Elyu on a Saturday, like a ghost town! 1st time surf instruction, Already standing!

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  1. The people in the Phils really take this whole quarantine thing seriously, as compared to the US. I am on 2 sides about this. While it is probably helping prevent the spread of the virus, what is the known fact that even if quarantine is in place, the virus will be eliminated? At the same time, the economy is getting worse. The use of face mask and shields have already been required, and the Phils come up with all these crazy ideas as to which work and doesn’t work (depending on where they get commisions), and still doing the ECQ/GCQ? The virus will never go away, people have to learn safety measures to live with it and go on with life.

    1. Philippines is very serious about the virus.. only because they really dont have all the medical equipment needed here for a full blown out covid19 outbreak!

  2. Another lovely video, thanks for sharing. I’m sure my wife and I will be there as soon as things open up again, hopefully that’ll be in the next 6-10 month or so. Maybe when there’s a reliable vaccine international travel won’t be so restrictive

    1. San Juan La Union Vlog quick question/favor to ask. Next time you head up to the Bacnotan area, I’m wondering if you could stop by and look at a lot we are thinking about purchasing? There’s no hurry, as we aren’t 100% sure if that’s the area we would want to settle in, put it would be nice to get someone’s prospective who’s able to see the surrounding area. No worries if you can’t, we understand completely. My email is [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you either way and will give you the details on the lot via email. I’ll certainly owe you a beer or three when we visit again.
      All the best, Rich

    2. Yeah.. I hope so… once a vaccine comes available.. I’m sure the Philippines will open up to any travelers who r vaccinated. Or at least pass a covid19 quick test

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