1. “Don’t lie who else is a FAN of Serpantza🦦”

    “¡ᴍ ɢɪғTɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”

  2. Yes!!.
    Chinesse police brutality is not nearly known as it should, its scary how much they can get away with.
    Keep the good fight fam.

  3. @serpentza Rebel News in Canada is trying to help Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. Check out Rebel News’s YouTube channel to find out how, please!

  4. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary security, deserve neither Liberty nor Security.”

    ~Benjamin Franklin

  5. We see this all over the world including in the United States. The difference is of course we have the legal right and can protest peacefully and demand change. Defunding police is ridiculous and not an option. The result would be anarchy and endless crime waves. The solution is to screen police more carefully to eliminate those who might be criminals before we give them a badge and then hold them accountable just as we would anyone else who committed a violent crime.

  6. Say it louder for the people in the back like Billie Eilish’s stupid brother who think that the Hong Kong/Chinese police are soooo civilised compared to the US

  7. The police in China are all corrupted. They are bias with the very rich, normal folks are beaten for causing trouble. They are more like Mafia to beat you if the police don’t like you to keep your mouth shut.

  8. China has occupied Tibet illegally.
    China has occupied East Turkestan forcefully.
    China spread Wuhan Virus willingly.
    China is trying to occupy Taiwan Country.
    China is trying to occupy Macau.
    China has occupied Mangolia.
    China has occupied ASEAN’s sea.
    China 🖕🖕🖕
    Boycott China …let’s make it Global movement now. Boycottttt Cheap China.

  9. Winston, will you be making a video about the Uyghur camps? They made news a week ago but I was surprised to not see anything from you or C-Milk yet.

  10. You haven’t been to many other countries. You are right but you find this in Germany and the USA. Look up Muenchner Kessel demonstration.
    You are a guest in this country why don’t you talk about your country? (South Africa)

  11. There’s a huge problem with militarization and brutality of the American police and you make this video. Talk about “what about ism”. You are a bad person whether you knew it or not. You promote the modern day yellow peril.

  12. I’ve seen a photo about a house in the middle of a highway. Why is that exist if Chinese authority tends to do this kind of land grab? Do you have any info on that?

  13. Man I was waiting for hours for this Video. Thank U AND tributes AND blessings from germany Europe…..thank U again please do MORE videos more more MORE till the end of ccp and beyond!

  14. How do you know your country is a great one? People
    Leave it forever AND STILL say nice things about it and even prefer it to where they are. Don’t know any foreign nationals who use to live in China, n. Korea, Iran, Venezuela ect…and have ANYTHING nice to say about their home country. Quite often they have hatred for it. These are not countries you can easily leave but America believes ALL its citizens make our country great!!!! Some by coming and others by leaving LOL…..In other words “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out comrade”….

  15. That is such a shame and the government is so crooked and corrupt and the people will one day get tired of this and unite to overthrow the government to get a better one. That is what use to happen in the U.S. during the days of Jim Crow in the South.

  16. Winston, during BLM protests you’re saying “if that kind of thing happened, there’d be massive protests”. There are. Like, what are you going on about there mate? The issue *usually* isn’t as physically violent as the Chinese police get, but people get shot, beaten, thrown around. They get arrested routinely because of profiling. It’s not a good life to live.

    I’m not arguing it’s as bad or worse than China, but it seems really off-colour to talk about an “if” scenario while the biggest protests against police violence during my life time are currently happening, because of atrocities you’ve already outlined. You routinely make light of the BLM movement, and I’m not sure why.

    Similarly to China where if you’re Asian, you’re going to have an easier time than if you’re white. You’re going to have an easier time in America being white my dude. That’s just how it is, it’s important to still understand what other people are going through, though.

  17. Four more years of Trump. Will bring china freedom. They will have to fight for it! They cannot handle Trump or live without American $$$. TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  18. this is why nobody i mean nobody should be above the law that’s real equality communism just makes inequality cuz it made the government above the law

  19. I can’t even watch this it makes me so angry. It’s situations like this that where I think killing is justified. If someone is going to take away your land, your home etc. They deserve to die.

  20. Welcome to YouTube, where showing violence in America is encouraged, but showing violence by the Chinese government is strictly verboten. 🙄

  21. BLM Movement are Marxists. Why wouldn’t they support China.

    Commies stick together.

