1. This video has only been out for 10 minutes and there’s already two down votes. But the video is 34 minutes long… So two people subscribed just so they can down vote as soon as it comes out???

  2. There are so many YouTubers doing things on Thailand, most of which I just will not watch. I really like yours, Chuck and Paige simply because it is so positive and shows some great locations fairly and objectively. I can’t wait until Thailand opens up again, time for an extended vacation!

    There are a few of those animal overpasses in Florida. Animal deaths went down around 75% because of them. Good idea.

  3. been to pattaya 3 times now and really enjoy it but can you suggest anywhere else to visit, me and my hubby dont like sitting at the beach all day we like going out and exploring, he loves fishing? todays video is really clear and excellent quality.

  4. I love self exploding dogs! Question; does Paige get a little perturbed at all the partying and noise? You both are fantastic people, I try not to ,miss and episode. US postal service here is getting to be a real pain in the butt,have list item and quantity and full value or they will turn it back, problem Chinese and their black market! Make video of building pizza oven! International money order $$$$. Did you get a chance to watch the Gopro tips video I forwarded to you for night shooting?

  5. Thanks for showing us around on the way home , enjoy the road and greenery, Soi mafia was happy to see you and Paige back home 🏡, have a great day 🌴👍🏻🌴

  6. We miss Thailand so much, eventually we will return, though family obligations are more important at the moment.

    The view out of the Toyota’s front window reminds me so much of our own adventures.

    The road/route to Korat from Chonburi is pretty good, my GFs family lives about 70km outside of Korat in the mountains east of Khao Yai National Park off highway 304.

    We had the smaller engine on the same body style fortuner, ran about 35 PSI on the tires, a little hard at times but good on the highways. Didn’t change the shocks but I understand why you did it.

    White Lotus would be a good name for a bar, cafe or restaurant on Soi Buakhao. 😎

    Your mafia mother in law said, Kit Thung – “Missed you”, so sweet.

    Stay and Drive safe.

  7. Every time I go to immigration in Map Ta Putt I ask if the online 90 day is working. And they say no. Pain in the butt to have to go there from Rayong city each time.
    Anyway have a few days off. Cheers 🍻

  8. Hi Chuck, you blew up that poor puppy lol I would of did the same. Your inlaws were happy to see you home. Thanks for taking us on the journey and I look forward to the next one. Thanks for the video.

  9. Hi Chuck, Here in Maryland we had to send some packages to my daughter in law and my wife’s
    sister in Bangkok, I tried to send them without a value, but the post office wouldn’t let us do that. They
    Insisted we put a value on the customs form. FyI

  10. Noooo, you need to get the Ham and Cheese Croissant Sandwich, they cook it the same as the sandwich not in the microwave., not the soggy Croissant! 555

  11. Thanks sooo much for telling people how to say pattaya correctly.
    Im sure you noticed that some of the vloggers reguarly pronounce incorrectly.that is so ignorant of them.

  12. Great video Bud, yea Udonthani left roads are like deep pot holes very dangerous its a killer for a motobike rider My wife Pen said you said Pattaya the correct way, when i sent money or Gifts to my Wife girlfriend at the time there was always somthing missing

  13. Nice vid. First time viewer. Saw you with the other vloggers down south and thought I would check it out. A lot of road blocks on the way home. I was stationed in Thailand back in 73-74. Six months at Ko Kha -Lampang and six months at U-Tapao. Had a wonderful time. Thai people very nice. Love the north and the natural beauty of the country. Take care and hope all is well. Surprised I didn’t see the both of you at the Open Mic live stream. So long from MA in the USA.

  14. Different sounds, tonation and stressing give different meaning for Thai words. For example, soi Bua khoaw (white lotus), the word “khoaw” have 2 different meanings. Short “khoaw” stands for “mountain”. Long “khoaw” stands for “white”. And “khoaw” spoken by Chuck in this clip sounds short (mountain), not a long one (lotus). Ask Paige to give a correct sound. 😙

  15. Hey Chuk, if you think Paige is loud and fast, you need to hear my Thai wife! BTW I’m in Jomtien for three days from tomorrow (4-6) and would appreciate a beer with Daz. If he agrees, give me a thumbs up and I’ll send my number to your email. Cheers!

  16. Hi Chuckie and Paige from Carrollton, Texas (Dallas suburb).
    Your new GoPro 8 has made your videos amazingly clear and crisp. When I watch your intros, they match even guys who spend money being at the top-end of travel and food videos on Youtube like ‘Mark Wiens’ and ‘The Food Ranger’. Of course, maybe their wives are top-notch at editing or camera work, but your efforts are amazing. I love every single video you now post online. It is like visiting and traveling in Thailand live,,,your work is greatly appreciated in the USA. Texas is slowly coming back to normal and ‘Thank you Lord’ it has been way too long with this CV interrruption.

  17. Happy birthday to Mafia 🎂 🎉 🎊, I’m sure today (for you) is going to be a blast, really enjoyed the trip with you guys thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  18. Cant wait to visit Thailand again but I guess it’s only possible into mid-2021 .. with all the restrictions really dont know how many establishment would survive a year without tourists 😓

  19. ok chuck, I suggested a new pronunciation on ur “farang”, so to balance, I compliment on ur words of the day. i lived in Pattaya for many years prior to moving to bkk, hua hin, and now chiang mai. you pronunciation of ur words of the day is absolutely correct. i had a good friend that would visit in Pattaya, and he always pronounced it Pah-TIE-ya, and, while all English phonetic spellings of Thai words are approximations, I go with what the Thai govt has decided is the formal English spelling. so, I used to tell my friend when he said “Pah-TAI-ya, if he could show me the letter “i” anywhere in the word Pattaya- of course he couldn’t. but, as you said, it never stops them, but ur Thai friends know the correct pronunciation. I lived several places in Pattaya, for a short while out on soi buakhao, back when there was hardly a single building anywhere along that soi. but ur pronunciation for it is correct from all the local thai residents I knew then.
    Good job on ur words of the day!

  20. We have a lot of those “Nature Strips” in Australia on the open roads, I had been wondering where you guys had ben as I had not seen a post for a while. Glad to have you back 🙂

  21. Chuck, I watched that hand grenade blowing up dog scene at least 5 times and could not quit laughing, it was SO DAMN FUNNY! Thanks for the great editing!! 🤣😂🤣

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