Current State Of Teaching English in Vietnam (And Online) + Options For Getting Started

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  1. A long video, I know, but wanted to give a complete picture of what’s going on with teaching English in Vietnam and advice about what to focus on right now! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. What are your current plans for teaching abroad / online?

  2. Hello, I am from Turkey. Can I still apply for your TEFL course and get a visa to come there? If yes, when can I come? How long does it take to get a visa?

  3. Hi Alex, I am currently in South Africa. I am planning to move to HCMC as I got an English teaching job over there (yes, I was hired without actually being in the country). I am also a first time teacher. How does me actually having a job and a contract with my employer affect me coming to Vietnam? Would I be able to get on the list for business travel?

  4. Opening borders is one thing, giving work permits to teachers is another. I dont know which one will happen first….great video by the way, exactly what i was looking for

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