, but I doubt it’ll on the long run and if it does, it would turn china into a dystopian nightmare. Their claim of “perfection&harmony” gives them the justification to discredit western countries for their own imperfections.

  2. It’s really bad on reddit. ANYTHING that goes against the main stream narrative/ agenda they push gets attacked and bombarded with paid accounts that attack the person or ideal. Free speech? Not on Reddit. Most unsightly truths? Not on reddit. It has changed so much. They even are erasing the founder of reddit from history because he was for freedom of speech.

  3. Insecure china is stealing traditional Korean culture!
    I understand that china doesn’t have any culture left since the ccp destroyed it during the cultural revolution. It still doesn’t make it right to straight up steal other countries culture!

  4. You understand the situation from your perspective. However, now that you’re out of the country, you’ll need to rely on non biased reporting from trusted individuals. Hope you have those connections.

  5. Sadly we are watching freedom of speech being attacked in the USA at this very moment. As globalism rises the powers that be are trying to make the world after the model of China’s spying hyper security freedom erasing governance. We are seeing people be attacked and even killed on the street for having a different opinion than the mainstream narrative.

  6. Under CCP leadership China has developed an image as perhaps our worst global citizen. The Chinese people deserve better. The world deserves better.

  7. Thanks, man. I am watching and learning from you guys and Yeonmi, and talking with others about China. I am also paying a LOT more attention to news from the region.

  8. Some eat human babies there, I’d think the rest of it goes down hill from there.
    Can you tell me the translation of this phrase in (clue) one feminine name? Beautiful coal carrying servant daughter

  9. since you seem to be online right now : are you planning on covering china-related topics for a significant amount of time? Would love to keep getting insights from you! Stay awesome and dont let them troll you into oblivion!

  10. Although i mostly agree with the statements made in this video I am still more offended by the propaganda put forth by America because China doesn’t claim to embrace freedom of speech or truth as a basic and necessary principle. Right now we have a science denier in highest office who fires everyone that disagrees with him and is openly calling our democracy a fraud.

  11. They’ve taken over r/COVID19

    You cannot criticise PRC for lack of animal rights or lack of sanitation on there despite being the source of the pandemic

  12. Our MSM is doing a great job brainwashing the sheeple out there…even though we supposedly have open and free info. sources. Too many sheeple out there.

  13. Hey serpentZa really appreciate your hard work . Please have look at this Indian youtuber called sonam wangchuck he is also being targeted by the ccp.

  14. This kind of behavior is a sign of poor self-esteem and it means the leaders of CCP in their inside are very afraid. I’m afraid this kind of situation if “left untreated” might escalate into full blown Stalin-esque paranoia in which they start seeing enemies all around them and start purges inside CCP & enact policies encouraging people to report others around them for anti-nationalism sending victims to prison camps or worse regardless whether there’s even basis for such rumours or not…

  15. You are very big on claims but you do not back anything with reliable statistics. And unlike what you claim most journalists have not been kicked out of China. Why are you lying constantly and consistently in your videos?

  16. The thing you miss dude is that this lack of wanting to show weakness is in itself a weakness. It’s gonna come crashing down one day because there is no real strength in the strategy, it’s an all or nothing game.

  17. Thanks for another good upload 👍
    I heard from a friend in Hong Kong yesterday, who said that things have become even more oppressive for mainland Chinese journalists – as they now have to pass a test grading their understanding of ‘Xi Jinping Thought’.
    China media regulators now requires over 200,000 Chinese journalists to take an exam using the “Study Xi” propaganda app, launched earlier this year, in order to have their press credentials renewed !

  18. AP “news” organization makes 80% of their revenue through selling content to “journalists”
    The people who read the news aren’t their customers. The people who write it are.

  19. I watched a vid about a new missile China launched. It was called the Long March. I had asked how successful the Long Dong missile was and the fifty cent warrior asked if I meant the Deng Dong missile. He went on and on about the superiority of the Chinese missiles until someone in the comment section let him know I was jacking with him. All of a sudden I had a dozen posters being rude to me. You american no make good missile can’t make toilet paper eat macdonalds then have to clean butt with finger I laugh haha.

  20. The most important thing to know about the CCP is that it is by far the biggest mass murderer in the history of mankind. In fact it killed almost 4 times as many as Hitler’s Nazis. Check genocide studies.