    Dangerous freedom is preferable to safe slavery.

  22. The fact is the people of China out number the CCP. If they all rose up they could easily defeat them. Homemade bombs are easily made out everyday materials. Homemade guns are made out everyday materials. Guerrilla warfare isn’t difficult and hard to defeat

  23. And the Chinese spokesperson had the nerve to tweet “I can’t breathe” in mocking the US over riots and police brutality. I would have been as ashamed as all hell. They should be too.

  24. police even in the US are somewhat above the law through qualified immunity. in many asian countries even india complaining against a policeman is a death sentence since it requires filing a complaint with another police station and they’ll send their goons after you.

    but yeah china does take it to a whole other level

  25. This is why I will fight till my last breath to NOT defund our police or sheriffs, because I don’t want this style of brutality to come here

  26. Thank you Winston for putting yourself front and centre like this. I only hope the CCP’s ‘useful idiots’ in the UK see this. Unfortunately they only see the money. Saudi Arabia being another fine example of blindness to reality. Keep safe my friend.

  27. So many Americans are so well off than those living in China. And they don’t realize that China is much more horrific than outsiders believed. We always talked about police brutality and we always have protest to state the wrongdoings. In China no Chinese will ever get what Americans have which is to criticize the government.

  28. That terrible i hate that government, i wish one day they will received the same treatment. The only way to help them , it have to comming from other countries to get involved .🤮🤮🤮🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Yeah Winston I go on many news channels and I don’t care about China leader’s glass jaws! I’am so angry Winston about how they confiscate hard working farmers lands and rape them and their children of their generations of heritage! They are vomit and ROT. I WILL ALWAYS CALL THEIR BLUFF AND EXPOSE THEM! THANK-YOU FOR ALL I AM LEARNING FROM YOU AND C MILK, ALSO VIVIANE AND YOUR WIFE!

  30. Can you do a video discussing covid and how it’s being used to implement a Chinese like communist government around the world. And how the world economic forum is doing a global reset with plans to create a global communist government.

  31. Yes. The government is a different thing than their citizens. Americans have no idea about how Communism has killed 100 million people and would be terrified if they lived under this system. North Korea, China and Cuba.

  32. When the virus started spreading my Chinese friend continuously had her WeChat posts deleted and was unable to chat certain images. My wife’s uncle was forced by the police to pay a fine to the family of a dunk driver who died in a road accident. The ruling was arbitrary. I was also in a protest in Shenzhen once. Police reaction was rather over the top.

  33. Boet – you need a Bitchute channel for stuff like this. No censorship there. That said, I understand that YouTube is currently your main source of income.

  34. Thank you so much for showing this and for all your work, SerpentZA!!
    Every day, it becomes clearer and clearer: as long as the CCP exists, the freedom of the world is in danger.

  35. Your comment about the Chinese government having the total ability to censor most of what is told to the people sounds a lot like what our Fake News companies and the US progressive socialist organizations do daily these days. Who learned from whom? I agree with your assessment and equating China’s police organizations with similar organizations in the WWII totalitarian countries and the communist countries that came to power after WWII. I wonder why the US progressive socialists seem to like anarchy and desire to defund the police? Might it be to gain the same power seen in this video over American citizens by not having our police available to help our citizens?

  36. When you know what you are doing is right and you have the conviction to speak out, nothing will stop you.
    “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

  37. And u know what’s the biggest argument of Chinese ppl for police brutality in Hong Kong and China? “U would have been shot in the US!” Lmfao.

  38. As a person who is familiar with Soviet history, some elements of East German history and the preceding organisations to the KGB, SMERSH and Cheka, this is being sold short. Not to forget the Gestapo, Stasi. a few others.

    Extremely short.

    The world they live in over there is one where people being disappeared, for no reason is something that happens. You can’t comment on it or you’re next. If you do anything other than toe the line, you’re being actively monitored. Even if they like you, you’re still passively monitored, the minor stuff is still noted, just no official action. If they don’t like you enough, they’ll force, forge reports to show that you have to be picked up. Doesn’t matter how clean, how straight and narrow up and coming Party member applicant you were before, that now doesn’t matter.

