Doha Airport & Big Updates On The Way :)

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  1. If you are seeing this it means I am now enjoying home-made tamales in Southern California! 🙂
    Vi and I are still madly in love and now doing the LDR thing until borders open up. Lots and lots of details coming up in 2 big updates. I will upload them after I get internet access set up in California.

    All good and exciting things going on. 🙂
    — Reekay

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  2. I am Hazzaa if you you remember I asked you a question about investing in the Philippines with local partner and you liked so much my name 😀

  3. This is a surprise. On your way to LA. Alone. And cannot return till they allow foreign visitors. Unless there is a twist in this tale. Waiting for the big update.

  4. Are you flying Qatar airlines? What was the name of the lounge. Some credit cards offer free lounge access. There’s also priority pass where you can pay one price for a subscription for any of their lounges for a whole year. Some lounges are a member of it, some are not…

  5. Excellent…. Good luck and safe travels…. Thanks for providing such nice views and information… I have referred many people to you channel because you have a practical and realistic approach for a Man who would consider moving and living overseas…

  6. Henry, glad to hear you and VI are still in love. Not sure if the lounge is worth $55.00 for 6 hours. I am sure you may have done this for your viewers? Have a safe flight back to Cali.

  7. Happy trails, do not envy you. I have had enough traveling. I’m so glad it is all over and I can rest easy with my 13a permanent resident visa. I checked the flights for grins and you got a good itinerary. Look forward to the updates.

  8. Honestly I am anxious to hear more details about what plans you have. Interesting decision you made about returning to the US, especially since we all have no idea when the Philippines will reopen to international tourists. I do wish you well and look forward to more updates!!!

  9. Thanks!! I need to get back to Arizona soon. How are you going to re enter the Philippines? Please share your trip route and cost when you have a chance. Safe travels!!

  10. Wow, glad you made it home safe, glad you and Vi are still together and now for the million questions I and everyone will have for you Henry….
    Cant wait to see the videos and live chats….

  11. Hi Henry, my 36 months in country is up and I also need to head back to the US until things open up. Can you tell me where you booked your ticket? I would also like to try out Doha and the lounge access. Thanks

  12. Hope you still keep producing content while you are in Cali, the themed relationship and life lessons monologue videos like from the early days are the BEST!! So you can still it those out even if you are not in the Philippines, and sure hope you do.

  13. Wow, a lot of vloggers have gone back now. Enjoy all that food back in SoCal. I miss it, especially those tacos, enchiladas, steaks and more, my home town is HB in SoCal. Will you be back soon, vlogging in the Philippines?

  14. I like the idea of the lounge. I am going to try and book through Qatar or Frankfurt so that it breaks the trip into two semi equal parts and take a shower in the middle of the trip.

  15. Hi Reekay. Surprised you left Cebu. Good for a change you have not been back to US in awhile. Nice airport not like your Bohol jungle house 😄. Have good time. Douglas…

  16. Hi Reekay, well that’s a surprise, I didn’t know that you were going back home, I hope everything is ok. I thought you couldn’t go back to Philippines if you left ?. Looking forward to seeing more updates, take care.

  17. I must’ve missed a couple of your videos why is Henry heading back home usually he doesn’t do that until the holidays plus if you head back to the states you might not be able to get back to the Philippines for a long time do you know how this country is with the pandemic you can leave but you can’t come back until they open back up for international flights in tourist

  18. Reekay what ever happened to Orville Henry the Jamaican guy whose restaurant opening you featured about a year ago? Also I had trouble finding your video of that event.Safe travels and I look forward to hearing from you.👍🌴

  19. I can’t believe that flying from the Philippines to California is that way round ,, hop across the Pacific to Hawaii and your already in American territory ,,, hey ho

  20. WTF ?? You must have given up your apartment and sent your girl.home. Why ? Because this could be many months before your allowed to return. I used JRC in Cebu to convert my tourist visa to a 13 A. I cant see things getting open here this year.

