Empty Koh Larn! A Restart at Life. เกาะล้าน

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  1. I have to say it, chuck it’s funny when you always rib Paige for selfies while you’re vlogging 😂 cut her some slack , but stay awesome 😎

  2. Yay Guys glad to see a video today hope you guys are enjoying your trip in Udonthani looks like a Autumn English Day it’s cool at 94F lol, anyway let the Adventure Continues have fun Bud, Awesome Interview with Ron very interesting

  3. I’m 66 wife’s 47 and it works.
    Your only as old as you act or feel
    The Asian culture tends to not let age be the primary reason to be with someone

  4. Tawaen Beach never was that empty when I was there 2010-2015. It was usually jam packed with Thai & Chinese tourists. It was crowded, smokey from BBQ Cooking, smelly. The Scooter trip back to the main city is across the mountains. A pretty hairy ride with a good driver.

  5. Great interview with Ron 👍🏼 he seems a genuine person, too bad your GoPro gave out on ya. Several people have mentioned that the sales people are a bit more pushy right now, I’m sure many workers in the tourist areas are feeling a bit desperate. Thanks for another great video, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  6. I heard the opening music and I thought we were going to finally get to see a tango with Chuck and Paige. Well maybe one day. Thanks for the video.

  7. Cool in to music of the french riviera….I had an United States Embassy Marriage in Japan 41 years ago on February 2, 1979 … Did you ever do a video about Thai condiments, you know Catchup, mustard etc…? Goat Land, sorry didn’t know it existed…I think all that beer you say your not drinking is called “YouTube Video Beer” which can be edited out!

  8. it looks like you moved to Thailand so you could be on a cheap drunk every day you could have on hell of a house if you didn’t spend all that money on booze every day what a waste of money just saying

  9. HA HA….. I broke the camera!!! So… thanks Chuck for inviting us along. That was probably the best place to end the video, anyway. If I remember right, I think I got a little emotional about how blessed my life is…. and didn’t I announce that I was running for President??? Oh … dreaming .. ok. So, in all seriousness, thanks Chuck, you and Paige are the real deal. You are genuine and honest and caring to everyone and Gip and I appreciate you and Paige. We thank you for sharing your happiness with us and look forward to seeing you guys again. We definitely had Notime2bsad when we were with you. Thanks again, my friend. And a shout out to DAZ…great to meet you… and hey Joe and Gift, always a pleasure.

  10. Well done Chuck, one of your best. Ron’s a lot like me, I have a 3rd Marine Engineers Qual and retired now here. Phitsanulok is my wife’s home town and she was raised in Phicit, nice part of Thailand. Enjoy the break…………

  11. Great interview with Ron! Very very in-ter-est-ing man. Quit with the corona jokes when someone sneezes or coughs. It’s sort of childish by now. Thanks for the video!

  12. Thanks Chuck and Paige for another awesome vid! Also appreciate the honest interview from Ron. I can relate, having lived in the US for almost 40 years. Feel much more free when I’m in Thailand. Live and let live, in the moment. Can’t wait to get back there!!! Open, open, open….please!!!

  13. I totally get what he’s saying for some reason I feel free and happy in Thailand compared to the US. When I tell people I feel more at home in Thailand they think I’m crazy.

  14. Hey Chuck. Too many people all too fast to criticise your interview technique. I think and hope that the vast majority of your subscribers appreciate all the videos you make including those involving expat interviews. Those people all to quick to criticise must surely realise this is free content and you’re not a talk show host nor an investigative journalist. Vast majority here enjoy the content as it stands.
    Keep up the good work mate. We look forward to more.

  15. I loved your interview, Chuck. Ron looks great for 71. I would never have guessed! Safe travels to Pattaya. I was there last weekend, so I just missed you.

  16. If you don´t mind I would suggest you visit two places in Pattaya – 1. Sanctuary of Truth and 2. go to eat at the restoran called Cabbage & Condoms at Birds And Bees resort! I think you will be surprised.

  17. informal way to interview…very nice. Happiness is everywhere, different experiences, differents choices. Enjoy there…missing Thailand (also the noise!) su much….

  18. Hi Chuck, that was a interesting interview with Ron, thanks for sharing. I went there years ago and couldn’t move because of the Chinese tourists, I would rather be there during the quite times, hope to return one day. Thanks for the video.

  19. This is a awesome video and my girlfriend is from the Philippines and my girlfriend is the best choice I’ve made and im from Connecticut and im so ready to move to the Philippines because of many reasons . CHUCK i got a question, what site do you go on too create create your shirts because im a small channel and i want to create shirts . Wow me and yall two guys are almost like me and thats why I enjoy your channel

  20. Im 60 and single. I too have been married 3 times. I honestly have found american women are married for themselves they do not care about their mate. So i have started looking abroad. It is good to see what you have found🙂👍

  21. Good video. I have a balancing problem with that blue plastic pier. When walking on it,if its rocking,my gf has to hold me,otherwise I could fall over.

  22. Hi Chuck, loved this video Ron seems a really interesting and good guy also brilliant for his age. Looking forward to plenty of footage from Pattaya, I know your not a fan of Pattaya but love to see your honest opinion on it during this very quiet time there. Keep up the great work I know it’s not easy. Glenn.

  23. After 20+ years you experience the arrogance of being bulletproof…mafia controls that area of Thailand. If you have a problem it won’t be with just one. That makes them able too push harder. Always be polite

  24. hey Chuck, they might be pushy because they haven’t seen any baht in last 4 months, Break out that Texas Bankroll and let the Yankee dollar flow. They will start hugging you then No Push Cowboy LOL

  25. The music starting this video is so funny and so perfect at the same time, good choice! Also, you’ve become very Thai with your first question being how old he is 555. But honestly, I hope I’m doing that well at 71! Another great video, thanks for making them. He also shows what a good union job can afford a regular person to do. Just sayin! And f the downvotes, c’mon!

  26. Great vlog again Chuck, fair play to Ron and followed his heart, I stayed in that hotel years ago and at night the locals used to fish on the shoreline, lovely at night, nice and quiet, although it seems dead 24/7 at the moment

  27. Hi Chuck & Paige, we love watching your vids and always look forward to them. You have a very similar sense of humour to me and my partner so we wanted to say thank you for how much you make us laugh! We love to travel and you have inspired us to explore Thailand at some point in the future, as soon as it’s possible. Your vids are always so honest and real, it’s a treat to watch these episodes of your life. We also have an age gap so it was refreshing & fun to watch your interview with Ron today, you know some great people. Awesome work & always appreciated!

  28. Absolutely agree that Koh Kut is the most beautiful place ❤️❤️❤️. Please go back soon so we can live our Thai dreams through you x

  29. Very enjoyable viewing, a nice relaxing place, Ron is a great character. Khun Chuck, any chance of showing us some local cuisine, Thai dishes and Beverages and maybe a ร้านอาหารหรือสองร้าน? 🤣 เราแทบไม่เคยเห็นคุณหรือ Paige กิน 🤣

  30. Hahaha….always on vacation!
    Max Webster ‘A Million Vacations’ great song for you 👍👍👍
    Always a good time watching your adventures…keep it up and we’ll see each other again one day 😀

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