    If you say the right thing in the wrong way, congratulations, you’re now a target. If your neighbour does the same, you’re now a target. If it happens in the building you live in, you’re now a target. The level of violence these people can, do and are promoting is not something we have a concept of here.

    Even compliance can carry the death penalty.

    It’s easy to say they deserve it, when you don’t have a damn clue just what they are living through.

  39. Well i watched a police officer who was about 6’2 and pretty muscular take a very pregnant African American woman who was maybe about 5’6 call her a bitch and slam her to the ground. I would say that was pretty brutal. My dad also had to testify against a cop that randomly maced a little 10 year old African American girl that was riding past her on her bike. Yah we aren’t going to give the US police force a pass on their brutality. They are just as brutal. They are just not as brutal towards people that look like you. And before cell phones they were getting away with it even more.

  40. Most awesome video! I hope there is eventually a positive outcome for both Chinese and Hong Kongers, but it just doesn’t seem likely… Where I feel this can do more good is here in the States, where it contrasts with our police problems (that are minor in comparison). Not that rioters are going to be convinced, but possibly those that naively sympathize with them.

  41. As long as China continues to produce cheap products which make Western bankers and financiers richer, nothing will be done. Countries are not run by politicians, they are run by billionaires and millionaires. Money talks, words walk. Therefore as long as China keep on making other people rich, other countries will not do a thing. China has raped the world of it’s resources, it’s wildlife, it’s secrets, it’s ideas and has done so for decades. Only since Donald Trump has come to power has anyone done anything about China because before him not a single country leader has taken a firm stance against China.

    Even now the money men and women in the US who actually run the country will be looking at ways to get Trump out of power because what he is doing is affecting the wealth of these people.

  42. Ever since I watched a video of yours where you said mass shootings in the US and stabbings in China are the same, I just can’t take your opinion seriously.

  43. Hey Winston the vision of CCP being just like the SS from Germany is correct and I thank you for showing the people that they have to open their eyes to these atrocity that is going in China and around the world. Keep safe and always positive my friend.

  44. No black lives matter no Antifascist? Thought China is a tolerant commy country? Wow really disappointed. And ccp is not what cnn and msnbc say.

  45. God be with you .. your information is priceless
    And I hear all to often ,, people reporting information like this get hammered. I hope
    You keep your helmet near by.

  46. It’s called a police state a high technology one at that. Once people have had enough it’s called a civil war or be scared the rest of you life and controled. Many countries have had civil war to make changes and it’s not pretty but it depends on the people and what they want in the end.

  47. If a govt. can get hundreds of ‘Primitives’ (low IQ psychotic thugs) to mow down, murder thousands of innocent youth, adults in Tiananmen Square..it’s easy to understand why brutality is STILL going on..

  48. Never, EVER, look at a police system of a communist government as an inspiration model for your own police. It will not end well for you, ask any post-communist country in eastern europe about this.

  49. Respected Serpenza, in some extent these victims are lucky as atleast they were caught in cammera. in reality, 99,9% victims of police brutality do not appear in cammera. being a person who came from China, i heartly thank you for your support for human rights of chinese people

  50. how did the chinese people not rise up? this seems prevalent enough or not? It is like the sharia moral police that beat people commiting haram. Or do they not care at all?
    If no one care … We definitely should care because this will rollout world wide soon enough.

  51. Winston this China bashing is valid ok but what about America where TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (victims of big brother harassment and directed energy weapon attacks ) are carted off , but not to the local police station but to the mental hospital where they are told that it is all in their heads. Targeting in America , police brutality in America is far worse than it is in China. Bash China if you like BUT don’t single them out , include targets in America too. You have family in America but I bet you don’t know that all Americans are subject to REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (look it up but in short they are monitoring your families thoughts) At least in China you are free to think!!!!!

  52. The only way for the Chinese people is a dissidence of the CCP just like the CCP was born out of a KMT dissidence. (edit: more like a democratic dissidence)

  53. Good on you to point out how powerless the people in China are against their government. The ONLY reason the USSR collapsed was because the rest of the world sped up the wrecking of their economy. I’m not sure any people have ever successfully revolted against a communist regime in history. I guess Poland counts, but they got smashed by the USSR shortly after. 100% Agree with this video. Stay Awesome!

