1. In the first 5 minutes of the video, I think you seem a lot more stressed / serious that I’ve seen you in any of the other more recent vids. I think the more easy going lifestyle in Thailand has purged a lot of that stress from you 🙂

  2. You’ve evolved a lot since then. Great for you, because a lot of people don’t grow in a positive direction. Stay happy and keep bringing happiness to others. We sure appreciate it.

  3. Excellent Chuck thanks for filling in the blank there id been meaning to go back and watch it at some point because its looked interesting!
    You saved me the bother of digging it out of your back catalogue.
    You’ve definately changed a lot – far more relaxed now hope you dont mind me saying!
    Thanks a lot for sharing as always.
    Wonderful coffee shop id definately be interested in visiting there to look at the hand made silver & crafts they’ve got – so very talented!

  4. Hey Chuck we are trying to come back in January and my wife says you are not far from where we are building our house so I will try to link up with you once we return.

  5. Thanks for you videos been watching for a while and have them going while I work. Thanks for your info, any chance you could do a video on what you would do to prepare for a life of early retirement overseas, not only there but in general for us who are watching and want to retire overseas early. I’m guessing things as what you had the hardest time dealing with living overseas. Do you recommend any learning languages to make it easier before moving or just learning afterwards. And how long after moving did you actually get comfortable with living overseas. How did your family take it and how have you dealt with it after moving? Thanks, love your videos, and how you keep it focused on keeping it on being happy where you are, and not how you want it to be.

  6. Nice flash back to the past, like always great video and nice to see new places I’ve never seen , have a great weekend chuck and Paige 🌴🍺🌴✌🏼

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