1. I really enjoy your videos!! I am retiring next year, and want to long term visit the Philippines…I would love to meet her sister:)…lovely couple !!

  2. Your grocery bill seems to be very high. More than my wife and I spend here in Texas: a lot more and we eat well and a very healthy diet.$1831.00 not too bad. Please try to not use acronyms: ACR card is what? A few more minutes and a few more words results in 100% effective communication. Real number for a decent lifestyle would be $2000.00 +/- per month.Living well and safe,some adventure, being comfortable,etc.
    If you mentioned health insurance or healthcare costs I missed that part.

  3. I think I saw the guy living on $511.00 a month. If it’s the same one he left his wife and 7 kids when he was 50 and was able to get disability. Amazingly when he got to PI the environment must have been a healing miracle because he talks about all of the building he had done and other physical activity since moving there. People like that I tend to not believe if their lips are moving..

  4. There really is no ‘standard’ cost of living for the individual-I know some that live very well on 6/800pm and others that always seem to be skint on 1500-2000pm..Where ever you live on this planet you will know this also..Do you want large space/in town/by beach, what island,do you drink,have lot of part time female/male/ladyboy company,eat out local/western venues,shop at markets or mall,own transport or cabs,this list is endless-you know you-and only by listing your wants/needs will anyone (if can be bothered-or paid) be able to advice you,good work though mate,you can only say it as you see/live it…Nice apartment.

  5. Awesome information thanks… Iā€™m in my 50ā€™s still ways away from retirement but Iā€™d love to quit the rat race and move to Asia any suggestions? Thanks

  6. Do not use that bs plastic barrier, you can be killed by falling off from it breaking or the wind or by not being able to hold on properly. Very stupid for the Philippines to try to make people do such things on a motorbike. Thanks for the information.

  7. Very nice video…It would seem that a budget in the area of $1500 USD is fairly realistic. I’m hoping to spend 6 to 8 months a year in the Philippines once i retire, then 4 to 6 months back in the US. With that, i just need to make sure i have that $1K for airfare, and at least another $10K for emergencies, and I’m set…
    I’ll be in Dumaguette in March and April of 2021, and it would be nice to meet for a cup of coffee while I’m there.

  8. Good stuff. Do you think it is fair to say you can take figures you guys give such as $1800 per month for two people and divided in half as an estimate for one person? So $900 a month for one person? Or maybe round it off a little like $1000 a month for one person?

  9. Thanks for the info and insight into the cost of living. There’s an aura of calm about the way you both speak…like you’ve both been meditating šŸ™‚ I like your chemistry and the fact that you both remain real in your vlog. Thank you both.

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