1. But you don’t want any more children, so….

    Having kids with an overseas bird is fraught with trouble anyway. Not worth it for her, yourself or any children you could have.

    And even if you did have children, you’d be best to bring everyone over to your home country. Good luck with all of that.

    1. I am being pressured to marry, buy house and have children. My Pinoy gf is gorgeous, not pretty, gorgeous! But I can’t do any of that. So I will lose her. Best I can do is keep dating her and spending 6 months every year with her, but can’t do more than that. 😩

    2. @It’s My House LIVE you wouldn’t bring your mixed race kids over to your home country for the best deal in life? That’s crazy.

      That’s why I was saying doing anything of the sort is fraught with problems. Don’t have kids and don’t do any of it. Just find somebody who accepts you don’t want children and that’s it.

    3. I respectfully disagree with you on bringing her back to your home country. Overall that strategy does not work, unless you live in a remote area. I know of several men who bought their brides back to their western world…….80% – 90% of those unions didn’t work.

    1. Philippines is a very potent combination of three factors: (1) really easy dating, (2) what I consider (my opinion, $0.02) the most beautiful women and (3) there’s no stigma to dating a young (25-35) filipina even if you are 55-70.

    2. @ASIAN ROMANCE cool study, I came to similar conclusion just by taking the nominal GDP / capita ratio. Dating in HK might be even more difficult as 6 , becoz if you focus on HK-ese, and not on OFW from PH or Indonesia, and by the way Indonesia, Cambodia from my info of friends, similar to Philippines… And France / Germany etc, similar to USA…

    1. @Syncme Android Danish girls are impossible to date, danish people in general don’t talk to people they don’t already know – I would know, I’m a danish guy…

  2. Provider game?? Maybe in Philippines. Yes, you do have to look like Brad Pitt to date in USA and Europe because women will only look for looks because of feminism. feminism…

    1. @John P thanks for the good words. I do not run an introduction service, but if you want to learn how to find hot women in the Philippines you can try my $20 course with all kinds of tips on the subject.
      Makati Dating Tutorial in the video for Expats: http://bit.ly/2EGrxBp

    2. @ASIAN ROMANCE mid 20s! Just what I thought. Engineer? So very technical person. Just what I thought. Your videos are very analytical. If you are back in ph i might wanna visit you, you seem to have a good hand at finding photo model type women! maybe we can have coffee and you can share your secret. 😅

    3. @John P , yes dating is very subjective. The video is only my own subjective experience over 40 years of traveling around the world.
      Yeah, I no longer feel Norwegian but I also do not feel totally American – even though I have lived in the USA most of my life. It is kind of weird. Maybe I was meant to live in SE Asia. haha


  3. in my personal experience United States is really not that difficult but depends on your age. I have no issues dating in the US currently. The problem I have dating in SEA is that there too many scammers/gold diggers because of the poverty levels. I dont know the sample size for your numbers but I feel your data is biased on your advanced age and not current in an overall age group.

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE Nils, new subscriber, very interesting and informative chart…you’ve done some good research…I have been to Cuba, where the average salary is reported to be , at least 10 yrs ago, was about 30 dollars a month …and yes, the ease of dating is probably a 1, it follows the graph line perfectly

  4. Like you, I have been traveling for a while, and have visited nearly 50 countries, many of them in Asia, and I have visited some of them more than 10 times. I had sworn off any more American women after two rather unsatisfying and unsuccessful marriages in the USA. I have dated women in Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and in general, I agree with your scale, although I have not been to Vietnam. I noticed that you didn’t include India or Sri Lanka on your list, and I would say that those are relatively easy places to date compared to USA as well, maybe on par with China. I am still friends with ex-girlfriends in Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. I have been dating a lovely Filipina now for more than 2.5 years, and I plan to retire next year and go there to live with her. Philippines is easier for an American to get around in since most people speak English. I am heartbroken that I can’t go back to Philippines right now due to this darn Covid-19 virus. I had been going back there every other month for the last two years to see my girl, but I can’t right now, and it’s frustrating…. Good luck to you and maybe we can get together and compare experiences once Philippines re-opens!

  5. Hi Nils, good to see you posting again with some fresh pics of lovely pinay Val. Yes, men are from Mars & women are from Venus — something they never teach in schools, nor do parents! When men are belting out 200 million sperm a day & women only 1 precious egg per month, mating strategies are clearly going to be very different … it’s a miracle that men ever marry at all ! I never did and would only do so for naturalisation purposes, if required. Marriage is religion-based & predicated on security of the female, at the male’s financial and naturally-polygamous expense. If you look at primitive nomadic peoples (like the bushmen), marriage contracts do not exist — men and women simply come together or separate by mutual agreement.