  21. Tencent-Reddit is infested with CCP mods, users, and developers in China. It doesn’t matter that most of Tencent-Reddit is non-CCP. They’ve allowed CCP entities to penetrate and control the organization from top to bottom. Getting anything remotely anti-CCP on Tencent-Reddit is almost impossible. I’ve noticed that the CCP users and mods on Tencent-Reddit are always going after you ADVChina guys. They work hard to cast your videos as useless, out of touch, and racist.

  22. I shared “The China They Don’t Want You To See” with everyone I know. It’s a massively important topic that needs to see the light of day. As the saying goes, the first step in solving a problem is admitting there is one. China’s censorship being a major problem for the world.

  23. Self-criticizm and transparency is part of the west. Russia also uses it for propaganda attacks. They will never put vids of Putin falling on ice. Just scoring goals 😅

  24. I think the problem partly lies with Reddit. They don’t have a reputation check for the down voters.
    My guess is that they use some kind of bot network and automation?

  25. I’ve had multiple accounts on Tencent-Reddit banned for posting about Uyghurs, praising ADVChina, or mentioning hard news about the CCP. Tencent-Reddit allows “anti-CCP” posters who make Winnie the Pooh jabs against Xi. That’s the level of dissent they allow. But if you post about environmental or financial crimes, about infiltration or corruption, anything solid, anything supported by evidence, they ban you for being “racist” or “disturbing social harmony.”

    Tencent-Reddit is very much like the CCP.

    R/Sino is the model that the CCP wants for Tencent-Reddit… posts about beautiful waterfalls, delicious food, and fabricated history. They’re succeeding in r/China and r/Taiwan. It’s a targeted, organized effort and Tencent-Reddit is 100% on board with it.

  26. Hope you guys backed up all your videos. YouTube is owned by Alphabet and Google and you could
    get banned off this site. Remember Google lusts for Chinese Yuan and look how YT has banned certain content providers off it’s site for political purposes.

    Be ready because you never know if Google wants to get those ‘two as*h*les Winston snd CMilk’ off YT.

    A Deplorable Fan

  27. We need to organize a total boycott of Tencent-Reddit and force the state and federal government to compel them to divest from Tencent. Tencent-Reddit won’t do it voluntarily because they’re dirty, but citizens can force their hand.

  28. Sadly Winston, the WuMaos and the propaganda machine have a head start. I can’t believe the people who follow all that comes out of China and believe the lies

  29. Sadly, a LOT of people are just ok with the CCP in the West. Marxist ideology is polluting our school system. Thanks to the Confucius center’s and massive propaganda. Also some people are so upset about the actual system (again thru propaganda campaign) that they are willing to let slide anything that could disrupt/destroy it. People are utter idiot’s I tell you.

    My freedom is not for sell/grab. I’ll die a free men before I see the CCP get a hold of the west. Sadly, mo ey talk and our psychopathic leaders are easy to buy.

  30. Growing a beard and a second chin. The American dream is taking hold…
    And yes you can critisize Pooh in the US but have you tried doing the same about the tumpet or sleepy joe? I feel like you are gonna move again soon.

  31. China isn’t the only one that has an, Anti-Defamation League. There are plenty of things and places, “They” don’t want you to see or know about.

  32. BTW, notice Trump has lost interest in the TikTok ban? He never was sincere.

    India banned TikTok and WeChat immediately.

    Trump and the GOP have been playing the same “gonna get serious some day soon” game that the west has been playing with China for decades.

    Trump just released an order banning investment in Chinese companies associated with the Chinese military (that’s **ALL** Chinese companies), but it goes into effect on January 11. Why? Because he wants to give a poison pill to Biden. Four years in office and Trump enacts a ban on Chinese companies in the final week of his term. That shows Trump never was serious. His anti-CCP posturing was always false.

  33. Trump knows that a ban on Chinese companies “connected to the military” is all Chinese companies.

    He knows Biden will have to reverse that since decoupling from China cannot happen overnight.

    When Biden reverses that sham order, Trump and the GOP will claim Biden is in the pocket of the CCP.

    It’s theater.

    Trump could have enacted that ban on day one of his presidency, but he didn’t.

