1. Girls in the west have a bad attitude?? How dare you say that? You womanhater! You shouldn’t generalise! Just go out and try it and have trust! HAHhahahahahaha

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE Nils, I retire next March 1st and plan on trying out the Philippines later that year so very interested in Scott’s reply too. Hope by commenting here I will see if he replies. P.S. new subscriber to your channel…been enjoying the vlogs.

    2. ASIAN ROMANCE cdo, Bohol, Cebu, dumaghete and Angeles city. Very interesting comparing them because it’s not just the city but what part of that city you are staying in.

  2. Nils, welcome back! Nice interview. It’s nice to get the low-down on different areas of the Philippines from someone who has experience living there. Otherwise all we have is a map to work from. Hope all is well.

  3. Hey Niles good to see you back on here with a new video.. good interview with Paul I like his channel too.. I’m definitely trying to learn from all the advice given from you guys for my trip to the Philippines 🙂

    1. Agree. I’m red-pilled too. Gets better in the last half of the video. The problem is how long can you get them to be a live-in and at what price? Another tuber who has been there 8 years could only get a live in for two years possibly pretending to want marriage and having a stealth vasectomy. Sadly, too many TradCucks.

  4. About the guy around minutes 3:40 , 2022/2023 but hes also telling that international tourism can open around middle of next year 2021. So is just telling that to get back to pre covid levels we need to wait 3 years. Maybe he means that people is afraid to travel and to get the numbers of tourists of the precovid we need wait 3 years. Hopefully he means that because if they really plans reopen to foreigners in 2023 i will put Philippines in my personal blacklist and i will search for other SE Asia countries.

    1. Marco Bernardini, yeah – I am guessing many ex-pats will be looking for another travel destination because of these restrictions. I personally want to visit Malaysia again…

    1. Thai Fly, thanks for the clarification.
      Paul seems to think the streets are becoming too busy in Dumaguete. I like Greenbelt, Makati because it has many green parks and an amazing selection of grocery stores and restaurants that you can walk to i.e. no need for motorcycle or taxi.
      I also do not like the larger Metro Manila area.

    2. I probably should have said ‘different attitudes’. You Nils, seem to take a more relaxed, go with the flow, attitude than your guest. I also think you also are more of a city than province guy. Regarding changes in Dumaguete, my opinion is that they are moving in the right direction. More people, more traffic, more facilities, higher prices, good selection of shopping malls, but it’s hardly Manila. It’s a more interesting place now than before , but many will disagree with me of course.

  5. I met my GF on Messenger. We chatted 10 Hrs. 7 days a wk., for 10 months & 2 yrs. ago she picked me up at Cebu AP. We are both happier than we have ever been in our lives. I thought the 2 day I was here that she is better than I ever dreamed She is 44 & unlike most young Filipinas doesn’t want kids and isn’t influenced by her family. They have never asked me for money. There is no absolute best way to meet a Filipina that is a good girl. Best of luck to all in a relationship with a Filipina.

  6. Great interview Nils – Paul is a “man’s man” and has an interesting story to tell. Ironically, I learned about you via the interview you did on his channel. You two have great content. Cheers.

  7. All countries are in different stage of this COVID pandemic, why it is hard to compare (I’m in Sweden). But is seems that 3 in 1000 dies (compared to the flue: 1 in 1000). From that we already know that *_far more_* will die due to poor economics than the virus. So, *_is the cure killing the patient?_* .. by the numbers yeas. Will vaccine help?.. well, a vaccine is a way to artificially create heard immunity and that means that 80-90% of the population need to take the vaccine. Normally a season “flue” vaccine protects about 30-40% why the national vaccine acceptance must be high. I had the Covid lets se how long that immunity lasts. 🙂

  8. 19:51 and 27:12 are great advice. I find their goal is to save their entire extended family, and dream of living abroad, sending money home, traveling around the world with nannies taking care of their future retirement plan, etc. Do you find it harder to get a hot babae who wants to just be a live-in lover without soaking you on the billable hour? TradCucks, keep marrying these girls and they end up sending lots of money home (more than an OFW). I believe a tuber with many videos who’s been there for 8 years could only get two years with a Pinay, before the Pinay insisted on the whole marriage and baby package (which is the beginning of the end). I find it’s hard to be MGTOW there, especially if you can’t pretend to want marriage and babies. Mabuhay! Great content.

    1. Bob Bruce, there are always Filipina ladies (but not all) that are happy to spend a 2-week vacation and spend time with you in nice hotels and a warm shower. Just be upfront and straight and you will find it.

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