1. CCP lies, cheats, steals and manipulates to achieve their goals which is to enrich their own party and its core leaders. The world has had enough.

  2. Why was Trump and Rudy banned from posting this is worse than CCP censorship you are still here for some reason yet to be identified but I must say you are a brave man

  3. We need more champions like yourself pointing out how the media isn’t telling us the truth and is feeding everybody a bunch of mis-information..

  4. Recently we have Cyrus Janssen in Vancouver spouting off on how great China is.
    Criticized him in comments and got blocked , so they do believe in censorship.

  5. Of course China will defend their foreign assets after all, no doubt the Clintons, Obama and others before them gave China Carte Blanche to invest in America and for them to put the weights on other countries to open up to China in order the Chinese would service the needs (money requirements) of the Democrats in principle.

    What a corrupt country America has become !!!

  6. I know it must be really tough being David against Goliath, but your work is important and highly appreciated (I’m talking about both you and C-Milk here). Thank you for being stubborn.

  7. Hey Winston, keep up the great work my friend and your right about the Wu Mao’s! I mentioned this on your previous video that it really is starting to get comical seeing these guys in action. A word for you Wu Mao’s, you think we can’t call you on your BS? Literally everyone in the comment section can identify you instantly….take a break to sit and think for a second why people hate you, you lie, spread propaganda and to top things off are on a platform that is illegal for your people in your country, are you too scared of your people knowing the truth? Stupidity that is indescribable in any words of the human language in all honesty but I quess being human is not a strong point for you morons….stay awesome Winston, looking forward to the next vid! 🙂

  8. I’ve recently started my channel. Inspired by you! I’ve only made one video so far, I’m making another one about the Barrett’s soon. I have a great clip to share about these ‘experts’ on China

  9. When the Western World remembers why its culture for more than 1,000 years was for men to be cleanly shaven men will want to hide pictures of themselves unshaven, just as they are embarrassed about them with woman’s length heir of the 1970’s. A scruffy stubble greatly defeats the value of a suit, as does an incompletely placed tie. You would present much better with a cleanly shave face, no tie and the collar open.
    Geoff. Reeks

  10. Hey, have you ever thought about requesting political asylum? Could get both you and your wife green cards. I’ve seen many people that were persecuted to a lesser extent(still persecuted though) than you and your wife get accepted.

  11. Even if serpentza is telling the truth – it’s not the way forward and it’s not helping. The situation with China and media debacles goes back a long time. Destroying bridges is not the way. History taught that a long time ago. I’m not convinced by the CCP or the Barrets there are major flaws here and things I vehemently disagree with the CCP. However, this is only going to make situation worse, if anything. It’s easy to disagree with something , however trying to build bridges and understand takes a lot of time , dedication and effort and is not an undertaking of just one person and thier individual opinion. Same not convinced by Serpentza or his approach. However, I do agree there is a huge disparity and miscommunication between the West and China that needs to be resolved.

  12. China needs to be kicked out of the UN and the WHO and have trade embargos placed on them. They also need to pay the cost of the damages from Covid to every nation.

  13. There is a huge disparity and miscommunication between the West and China that needs to be resolved. It’s the only way. Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is or who’s to blame.

  14. Mr Winston, its not a surprise the CCP runs the show the way they do. Regimes tend to be a little paranoid, communist or democratic. I imagine you are one of the individuals on their black list, considering how much exposure you provide them. Quite admirable.

  15. I think the answer to your question as to why they aren’t pointing out the issues … They are trying to somehow discredit you and people like you, who have enough integrity, to actually speak out the truth, by not even acknowledging you.
    Lack of integrity and fear of the Chinese Government.
    Stay safe and stay true.

  16. Mate I’ve been living in UK for over 20-years never been in China and I am not a fan of China at all but watching you talking about China in my opinion you are jealous and pathetic

  17. Look it up “Fox News in court considers its content as Entertainment and NOT news.”
    Many people in the u.S. understand that FOX news is Republican GOP Propaganda.
    Notice FOX lack of MAGA Coup.

  18. JA MAMM primeinchina . Its only getting better. Winstons a hero . Even through screen he looks u straight in the eye like a flame and must be a nail in the sole of the evil

  19. Well surprise surprise! Who’d thought the Chinese refuse to stay silent on criticisms of their most prized propaganda tools! The fact that they clearly seem threatened by YouTubers continues to prove their fragile emotions over views of their indignation towards truths told about the country’s dark nature past present and future is almost culminated in this piece of desperate defence of any opposing views to their own.

  20. My friend, I fear we are just beginning with the madness globally. China realizes it’s now or never imo, The West is starting to pay attention again, so China must now capitalize on their investments before the, seemingly, inevitable war solidifies each sides projectable power.