  34. Look dude I know China is a candy sugar coated and shit I don’t know everything goes on internally but the border stuff China but I know that China is a corrupt country I know that wiggers are pursued like criminals and sent to caps I know that China wishes to control the South China Sea for resources and shipping routes this is only what I have no of the China does oh and by the way I also know that

  35. When I was living in China for years, I was very disappointed in how many of the expats were totally spineless, totally cowards, totally yes men. In their minds, they were “respecting the culture” and “trying to show gratitude to their hosts,” but in reality they were betraying all of the Chinese they claimed to love and respect by supporting and validating the criminal captors of the people of China.

    I didn’t hang out with many expats. Only local Chinese.

  36. Serpentza i have to say i am pretty disappointed with your recent videos. You have become a lifestyle travel Vlog, into a Politicalized China Bashing Channel. Getting pretty tired of these videos and honestly pretty boring.

  37. I am glad that I don’t live in China as I would have to be a hermit and live in the forest because I could not take living around so much pollution, people and environments where all my moves are tracked.

  38. The jubilant people of China raise a joyous cheer of cooperative approval when you’re malevolent videos are suppressed by the capitalist controllers of these social media groups.

  39. “here, i can say biden and Trump are both A-holes.” Don’t bet on it. The left here have their own $.50 army who actuall work for free… to destroy your name.

  40. All communism regimes just appear strong from the surface and propaganda. They are good at propaganda and use every resource to promote it . North Korea once held a grand musical which was played by 200 actors for less than 50 foreign tourists to show they are rich. When USSR was alive, most of the economists claimed USSR would surpass the west in not long future.

  41. u earn ur US credit scores and money by discrediting china. Good Job. eg.”mass stabbings in china”, how would u know that if u hadn’t seen many?so just present the evidence or ur evidence is ur mouth.

  42. On Quora if you say good things about china you will get tons of views and upvotes but if you say anything even a bit bad you will be attack by fake accounts with western names like Martin Snow and likely be banned because of mass reports.

  43. Apple M0116 keyboard with mechanical Alps switches from the mid 90’s in the preview picture.

    Awesome keyboard and very cool to randomly see it on my video stream.

  44. Enjoy usa till y can , but if bidens gang takes over, that freedom.will be under the hands of pervert crooked corrupt vicious people…similar to the worst ever…just see how they censure also in their medias, tw5,ytub,fcbk,cnn, w nasty so called fact checkers ,
    they also produce more fake news than anyone , copying each other.. the competition w china on fakes production is on..

  45. China will one day find out that scapegoating doesn’t solve the problem, and instead creates another one on top. It’s horrendous they’ll kill millions before that day comes.

  46. Sad but does this invisible army own Western media and politicians as well as NGOs so that they ignore the topics mentioned by you, too? What prevents Western NGOs and public from being active in social media and raising the questions the same way you do and they have done regarding other topics of the society? And finally, you complain about others being unbalanced but what about your recent videos – as if they were balanced …

  47. You know… When i first started watching you and Lao’s videos i found it kinda boring but the more i watched the more interested i became… Now i’m just waiting for any new videos from you guys. Thank you for taking the whole world to truth and righteousness. The CCP and their supporters are disgusting.

  48. This ccp influence from these 50 cents army is no joke at all. Look at how these youtubers are parroting for the ccp (nathan rich, gwailo, Barrett, jayao….the list goes one)

  49. The most obvious admission of guilt is when One attacks your character and not your statements. You consistently expose weakness on the part of Chinese government and society in a irrefutable medium. Of course they are going to attack your credibility in a hope to discourage people from believing your videos have any validity. It’s only completely transparent and more than a little desperate. I know your a good man and a genuine authority on modern Chinese culture so nothing they say will work on me or anyone who’s been watching this channel. I’ve been with you for years and that won’t change. Stay Awesome!

  50. I once stumbled upon a north Korean youtube channel where the comments section was full of positive things about NK. I cant recall the name of the channel it was over 10 years ago

  51. Communists (and de facto all Leftists, regardless of their many incarnations, Cultural Marxists, Post-Modernists, Democratic Socialists etc. are Communists) use these main core means of their ideology:
    1. The End Justifies The Means;
    2. Divide And Control and
    3. Do Tot Debate – Dictate!
    Leftists respect only one thing: FORMIDABLE HONEST BRUTE FORCE.

