Enter Through The Dragon for a site to see. I Love Thailand. นครปฐม

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  1. 🦩Chuck r u guys only traveling in Thailand or trying to go 🇱🇦 Laos,Cambodia , Malaysia 🇲🇾,Singapore,Indonesia , Vietnam 🇻🇳 Philippines 🇵🇭 , etc?

  2. ok “biscuits” I love how things names are different around the world….. we call that a scone in Ireland a biscuit is flat and has a snap… you guys may call it a cookie.. we got American style cookies too but that’s not a biscuit 🙂 its cool how things get changed in translation.. ie sidewalk is a foot path…. garbage is rubbish lol there’s other more droll as well but for another website 🙂

  3. Always make me happy watching your videos. I’m from Korat, my home right next to Soraphong’s temple, but right now I’m living in the US. Can’t wait to go home. 😊😊 Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful trip.

  4. G’day Chuck and Paige. The walk up the dragon looked like a good Cardio workout. But if you average out the up hill and down hill it turns out it was flat.

  5. Texas Chicken is a subsidiary of Church’s Chicken outside of the Americas, Church’s has honey biscuits and frosted biscuits here. I think the big monitor lizard that was at the Dragon temple in 2017 ate all of the fish, when we threw the food in it came swimming over and the fish disappeared. Thanks for sharing Chuckee, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼 Cheers 🍻

  6. Always wondered what the inside of the dragon temple was like.
    The view was great from the top.
    Yum the prawn meal looked mouth watering.
    Loving this trip.
    Everyday a new adventure and I’m apart of it.
    Thanks Chuck and Paige

  7. texas chicken is the same company as churches. When they first launched in indonesia, a man was upset because he thought churches chicken was a christian organization and did not wish to eat there (he was muslim, or so i am told). So churches rebranded in south east asia as Texas chicken. Also, they have churches chicken in Louisiana.

  8. LOL! Chuck “give the dog a biscuit “. Paige “No No No!”
    If I drove across the country to get something I crave, I don’t share with a dog. Not even a snail.
    You Rock!

  9. Just wanted say Thanks for the link to TLP, my process is underway, thanks to you and your inspiring videos. Can’t wait to get there but slow and steady…(COVID-19). Thanks mate.

  10. Exactly what I would do if “stuck” in Thailand. 3 times in Chiang Mai. But just twice to Isan. Cheap hotels. Friendly people. But stuck here in U. S. Maybe next year. Thanks.

  11. love the channel I try and catch you daily with no one traveling here much in the states it feels like iam on vacation with you i sent you something through PayPal keep the videos coming

  12. Good morning Chuck and Paige from 🇸🇬. Have an enjoyable and safe trip. Hotel nearby a Police Academy is either very Save or very Dangerous, depends on the situation of the day. ❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭🌴🌴🌴⛱️⛱️⛱️🌻🌻🌻

  13. Chuck FYI the Church’s Chicken is much bigger than just Texas. I can relate from personal experience that every State along the Gulf coast ( Texas to Florida ) they are all over. Inculding all over 🇲🇽 Mexico.
    But you really did not need to know this because your ” Not ever going Back to the USA”
    Unless you have to.

  14. Good morning from Australia, enjoying your videos, you mentioned the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, if you double the Celsius and add 28 it gives you Fahrenheit very close,

  15. Corn fed beef is bad.
    Grass fed and finished organic best.
    No covid in LOS and still wearing mask,BS!l
    Cats in Buriram all seem to have short curly tails.
    Elevator ala Big bang theory

  16. Ohhh you missed out by not going down into the tail of the turtle! It goes down about half a story and there is a pond with an island with a reclining Buddha. If you walk out the back it leads to a beautiful garden. Dang! I wanted to see that again! Lol

  17. i do understand the concept .. great that you expanded .. Yes its cheap to stay local .. I am like you travel an see as much of Thailand as possible .. Option to stay hotel ( Local hotels ) pool preferred . choice … Long term i am intending to build home Mae Sot region …. Mother in law can stay home , while Sunisa Myself explore all that is around ..

  18. you have to be careful with it with kilometers per hour on the Thai roads the speeds are being changed in udon it was 90 km on the ring road now there are different speeds but where you have to drive the strongest is the speed 80 now and taedt on the big traffic light is it down to 60 km now and by they are being changed everywhere in thailand and there for I also use waze gps as it detects promte when they know something with police rasier road work accidents speed control rapid changes on all thai roads just an information I jug one of those who makes all the changes so it fits

  19. After I watched your video I had to go to Church’s chicken and have dinner there.
    Ballantines is a great Scotch whiskey. And yes 28 degrees Celsius is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s 9pm in San Antonio Tx. Take care.

  20. Good morning from Minneapolis chuck and Paige. You mentioned the lizard at the temple, have you seen the size of them in Lumpini park? They are big enough to eat a dog.

  21. Hey, quick question. I’ve noticed in a couple of your road trip videos that Paige covers up in what looks like a blue blanket. Is that because you’ve got the A/C so cold that she is freezing? Love your videos.

  22. You are now a true and typical Thailander with your reference to American and not United States! Check your Messenger and your Instagram, email. … We are starting our rainy season….You could use your e-bike in the dragon tunnel….

  23. Couple things came to mind on that dinner, which looked great and delicious. Thai shrimp is huge in videos, I saw them at the military commissary in Hawaii, they really are humongous. Why do so many Thai dishes have a fried egg on top?

  24. Good afternoon Chuck and Paige, You don’t forget to go “Paknam-Pranbury” and “The Pran yacht port” . That place have the long road seaside 10 km, for happy your electric scooter play. I think you’d like it the windy beach and scenery in this month “November”. The yacht port sit near the mountain in “Pran” river. You can search by Google Earth map.

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