  21. To all those wumaos, you’re nothing but pawns to the CCP. You believe you’re doing a great sevice but in reality you’re only embarassing not just yourself but to the party as well

  22. Have any of the china travel bloggers you’ve mentioned in this and prior videos blogged about going to a city and walking into a hotel only to be told no foreigners allowed? If they can’t be honest about that you probably can’t trust much of what they say.

  23. You don’t have to be a body language expert or psychologist to observe how hard she tried with that pathetic comment about tech savy Beijing. This is obviously a joke not something that’s really happening obviously, right? Lol. It just screams insecurity. What an amateur. You have to try harder to outlie the western devils ;). Keep it up guys, can’t wait to see your finished firebird man! Peace and love from Slovakia.

  24. 21:11 Look at that sign under the TV. *”Media’s Pro-China Smear Campaign”* … That makes zero sense. CGTV needs some new Engrish advisors LOL. Should say *”Media’s Anti-China Smear Campaign”* .

  25. What a joke. The irony of course is these youtubers would be welcomed back to their native country no questions asked because of free speech. If a Chinese national traveled abroad and did the same thing in their host country and talked down china they’d be barred from reentry or arrested at the airport. That really is all that needs to be said.

  26. i was a drafted military in the 80’s Communism was frowned upon, and now we got UK millennials promoting communism….they should be held accountable in the UK

  27. It’s hilarious when they call it “The people’s republic of China”. No people would do to themselves what the government does to Chinese people (and to non-Chinese citizens). It is the “Communist Government of China”, and nothing more. That first description is laughable.

  28. 21:59 “Pushing out propaganda” what Foreigners to China don’t know, is China openly has Departments of Propaganda at every level. Police stations, schools, Counties, they all have departments exactly called “Propaganda Department”

  29. Even if youtube is allowed in a country, specific contents can be flitered or even blocked from the users according to the laws designated by the government.

  30. Freedom to East Turkistan. Stop genocide of ingenious people of East Turkistan.. Uyighurs, kazakhs, tatars, kyrgyz, tajik, dungans, mongols and uzbeks

  31. As a Google software engineer, I have to inform you that your channel has been demonetized. It’s not just because you didn’t give me a job. It’s also because you spread the lies under the guise of truth. If you’re really the truth spreader, why would the ICE facility be attacked? Why not do some damage on Google headquarter?

  32. @serpentza Winston can we trust the anti CCP chanel “China in Focus – NTD” and “China Uncensored”?
    I appreciate your videos a lot, thanks for fighting for freedom and democracy

  33. These idiots get so political in everything they do is continually proven by the fact that when you try to propose genuinely respectful questions to develop some kind of dialogue they blankly refuse by either staying unresponsive or respond vaguely!

  34. Quick question, why is it that many people take notice of these people and the CCP propaganda? Is it down to ignorance? Financial gain? The reason I ask is because it’s so obvious what the CCP are doing, even to an idiot. I’d love to know your thoughts.

  35. I lived in China and can confirm that their YouTube videos are EXACTLY TO A TEE how life is in China. In my 4 years there, barely a day would go by when I wouldn’t have a meet and greet with an old man (who was totally unafiliated with the government) and then juggle vegetables.

    I realy don’t know where you’re coming from Winston.😜

  36. Why YT / Google / etc are blocked is that it does not comply with thier laws. The western Co’s. won’t share the information and therefore China does not want them and develops it’s own alternatives. (Even some Chinese people do not understand this.) The same happens with the US , in the UK a lot of media information is blocked from coming into the UK from the US and you have to use a VPN to access it. This is to do with trade and copyright laws as well as virtual trade of information, media and goods in the same way we have import and export laws. The same happens in South Korea…eBay was banned in favour of thier homegrown ‘Auction.com’. Japan has similar things going on with other platforms. It’s not exclusive to China.

  37. That one pro China jaiho spy was allowed to cycle and film all over the Japanese streets…. Disgusting genocide cheerleaders need calling out… Baie goed meneer! Bly sterk!

  38. 16.44 that loo dude be arcing up to protect his PR investment, he probably taken the credit back in the mainland for getting the Barretts launched on their undercover path to infamy lol. No wonder he’s pissed when his pet project is getting hosed.

  39. Isn’t this kind of like someone being accused of a horrible racist crime, then the first/biggest defense to post in their favor, arguing why they can’t possibly be racist or have done whatever it is they are accused of, is the president (Emperor? King? Whatever they call their leader. Don’t know; don’t care) of the KKK?

  40. I watched those Barrat guys a while back and thought they were the biggest panderers.. impressive this impressive that. And never saying anything bad.