  52. China has millions of content moderators. If bots scrub most online content domestically, then their job is relegated to verification of bots’ results and protecting the honor of China internationally.
    Wumao are being raised out of poverty. Keep knocking China to help them stay employed.

  53. Sorry, boys. The filthy liberals have taken over the USA with Biden and Biden owes the CCP Bigtime. You guys may end up in jail the way things are going.

  54. Even worse than the wumaos and fenqing virgins are the foreigners who reside there and praise the communist system while having no knowledge of the language or any idea of what it’s like to be anything other than a paid tourist in China.

  55. ……what has shaped my ideas about chine is your videos and the bulk of what I know about China is your videos.
    And I observe from this video that you’ve gained a little weight. I think you mentioned at one time that you were prone to weight gain or was that just Henry Cavil .

  56. I think only idiots fall for the ccp and invisible army bs they play, i seen your dog meat video, its real, no reason to doubt it and the only people they are fooling are the Chinese themselves

  57. Mate, Japan is pretty much the same! However, it’s foreigners, or Japan lovers who are the ones in conjunction with typically xenophobic Japanese who deny negative truths about Japanese society etc. Many a YouTube Vlogger, or author has received even death threats for speaking against Japan. I published my book about my 18-year life in Japan under a pseudonym because I was too afraid of hate aimed at me. My book, like your videos points out pros and cons fairly, in a balanced way. But no, anything negative gets denied or refused because Japan is a ‘perfect country’ which especially foreigners want to believe. Amazon Kindle: An Englishman Lost in Japan, by A. Grey.

  58. The truth is inescapable: The Chinese government and the ridiculously large amount of subversion taking place can only be stopped through force (internally or externally).

    Pompeo 2024

  59. Brilliant video! The truth hurts but I’m afraid not enough as people are all to willing to ignore the blight of the Chinese and other nationalities within China by the CCP. Stay safe x

  60. I like your new haircut, you look so fresh and handaome. Actually Im not interested in political issue, I’m interested with you ☺😚 . Btw nice video👍

  61. hypotethical thought for you and LAO : so it is okey to not say anything when living there, but when the problems threatens you personally,then you leave the country and talk about it in safety.
    isnt it better if more dared to stand up to problems in a country while being there? imagine all the millions of people who agree with you but cant say anything because they cant just leave?
    instead you lived in the country for 15(give or take) years turning a blind eye to problems. isnt that an even bigger problem?
    nothing will be fixed in china as long as nobody stands up.
    bad things can only happen because good men dont speak up against it

  62. A comment I just made on this video is now gone. It was a reply to another comment. It is very discouraging to write a long, reasonable reply only to see it vanish almost immediately.

  63. Last I checked, China is the economic powerhouse of the world. As long as we’re too lazy to manufacture the items we need for ourselves, are we in any position to criticize?

  64. If you’re from Africa you can’t go in!!Why??Maybe an African is contaminated or has COVID 19😒😒😒…The ones we should not come in touch with are such Chinese…COVID is their mistake.

  65. Why are there still such closed-minded people who hate on others only because of their differences!!Chinese are the African(browns) of the entire World now!! This is what they planted,they got it back..

  66. Some say China technology is the best,then why is their manufacturing so poorly made?Chinese stuff is the cheapest stuff ever,even their food is plastic.

  67. Freedom of speech is no longer guaranteed in the USA. Tribalism and wide political division have torn the nation apart. Antifa and BLM, which are fully backed by the Dems, CNN and other mainstream institutions, will freely kill and loot anything they come close to. This is why I didnt vote for Harris and Biden

  68. In other news – our democratic Slovak politician has just confirmed that most of his FB followers are grouped and synchronized neonazi and opposition trolls. Their hatespeech is really furious and it’s a real issue.

  69. There is a saying: ” if you don’t go and see the mountain, mountain won’t come to see you”. But China is different. Even you don’t want to go and see China, China is coming to see you!

  70. Yo. Winston. A lot of my indigenous cousins in Canada and America are falling to CCP propaganda. Sovereignty among individual tribes is a pressing issue, people will be looking for outside investments. The Chinese will approach them in a friendly “we are both minorities” kinda way. Not knowing that China is in fact the newest imperialist colonizer on the block. So i just wanted to ask you, could you maybe make a video about how China’s indigenous tribes are being put-down and forced to assimilate by the CCP?