    The gap in the middle of the chart between S E Asia & the Wastelands is occupied by Eastern Europe — especially Russia & Ukraine, but Hungary, Czechia & (Milania’s) Slovakia feature too. Caucasian men genuinely seeking a wife & children should go for Eastern Europe in my opinion — good looks, slim, tall, plus ethnically & culturally compatible. Gotta hand it to Trump — he knows the source of the best talent! Even Putin said, “Our prostitutes are undoubtedly the best in the world.” A Western politician would get fired for saying that!

    Players should go for SEA, and especially the younger ones, before they become too broody, suspicious & desperate. It’s a buyers’ market, although (as with E Euros) not as easy as it was in the Twentieth Century. Currency rates, female expectations & even visa policies have changed, often to male detriment. Westerners also have male competition from China, Korea & India. Eligible Asian bachelors culturally consider local women who are still single past the age of 25 to be ‘suspect goods’, and single mothers have very little chance — hence their dominance on dating sites. A good compromise for men wanting the best of companionship and freedom is to negotiate a ‘live-in’ arrangement with a basic monthly allowance (tied to wage levels) plus incentives like gifts, tips and holidays. Either party can terminate the agreement and the girl can choose to work or housekeep.

    Indonesia, Laos & Cambodia have many poor, young women open to dating foreigners. Unlike Thailand and Philippines though, communication, education and infrastructure levels are lower, creating more of a challenge. Hindu Bali (Indonesia) is notable for its vibrant culture & tourism which attract E Euro model types travelling alone. Check out Asian S*x Diary to see what I mean.

    1. ​@ASIAN ROMANCE Good comment. Hardly surprising as the ‘Sheilas’ are mostly of British stock (ugly, with an attitude)! Australia does have long-standing ethnic admixture from more-attractive Asian and East European types though. Only need to find one ‘gem’. And the Western cost-of-living is converging with Asian countries these days.

    2. @Trevor yes I lived and worked in Australia for a while.
      I also have many Australian friends that seem to complain about the dating scene in Australia, almost as much as my American male friends. hehe

    3. @ASIAN ROMANCE The plane incident might have reflected the phenomenon of Western girls going to SE Asia, thinking they’ll easily get laid — but then find their menfolk are all chasing the cute local lasses! Or they could have been misanthropic, vegan lesbians — who knows? You placed Australia quite high on the dating-difficulty chart … was that your personal experience when visiting the continent?

    4. ​@Trevor that is almost funny with you hiding your nationality. hehe
      The UK is a waste of time for dating.
      However, I met a nice Australian woman there, but that is another story and not directly related to England. hehe

  6. Based on my experience in Philippines, they dont really care which is your country.. they just get mad on a white guy no matters if is american, italian,spanish or whatever. Lets’ say everytime they see a white guy their first think is an american ( everytime they thought i was an american when i was there : D )
    What shocked me is how much is easy for a white guy to get attention, especially if u are still young and good looking they literally keep watching you without any shame… me i am still in my young years and still enough good looking and everytime i go out there probably i could get a date if i wanted, literally everytime i go out is like they was hoping me approach them, even in the richest places as makati malls ( last time i was there with my GF so i wasnt free to try, maybe next time i will try eheh) If i compare that with my country ( Italy ) where every woman thinks to be a queen and look at you from the high, is shocking how much in Philippines is easy to get a date. i think if u are young and enough wealthy u can have lot of fun there, you can find both serious relationship or just one night adventure easily. If you are old and fat but you are white you still have anyway good chances because they worship white race. Lets say the truth: for a white guy philippines is a paradise. But the real question is: when we can go there again? i read rumors about they will refuse foreigners for the whole 2020, i hope they are wrong.

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE i Heard their tourism minister saying that international flights for this year might not happen . But few days after she correct her statement telling that international flights will happen when there are all the right conditions..since we know Philippines are good in copy other nations ( they start to panic only after european countries started to lock down ) i think that what will happen in europe and america in terms of deaths and infected in the coming months, will play a big role. if in july/august no more infected in europe and america, Maybe there is a chance that they will open again in september. Considering OFW now are losing their jobs and not sending money as before, if they also stop tourism for the whole 2020 sounds like a suicide for them i guess ( remember that mostly filipino live day by day and they dont have savings on bank ).