  21. Hi mmmm tamales…. mmm delicious..ride the waves til pi opens….ok cool !!you must see some light at end of the tunnel right…can get your c19 shot too..worked in Doha for several years…that’s a new airport to me..

  22. I couldn’t get out of Calif soon enough now live in Vegas and love it there’s nothing I miss about calif except for a few friends Calif is a dating hell hole

  23. I thought 15-17 hour flight would be hell, but 25+ the long way? Now, if there were a nice cruise between the US and Philippines, I’d look into that option. Be safe and hope the rest of the trip goes/went well.

  24. Have to be honest felt sad you left the Philippines but i understand you have to do what is best for you i love how you always give such great advise on everything, So many vloggers are leaving the Philippines not many good ones i know left now. I am supposed to be moving to the Philippines soon but sure does make you bit weary when so many people are trying to leave there.

  25. Wow..surprise surprise you left the Philippines after making your last video about the expat end game regarding health issues when a person got old and very sick..however best of luck in Los Angeles.

  26. now ur stuck in usa like the rest of
    us,,,unless u know something
    we dont? u cant go back. so what
    about ur girlfriend??? u left her behind ?? not our business but ur lifes on youtube so we ask anyway

  27. There used to be an overnight room, dinner and breakfast on Korean Air en route to the Philippines included in a very reasonably priced ticket but that was in the 1980’s.

  28. Wow that’s a surprise move.

    Welcome to the LDR squad. Hope you got a good hiding place for Vi. Looking forward to see any updates you have to your “Boots on the Ground” rules. 😆

    Plenty of vaccine in the USA to go around Just got my 2nd moderna jab. I got a sore arm and low grade fever. Don’t know why vaccinated tourism isn’t allowed yet… But nobody ever said life was fair…

  29. Ok… To say “I DON’T UNDERSTAND” would be the greatest understatement of the decade. Leave. When you know you can’t get back, going thrugh Doha, doubles your trip time. And just generally, “WTF were you thinking ????? Well good luck and tell your Mom I hope she’s well. Good luck my friend….

  30. WOW, this is a SURPRISE to say the least. What’s going on?

    As for the lounge….That is a good deal….In the Japan’s lounge in Narita, they even have FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIRS. I often fell asleep during the massage!! I love lounge….Are you going back to visit your mother? I heard that US Citizens required VACCINE SHOTS to enter the US….please clarify. Thanks…

  31. Reekey you’ll find So Cal is a lot more open than the Philippines. What’s the plan, are you back for good? What about Vi? We need a full update please…

  32. Good day to you Reekay!

    I’m surprised your coming back to Southern California… You will be stuck here for awhile with Us all until things open back up.
    If your free on the weekend, let me know where you are and let’s do lunch and chat…
    Riverside county isn’t far from me.
    Happy flight🙏

  33. …he may not be coming back here for a long, long time. The Philippines is totally locked down to regular tourist visas (His would be 9A) issued at the airport. Must be something really serious knowing the trip is a one way ticket with no foreseeable return.

  34. Glad you are gona be spending time with your loved ones Henry bet they miss you man have fun and let us know how california has changed since you’ve been gone if you get a chance thanks for you work man God bless you.

  35. Why didn’t you use PAL and fly direct to LAX? I just booked my flight on 5/30 to go back to the states. I’m getting married here on 5/22 and flying out on 5/30 so I can go back to work. We are filing our I-130 and I-130a as soon as we get our marriage license back. Processing times for approvals are 3 month if you send electronically and goes to Lincoln, Ne. Good luck in LA keep us posted on your doings! Hope your mom is good I know mine is not so good.