  71. To be unbiased is not easy. I have seen your YouTube for three years. I see you change your attitude from positive to negative about China. All the facts you raised are the truth, but the problem is how you present it. When you only pick up the negative, then I would certainly question your motive. I live in China longer than you were, and time span is wilder. China is certainly not perfect. It pretty much like Vietnam. In another 10 to 20 years, Vietnam will be another small China. Be patient about China, their life is getting better every year. Democracy is one of the challenges China will have to face. It will take long time.

  72. China don’t want to change. China will not change. How long is China’s history? Some say, 5000 years. Some say 3700 years. Anyway, it’s a long time. But modern time China people are no different to ancient time China people. The only different is they use iPhone, computers spreading communist concept.

  73. What do I really know about China? Everything I know about modern China I learned by watching ADVChina, serpentza, & laowhy86 (and now China Uncensored too)

  74. Unfortunately, it is starting to happen in the US too. We have seen the rise of the “Cancel Culture”. If you say something critical of the left , you get shout out , shamed or cancelled.

  75. At least for now. Today you’ll get demonetized or slandered for saying you think shady things happened to cause Biden to gain more votes. You’ll also get threatened and attacked for supporting Trump. A few more years of this path, and you may end up getting arrested for saying the President sucks.

  76. I really didn’t know there is a invisible army in China. I wonder if I came across anyone who’s an invisible soldier when I left my comment, but for Winston’s channel, I see most comments are from English speaking westerners instead of Chinese or Asians.

  77. “Dismiss by source” is the tactic. Target reputation of source to the point where those who matter, such as CNN/NYT in USA, or BBC/Grauniad in UK, can dismiss someone as being something that people genuinely don’t like. In the west it’s nearly always a “Nazi”. The comment is rarely used to describe the actual Hitlerite loons who rarely make the press. Instead it’s reserved for someone like Tommy Robinson due to his campaign for women raped as children to get some justice. Similarly a Daily Mail article can mention a court case, a charge, a verdict, and a sentence. Do I like or buy it? No, but I don’t say, “They supported the blackshirts 90 years ago so can’t take that seriously.” Recently I’ve kept an eye on the election fiasco in the USA and obviously I can’t say yes or no regards cheating, but isn’t it sinister that publications & TV stations which made an incompetent man out to be a racist one (the tried & tested smear tactic again) are pretending there are no questions, rather than saying it’s false & here’s why? Yep, dismiss by source, the most cynical of methods & I’m so cynical that I can spot it a mile off. Good luck to you.

  78. I realize that this disinformation army are CCP zealots, but I would think that some of them would begin to question their role and understanding of the world outside. Is there any suspicion that this occasionally occurs?

  79. 回家开导开导你老公spepentza撒,每个视频都是负面,我在油管上从没看到一个up主一天到晚做这些视频,可能有经济渠道和其他因素吧,这些我不管,但是你觉得家庭和睦上来说他是否过于偏执了?不知道生活中是不是也这样,好歹你出生在中国,在中国学习工作过,一些想法还是需要共同交流共同理解的。

  80. You’re absolutely right. Communism doesn’t ALLOW free speech because, ultimately, the Thought Police party needs to control what you say and think.

    Yet, here in the US, we have people who are protesting in FAVOR of Communism and Socialism. Go figure🙄😒……

  81. The reason why China has this invisible army is because that is exactly the weakness of democratic systems, and it is also the strength of the most populous nation on earth. Democracies value the opinion of the masses; they can vote you up, vote you down, or vote you out of existence. And this same mass of people is exactly China’s strength. China has an over abundance of people willing to perform mundane and may be unethical work to make a buck. Put the two together and voila, any system that depends on free votes can no longer truly represent the real people that it was originally designed to represent. As long as members of a totalitarian system can infiltrate a democracy, the democracy will eventually fail. We see American mainstream media fall victim, we see social media fall victim and now Reddit.