  41. I’d say there is a 25% chance they really had technical problems and 75% probability that they planed it that way. They could just put up old video of these guys waiting to speak from a stream or something. This gave me an idea. During your ADVChina show you guys could put up a video image of Mr. Pooh and ask him questions or for a comment.

  42. CCP investigates charges of corruption in CCP, finds none. Phew, that IS a relief! Chinese to English articles need to be re-written as well, translations always seem awkward. They know some English speakers I’m sure

  43. Fox News Gonna have a field day for at least 4 years. Biden president they gonna bash him 24/7 just like CNN did on Trump. Murdock is drinking champagne now. Biden gonna go on Wars= fox news ratings gonna go up

  44. I’ve lived in China for over 9 years. Not living the foreigner life. I have a Chinese family, I’ve lived in a poor Chinese city-center hutong neighborhood for almost a decade, lived a Chinese life every day. Lived in Beijing, Yunnan and Jilin. I’ve paid attention to SerpentZA, and to these other guys a little, enough to see that everything Winston shares is a fair and reasonable assessment of what it’s like in China.

  45. Bottom line lets cut the long talk ….do you think the are going to go full scale invasion of taiwan??? All these riddles is making me fall of the edge of my seat!!!! My biggest thing is if they do what good is Taiwan going to be to them if them blow it all to smithereens 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  46. Hello sepentza, the CCP is a corporation of the UCC, Uniform Commercial Code, that is a Maritime Law, a corporation and is the law of piracy.
    Washington DC is apparently under the military control of the USA. There is overwhelming evidence that Americans are purging the red threat, rendering it illegal. As men of God, the Americans will win.
    International corporations are bankrupt, their imaginary power is being returned to the sovereigns. I think the CCP is going to disappear as the honerable Chinese people take back their God given power and have a great big Chinese party.
    PMB Elder of England. 😉

  47. Wow, that was pathetic, she basically laughed on live TV by confirming that it’s funny propaganda that those clowns were doing for the gov. It’s gonna be even more laughable if they continue that lol

  48. Other day I saw a video on twitter of a chinese influencer talking about how ‘good’ CCP was in handling corona…all lies like the ones in here…I called her out(got blocked obviously) but whenever we see it we need to expose them(like “just seen your video…is your OWN people able to see it too? Is twitter allowed in China?”) because if we don´t do it they will end up influencing low IQ or imature young people on twitter/youtube/facebook, etc. If you don´t do it, don´t complain later when they end up putting our own kids against us. Stay awesome!

  49. Whenever you hear or see a White boy from the West praising the CPP a 100 %. It’s an indication that He’s not very intelligent. Shallowness is hovering all over that Person. The Chinese have much more negative stuffs to say to their Government but they’re kept in fear and the consequences are deadly.

  50. I used to think that prosperity in China will eventually bring democracy and at least a more open society. it looks like the opposite. Their absolute disregard of human rights and freedom will eventually doom their economic progress.

  51. What is really strange is a government that has 10 million members and 20% of the world population feels compeled to reply to a smal piece of journalism with desporpocional means , to defend a bunch of youtubers.

    To me that is a trademark for fragile political Power and suficient proof that the actual government of China, only fits in a room (few people).

    In Economy we call this tipe of organization hierarchy , the chicken organogram…the boss controls personally every level has if the organization was a hen house

  52. The state media here in the USA is PBS, NPR and GPTV in Georgia.
    From watching CGTN you can see they are often calling attention to things they disagree with and let the audience backlash and voice their disgust. It is thinly veiled criticism while they themselves spout the party line. It is a fine line to walk because of the dire consequences of breaking the national security law by sedition and subversion. CGTN had a reporter locked up not too long ago; that should tell you something.

  53. I understand Youtube is blocked in China, so I always wonder how do Chinese food vloggers (Chinese citizens, but not the westerners) with massive followers get paid by YouTube? Are those channels even monetized? Also, Youtube is western social media that based on western values and principles, so if China-focused Youtubers are advocating a one-sided (pro-CCP) view or analysis in their channel, do those channels still get monetized by Youtube? If Youtube monetization policy is purely based on viewers and subscribers numbers, maybe that is the reason why some YouTubers are after China’s massive spectators market whether those spectators are real or fake (50 cents army with overseas VPN), etc. Anyways, thanks Winston for your steady and balanced reviews! You guys (ADV Podcasts) should check out for Cyrus Janssen ( a recent Youtuber and an original and massive pro-CCP advocator with seemingly legit sponsors) and maybe invite him to your podcast to hear his pro-CCP views. Haha, he is is a very interesting character and he does have an open agenda! Good luck Winston and C-milk!