  54. The USA is turning into China…thanks to trained Marxists who have take over the Democrat Party. The Leftists in the USA see how rich and powerful the CCP is and they want that for THEMSELVES in the USA.

  55. Jesus Christ Winston , please research TARGETED INDIVIDUALS , the police in the West are murdering thousands, and they are getting away with it , I am betting that you know nothing about MK ULTRA (the CIA’s mind control program) that was officially exposed but never stopped , nowadays undesirables or the targets of the state are simply given “conditions”. Look up Voice to skull technology, or voice of God weapons , in short the nut cases that are hearing voices ARE NOT NUTS , they are victims of technology. Welcome to America Winston.

  56. lol, exactly _who_ holds-up the chinese police as paragons of virtue, or even worthy of emulation???…nobody who is not part of the chinese police or ccp, that’s for certain. that being said, the police in the usa are inherently evil, and they wish they had the same amount of unaccountability as the chinese police.

  57. So when video of Gorge Floyd dying under policeman knee was alright to show all over YouTube channels without censorship, it’s not alright to show anything what is against CCP and have to be pixelated. Where is this world going. Greetings from UK and Stay Awesome.

  58. Vietnamese communist copy chinese communist platform a same way ! Government is robbing lands from their people every single days, with help of the local police !

  59. most of what you said here can readily be applied to india. police here too have almost unlimited power and routinely get away with abusing and extorting the public.

  60. I was completely illegal driving a motorbike without a license in China or registration. I realized it was open season, and stayed in groups of other bikers. I was alone once, and the officer wanted me to pull over. I just did a 180 and disappeared on the side streets. I was lucky and rather crazy, but I would not recommend it. To be honest, I knew I was only going to be there for a single academic year planning on leaving after I saw the situation. I saw both completely unqualified “teachers” from the West who could never get a job in America and Europe being willing to put up with complete CCP nonsense. I dealt with the KGB in the old days at the end of the Soviet Union working for the United States Information Agency. The repression in China was of no surprise. What was different was how desperate completely unqualified Westerners are who cannot qualify to teach at home are and willing to tolerate this repression.

  61. This clearly shows that Chinese people are heavily divided & selfish.
    If the entire population stands up against CCP then they can dislodge the corrupt CCP govt.

  62. The Kong-an 公安部 or public security officers are essentially CCP thugs. They can beat up anyone they don’t like. The normal Chinese citizen have little recourse against their abusive behavior by these state sanctioned thugs. They are called Chinese gestapo for a reason. The worst abuses happen in more rural villages. Many leaked videos have shown these thugs brutally beating up and kicking the elderly, women and children. In fact the clips shown here are nothing….there are far far worst abuses (the videos are out there if you know where to look). The Chinese people are very much victims of the CCP regime. The regime can arbitrarily create laws and enforcing the laws can be spotty at best or brutally draconian at worse (depending on location and depending on the status of the person). This is what happens in a country without rule of law.

  63. Anyone that says that is too young to know about what happened in Tiananmen Square incident. It is sad how little those sacrifices really bought the common people and in the scheme of things how short a time.

  64. I am sorry but a male policeman or the hired thugs should be locked up for treating them ladies like that. Lock them in a western jail they would be slashed up like a nonce or rapist and woman beaters. Absolutely disgusting. Can’t believe they just let it go on. Madness

  65. You have hit the nail on the head. ANTIFA are the wouldbe Chinese police. They have no idea of what kind of world they would be creating in this country. As for me I will fight against ANTIFA and groups like them until my last dying breath. Antifa don’t try us you will certainly be destroyed with extreme prejudice. Now for that beer.

  66. There should be a platform where you could publish other videos as well. People should know what’s going on. Thanks for this one, I’m sharing again

  67. Winston, do you play videogames? MetalJesusRocks is a YouTuber who collects videogames, and it seems like that topic allows him to be much more cheerful. Unfortunately, it seems that reporting on China has led to you being a little jaded and upset. Obviously, your car channel is a little different tho. =)

  68. What idiot would say the Chinese police system is better what the hell is wrong with you

    Yes many here in the US are blind to the outside world but that’s only in the older generations not the younger generations we are not all blind to the outside world

    When it comes to police brutality it is what it is & it should not be allowed in any country and it is up to us to fix it

  69. “Life is cheap, there.” So sad, but so true. Rights of individuals? Pfft, individuals matter not in places like China. In the U.S., many are finally beginning to understand how it’s been for marginalised Americans–i.e., Black and Brown Americans. But in China, it seems everyone is treated as insignificant to the larger picture. It’s heart-breaking.
    Just as the CCP wields too much power over individuals, so do police unions in the U.S. have too much power, to the point where communities can’t make their own determinations about how to safeguard their own people. Thanks for, again, showing what can happen when any governmental body has too much power.
    What’s ‘too much’, some may ask? It’s simple, really. Authority must never exceed compassion.

