Don’t Do This! Hold My Beer….. Koh Chang Island

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  1. That’s one thing I learnt when I lived in Thailand, you don’t always get what you ask for , but that’s part of the charm of the place you order soup and you might get eggs , haaaaa loved it. The best way to remove hair, use a cream called Nair, its painless , I use it because I’m hairy as a gorilla ,

  2. Taking manscaping to a whole new level chuck! I understand wanting to thin out the wool sweater because it’s hot but there just isn’t enough beer in the world! You’re Da Man!

  3. I had a girlfriend that did professional hair removal she talked me into letting her wax my legs, I walked around for about six months with a bald streak on my leg that’s all I would let her do it hurts and I don’t mind the hair that much. Thanks for the laughs, another great video of paradise. Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  4. My favorite part of your videos is Page making fun of you in the background while you complain. My wife used to do the same to me. She’s dead now and I miss that. Page reminds me so much of her. She is a definite treasure. Hold her high. I don’t miss the waxing she forced on me. Lol. However it was fun watching you go thru that agony. Keep it up. We need the comedy relief. Aloha from Hawaii. Chuck

  5. Chucks whole body must feel like a babys bottom right now….hope paige enjoys this moment. Make the most of it.
    Foreigner Joe MUST also get the body wax.

  6. Chuck if you think that’s bad women get Brazilian waxes! That’s someone ripping all the hair out of your crotch! Woman are so much tougher than any man lol

  7. could you hear me laughing and saying…”dumbass”? 555 Thanks for the laugh brother.
    I was waiting for Paige to bust a move and kick that butterfly. 555!!!
    When I was there, was waiting for the dive boat in the mornings lounging in those chairs on the beach right outside in front of your room

  8. That has got to be the hilarious video you have produced. Your comments on room, food reviews was well done and informative. Keep up those reviews as that helps for those who may be able to come in future.

  9. Somehow I made it through the cringes and winces,,,maybe next time tequila shots or Xanax (anxiety pills),,,that way you’ll be like ‘oh cool, you are going to do another rip’ of my hair,,, LOL

  10. Thanks Chuck that was so satisfying I flinched every time she pulled that cloth that resort had a beautiful view in the room I don’t think I would’ve left.

  11. My girlfriend back in 2010 was a hairdresser and was trained in waxing as well. She waxed herself “down there”, so I thought if she can do it, I can do it. So she waxed my balls, about 5 times or so. Each one lasted about 5 weeks and it grew back like peach fuzz which was nice, but the pain was too much.

  12. Hi Chuck . It is only a idea or a suggestion . ? When you speak Thai in your video’s . Would it be possible to see some English subtitles so as to get to know and learn Thai better . I know it would be a lot more work if you had the time, if not maybe to much trouble .? Thanks I enjoy all your videos

  13. Chuck 4 words for you “NAIR HAIR REMOVAL CREME” may burn the skin a little, compared to that wax removal no contest. My thai girl friend in the states worked at a beauty salon talked me in to it “ONCE”!!!! AAAAGGGG! never, ever again, woman that get that done regularly, bikini wax etcetera are much tougher than me!!!😆

  14. Thank you for sharing this and for answering my questions (which was in jest) yesterday and realized in full. Better you than I LMAO. I like to think that you lost a bet, wait’ll Mafia gets close. Cheers

  15. Gawd! It was hard to watch that. It is nice to see that there are authentic American food restaurants every once in awhile. 555 Beverly, old lady in Vermont

  16. Nice hotel with the tub…ima check koh chang out one day…your looking young n clean! I like the white shirt, i never been a fan of the wife beaters sleeve less shirts, but i understand its hot…Take care Chuck n Paige

  17. 555555 Oh Chucky smooth! Sometimes we have a bad idea. I think Paige really enjoyed this. ” great laugh Paige ” Glad you are having a great trip. Cheers!

  18. Chuck, there is a mens product called “Balls” for men on Amazon. It’s a hair removal product that works everywhere and is painless. Works on arms, legs, under arms and crotch. Been using it for years and works just as good as waxing without the pain.

  19. LoL …That’s the funniest thing … I ever saw you do … Thanks for the uplift … you poor thang … farang in Thailand…and a native texan …ha ha ha !

  20. G’day Chuck.
    Mate I’m pretty damn sure you will never do that again.
    Having hair on your body is natural and it certainly doesn’t need to be peeled off. Lol.

  21. Howdy chuck and paige another hotel I have stayed at before klong prao resort would be the best room comfort, fantastic breakfast, beach location , the restaurant connected to the hotel top notch and not overly expensive klong prao beach walk down to coconut beach is a must to burn off the calories food at annie p looks good will give it a go once Australia and Thailand get the borders open great video’s of ko chang bring back great memories of last few years safe traveling you two, Thai Tony.

  22. did you have your “things” waxed too? (just kidding) but seriously is it possible to wax beard and hair on head? just tired of shaving head and face every day.

  23. Great Video as usual. Chuck the limits you take yourself for your Subscribers is impressive. Army Strong 5555 You won’t catch me doing that, I am a Civilian…

  24. There is a reason that they require you to pay in advance for a body wax. How many people would bail out halfway and run for the hills? It is smart business to be paid in advance. This must have given you the idea that painless hair removal was a fallacy dreamt up by an advertising agency. OR trust me, I am a salesman, this will not hurt, salesman’s honour. If you can’t trust a salesman, who can you trust?

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