  54. Ty for bringing these things to light . A lot of the things I’ve personally experienced through my own travels and learnt from my ex missus ( who was Chinese) you point out in a lot of your videos . I also find it mind boggling that any criticism of the CCP is so called racist and even just saying the word china is racist. When in my experience china is one of the more racist countries in the world ie. when ever I would suggest she should get a tan or a tanned woman is good looking she would shut me down . She would avoid the sun like the plague. In her own words she said and I quote ” dark skin is considered inferior in the culture and it’s better to be as white as possible ” . …. Ps if you notice at least 80percent of the people on the Barrett’s videos commenting are Chinese nationals so I wouldn’t give the extra 10k subs any credit

  55. Many Chinese people don’t understand that western media is independent of their governments. If they bothered look a little more, they would understand our media has a huge amount of independence. Media and judicial independence are keystones of democracy.

  56. Western media: a couple of YouTubers, ho hum who cares, not news…
    China media: a couple of you tubers! End of the world! Mobilize all state resources!!!
    Give me a break, what a bunch of infantile dickheads.

  57. Imagine being blamed for working for mafia then making a video with the mafia to deny it. No wonder these people failed in life and started leeching of the CCP.

  58. Thank you for bringing attention of how awful the Chinese government is to the the west. It is my opinion that China is the most dangerous nation of the 21st century. Their government is complete 1984 playbook material. The west may have its faults but China should NEVER be a world power with the way their government works.

  59. Hi Winston, I have watched many of your and ADCChina’s videos, although not all of them, and I have not seen you discuss the Chinese online community that speaks against CCP, though in secret coded langauge.
    They are mostly on Tieba, and over time their 吧s get banned and they move to new ones, now they are at 带秀派吧. These people talk in such a way that at first glance you would think they are the most extreme rabbit nationalists you have seen in your life, but with you look at it closely you would see that they are just trolling.
    Chinese people call them 神友, though it seems that because everyone gets triggered hearing that name now they are starting to change how they call themselves, just like how they use “Vietnam” “盘丝洞(chinese folk tale reference)” and names to refer to China.
    I think it will be interesting if you discuss their culture and language, although there is not much left now after so many account bans and 吧 bans. I wanted to share this with some foreign friends but none of them can read or speak Chinese.

  60. Wish I had a ton of money so I could buy a billboard that just says “watch serpentza.” Important voice you are. Same with Cmilk, and others that cover issues that truly matter and not garbage such as how we must say Latinx instead of Latino because that’s sexist apparently.

  61. January 22 7:17 PM CST I saw 2 commercials after the video ended but none during the playing of the video. Currently this video has 2.1k likes and 56 dislikes.

  62. it is so obvious their followers have a leftist heart or are naive, but like in the Godfather is strictly business, they give an F*** about democracy, human rights or freedom of speech. In history there always have been that breed of humans that love to be traitors or spies, those egomaniacs exist in any field. Don’t give them the celebrity they don’t deserve, we should ignore them for me they have the self esteem of a toilet roll

  63. Hello, I was wondering if you saw the Asian boss video of Americans in China being interviewed and if so, there is a part in the video where people admit to using a VPN, do you think the Americans will get into trouble due to that video since a VPN is illegal? Or do you think it will be ignored by the ccp?

  64. 22:06 if you lived in china and watched the news in china, watched pearl tv news from the mainland China, you know that’s not a coincidence 😆😅, that’s classic Chinese news

  65. Pre WWII, the Nazis had their stooges successfully influencing the rest of the world, and they fell for it too, until the invasions and attacks began.
    History is repeating…

  66. OMG, that poor woman’s face when she realised what she had just said. Any more gaffs like that and she’ll be sharing a prison cell with Cheng Lei.

  67. Just so you know my man your channel has become very very relevant . Thank you so much for what you are doing and have been doing. Don’t change please!

  68. Serpentza, you became such a pitty hater. I used to like your videos, but you turned in to tabloid kinda channel. Talking negative bullshit and exaggerated false facts.

  69. This channel is like stating the bleeding obvious. China is a communist state that retains power with propaganda, information control and laws to suppress ‘unacceptable’ behaviour. It’s not the only country to practice this too.
    What’s more useful and interesting are suggestions for how the Chinese can change their own system from within to suit their own needs.
    The West can spout all the outrage it wants about freedoms and human rights abuses but ideology is often trumped by real politiks when it comes to international relationships.
    How many people are willing to die for their beliefs under the tracks of tanks? Revolutions are bloody.

  70. The Barretts dont realise how much shit they are in , the fact they have the CCP directly involved would scare the living shit out of any sane person who understands the brutality and deception of this regime. If you see this post there not your freinds cant you see there playing you and using you for their own gain your expendable to them and can be toss aside at any moment or whim by them , your actually in great danger for being in the position your in i feel actually afraid for them !! There too involved with the CCP and thats never a good thing ,

  71. Common sense is not that common, alot of people will believe what they see and take it at face value. Unfortunately most people can’t join 2 dots together, even if they are only one inch apart.