  70. Awesome video. It’s funny I just realized ur name is Winston just like the fictional character in 1984 facing a dystopian society much like China. Ironic 😂

  71. It’s so ironic, the CCP are so concerned about their image they ban motorbikes (even E-bikes) because they want to enhance China’s image to foreigners. Then they make the biggest PR blunders imaginable with this coronavirus cover-up and directly threatening entire countries. 😂😂

  72. Thanks for revealing the pathetic primitive actions of the CCP on the good innocent people of China. Down with the CCP the sooner the better

  73. I remember an old saying…” If a tree falls with no one around does it make a noise?” Update that saying to now…if violent crime happens and no one reports it, you are safe. I feel sorrow for the Chinese people. I fear some people in the US envy this kind of control by the government.

  74. I was always impressed by my treatment by the Chinese police in Shanghai. I don’t doubt there is trouble elsewhere, but I can only speak about my own experiences

  75. I appreciate what you are saying.

    But you do not appreciate that countries like uk, and usa can target you as much as they want, if they are doing it under national security.

    Poor people everywhere, are always the ones that is easiest to target for gov, or police to abuse powers.

    Do not think for one minute, that countries like uk, and usa are not doing bad things. Mainly they get away with alot targeting people under national security laws, and they know the poorest people have no way to get there voice out, or there is no lawyers, or what ever that will help.

    Mainly gov can get away with anything against there own people, and if your poor, no one else will care or give two damns. Its the same the world over, that if your a poor person, if police or gov want to ruin your life they can quite easily.

    I have no doubt bad things happen in all countries, and in china too. But when you have to govern 1 billion people, your damned if you do, and damned if you do not.

    It must be strange for you. You came from south africa, a place after 1992, where there is no real law and order. I just wonder, how coming from such a scenario, has shaped your ideas on what is happening in china. I know all too well, that if you have bad experiences from your place of birth and effectively driven out of there, it shapes your ideas alot on where you end up, and how you judge how others do things like govern.

    All i can say, is that if you have a voice, and you know people listen to you, use it.

    For me, i look at what is happening in china, slightly differently. I look at how i know, the usa, and uk will jump at any openness by china. So china on these things is damned if they do, and damned if they do not.

    I am sure you also appreciate there is totally different cultures, between china, and usa, and histories for people.

    Usa is a collection of loads of different immigrant groups, and china is a pretty settled group of different asian peoples, that collectively lived in the area of china.

  76. By European standards, there’s something really off the rails going on in American law enforcement. But we have a more recent example for comparison than going all in on Godwin’s Law: Chile under Pinochet. You should always ask how much the law enforcement situation is like that under Pinochet. The US is still firmly in the range of not at all. But the lack of discipline inside the police is at a level that would immediately be shut down even, or maybe especially swiftly, by conservative hardliners in a German administration.

  77. Please spread out this video to your friends or family. He is telling the truth about China. You may don’t believe but it is the truth. What you are seeing from wechat tiktok are not truth about China. Guy from mainland China through vpn

  78. There is an interesting documentary that finishes about a building in China in Guangongzhou that is circularly, completelly surrounded several times with overpass highway.
    Recomended viewing. YT title -> World’s Most Unique Roundabout & Whole Village in a Cave | Mystery Places | Free Documentary

  79. Let’s use China’s belt initiative as our own from Canada to Argentina Finland to India and South Africa and promote jobs and human rights

  80. Why don’t you pay attention to the human rights situation in your hometown of South Africa? Maybe your actions can change South Africa instead of fleeing to other countries. Can’t you blame black people?