  36. You left so suddenly without any notice to us …like it was an emergency …I live here in ayala center nearby you you’re suddenly gone ? It’s strange to say the least …I’m not leaving my girl here ..for the USA ..during this uncertain situation…it doesnt look likely at all ..that American tourists will be returning Here anytime soon … Maybe 2022? ..I don’t know how you can leave VI that ..with no idea when you can return …if ever you can return Here in Cebu ..I can’t see any reason to leave here …at this time ….I feel bad for VI …now …..but …of course hope we all can hear more about your sudden decision to leave it all behind like this …we are all in suspense now ..awaiting your updates ..

  37. Sadly his mother isn’t doing well apparently. That’s why his sudden return to the US. Gio mentioned that on his stream. Hopefully she pulls through from whatever she is dealing with. I couldn’t imagine losing my mother 😔.

  38. Maybe he has got or is in the process of getting SRRV. Those retirement visa holders will surely be allowed back into Philippines before the foreign tourists are.

  39. Sounds like a good move, Reekay. Did the same myself after being in PH for a year during the pandemic. Couldn’t take it anymore and came back to the states until things get back to normal at some point. I wouldn’t go to PH right now even if someone paid me. What a mess.

  40. Hey Henry Carlo here hopefully everything goes well in California everything happens for a reason let’s hope we get back to the Philippines real soon

  41. Hi how much is the Private room ill be flying to doha qatar I have 9hrs layover I would like to stay the private room if its not expensive

  42. Hi reekay im headed that way on may8 i have layover for 9hrs in doha qatar where can i for the private room id like to stay there for 8 hrs

  43. Hope everything’s all right and no emergency to go back home keep us informed please you may be our hope to get into the Philippines since you are so well versed in traveling in Asia

  44. NO doubt leaving the PI was a major decision for Reekay, particularly knowing or not knowing when he can return.
    Similarity, the same reason I’m stuck here in the USA is because of my 92YO Mother who depends on me.
    When it comes to your Mother nothing comes before her.

  45. I think Reekay married Vi before he left , so thats his ticket back to phils, since he will be stuck in USA with no travels into Phils for tourist, Unless he found a way around that. Since Phils will probably be closed until 2022 for tourist or more,, , Just my opinion, but it makes logical sense,…….. He did say it was BIG UPDATE NEWS

  46. WOW did not expect that of you. You realized it may take upto 2 years before you are allowed back to the Philippines. Must be a very serious/important reason to leave all of a sudden. As you know I am a vlogger as well and had a couple of time some death threats, just ignore them. Anyway wish you all the best and take care always mate. Joe

  47. I am awaiting internet signal and then I can upload the first of several update videos. 🙂

    For now just using a phone, not my laptop. Looking forward to doing a Livestream with all of you soon as well.
    — Reekay

  48. Well Henry you know what this means don’t you? You are stuck in the states like me, so when it comes back open in the Philippines were racing to see who gets there first lol

  49. How did you end up going through Qatar? I figured you’d go through Hong Kong/Seoul/Tokyo like every time we’ve been back and forth.

  50. Wow, interesting surprise. JUST in case the Philippines is “Not” open by July, perhaps you’d consider a stay in Thailand? NO NEED to reserve AirBnb or hotels in Thailand. Thai culture conforms to short term / 30 day rentals. In Pattaya, half of the bars have VERY nice rooms for $20 a night and you can stay a couple of days until you find a 30 day deal.. or month by month deal until the Philippines opens.
    .. Curtis in Las Vegas, flying back to Thailand in July.. a simple Thai online embassy form, a 1 week quarantine and that’s it.

  51. Thanks for the great vlogs, good luck on your trip home, I would like to know details of your flight and swab test info in Cebu, woul like to make the same flight to LAX, thanks,, Stan Merchant, been stranded in Philippines since March

  52. love your videos, great information! so help me out here…I guess you are now in the same, long distance situation I am in… what is the best cell phone plan in the Philippines for LDR? do they have unlimited data plans like they do here in the states? I’m trying to find the best option for my girl so we can facetime/whatsapp regularly without having to always by a load.

  53. Reekay, why you fly through the middle east before flying to California. Isn’t much faster (and cheaper) to fly over the Pacific Ocean?

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