  72. Typical CCP – never an ounce of evidence or logic – just the belief that what ever they say is true. How could they not see that by supporting these traitors on their news, they have just proved that they are traitors?

    “I guess the CCP is not very good at pushing out its propaganda” Seriously??? Is that all you’ve got? How many of you actually sat in a meeting room and came up with this embarrassing skit?

    Like you said , Winston, “They’ll shut you up or take you away.” This is China! Free Hong Kong! 香港係香港人嘅! Free Tibet! Free Mongolia!

  73. “Narcissistic twats”
    More solid gold from Winston. 😄

    Question: have you ever faced physical threats now you live in the US?

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Stay safe!

  74. How true…the truth has always been the enemy of freedom. We’re learning that hard lesson here in the west too, with increasing social media censorship.

  75. Well, perhaps the Western governments these vloggers originated from should consider whether or not these propagandists are a security risk and maybe put on a no-fly list should they desire to return.

  76. You need to put a Chinese version of this out there man. You know so the average Chinese peasant who doesn’t know English if he breaks through the Golden Shield he can get the truth.

  77. Boggles the mind… How could they ever expect to be seen as like us when they cut off the world… Sure, we in the US (and most others, of course) have differences of policy and don’t get along with some, but we’re not blocking access to the world. It’s messy, but it’s open. Keep on, keepin’ on sir. You are doing good work for making this known 👍👍

  78. Ma Hui has just given more reason to rely and believe on what serpentza is saying given how much work you have actually done on youtube that is praising the chinese people and the land in the first place….

    This is why i have so much faith in what serpentza says because i started seeing his video when it was all travelling in the first place…

  79. I had my wumao moment earlier this week. I tweeted back at a Chinese official about the BS he had said and some guy from Slovenia bombarded me. Holy crap, I was not expecting that. Anyway, someone else said, “oh, say anything positive about China and they’re wumao?” I replied I liked China, had visited China, am learning Chinese, only the Chinese people deserved better than the CCP. The next day I had more comments from Mr Slovenia. I wasn’t engaging because his arguments were silly, and it was a waste of time. Finally, after a couple of days of ignoring him, he went away. Thanks to your last video, even though Mr Slovenia had lived in China for 10 years, he probably didn’t understand Chinese. I pity him.

  80. What about Vloggers such as Blondie In China or Rachel in China? They avoid talking about politics but talks positively about food, culture and so on

  81. funny SerpentZa and C-milk (LaoWhy) were among those who introduced true China to the western audiance. for many year showing how great the chinese people and cultural heritage is (at least what the ccp left). unfortunately the theme change and it changed because the country changed. more precisely the governing attitude has changed. now the true is not so edible anymore for the ccp

  82. I think you may swing a bit far in the opposite direction, buddy. No, China is not perfect (by any measure), but China is great for China! I miss it very much… I’m not a paid agent. either. The Chinese people are incredibly kind and treated me so great in my 6+ years there. I know, I was nowhere near your experience there, but up until my ultimate ban, I had a great life there!

  83. I watched 1 barrett video and read the comments and it made me sick. People defending their treatment of the uyghur people and the military action in hong kong. They delete all the negative comments. This is sad that google/youtube allows this to happen.

  84. When people in the west complain “oh, the Guardian is so left biased” or “the times is so right biased”, they don’t realise how lucky they are. China is a country where diversity of opinion does not really exist, aside from a few young Chinese that dare to have their own opinions, even if they’re scared of the repurcussions.

  85. People should never use Wikipedia to reference anything because, they’re always changing entries without transparency or established protocol for updating their entries.

  86. Can you make a video exposing the insane pollution from the main rivers in China. Basically 90 percent of ocean pollution is coming from China and India.

  87. Poland before 1989 was communist, corrupt and poor. Thanks good I born in democracy but still We have to be more careful about our freedoms! Great vlog ! 👌🏼

  88. Most of your original videos were awesome, and i personally appreciate your first videos of China, and surely you did have many negative experience in China. And I’m sorry you did. However I’m sure you also had many many amazing experiences in China. I know you love China. There is no question about that. Politics do suck , weather in north America China, Philippines , England. No Government on earth is free of corruption. I wish i could understand all the negative expressions you make of China. You mention the CCP all the time. Why dont you realize that all Govs are corupt and start seeing the good in China, as all other nations also have. Its obvious that your videos are intended to divide as if you are being paid by the U.S. government. You would be amazed at how different your life would be if you focussed on being more positive. I never ever see you smile anymore for years now. I liked all your original videos. Im from Guatemala and grew up in Canada, and i had rejection growing up here too. Im not gonna waste my time talking about that, as its not constructive nor upbuilding. You seem way way too gloomy.I know you are not a bad person. Each nation is corrupt . Don’t focus on that. I challenge you to give an entire video on positive things about China. But hope you realize we all have suffered in a foreign land.