  81. Been binge watching your videos and all the videos related to these. Being from Finland we don’t really have no idea of China and what’s going on there, but a massive increase in tourism from China (and Japan etc) I find these videos extremely important and interesting. First I thought it was just guys on motorbikes doing manly stuff but boy was I wrong. Keep doing good work, and all the best to you and yours, same goes for your partner in crime (truth), I will be subscribing to his channel as well. Much love

  82. Thanks for bringing attention to these issues bro, more people need to know about it. Sure it’s not perfect here in the US, but man we have it so so good here!

  83. Thank you @serpentza – I’ve personally seen very real tactical connections to the insanity of what I’m seeing here. The Communist Agenda has come to mind more often than not, and it doesn’t make logical sense to me. Your very open style of showing the truth is refreshing. You stay awesome!

  84. Makes me crazy that these people rioting and demanding Communism in the U.S. are actually claiming they’re somehow being suppressed; all while trying to burn down federal property. Also those who think our police are systematically racist. Anyway, thank you for sharing this and I hope you’ll consider uploading this to BitChute where they’re not beholden to CCP masters.

  85. “If a policeman is seen doing something bad …nothing is going to happen to that person, it’s just the way China works.” This is also how Israel works. Innocent people get abused by police officers and nothing happens to the officers and they continue to abuse the innocents.

  86. Winston, it looks like Patreon might be going down soon due to the Owen Benjamin situation. You should open an account with Subscribe Star or find some other means of monitization soon. I’d be happy to back you there.

  87. I’ve been following you for around a year now and after watching you podcast on YouTube last night I was really looking forward to this video coming out. To my surprise this morning I didn’t see it. After doing some poking around on my YouTube account I found that YouTube had un-subscribed me from your channel. Just a heads up for you and the fellow viewers out there.

  88. With the exception of seeing people forced to give up their land many have seen cops in the U.S. do everything you’ve shown. Instead of an old woman it was 2 old men at different times. I’m waiting for you to show their cops consistently shooting innocent unarmed people to death and getting away with it damn near everytime.

  89. Everyone needs to see this! I imagine police in South Africa can be brutal as well! Boggles my mind why people aren’t protesting here for Hong King

  90. Serpentza, I remember the video you made of how CCP police dragged off the eight doctors and made them “confess”. Also the one that they snatched a person off the street, made him sit in that weird chair and had him call them uncles just cuz the guy said sth “unpatriotic” on WeChat!

  91. Wow the look in that one police officers face after dealing with the female on a bike was disgusting, he looked like he is miserable or just evil and took it out on her, it just seemed excessive. The police there do come across very gang/mafia like to me.

    As far as the U.S.: I am not saying America is perfect. We do have police at times that go over the line or mishandle things for whatever reason however the police there look like they just resort to aggression first. But I think for the most part police in the U.S. do not resort to violence/aggressive before anything else.

  92. You are talking like the chinese police are an independent body, seperate from government, they are not, they are wolves in wolves clothing, in the free world don’t kid yourself, the police are wolves in sheep dogs clothing.

  93. Umm dear, there is a video by an individual Nathan Rich that in my opinion needs your attention. It’s not a opinion video it’s slanderous IMO.

  94. They’re not _above the law,_ it’s just that enforcing the random scribbles of *Chinese* law is _beneath them._ They just do exactly whatever entity is enriching them tells them to do. 
    We’re getting a taste of that here in the *’States.* 
    We had unnamed individuals in unmarked vans grab non-violent citizens off the street in *Seattle* to take them god knows where for whatever purposes they were dreaming up. (If they’d tried doing that in the *boondocks,* there would have been a shit load of shots fired and people with real names and real weapons ranging to hand-held to .50 cal., loaded with real ammo tying their ventilated and bloody bodies with barbed-wire to trees in the town square while calling their buddies at the _meat processing plant…_ No names, no bodies, no complaints.)

  95. people around the world are realizing the brutality of their government officials are not acceptable any longer, the elected representatives are criminals mafiosos in control for self-enrichment and do not allow their common citizen to get out of poverty, by setting up barriers, restrictions, laws, to enslave us so we keep doing all the work and they keep running to the bank with all money.
    and when things get out of hands, they create racial wars and anti-fascist or any other means necessary to makes us fight one to another

    isn’t that what we’re seeing today in our beloved country when things start getting out of hand (people are making a good living) they’d thrown a virus at us and everything came to a halt

    while those self-elected public “servants” keep running to their banks with all money.

