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  1. In my experience there are two major stumbling blocks.
    1. Politics. She’s indoctrinated into the CCP system. You will have regular arguments over politics, especially if you live in Australia, Japan, or the USA. This is doubly so if her work touches upon trade (wine from Australia to China, for example).
    2. Her parents will live with you. No ifs, no buts. You had better like your inlaws as you may spend 20 or more years living next to their bedroom. Privacy? No way. You’ll also have her hawkish mother watching over your every move. Better get used to it.

  2. hahaha i can’t even imagine needing to ask a friend to translate to the dokter he got somekind of shamefull desease LOL ! plz more funny stories winston im sure you got some ! with a pint ofc 😉

  3. I learned the word ” one night stand” 31 years ago. I still remember at the class I was a bit confused, and asked my teacher: I understand the meaning of this word now, but who was standing?

  4. Hi @Serpentza, Love your content! I can totally understand the fascination when a foreigner can speak the language it is fascinating for the locals, but I’m curious if this unfair advantage that foreigners have is specific to white foreigners or does this apply to people of all skin tones?

  5. The generation these days are lazy gold diggers who will end up screaming at their husbands over trivial matters. The joke with my male colleagues at an esl school is “did we marry the same woman” ?

  6. So. I’m a happily married man of fifty.
    However I’m thinking about my contingency plan should the wife get bored or whatever shit might dump on my future.
    Tell me more about these middle aged well off professional women in China who become undesirable because they’ve grown long in the tooth!


  7. Winston, I’ve been seeing random comments on Youtube, most of the time they’re the very first comments once the Youtube video gets posted, of Chinese women name accounts posting “I love you” or “I love it” or something like that (with heart emoticons). Do you have any knowledge/thoughts of this?

  8. I was looking for a mail order bride. I was just wondering how many postage stamps I’ll be needing. lol I’m joking. I like old fashioned girls though. If this virus ever goes away I think I’ll go back to the Philippines or Thailand. Great video,

  9. Chinese women are the best in the world. I’ve been married to my wife from Zhanjiang 湛江, a city that is considered poor in China, for almost 20 years now with 2 wonderful kids in high school here in the USA . She is 5 years older than me, and she rejected me the first time I asked her to go out with me in 2001… I begged her and finally she said yes, and then I asked her to marry 5 weeks later. What a wonderful journey it has been.

  10. The “blunt” part of Chinese culture is what can clash with other cultures. EX: an American woman of Chinese descent actually said to me ( and we are acquaintances ) regarding some pants I wore one day, glasses I had on another day, belt on another: “That’s ugly.” Now, she’s not a child, not just an adult, but in her 70’s! When I responded with, “Ya know, here in the STATES, you don’t HAVE to be rude.” Being obviously sarcastic, since she is born/raised American, she is still very Chinese in certain ways. Which is mostly good, but it does have its few not-so-good parts. ( She can be very rude and not give a damn. She’s complained about others being rude to her, but thinks her rudeness is fine. Yeah, okayyyy. )

  11. Having been to China and marrying a mainlander everything that Winston says is fact. Chinese women are a different breed compared to western women. In some ways good, in others not so good.

    The goods:
    1.) They age astonishingly well compared to western women. They’re also more fit due to a better diet.
    2.) They take relationships far more seriously compared to western women.
    3.) They’re very blunt. While this can suck at times, you’re never left wondering.

    The bads:
    1.) $$$. You will quickly figure out that money is the highest of priorities for Chinese women. If you ever doubt the existence of Hypergamy, a Chinese gal will cure you of that.
    2.) See above.
    3.) Family dynamics. If you marry a Chinese gal, you’re effectively marrying her parents too. This can be good or bad.

  12. I won’t lie when I say a lot of Chinese girls I have dated are jealous as hell! But between the sheets they are dynamite! There is something that drives them to “please” the man they are with in any way possible under those sheets!

  13. You are so easy to watch and listen to. You demeanor is magnetic. Thank you for opening what is otherwise a challenging country to candidly learn about. Stay awesome always and cheers from California!

  14. No mention of how many CHinese women kiss with that fluttering tongue action like butterfly wings? Lol. Sounds comical but I’m serious. I encountered that a number of times and wondered if it’s a cultural thing?