  89. Ironically, the “Next Up” video that YouTube selected for my feed after watching this was, “When China Rules the World,” a lecture by Martin Jacques.

  90. Lol! Beijing is not putting out any propaganda! I don’t blame them for I know they like to lie blatantly, or twist notoriously, the meaning of every concept we have. Shame on the Nazi commies and their “foreign” followers.

  91. Each one of the videos on this topic gets more and more powerful! Sorry I missed the live stream… This isn’t something you hear from the MSM — which is just another CCP mouthpiece.

  92. I know this is unrelated but I can’t help but continue to think how China burned the documents when they were kicked out of the embassy in Texas, it just seems so wrong and off to me.

  93. Every time someone calls these guys out like this they keep digging themselves deeper and deeper in a hole; causing themselves to be further associated with the CCP. What’s your motivation? Just stop!

  94. Hi Winston,there will always be propaganda and people pushing it for their own agenda. You have always been clear about things but don’t die on the wrong battlefield. Keep showing us the rest of Asia on your adventures and other places for us to follow you on.Dont let this stuff detract from what you are best at.

  95. @17:40 this is NOT TRUE. Asian b0ss did interview with foreigners in China and they say CLEARLY that with one click of a button with VPN you have access to the world wide web.

  96. Hey Youtube commenters (commentators ??), if you want to feel the hate, go and make put a comment on the shill’s videos. (Barrett etc). You’ll be guaranteed to be called everything from western imperialist/colonialist to interestingly, a “capitalist”. I am assuming this is because “Xi Jinping thought” is filtering down. A new insult is “capitalist”. Its a fascinating re-run of history, as experienced during the cultural revolution. How far this neo-communist push by the CCP goes, is a question for the Chinese people.

  97. Can you tell me more about Russia then china, because you looks like russian labor in south africa. Asia is nothing to do with your life, you must take care your nation then the the Asian Largest Nation . You can t benefit about your westen looks like figure body. your thought style is never ever western… Jelouslly you saying that because your nation is poor hahahah.

  98. the murdering , thieving CCP are not just a problem for the Chinese , they are a danger to the whole of Asia and in some respects the whole world. XI a modern version of Adolf Hitler , a spoilt little brat with too much power!

  99. Congratulations – you know you’re doing something right when China state media singles you out for criticism. Keep up the good work. You are doing the world a great service. The Sea Cee Pea is on the war path and you are helping the truth get out before the shooting starts.

  100. It’s fascinating how there is a defense of this type of behavior. I do street interviews of actual Chinese people and get their views on topics that are hot in China ~ I don’t think the CCP will ever come and ask us to do anything for them, why would they want anyone who’s trying to give the Chinese people a voice working for them? 😂


  102. The CCP wastes so much of China’s GDP on wumaos and Western social media surveillance. Imagine if they put those resources into something positive like health care or countryside infrastructure. Now YT is demonetizing anyone who is critical of the CCP.

  103. There is also another possibility. There are a lot of 自干五, meaning self funded 50 cents army who parrot CCP propaganda voluntarily. They don’t have to be Chinese, I know some Malaysians do that too.

    One thing I want to add is that Winston is right about people in China are not allowed to use VPN to access the outside world. However these laws have not been strictly enforced, therefore there are a lot of Chinese still accessing the outside world with VPN. It is one of those things in China – if the authority doesn’t catch you doing it, then you are fine. But if on any day the authority wants to find an excuse to punish you, this could be one of the laws they would cite.

  104. Winston you have a new surge of energy now that you are factually sure CCP is watching you, keep up the good work. BTW, I doubt the Barrets participation on CGTN’s show was free. I bet they were paid money to be on her show, yet again solidifying their 50 cent mouthpiece careers.

  105. Hey Winston what do you think of Chinabill’s channel I feel that he is doing something that would make him disappeared, yet he is still making videos. Do you feel there is something fishy with him. Like the CCP lets him do his videos for some reason.

  106. Hey serpentza, I want to leave some positive criticism. I love your content and agree with most of what you say, and you are in the right in this video. But sometimes you seem too desperate to attack every single thing that the target of your criticism is doing, and put it in a negative light as much as possible. You probably don’t do this intentionally but in my opinion this is what it feels like sometimes. Like talking about the CCP media not being able to get the audio to word. That doesn’t seem so relevant to the point you’re trying to make in this video. If it does maybe you could elaborate a bit more.