  82. Thanks very much Winston. The only way to change is to be honest and confront the problem.
    The wu mao are idiots. One wu mao commented to one of my comments that Dr Li should not have said anything because the authorities already new about the virus outbreak. The idiot wu mao basically admitted they knew about the virus and they were hiding it. How dumb is that?

  83. Sadly, I have also saw this kind of Trump supporter trolling army on 9gag. Months before election, 9gag is full of right wing and Trump propaganda (most of account is less than 1 year old). Any left leaning posts was mass downvoted. Fortunately, most of these trolls shut up after Trump lost the election.

  84. Wow ‘invisible army’? How unclear and lack of evidence can you be? Just blame China for taking off your video ? Does China own YouTube now and operate for them? Your video is gone because it is untrue and you are spread negative ideas, you wonder why you are not welcome?

  85. China makes great toys for McDonald’s. That’s what China does best! Making cheap, Very, very cheap garbage quality plastic toys. That’s all the CCP can do!

  86. If you’re interested in things Chinese and fair factual reporting check out the newspaper The Epoch Times or online or download their ap or watch their tv/youtube channel NTC

  87. It’s so important to get the truth out there. Truthfully, your and C milk’s videos should be main stream fare.
    The US can’t avoid confronting the CCP’s aggression. The American people need to know why.

  88. Do a comparison video between Mao and Trump, and how Trump is trying to follow in Mao’s footsteps and create a revolution with his followers, fire the smart and educated that disagree with him. Rally the gun wielding idiots and build his own red army for his own personal gain. The situation is pretty similar you must admit.

  89. I agree with everything you pointed out. Sadly looking back at everything Facebook and Twitter have done in recent months, would it surprise anyone if they won’t allow you to criticize the biden Harris government?

  90. Whenever I see that footage of a cooked dog that almost makes me puke. Cultural food or not that’s just disgusting. Why do the Chinese need to catch and eat everything? There should be some limits.

  91. You’re enjoying the extra calories in America a bit too much! You’re pilled on the weight man, you better get into the gym or the American lifestyle is going to kill you.

  92. Damn dude, this is the channel i watch when i sit down for dinner (and a beer) and there was so much gross footage in this one, not dinner appropriate.Inconvenient Chinese truths makes my stomach turn, especially the baked dog.

  93. amazing video! Serpentza you’re the man, just a helpful thought, I think you would benefit greatly from a small hair transplant, maybe 2500 grafts or so, just for the frontal band (hairline). it’s not that you look bad at all, as you are you look great! but I thought I’d make u aware of the option in case you were interested. there’s many great clinics on the west coast as well as the east coast, that are quite affordable. it would make a life changing difference in my humble opinion. Either way, you still look great 👍 Stay Awesome!

  94. We also have free speech in China to call Trump asshole😄 Twitter Facebook and YouTube also censor Americans for political ideas they don’t agree, you know that. What I try to say is unchecked power leads to authoritarianism, in China it is CCP government, in the US is high tech tycoon and media.

  95. This downvote army is live and well on youtube.
    Youtube itself is also preventing upvotes and likes for many of us. For some, the thumbs up on likes and comments registers but is reversed/disappeared on refresh. For others, neither registers at all. Big left tech USA resembles the CCP more every day.

  96. well said. In America, we have freedom of speech, but that doesn’t take you very far without civic education and media literacy. i’m stunned by the stupid, unverifiable conspiracy theories people on the extreme left and right subscribe to (Russiagate, QAnon, Birtherism, etc). There’s too much garbage that caters to people’s emotions and confirm their biases instead of presenting facts.

  97. The Invisible Army loves the Barret youtube channel. I cant tell if those guys get paid to talk highly of China or get a bunch of perks. They my just be genuinely brainwashed.

  98. What is it that I really know about China and what is it that shaped my ideas of China…
    Hmmm… let me think… there is a guy, I’m sure you know him, he has a channel on youtube and has lived there for more than a decade and shared what he saw and experienced hundreds of times in the form of videos and a documentary… what’s his name… I do have it on the tip of my tongue… Winston… something that ends with za, he was a hitman in South Africa a long time ago of something of the sort… I’ll think about it 🙂

  99. I love your content, truly. I know about China and you add to that every time. Thank you, but, the amount of adverts is kind of overboard in this one and it’s hard to watch