  96. I know the purpose of this video to show what happened with George Floyd seem like a joke in China, but the whole movement has 0 nothing zip nada niche to do with Black lives or equality their main purpose is to destroy America’s economy, monuments, image & reputation, safety and ofc so that Trump loses the already rigged election
    However This is shocking, why do we live in a world that tolerate such brutality ? why NBA doesn’t support Free Hong Kong but instead they disrespect the USA & spread false crap
    Thank you Winston for showing us the ugly hidden truth, Hitting a woman is already wrong let along holding a freaking child, beyond all limits

  97. I only respect the fire fighters, all the others are terrible.
    police => above the law
    doctors => scam the patient to pay more money
    navy => smuggler (buys all the milk formula from australia), also above the law (attack foreign fishing boats)
    traffic cops => attack bikers with deadly force
    the rest are pretty much corrupted or blindly following the CCP’s order

    I might be wrong so correct me if you disagree

  98. If police brutality happens in the Western world, YouTube will not censor it ( which is fine with me), THEN it needs to be on YouTube. If YouTube and Google existed in the 1930’s and someone videoed Krystalnacht, they would have said “well who are the Americans to push their values on the Germans, they have a different culture.”
    Double standards.

  99. In China ,, that’s how Communist control ,, Godless brutality ,, life means little for a CCP . Now in the U.S. were not a communist country yet ,,but the comunnists use these tactics to start riots and advance their agenda to try to take us into Communism eventually . In China they already control and it’s now a part of life and the CCP will do anything to keep control,, even release a VIRUS . It Stopped the protesters in H.K. and even let the CCP take H.K. early. The old saying ,, the end justifies the means . Life means nothing to the Communist countries . The young US kids were taught by a lot of left leaning teachers and professors ,, MOVIES,,T.V. msm and now we have them leading our government as Actors,, lawyers,, TV news , politician’s,, even in most religions,, just look at so called Pope Francis the Heretic . IT’S now ,,just a matter of time ,,China is just a picture of what the world is going to look like .

  100. Based on the comments in this video, I didn’t realize that oppression was a competition…

    Just because things “could be worse” in the US, does not mean that we should just accept how it is and stop striving to make things better. It also does not mean that we cannot address issues abroad at the same time. We can be critical of China’s government, while also being critical of our own. Yes, we have liberties, laws, and rights that many countries don’t have… but we also have systems in place that are far worse than yet some other countries. We can focus on improving things both locally and abroad while maintaining perspective and empathy.

  101. follow unn tv on twitter do google search unn tv and its first link, it has alot of insane videos, wha they do to dogs, cheap buildings breaking, brutality ect, and they laugh while they do it.

  102. Thug State. In 200 years time we will look back and wonder how we were so selfish to let stuff like this happens. The human race needs to grow-up. Some countries have further to go. Land grabs ? No wonder they don’t have enough food ! No wonder they need to intimidate other countries – they want the land to grow food.

  103. Very brutal ! Hard to believe this is a developed country in 2020 and one of the most powerful economies in the planet ! Very sad indeed …

  104. 50% of the human race only see what they want, read and take out what they want, think what they want. Their minds are limited and they cannot see.

  105. jesus christ!!…with the current situation in the world as regards China and the West tensions your videos have become even more important than ever winston

  106. This goes to show that CCP members as well as the CCP police force are all bunch of thugs. Nothing will change in China until the CCP thugs are overthrown and put on trial for crimes against humanity!

  107. There’s so much s***t that a population can take every democratic country learned that the hard way, China will learn the hard and when it happens their economie will go down

  108. I hate, loathe and despise the police anywhere and everywhere in the world. I do not like it when they get hurt, but I do like it when they die of natural causes. Any and all oppressors such as the police, governments. judges, prosecutors, lawmakers, and Islam must cease to exist, if personal freedom and liberty are to survive

  109. I just read the book called Red Notice by Bill Browder. It talks about police brutality, the soviet union collapse and a whole bunch of other things in Russia.

    Looks like the Chinese learnt well from the Russians.

  110. In America, we have plenty of bad problems, but we always have even more people ready to speak up.

    In China, they have even worse problems, but there’s no one left to speak.

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