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  1. Hi Rod. The first one is the same layout as I stayed in when I was in Manila (San Lorenzo Apartments) a couple years back. It was very comfortable for two people. Some good views there for sure. Take Care Rod 🙂👍

  2. Hello Rod. Saw you this afternoon at the front lobby. You were with a colleague and didn’t want to intrude. Jean Campanado is a good reliable contact and very pleasant to work with.Thanks again for sharing..

  3. Video’s off the edge of balconies just kills me. I feel like I’m going to fall. I can’t watch that part. But thumbs up. Now’s the time to buy in my opinion. I prefer Ground floor. Lol.

  4. it looks ok but I much prefer One Pavilion , I paid 30k a month on a short term 2 month rental there. The unit I had did not have a balcony. I did like the convivence of having the shopping mall with the supermarket right below us. I suspect there will be some outstanding deals now and maybe even better in coming months to buy or rent, I might buy one to assist in getting my SRRV. Need more Canadians in the Philippines. I have convinced a few more to go. Keep looking for good deals for us, Thanks Rod.

  5. Hi Rod… we were going to do a video when I bought my unit here but, we never got around to it. I have a 40 sqm 1 bdrm corner unit with the wrap-around balcony pretty high up. Great view of the water from just North of SM Seaside near CCLEX, around past Talisay, the mountains, Marco Polo, IT Park, to Ayala Center area… a little more than 270 degree view. If your not used to a lot of Aircon you can open the Kitchen window and bedroom windows and there’s a great breeze ( sometimes even have to partially close a window to regulate it ). The bar at the pool area ( be forewarned – the pool water is kinda cold… hard for me to get in, LOL ) is not and unfortunately has not been set up to “sell” beverages or anything. It is there only to provide counter space, residents can “rent” the area for a few hours at a time for events – birthdays, weddings, etc., otherwise it’s open for general use. The closed-in glass area near the pool is rented separately from the pool area. So no bar in the building but, the construction next door seen in the video at 1:15 sec. is going to be about 14 floors ( basement parking, shopping area, and I think 6 floors of hotel rooms ) and will have a restaurant and bar on the top floor, so there will be a bar next door.
    Some may say it’s a bit “out of the way” but, from my experience on my motorbike it’s 5 minutes to Fuente Circle, 6 minutes to Ayala Mall, 7 minutes to Landers, 18 minutes to S&R, and 10 minutes to Colon Street market (wife loves Ukay-Ukay ). Oh, and if I remember correctly last time I asked, a penthouse is 120 sqms and P20M.

    Internet – I have PLDT Fiber, but I only chose the 25 mbps up/down, that’s all I need but, I can tell you I think it went out for about 45 minutes ONE TIME in the almost 3 years since I bought it and a speed test while 2 TV ‘s, 5 cellphones, and a laptop, ALL playing Youtube videos at the same time I consistently test between 25 to 29 mbps up and down and have never had a ping over 200.
    I’ll check on the “roof deck” because when I bought it they said there would be but it was not finished yet (they only recently completed the penthouses), and still isn’t but the virus stopped construction so I will clarify that question when I get the chance.

  6. I stayed in 3 different units there in March of 2019. I was just going through Airbnb. I think I paid between 21-27 dollars a night. It’s a nice location because the mall is across the street. Plus Jollibee and Chow King are on the corner. Of course you still need to take the jeepnies and taxis to the bigger malls and IT park.
    When I was there the pool was just like you saw it. No one there selling anything. Some of the gym equipment was broken also.

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