  100. Oh you freedom of speech Winston when did you ever criticize the USA ? When will you do videos on all the war crimes the USA have done .
    Julian Assange thought he had freedom of speech but when he exposed the crimes of the USA he is now in jail in the UK wanted in the USA for free journalism.
    He wasn’t even in the USA you can’t say anything bad about the USA even if you aren’t in their country they will go find you and arrest you .
    You think you have free speech Winston? Just start criticize the 2% that own Hollywood and the media and see how long it takes to get your YouTube channel banned .
    What a load of crap all the USA so wonderful home of the free bs

  101. If you want the American Communist Party to knock down your door like how the CCP does it, just start making videos against the left. You’re still new to this country so you might not notice right away that half our government is communist in nature.

  102. Screw China the CCP no more free pass everyone should be showing discussing what China is up to what is going on with facts not hatred countries should be united against this nonsense but no for some reason world leaders are willing to ignore China behavior I’d like to know why world leaders are afraid of China must be to do with the Gas, Oil reserves in the South China Sea. I wish Australia’s Government would grow some balls and take back ownership of all the Diary China owns in Tasmania take back the 43% of Australia’s Agricultural land owned by China stop the purchase of properties but the Federal Government is to afraid.

  103. I was discussing with a 50 army soldier here on YouTube, as it is common he was blindly defending china in every aspect and denied everything i said while preaching his china superiority, but as i linked the sources for everything i said he ended up deleting the comment. He was not the smartest olive in the three but one thing you might notice is that they all call you racist, i think is some recognized intelectual weekness of the west between them. Anyway i was talking about the government so cant be racist about that..

  104. There are two things we should preserve, freedom of speech and elections with the ability to vote them out if they don’t win the next election. Two things China doesn’t have.

  105. Did you see the Nathan Rich’ guy’s video on Taiwan? It boils my blood, but I’m not a famous Youtuber. Can you make a video showing how wrong he is? I know it would be great. Stay awesome.

  106. This guy is massively butthurt over china. Every single video he makes about china is negative because that is what gets views, even his “positive” videos on china are just him not being AS negative lol

  107. Serpenza, a strong man, does not have good education, good reference, social networks and vocational skills to make a living, so has to make bread through smearing China which is the country once accepting him to work and live and offering him opportunities and dreams. Shame on him.

  108. Preface: I am a long time subscriber, have watched many of your videos. I find them entertaining and informative, and I know you speak the truth. I’d love to shake your hand some day when you are in Texas (and shaking hands is “health-safe” again 🙄)

    But… I’m still not sold on the negative behind the whole Huawei thing. It just doesn’t add up to me. 🤷‍♂️

  109. Need to watch more of your videos. The United Front and all its different departments work hard to control the narrative. I did my own experiment on an EV website. I commented about an EV car made in China which was an exact copy of a Honda EV. After that I got a barrage of negative comments saying you are against them because of my nationality. I unsubscribed and was again barraged with negative comments. Until then I just thought it was general commentors. I have continued doing this on other sites and over and over again the same happens. It is real whether they are government workers, sympathizers or even foreigners supporting them. They stalk, troll and flood sites with their narrative. It’s time this was brought out in the open and stopped.

  110. America has always benefited from immigrants who are smart, hard-working and contribute to the remarkable mix that is our society. Why not apply for citizenship, Winston?

  111. You have removed subtitles like loawhy86. Why? For non-English speakers it´s more easy to follow with subtitles. Please bring them back.
    Good contribution.

  112. China’s invisible army actively interferes in the well being of the US, look at many of the conspiracy sites and forums, post reasonable and frequent rebuttals against anti vaxxers or QAnon craziness and user IDs get deleted and Internet IP addresses blocked with a speed, sophistication and professional consistency that is only possible with a professional IT support organization that is best explained only by a state that provides support for this across these various domains.

  113. The ugly and the bitter truth is always difficult to digest and if it’s China then there is totally a different dimension to attach the truth!
    Whatever they try… people like you will keep exposing them and thanks for that 🙂
    Respect from India and stay awesome!

