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  1. I spent the month of November last year down in Ao Nang, Krabi, Railay Beach, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. I want to retire from the Ottawa, Canada winters when they open back up.

  2. tears for fears, nice. Do they restrict your videos due to copyright claims? Every time I make a video ns and even a tune in the background they, make copyright claims. Just wondering, maybe you pay royalties or they are covers that are not copyrighted. That is baby conch it looks like. Nasty.

  3. Such a beautiful drive to Krabi, it’s one of my favorite places in Thailand so far, seems everyone has been going to Krabi lately, I’m so jealous. Thanks for sharing Chuckee, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  4. What a beautiful scenic drive there Chuck.
    Could I get your opinion on Ao Nang / Krabi as a retirement destination as compared to towns like Cha Am, Hua Hin ot Prachuap Kiri Khan? Thanks as always for your entertaining videos, much appreciated Chuck. 🙏

  5. What an amazing trip this has been so far, hanging out with both old and new friends. It was also great 👍 finally getting to meet Darren from Darrenb3 and catching up with Tony again. Great times and awesome memories. Great 👍 video as always brother.

  6. A star studded episode with all my favourite Thailand Youtubers!! And in my fav place in Thailand, no less. Fantastic!! So glad you guys met up with Darrenb. He is an awesome guy and he really knows Krabi. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  7. Goodaye mate..I have about 15 holidays in Thailand mostly the tourist easy and safe is it to hire a car and visit the roads less traveled..your road trips have inspired me to do just biggest concerns are getting lost..I can’t speak more than 3 words or read the signs

  8. I like your videos mak mak magwa… I will be doing the same with my fiancee from Korat…. oh by the way my Uthayarn calls me her Chocolate Man ….555⁵555

  9. The conch you ate, was a mini conch, let your team know, check conch salad Bahamas, I saw this in Singapore and Bali. in 2019, we use lime, pepper, and salt only on them, they should taste good fresh, but taking a mini one out of the shell is a hell of a job..

  10. Chuck you talk a lot about the right of way and that you can not get in the water for those it rains Chuck now I have to tell you two things that are really 1 there is nothing called bad weighs it is called bad attire 2 when you bathe in the rain will it water you bathe in feels very hot so no problem hop you and the others in the pool laugh

  11. Such a beautiful drive. We drove for Phuket to Krabi (Ao Nang) a few years ago. The scenery is amazing. Dreaming of coming back to Thailand soon. Miss it so much.

  12. Are you a rice farmer , no I’am from Indiana . Funny 😀 great presentation as usual 👍interesting to see along your travel route. Ps what were you eating at the end ?

  13. Hey Chuck! Wow, what a get-together of all of the vloggers in Thailand that I watch (minus Mark Weins)… that was epic!!! Be safe – be healthy – enjoy! – Sawadee krap and I can’t wait to get back!

  14. Great video Chuck & Paige. Lovin the music but it looks like your trying to start a cult, 😆 looks like everyone is happy and having a good time. I’m ready to jump on the train 🚂😊

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