1. THANK you for the beautiful and breathtaking scenery and landscapes… I feel like being in the Philippines as soon as possible. Greetings from France

  2. Great Video!! I love he unspoiled scenery there. I have not made it to Dumaguete yet but it is on my list once the country opens up again. I traveled the island of Cebu with my GF last year and would stop and take pics and video. My Filipina did not understand why I did this but I think some day she will. I hope you two continue to explore that island and share your videos and maybe put a filter on the lens just to make things appear bright oer crisp or color correct. Food for thought !!

  3. Retire early ? You can but will need about 24 thousand USD a year to live in a decent place with no help from social security until 67, so you can do the math on how much money you will need to get to 67 and get help with SS. I can’t live without medical insurance, so you can live under 2 grand with insurance. If you don’t settle in one place like he is saying do, you have to buy backpackers insurance from the USA, don’t know how much but it can’t be cheap, so your cost will increase , retire early and cheap ? How early ? Yes but your taking a risk, he’s not telling you the whole truth and your place will be a dump.

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