  107. Oh man I wish more people in America, UK and EU can approach your channel and your experience. C.C.P is damn shit Leninist dictatorship who dresses in sheep skin awfully with its communist tail, claws and fangs in plain view. People care so much less about global affairs and even domestic politics nowadays, which they will pay for such blissful ignorance eventually.

  108. Are Chinese people speak something bad and true about China can get paid? 🌝well I have plenty things to say about China and sell 1 pound for each I I make million !lol .

  109. What an golden grab you caught with her admitting this is all Beijing propaganda.
    This MUST become a worldwide meme.
    And SHAME on those greedy sell-outs. This will haunt the rest of their lives.
    Good job Winston.

  110. Their last result of argument is always “you never been to China so you don’t know China”. That reasoning is so weak for some one who actually been in China. And for the Barrets and other sell outs. Well we just have to remember them and recognise them for a very long time as sell outs.

  111. Keep pushing back on authoritarians wherever you find them. China is the worst example and probably the reason we see hints of it creeping into western countries. It all needs to be delegitimized.

  112. Ever watched the cartoon Spirited Away? Those Pro China Youtubers are just like the parents of that little girl, Chihiro. they are eating those free food thrown at them by CCP greedily, and finally turned into overeating pigs, Greediness is the curse of these guys

  113. Rules for thee but not for me, and watcha gonna do about it you peasants? – this is the standard CCP method. And this ruling method is creeping into Hong Kong right now.

  114. Western media is anti Western and anti white. At least the Chinese media is pro the Chinese. Now we have a senile fool who hates his own race. I would love to live in a country that wasn’t anti me.

  115. Dude you also keep on playing that clip of Liu Xin or saying that about Beijing but obviously she’s joking she can speak more languages than you by the way Stop taking a joke snip and try to make something meaningful out of it. They’re capable of making jokes too if you weren’t so biased to see. They’re leading stem so let them keep thriving and watch from the sidelines

  116. Maybe it’s a good thing the west still thinks China as this corrupt and poor place do they it keeps supporting it LOL when they’re getting beat in technology and when their tradition runs deep like 4 thousand years

  117. What is your problem did you miss out on something. You have a problem with other people doing better than you in vlogging it seems, Why? The Western Vloggers are having fun earning their keep in China and not understanding why chip on shoulder Vloggers like you like to bulley. Build a bridge and try harder to get over it, you might find fun on the other side.

  118. Also at 17:40 you lied. Even asian b 0s s did an interview with foreigners living in China and they literally said with a click of a button you can use VPN to access the World Wide Web

  119. I think what I got from their last video on this is they totally admitted to getting paid for their work by the CCP.. so what? Look at Fox and CNN.. pure propaganda. People in US can’t even decipher opinions from facts anymore Oh.. and now that canzuk is going through i am going to new zealand to do some travel logs for the Government. Oh oh. ya and you were there saying all kinds of shit against the CCP. Now you are here doing it still? Come to Canada and start talking shit about us. We would bounce your ignorant ass out too. lol jk.I get your point. But if life was so terrible over there then they could easily leave.. unless they are America in which case it’s probably better life in China. I don’t know though. I am comparing to LA which is a disaster zone worse than a Syrian refugee camp. The UN is calling it unfit for humans because so many people in the street with no water and their government can’t even supply then with toilets. but again i can’t say China is any better. And considerig anyone who has seen one of your videos they pretty much know what you are going to say. I am pretty sure you are just spreading the US anti China propaganda your audience wants to hear. If you spread any other message you wouldn’t have an ear, or make a dime so that is a factor as well.. whatever, screw china and murica. Canzuk bro.. lol Last thought., I saw a guy go out by the NSA building and they confiscated him and straight to jail. Plus I have heard multiple reports of torture at gitmo.. can you go check it out please?

  120. As you probably know, CCP doesn’t or can’t do subtle propaganda. No convincing factor existed and everything is awkward like North Korean propaganda.

  121. Winston you wasn’t joking about other state media picking up on the story.? They are just digging a massive hole for themselves.also they are so obvious in what they are doing and it’s going to backfire because now it’s feeding their egos and this is when being recklessness happens even analysing the video and reading their body language tells me a lot about these people honestly.?

  122. I am a very normal person in China,as I know , almost all the people around me, they like CCP , they are even proud of their government. As your talk, do you mean Chinese should give up Chinese government and then do sth to lead a very very good life more than your life? Is that what you wanna see?
    The problem is the most of Chinese are proud of their government right now.What if they say it is none of your business?

  123. My mom is 70. She doesn’t buy anything made in China. She says ” they ruined our lives ” when referring to CCP. Is she a racist ? Maybe but she watched my dad dying from coronavirus. I’d say that definitely changes a person.