  15. Hey Winston
    You’re awesome despite all the negative backlash I keep seeing popping up about you and Laowan86… Much respect in your ability to live abroad because most can’t do it, when it comes to people like us.
    I’m a mix bag of ethnicities and a cultural blend because I was born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago and moving to Southern California at age 12.
    I now live in Đà Nẵng Việt Nam after deciding to retire at 40 from the corporate world of pharmaceutical marketing and prior to that I served in the United States military, then earned a degree in Social Psychology after getting out of the service, before moving to Đà Nẵng.
    The weirdest thing is after hearing so much negative stereotypes and accusations about Vietnamese people plus Asian women don’t date men of African decent much.
    Well here I am in Việt Nam where I’ve pretty much become a icon in my neighborhood and have dated and have been in relationships with some very beautiful Vietnamese women plus I’ve been ask to take pictures, invited to numerous dinners by Vietnamese local, got introduce people’s daughters, sisters and friends who are single and looking, plus I even got married at one point to a local Vietnamese woman which didn’t work out but yeah as a foreigner we have a serious advantage of local guys, i was even told so by a local Vietnamese buddy of mine who said that as a foreigner all I have to do is show and get the girls and a local guy will have to bend over backwards and more an probably still won’t get the girl. My current Vietnamese girlfriend tells me I’m a hotboy to the Vietnamese women with fit body and handsome smile Lol, hahaha, ohhh and on the part of the Vietnamese men I have a firm belief that some have made passes at me in a handshakes by circling their finger I my inner palm along with a very close uncomfortable hug to the point where I had to tell some men that in America men do not walk or sit that close together Lol, hahaha. I also had told this to my girlfriend she laughs and said both men and women like you.

  16. You’re right in Asia the best places to meet a good Asian woman is through friendships plus 100% correct on when take out a local Vietnamese woman or Chinese woman prepare to pay for a few of her friends who will be coming along with you you knowing, I’ve been in the same position here in Việt Nam.

  17. We get it bro. You don’t like China. Right? Look how the chinese do this. Look how the chinese do that. If China was just like the place you came from………….it wouldn’t be China.

  18. The entire vid, was waiting for you to say something like it’s easy to get in, but hard to get out. In your past vid long ago, you or cmilk i think said something about them being really clingy

  19. I kind of feel that it the high school vs college comparison actually is similar in the west. I can only speak for California, plus I’m older. Maybe it’s changed. High school was tough. Hard classes, hours of homework. For me I trained as an athlete another 3 or 4 hours a day on top of it. No time for dating. No time for nothing. College was when everyone lets loose and starts dating.

  20. Good evening Winston. My husband brought up an interesting question. As you explained the facts of dating from a males perspective, he was quite taken aback by some if the situations you described. Then he said “If that happens to the guys, I wonder what happens to business women that come there.” He is a compassionate man and is truly concerned and even troubled by what their experience would be. Maybe another video answering this is in order. We have always loved and respected you and your work. Blessings of health, safety, happiness and breathable air to you and yours.
    Steven and Janice
    Washington state

  21. The big issue is that wealth is often more important than the relationship itself. As a foreigner you are immediatley assumed to be loose with women and money and will attract single mothers or dingbats. Attractive women will sell themselves to the highest bidder, or to put it more accuratley, their parents will. To find grounded women who can see through all of this is extremely rare, particularly in lower tier cities

  22. I noticed you mentioned ” or married” do people get married there and no know one another and/ or have to ask a friend or stranger questions ?? If so what type of questions?? Please anyone answer this being im so amazed by this now

  23. That thumbnail…you are one sharp looking player I can see why women love you,..tall, great accent to others, smart, resourceful, great looking,..funny at times, and confident but not full of yourself..not too much anyways lol.