  114. serpentZa, you’re looking healthier, happier, more relaxed since you’ve been stateside. .glad you made it !! .much better for you to look now from a distance yet with all the respect you have for china’s people, and so you are careful to sort out the regime with the intention of explaining the country’s governance now mure fully tha you could have, then

  115. It’s sad to see that many Americans still don’t realize that china is the REAL THREAT to the world. USA must take more actions to stop china invasion to the free world before it’s too late

  116. Winston you could say that about the west too the reason I say that because I’m trying to understand things on a deeper level and by the way thanks for sharing the video ..

  117. Winston have you guys watched the documentaries “Hogwood”, “Dominion”, “Lucent”, “Cowspiracy”, “Home”, “Earthlings”, “End of the Line”, “The Cove”, and “Sharkwater” ?

  118. I was waiting for you to hit back at those foreigner youtuber channels who deny being pro China and claim to be “balanced” and against anti China misinformation.

    If you pay close attention to their videos, you would notice there is a trend in which they defend China and the gov by using cherry picked whataboutism lines of argument and pretty much always always avoid criticising China and the gov.

    And when you write a reply critique showing a different opinion, it disappears eventually. Has anyone else noticed?

  119. Hi serpentza! As a Chinese I’ve been watching your video for a long time! And this is the first time I make a comment here. I agree Most of your opinions and appreciate your deep sighted opinions of China. With regard to this video’s content , i do have a lot to say. those type of Chinese who promote for ccp’s ideology or speak for ccp, are mostly young and naive adolescents , not like most Chinese they can speak a bit English and know how to use a vpn to cross the Great-firewall, young people are always easily to be brainwashed by ccp, they inherited radicalness from those youngsters in Mao’s era which waving a Maoism booklet. They don’t allow anyone to point out any negative parts of China even constructive advices. Not just westerners even us Chinese have hurt by them.But sadly they hold the discourse power in China,cuz everything ccp doesn’t like in Chinese internet will be deleted immediately. But I’d like deliver a message that those brainwashed ccp lovers are the minority in China, most Chinese people despise on them and call them“ 小粉红”. There’s two types of 小粉红, one is that their parents are belong to the ccp system so they are rich to support them study abroad. Believe me every rich officials and business men are related to ccp. So those 小粉红are extremely rightists that they don’t want to change the states quo of China cuz they are the one who gained benefits. The other type of 小粉红 are low-educated youngsters usually in third-rank cities of China. I believe they will wake up when they finally graduate and see many unfair things happen to themselves for instance the price of house, 996 working pattern, materialistic marriage , 学区房…etc. recent years Ccp values the international public opinion very much, on one hand they bans Chinese people to use western medias , on the other hand, they encourage 小粉红 to fight for them on western medias. Like promoting how real Chinese life is, just go to China and have a look kind of crap, and attack everyone who criticizes the ccp. Some 小粉红are totally organized, they call it ‘ public opinion war’ and they have went out to Thailand which you can google. One very creepy thing is there are huge amounts of fake western accounts using English name and say good things about ccp or China. I’ve encountered too many these fake accounts using copy and paste passages and sometimes I even found the evidence that they commented go to China and have a look after my post which I already said I’m a Chinese 🤣 so I’d like to remind western fellows to be cautious with accounts who promotes for ccp, they are probably just robots. Last but not least, Serpentza you’ve doing a great job to reveal evil to the world, you have my full support and honor!❤️❤️❤️

  120. At the exact same time PBS, MSNBC, CNN and other American news “reporters” were crying tears of joy because they think Trump lost the election, people in Hong Kong, who have been carrying American flags in public and calling for democracy, were being rounded up and arrested. I cried, and am still crying over this. Our legacy news media is a joke.

  121. I read some Chinese stabbings from western news but the real frequency of it isn’t even close to the # of school shootings in the West. Also if Chinese news put smallest fault of western society under a microscope but so is western news do the same to China’s fault. Aren’t you Winston now part of this vicious cycle too?

  122. So, how does the message of free debate, and inquiry gain traction?
    My wife and stepson moved from China 14 years ago. They can only sing the praises, of the wonderful CCP. Anything can be overlooked, because of the,“universal“ prosperity.

    My assertion is, if the CCP was so great. They had a chance to industrialize, in a greener, cleaner, more fair manner. That avoids most of the mistakes of other countries. They did the opposite.

  123. freedom of speech indeed is an asset to be protected. Detoriation of it is ongoing, also in the Western world. Process is subtle and not always obvious. Weak up people!

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