  124. I’d like to say was surprised that the EU has gotten to bed with China but I’m not, they’ve lost their cash cow the UK so now despite all their claims about being for human rights and the environment we see the real truth

  125. expected, as its a 1 party 1 dictator state, but i guess the threat it is the *biggest nearly everything communist state with best infiltrate, & soft power system in human history, *never seen before. Ok western world help and enrich them and hope china gets freer for many hard working, smart, yet *exploited Chinese people but instead the ruling class wanted tighter with *digital techs, even big jump backward

  126. So glad you picked up on this. I saw this CGTN stream live and I could barely believe what I was seeing. CGTN is not tabloid journalism so for them to be motivated to cover this story the only conclusion is that they must have a vested interest, ie. they are defending these foreigners who from time to time are being supported directly and indirectly by the CCP. I loved the fact none of the guests actually got to speak at end because of the technical issues. Noticeably the Barrett YT channel were bigging up this interview beforehand but immediately took the post down afterwards because of the embarrassment

  127. Thanks for the post… I thought this topic was maybe a bit overdone but you explain it very well towards the end and it needed to be said and made clear… Imajine living in a country where you see bad and cannot say you see something very bad… what a joke

  128. I just went over to the CGTN channel cuz I didn’t even know it existed and my god, i can’t even last 2 mins reading the comments over there.. I had to come back here to regain my sanity.

  129. They make the most noise when you are right over the target. Keep at it Winston. The work you are doing is priceless. The world is starting to wake up to the CCP’s horrendous behavior thanks to your help and the others who refuse to keep silent anymore.

  130. Funny thing in the west and in the free world, no one believes them and knows by a strong discernment that they are funded.. Theyre wasting money to fool the free world lol.. Their trick only works on their zombie over nationalist communist citizens lol.. They forgot propaganda alone is not enough to fool everyone, truth always comes out and you just need commonsense and discernment to figure it out. 😂

  131. I follow ‘China in focus’ a news station on YT.
    They have just been demonetized by YT.
    They dont do opinion pieces, its straight out facts only. I dont understand YT. Im starting to believe that their demonetizing is to raise their own revenue at the expense of Youtubers. ( it wouldnt even surprise me if YT was found out to be entirely china owned) Their policies are all over the place.

  132. I joined to be a subscriber many years ago. You were one of the first ones – if not the first – I followed to still have a regular glimpse of China while I can’t be there. What you showed, was real, but was also filtered. When you walked through the streets of Shenzhen, you were perfectly aware of the topics you can share without getting into trouble. I find it quite sad that you are now attacking your fellows to do what you managed to do more than 10 years. I agree so far, that they were possibly naive getting too near to governmental controlled contacts. Of course, they are “supported” by the Chinese government – the same as you have been supported. You do not really believe that the officials when you lived in Shenzhen didn’t know what you were doing? They knew perfectly, you can be sure. I imagine that also you were aware of it and that this Damocles sword was surely not something you could live with confidence in China. In the case of Matt from Jayoe, I know that he enjoys life in China and he does not feel restricted in any way. He has built his bridges over certain hurdles and is, in general, a positive thinking person. Yes, there are people who are only seeing the positive – and there are others who are looking for the dirt in every corner. I agree that they are nowadays naive and that they are lured to places. Matt has experienced recently a lot of new subscribers, I am sure that his motivation is now to grow that even more. He has great content on his channel…same as what you had before. I personally do not like the way I have to witness in the last 18 months. You left to the US and from there you are continuing a China-bashing channel. You and also Mathew – have left all that you had in China and I assume that makes some quite angry. I can see that frustration in every video you are presenting. Same as Matt, you have realized that you have an audience who wants to hear what you say, so why talking about the nice sides of living in China, if you claim telling the “TRUTH” feeding a certain audience? This video for me is just someone sitting in the glasshouse, throwing stones to others. I know you are in direct connection to Matt, you called him a friend. Actually, that also shows me that you are walking over dead bodies it if feeds your audience. Of course China is using these Youtubers, you can call them naive. China is clearly trying to improve their reputation, a lot was destroyed, you were one of those adding fuel to it while trying to benefit from it. I know getting back from that strategy is going to be difficult for you, what do to when you are so far away from China – but having a China forum….I assume we will hear the next 20 years that you know China as you lived there something like 13 years. I haven’t been in China the last 18 months….I already feel while talking to friends there, that I already am away from the development….Your activities have brought your’s and Mathews wife way from their mother home…a high price they paid for your fame.

  133. Question: Youtube is illegal in China. Would you had done the same as the four if you had been invited to do videos….where they encourage you do even use Youtube? Basically they got a green card from the government to post on Youtube. If I were you, I might feel quite jealous…especially as I had to leave everything behind….

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