  24. I volunteer helping people with questions about immigrating/working/studying in Canada and it is so shocking to see how many men find out the have syphilis during their medical. They all are more concerned about syphillis preventing them from coming to Canada then actually having sphyllis . The craziest part is that I have to tell people that you must seek out treatment because the concern is not getting rid or preventing syphillis it is about getting to Canada and the immigration medical is only the exam and not the results or treatment. Unfortunately others have found out they have HIV during their immigration exam. I got so sick of repeating myself that I started telling people to practice safe sex since people were not bothered by having syphillis. Literally some people post that they had noticed blood in their urine and had done nothing about it until it came up in their immigration medical exam. Also had to correct some man that was posting that women couldn’t give a urine sample during their period and for a week after their period ended. These men all had bachelors degrees if not more advanced degrees.

  25. I dont think that sex education is the reason for the transmition of STDs. The insane prevalence of prostitution is the reason for it. And as you mentioned in your previous videos that its everywhere and part of the culture. So i would say that you should question a bit where your friends have been.

  26. Having lived in China, I think the follow up to this video should deal with family relationships, i.e. if things get serious, the whole family gets involved, and I mean EVERYONE…

  27. I’ve dated one mainland Chinese woman and a Taiwanese. They are such world’s apart when it comes to personal values. Taiwanese lasted several years and the mainlander 2 months.

  28. Bless your candor, Winston. Too many people avoid discussing the gritty details of relationships that require a painful honesty and consequently, are not spoken of. Disconcerting as this is, a full diet of fluff pieces, never comes close enough to the truth to matter, when it should matter. When I need to listen to something meaningful, I can always turn to you or laowhy86. Good job as always. W

  29. Gifts? I don’t buy her gifts anymore because of exactly what you said. She’ll throw it away in front of me, berate me or take it back and so on. So now, just give her money

  30. My dear, most countries have that pressure to pass exams for University. Western countries as well. Elementary school is rigorous. High school is rigorous. This is jot exclusive to China.

  31. People like to say that communism is equivalent to liberalism, but that’s not the case. The CCP is very conservative when it comes to many issues, such as sex and sexuality.

  32. Basically Winston is saying the reason he went to China is because he didn’t have any game in the Western World…….after watching this guy…yep……he doesn’t have any game….🤪🤪🤪

  33. Winston, I could tell you countless stories about my 9 years in Hong Kong, so many that we’d need two days and many beers to get it all out on the table. Everything you said is true. One thing I learned fairly quick was that I wouldn’t want to be a ‘white guy’ in Hong Kong. It would take you many days, even weeks, to figure out the woman’s true motives and character. At least as a darker-skinned individual you know where you stand. Indians, Africans, Filipinos, Indonesians, Thais are looked down upon and treated accordingly. But if you have a US or British passport, and are white, or a teacher, then you get a lot more consideration. I was indeed fortunate to have found my Chinese relationship which lasted 9 years. Another fantastic video.

  34. Using an unborn child as a bargaining chip and then aborting it? And people say there is no good and evil. The chicom govt. is evil incarnate. And no one in their right mind makes a deal with the devil.

  35. I think it depends on the generation. I found Millennial Chinese woman to be much better informed about sex as they obviously used the internet to satisfy their curiosity and are more open to discussing it with their friends. As you correctly observe the vast majority didn’t start dating until 18 years or above.

  36. Wow Sepentza’s Advice to the Lovelorn on Alien sex. Damn I admire your hutzpa. Keep it rolling. I recall showing a tall blond Dutchman the ropes on a border run for visa’a. We arrived late in small border village in Greece a number of years ago. In any case we arrived late at night in a small Greek village and there was only one bar left open for a few nightcaps. ( Beer ) $ I’m cheap. There were a number of ladies with the fishnets etc. working as waitresses etc.This one Russian girl. in broken Greek and English tried to make friends. I was an old man and married, but I told cuty pie the stud to not get involved. He bought her a drink and was offered something more. He was game, but didn’t have enogh money.

    I tried to advise against it, HIV etc, but boys will be boys. I warned him again strongly against going . The lady overheard me and told him not to worry she’d wear a condom. He didn’t hear her, loud music you know? I winked and lent him the money.Hey who am I to preach? . He arrived back shortly after and was in a hurry to leave, not sure why, but I insisted on a couple of beer for the road. He never talked about it again. I did. Ya gotta watch that Alien Sex, when you don’t speak the language.

