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  1. Hope you are all doing well. My wife wanted to say that she feels like she’s at home when she watches your’s and Lot’s videos. I know I’ve mentioned this before but she is a Pampanga native. We watch your videos together and we both are subscribers to your Channels.

  2. Looks like the lines need to be jetted, a high pressure sprayer that goes in the sewer line and pushes the clogs to the main line. Don’t know if the have one, but you can ask. John Andrasco

  3. Didnt plug up from toilet paper thats for shure, most dont use it, When i eat out there i think of the seinfeld episode where jerrys dates father is going to make him a pizza without washing his hands after taking a dump. I got deadly ill after eating out in boracay about 8 years ago. still haunts me.

  4. Water serms to be clear it just mean thay there is a major pipe leak there like what we had here in our place before so the water people had to dig to find the leak to fix it

  5. This is exactly what I have mentioned before. This will dry up, and the wind will carry the bacteria into the air and will cause health problems to people especially to children – exactly what had happened to my son there years ago which almost caused his life. Our good Mayor is our only hope to give solution to the never ending problem over there when it comes to sewage.
    The people in the community need to stop throwing trash that goes to the drainage and clogging it up, not to throw trash into the creeks polluting our water. Could you imagine the mosquito is nesting in that place now…..

  6. Too much litter in the drainage. Really does clog it up. And even if it doesn’t clog, the garbage drains into the ocean. So regardless. Don’t litter. I don’t know nothing.

  7. if it is a drain remember water flows down hill…to find the blockage you need to start at the first drain that does not have water in it at the lowest point then work back up the system..blockage will be between the first dry hole and the last on the has water in it

  8. Hi Sir Philly🖐make sure that you guys have something to keep away the mosquitoes ate Lotlot probably she knows how. It’s rainy season and your subdivision it’s seems prone to mosquitoes because of the stagnant flooding ecky water close by your house! I have a friend close family friend actually he died from Dengue Fever he’s also lives close by in AC abacan. So please take care yourself🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Especially you have daughter! Buy repellent lotion or something for her. Gosh I hate to see anyone of you getting sick! Just friendly reminders! Oh yeah, regarding on the private homeowner association I understand what you’re trying to say. They should responsible for all of that not the Barangay or government because that subdivision have the specific “FUNDS” to clean all that major flooding. I strongly agree with you there! Anyway, take care and Lots of luv from us!😊🙏🏻! God bless!

  9. Like everything in the philippines. The drainage was not correctly installed before houses were built in the baranguy, then not correctly connected to and then maintained , so shock shock ,it’s blocked and backed up and flooded the area roads. Sorry about this but you moved into the area, and know the fault or not you inherit the problem so saying you’re not involved or it’s not your cost means nothing. You are involved with the cost …….or move your family quick cos you will be made to pay rectification. “BUT IM AMERICAN means nothing. Like everything else Filipino blame problem and cost to someone else. I don’t know how you accept passing the blame to others is the normal in the philippines, this goes from The president to the most low
    Y berangy captain.

  10. You can have garbage go into the drain…you just have to make it big enough to wash out when it rains….instead of a 6 inch or 10 inch pipe like in the west….put in a 24 inch pipe and that rush of water will wash it out.

  11. Unless it just rained or someone washed their sidewalk, standing water here is sewer water, and it is everywhere. That is one thing a really dislike about the Philippines.

  12. I should probably quit throwing all my trash in the river behind my house and quit peeing and pooing in the street. I didn’t think there were any sewer lines in the Philippines. We just use a hole in the backyard.

  13. The money that goes into the home owners association get eat up in “management salaries”. (wink)

    Mosquitoes! Come to Canada and I’ll show you mosquitoes. Bee Safe and stay out of the stink water.

  14. It’s pretty much the same in all Sub-divisions, you have to pay HOA fees not only for your household, but if some residence owners don’t pay or left there house empty and live in the states (example), the sub-division (in some places) make up new fees and charges to cover it, i.e., service charges for deliveries, Building permit extra charges. Is there a little corruption going on? You decide, LOL

  15. Talking at length about the reason behind this or that and trying to assign blame is just a waste of time. It appears that the drains and lines(they’re just long concrete boxes in a trench) are covered over by concrete which is how they do it here, or they leave it uncovered which allows for much easier cleaning. The best way to clean it out is for the home owners to clear out what’s in front on their own place. Most of what clogs the drains and lines that are covered by concrete is either dirt, or wads of hair from smaller concrete boxes in shorter trenches at a downward angle that empty into the street line.(the shower drain to the street)

    Meaning, wads of hair that makes it down the drain in your shower. If the line is a closed system like the concrete boxes I mentioned, trash should not be an issue per se, because the line concrete box is covered like a curb or sidewalk. No real way for trash that’s left on the ground to get into the line. After the first time that it happened to me, I cut a square piece of wire mesh and placed it under the plastic drain cover in the shower, and everyone should do that. It works as far as keeping my line clean that runs from the shower to the street. If I had a build up like you have there, I would talk to the landlord, and get them to send their tubero out there. In some instances, you might have to chip in. It would get done faster that way.

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