Did Huawei ever invent anything?

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  1. Every time I listen to your videos, I feel a little better than China will after all not be able to rule the world or be a super power. Because you can’t really be number 1 for too long if you keep fudging your numbers and your only progress is because of copying other people’s intellectual property.

  2. I have CISCO certificate aswell i know exactly what you’re talking about them CCP commies are like a plague or more accurately a pandemic
    Great video as usual very informative and honest

  3. I really enjoyed that. I am watching it from Huawei phone because you nailed it, good decent phone for a good decent price. Well done. I had no idea about the history of huawei.

  4. I worked for Huawei for 1 year in their investigative audit unit. That’s how I learned about you and your channel and I have yet to find anything incorrect in what you preach. Keep it up!

  5. East Asians are good at copying and spying technology but not that great at creating new designs and innovation. They can be highly efficient but not that creative.

  6. I’ve been following you for years. Most of what you are talking about is not new to anyone that’s followed you. Your my go to on China, and I value your opinion.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Gods work my man. I understand and anyone watching should understand it’s not about hating on China. It’s about exposing difficult truths that others aren’t willing to expose. I appreciate you brother. also, I like Chinese people and fuck the ccp. Free Hong Kong. Free Tibet. Free Iran. We can only solve our problems if we act together and behave responsibly to each other.

  8. Hi there use to love your vids ,when you lived in China ,I think you did not do to bad lol then since you have left ,and now live in America ,you seem so better to China and makes lol sad ,

  9. I wasn’t aware of the Nortel copying, but I definitely remember the Cisco rip-off. People who think that “cyber espionage” by the Chinese is a recent phenomena haven’t been paying attention for 20 years.

  10. I always wondered what happened to CISCO as everyone used them.
    Quite normal for companies to copy other persons products in reality.
    Of course the American companies have basically outsourced their manufacturing to China so quite obvious the Chinese will copy them.
    You cannot not expect people and companies to buy Huawei products as obviously the technology is already proven as copy of someone else’s product but cheaper.

  11. To be fair, Apple is extremely overpriced for what you get compared to any other company, and their products sometimes have design flaws that negatively impact functionality in the interest of being aesthetically appealing. Looking at you, wireless mouse with the charger port on the bottom so you can’t use it/check the battery % while it’s charging >_>

  12. I never feel confident sending a personal schematic to just any Chinese PCB production warehouse, you can find sometimes a ripped off clone version of your product for sale on eBay.

  13. Think About it if your Spying on People Thru your Phone Ya They Want you to have a Great Cam and Sound So They can See and Hear Everything you Do Think About it CCP has Seen your Junk and you Never Took a pic of your Junk the CCP can See any time and Hear Whatever the Phone can Pick up Any time not just when you use

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