  7. So Vietnam is closer to Norway than the Philippines? Also, you were in those countries at different ages. You should adjust for that.

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE I have never been to Vietnam, however, I have heard that it is taboo in the Vietnamese culture for a younger woman to date an older man. Also the language barrier creates a problem especially for western men. Maybe not so much for young western men. Just my two cents worth.

    2. @TheCrusaderRabbits yeah, the Vietnam dating scene is a strange outlier. Not sure why it is so.
      If you have been there, care to share your thoughts?

    3. @ASIAN ROMANCE I mean closer in the ease of dating, not physical distance. Vietnam is a 5, Norway is a 7, which makes those two closer in difficulty than the Philippines

    1. @STEVIE Down South and regarding green card scam; do not offer the lady the option of moving to the USA. Just let her know you like the hot tropical weather and you are planning to spend your future life in the Philippines – even if you might change your mind later.
      If she is planning to get a green card she will know this is not possible – without moving to the USA, and lose interest in dating you.
      Easy-peasy… Problem solved.

    2. ​@Syncme Android oh, that is easy to answer.
      Any time anyone is asking for money, just say NO. It really is that easy.
      And, if the online lady is focused on paying bills, bills to pay a sick relative, etc, just move on. It is not very hard to see the warning signs.
      There are PLENTY of sweet wholesome ladies that do not talk about the financial problems when chatting online.

  8. About being surprised that a lot of single guys don’t know it’s a stable supportive guy women find attractive. That might apply to American men more. I’d be curious about what you think of that.

  9. The reason the US is so difficult is because Ms 50% thinks she is entitled to Mr 5%. And if she can’t get that she is angry and says there’s no good men around. They are just not the ones she thinks she deserves. Media brainwashing. In movies they always show Ms 50% get her Mr. 5%.

  10. Other countries I think are very easy for meeting, dating or just having fun with women are Colombia, Madagascar, Gambia, Dominican Republic and Ethiopia, this is because of my own personal experience of visiting these countries, visited these countries in my 60’s.

    1. ASIAN ROMANCE Well Colombia is the best then Dominican Republic, Gambia, Madagascar is only a place to go it you want some adventure, it’s a challenging place but I loved it, Ethiopia I was only in the capital Addis Ababa, which was ok, I wouldn’t recommend these countries to your average tourist, except maybe Colombia and the resorts of Dominican Republic. I like to get out of my comfort zone every now and then!

  11. @Asian Romance Thank you for producing the chart on your experience. I found it interesting how the X and Y axis pretty much correlated. I have been to most countries on the graph and the Philippines is my favorite.

  12. Some females are programmed towards genetic diversity (others like similarity), so we could deduct a point or two from ‘difficult’ Westernised countries if the man looks and speaks differently, such as a tall Scandinavian with a funny accent. Also, women are turned on by travel, being away from the inquisitive eyes of friends, family and co-workers, and especially by being on boats or ships. So if you have your own yacht, and travel the world, you will always create female interest. Just look at the SV Delos series on Youtube: the US captain married a ‘guest’ crew member rom Sweden.

    1. Nick, I recommend both random social encounters while walking around in Makati as well as online dating. However, most guys feel more comfortable sending a message through a dating website. I can understand this.
      However, Makati and Manila are easier to meet people since the ladies are all living in a 30-60 min radius from where you are located. When you try to meet a province girl online she might be living on an island 2 hours flight from Manila… It is not convenient.

    2. @ASIAN ROMANCE I do the same thing a foreigner does in Manila Nils. I walk around the local mall, or the Macdonalds. I’ve met a couple girls that way. But Im not very good at flirting so thanks to FC I met a good girl from surigao. We spend a wonderful month together last October visiting boracay and her hometown. But tell me nils? How do u manage in makati? Why would it be easier there to meet?

    3. @ASIAN ROMANCE Well, I go to meet them in the province Nils, at the source. I’ve been just about everywhere from mindonoe to bisaya region to all around luzon island. But still thanks to FC I think I found the one. It’s true there are province girls in Manila but are they “as pure and innocent” as they were before going to the big city?
      Anyway thanks for your advice and perspective Nils

  13. The graph matches my experience 🙂 You’re missing one country where it’s even easier to date than the Philippines: Iceland.

    And if I may predict, Indonesia will be difficult for a westerner because of the predominant religion and culture in Indonesia. I expect that Cambodia and Laos are also very difficult to date in, because of the language barrier — not many young people speak passable English.

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