Day Trip to Lavanya Dive Resort, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental (The FOOOOOD!!!)

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  1. Lavanya is from the root word “lava” means to wash in chavacano spanish creole of Zamboanga. I’m intrigue with the name of the resort and the place too. 🙂
    And one more “vaña” or vanya means to take a bath.

  2. so how short the people are. the furniture has to be terribly short. Would really kill me. but I havent been to the phillipines. hopefully everything is built for taller persons…..6 ft tall…..

  3. Hey Ned, have you been studying the philippine language? Have you built a home workout gym? Have you looked for HOME for your family? Those 3 things should be your TOP priorities!
    TRUST ME NED! This is what you need to do. Nothing is worse than having your Baby speak the language before you.
    I LIKE YOU NED. I just wished someone told me.
    Think of the future

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