  37. The gift thing got me. She put it on Instagram in a mocking way. The post said something like “your valentines and my valentines”. Basically it had me gifts to her compared to what her friend got from her boyfriend.
    I was a poor student and she knew that. Cut off that bitch immediately and took the gifts back. Never dated another Chinese girl after that horrible experience.

  38. It should probably also be mentioned that there’s a high probably the Chinese girls you meet in China practice ancestor worship or Buddhism. That could be somewhat of a culture shock for us Westerners.

  39. I am married to a chinese woman who was raised and lived most of her life in Beijing. It is true that for our first date she expected me to meet her at a restaurant. But she did not expect me to pay and did not order lots of food. She knew that I was not rich and did not try to make me feel that I should pay. She is a very loving woman who tries hard to make my life better. Of course, she expects me to do what needs to be done in the house as far as maintenance and repair, doing the garbage duty etc., and she expects gifts at her birthdays, on Valentine day and on new years, but she is very loving and is very good at cooking chinese food and make the house a warm place for us. Whenever we go out at a restaurant with her brother and sister-in-law, it is a fight when it comes to paying for the meal, he always insists on paying. She says it is the Chinese tradition to make a show at wanting to pay but one should play with it and insist back on paying. It becomes a mental tug of war and my wife tells me I should insist more and actually pay sometimes but let him win sometimes. That way, face is saved for both of us. At first I was always glad to let him pay but I found out that he expected me to make a fuss and was surprised to win so easily at first. So instead of actually saying : lets both pay each our way, we end up getting to the same end but in a round-about way. For the rest it is hard for me to relate because my wife had been a journalist who had travelled all over the world and we were both over 50 when we met.

  40. I always enjoy your videos Winston, especially when they give me flashbacks to my own brief stint as an ESL teacher about 15 years ago.

    I had gone to China to so something different after my studies, just so could see another part of the world while I was in my early 20s. I was only there for one school year, but it was a very formative time in my life.

    What shocked me the most was the amount of attention I was getting, including from women. I was one of only a handful of westerners in a regional city. I hadn’t gone to China with any specific goal of dating or entering relationships, but it almost felt like China itself had different designs for me 😛

    It kind of felt like I was in one of those Harem anime shows where one guy was having various silly adventures trying to cope with all of the attention he was getting.

    I did have a very brief relationship during my time, but once I started to realise that Chinese women were dating to marry, i spent the rest of my time there as a sort of celebate monk 😛 I knew my time in China was going to be short, and I really didn’t want to break anyone’s heart.

  41. I’ve noticed that Chinese women are not that keen on dating black African men and it’s harder to be excepted by the woman’s family. They will often put pressure on her to break up with you.

  42. It is very easy if you have a certain “look” . I have a blue/green eyed male Swedish friend who told me that a Asian or Hispanic (can’t remember) female offered him money to sleep with her and make her pregnant and he wouldn’t have to help her raise it because she just wanted her baby to have colored eyes.

    1. He already had an Asian girlfriend.
    2. He wasn’t about to fall for that “you don’t have to worry about raising it” okey doke. 🤣😂

  43. Not so much in big cities like Shanghai, You would find more independent women who hate relying on men for everything. That depends also on individual upbringing. Some families spoil their kids or teach them bad habits resulting in self-entitled childish grown-ups.

  44. Sounds like an easy pitfall more than anything.
    Starts out new and seems good until the unexpected happens since there’s
    a more give than take expected from you.
    Which would easily end bad.

  45. So true of being a foreigner. All the time girls and boys tell you that you’re “so handsome”. Especially when you have a big nose. lol the key is to date a well educated Chinese girl who speaks English and has a decent job. Then I guess the language doesn’t matter so much. But yeah pretty accurate otherwise. I see it with all my colleagues who have a Chinese wife or Gf….

  46. There might be some parallels for the Chinese / Higher Income Community in Thailand, but otherwise there is no correlation of Cultural Norms in Agrarian Thailand. They (Chinese Community) are a minority and live in isolated pockets in terms of Cultural Ideology. Most of Thailand is distinct from the surrounding Communist Influence.

  47. Let me sum this up in a very few words. Because it’s the same answer all over the world.

    Have cash in your pocket. Tell the chick you will spend it on her. End of lesson.

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