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  1. Hello Rod. Spent about 2 hours between the NBI and JRC today. Everything done for the permanent resident application to be sent to Manila. Working with Ed now. Quick way to get past checkpoints. My wife had stopped and got meds at drug store. Just held up bag and they let us thru. Had 3 in car. Wife, myself and Ed. No questions asked. Always looking for ex-pats but never see many recently.

  2. Ridiculous mate, unbelievable. Better not comment Rod. Here, my dearest and i are opposite ends of the spectrum, she thinks its all good and for the betterment of all, i have a different opinion. LOL. Have you visited ‘Kiwi’, Rod, are they open for casual imbibers,
    i would be interested to know that, i suspect they might nearly be closed down for lack of patronage. The previous owner was wise in selling up when he did? Sad isn’t it. In my book, Israeli’s are ok.

  3. See you next time as you know we were there for the first 5 months of the pandemic. We didnโ€™t notice anyone aggressive people looking for money however I felt we were over charged many times on tricycle rides . Did the cab driver use the meter?

  4. Well renowned attention catching quotes that never fails to deliver. ” I’ll make you famous”…..Thanks Rod for your knowledge and insights.I find them very informative.

  5. Nah that laundry shop was so expensive and a lot of clasifacation theres another laundry shop over there that is not really cost you too much… eve been livin beside the city suit before thats why l know those..

  6. Nice vid !! Your so right that when walking you encounter so much. Here u say something or ask a question to folks & most respond & are friendly & very obliging. That checkpoint is a classic as most of them are….

  7. very good video mate, interesting to see the sometimes strict sometimes very lazy check points, typical hahaha. got to say the taxi driver was chatty bloke. your right about the be nice, cause not all filipino’s are friendly, some have a chip on their shoulder, whether it be thru bad experiences , or what i dont know…….anyway, my wife never let’s me go anywhere alone, especially in the province.

  8. I used a laundry where it was P20 a kilo..
    Then they changed the rules…
    P20 for clothes and P30 for towels…
    I asked the reason and got a typical answer…

    Sir,,A kilo of TOWELS weighs more than a kilo of CLOTHES…
    I still shake my head a lot even after years here..
    Always different every day here..

  9. BREAKING NEWS According to CDC only 6% of the total death count or about 10k people around the world have died directly of Covid-19. The common flu that comes every year, last year killed 80k people. So we killed the world economy to save 10k people but stay open for the flu season that killed 80k ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Good advice on walking facing traffic. Here in Canada people seem to have forgotten that and walk with the traffic. I mentioned it to someone and they said why so I can see I am getting run over and I said exactly so you can get out of the way how are you going to know it you walk with the traffic and can’t see what is coming.

  11. Hi Rod, great video again as usual. I noticed they didn’t look at your qpass at the check point. Regarding a past video you did, a little off topic. You mentioned a place that had the best burritos (301…?). Could you provide me with the name again. I don’t think they are on FoodPanda. I have found 4 places, so far on FoodPanda. Army-Navy is the best so far. Finding a place with REAL sour cream is impossible so far, do you have any experience on that. I have been looking for Breakstones sour cream to no avail, Freetos either.

  12. Hi Rod. You have a heart of gold. Your easy personality and compassion for others makes you a valuable person in The Philippines. Your videos always make me smile. Keep up the great work, my friend!

  13. After traveling days of Philippino smiles and waves on my palawan motorcycle rental, I had a group of teenagers flip me off…. I was hysterically laughing afterwards. Thinking I must look like a fool walking around smiling and waving at everyone.

  14. “94 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths in US Have Contributing Health Conditions, CDC Says” – That’s the U.S. CDC. Hoping after the U.S. election, people will change their approach to managing this disease. Would love to see PH open up tourist visas again.

  15. Hi Rod. I’ve watched all your videos as I’ve been going to philippines every year for the past 5-6 years and came across your video early on since you have a great kind personality and you live in philippines. Rod, I have a question and Im not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have been abused by my parents when I was a kid and grew up as an angry person and I often look down on people especially poor people and I lose patience easy. I dont think it’s the fact I have anger problem and need to go anger management but it’s more from the abuse from when I was a kid. We’re boys and we are all naughty 1ce when we were young. How are you able to manage and able to be the kind person you are now? I wish to 1 day be like you and be kind to others and chat others with a smile and calm voice. Any recommendation would help. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Awesome video as always Rod I was really surprised about the laundry… I got ripped off at the hotel that I had my laundry done probably 2-3ish kilos for 8k peso

  17. Another educating video of current conditions there. Living in Florida with the high virus count we have, I’m surprised that the level of precautions and personal protection there far exceeds what we see here. Personally, I feel they could open everything up there if people comply with the guidelines for keeping yourself and others safe. Without government support, I don’t know how people are going to survive there. without resorting to stealing from each other. Here, I’ve gone into Walmart, which requires a mask, and I’ve seen people take off their masks as soon as get past the person checking them at the door so I feel we are in for rolling lockdowns as the virus rises and falls.

  18. Always like your vids.Face sheilds are ok because the virus can enter through the eyes.Now here in states a vaccine will be available by late October or begining nov.I think I read Google news or cdc here.Back check me on this.

  19. Love Cebu ! My wife of 12 years is from there, very smart woman had her undergraduate degree in accounting while she lived there and a few years ago here in upstate NY got her MBA. Filipinos are amazing people many are very poor but happy, smiling and kind. I always enjoy your videos . Stay health live long and enjoy your life there.

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