1. Big thanks to Kevin God bless you for helping those not as fortunate as some . Big thanks to a Troy for all your hard work , passion, and good nature towards your fellow humans .

  2. Yes exactly shes just a child. Just because she says things other people dont say means nothing. I miss you means she likes him cause he helped her whats wrong with saying that. Nothing. Dont judge a kid. We dont live with her circumstancex so dont say shit things bout her. Shes just trying to get by.

  3. You are The Men, Ross and Kevin! You both have golden hearts! I think Troy is being led down a rabbit hole…………………….and his heart is always in the right place!

  4. Learn how to speak to people properly troy. Expecially kids. If i was there with you i would of told u to shut the fuck up. How do u think ur accusation made her feel.

  5. Wowww Troy you made bot’s day and seeing bot and her granny happy made us happy and emotional.
    Keep it up Troy.
    She actually was trying to sell tickets but she I think managed to sell only one.
    Initially she gave you 90 tickets and later 4 more and when she received money then she tried to sell those last 5 tickets left.
    Selling tickets now a days is really hard because of current situation.
    Salute you❤ Troy and wishing you❤ from me and my family.

    Keep the good work going.
    World will follow you and respect you forever

  6. How old is she ? How tall is she ? I see she is 64 lbs i guess i am curious how small she is. Without her age, you don’t have a reference point.

  7. Just a suggestion for you Troy if you’re reading this.
    Have you thought about visiting the orphanage or temples?
    I think they require alot more help then Bot and co.
    Can’t remember which orphanage I visited, but it was somewhere in Vung Tau. (I know that doesn’t help much)
    They accept everything and anything from rice to stationary for the kids.
    Would make a great video.


  9. I do buy it. Yes, she’s very bright and street’s smart, but I don’t sense any benevolent energy from her. It’s good that Kevin and Ross helped them generously.

  10. She’s very xảo quyệt when she said buy my tickets and when you win, you can do more charity. The way she talks is very smart but in a good way. Now we need an update on Vi and her mom and I would like to see Chau Anh again. Chau Anh is growing on me.

  11. Good to see Bot again. I know she has her critics but credit where credit is due, for a 14 year old she is pretty switched on when it comes to grocery shopping and bold enough to try her luck selling Troy all of her lottery tickets even after all of the donations. She is quite the character and has a lot of potential.

    Big shoutout and thanks to Ross Gilmour, Kevin Wong and to Troy for sharing. You guys are awesome!

  12. Yea, The “I miss you” thing is prob from granny’s mind. It definitley doesn’t seem genuine…but it’s not coming from Bot. So I wouldn’t have the bells raised with her. And the grandma is in a tough position, taking care of Bot on her own, iirc. Granny is just doing what she feels Bot can pull on your heart strings. Not genuine, but not malicious either. Just a kind of survival mechanism in a way. You will find this just about anywhere in life… Sugardaddys/mommas, boyfriends that pay for everything, kids and their parents, it’s human nature when you’re in need.

  13. Let grandma know, that when she fishes for heartstrings with complaints and struggles, that people comment and makes them think she’s trying to con you.

  14. They 100% played you for money. Not saying they didn’t need it but damn, this isn’t the way. Just because it’s a cute lil girl and an old lady. If it was a boy and an old man doing this you would never have given them anything.

    You got played son.

  15. You’re gonna go crazy one of these days and become Ryan Boundless. You will think everyone just wants to talk to you/be your friend because they want something from you, in this case it’s money and not a free English lesson as it was with Ryan.
    It already seems tedious based off these recent videos. Can you even make friends in Vietnam without them having to ask for money/need you to buy them stuff?

  16. I don’t have a clue but maybe she’s telling the truth .. hard to say.. u did say she’s still too tiny .. she needs someone steady n stable who can influence her to eat more .. maybe gran constantly hears whispers from others that the child doesn’t eat enough and hence only weighs 29 kilos ! So if on display where the whole world can see maybe gran does want her to eat all her food. I noticed growing up a lot of teenage girls appetite literally disappear overnight and not come back in weeks months or years .. sometimes they got cornered by someone forceful who had some influenced to eat without really coming off as bullyish or tyrannical and got through to the girl the benefits of good eating .. and nourishing themselves and especially filling out without worrying of even becoming the slightest bit overweight .. but like I said I have know idea on this one just just a guess at .. she needs to fill out more wholesomely ..

  17. I see what you mean when you say to some people too much is not enough and to others a little bit is too much.
    Looks like Troy is a walking ATM in this video.

  18. Oh and before I forget like I always do God Bless you always Troy for everything you do, u and your prime donators 💙💙💙💙🌎😇😇😇🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  19. Granny is too well put together to be destitute. She’s always well dressed, perfect teeth, fresh manicure and coif. I think Bot is doing all the work selling. It’s hard to not like Bot because of Granny, but who knows who is getting the most benefit of the money.

  20. She missed u because you are a father figure for here , the father she never had and the security that comes with it , it’s quite an experience for an orphan to feel security , she’s clever , she will never forget you , you are a good example to her in this harsh world 🙂 .

  21. Shes street smart, u gotta be if u wanna survive. Funny how she put the noodles back and troy said “ just put it fucking anywhere, theres worker can sort it out “ and bo replied “ u gotta put it where u took it “ it sounds genuine, i think she is a good kid but due to troy or donors been an easy target her grandma might think its a gold mine. Who am i to judge a book without reading thru it

  22. Bot seemed very happy about the bounty she scored at the store. Kids sure like to shop in Vietnam. Whether she is always telling the truth we will never know, just like most of the cases, but you sure made their day! Nothing but smiles!

  23. I sorry but I watched every bot vid and dont see the shadiness of gran, she has a look of someone been struggling most her life. But that comes with with the price of being shady? Thx to your donors to Bot and gran, I suspect mostly to Bot, she is smart, fast on her feet and cute as a button? Lol sorry old grandma saying !! Lol.

  24. Lol she lighted up when she saw u. It’s hard to have it both ways some people don’t share their story because they have a lot of pride but others will tell you their truth wether it’s the real truth I can’t tell but they seem nice and the girl seems really bright and you have to have a steely side to growing up in their conditions working to just eat so I agree they are still a worthy cause

  25. Wow The grandma…. as soon as she knows Bot already received the dough, you can see she didn’t want to stick around. Even Bot left pretty quick after getting rid of the tickets. I thought she missed you…..

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