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  1. Nice to see the kids in a festive spirit. This Coronavirus sure is taking a toll on the adults. I remember snorkelers in Palawan. Just like those 3 in the video.

  2. The path parallel to the beach is being renovated. On the beach side all structures that encroached on the beach have been or are being demolished. The intention is to build a boardwalk running along the beach along the stretch which is about 2km..

  3. That’s a part that I know well Rod, I’ve spent many days and nights at Panagama . It’s nice to see it again and I notice more changes, Thanks for giving me my Moalboal fix Rod, enjoy your trip.

  4. No need for any certificates for snorkeling or scuba. . This is a party place on the weekends… If you want to know where the hangout is, let me know.

  5. Im in moalboal right now! Its quite quiet compared to when I was here last year, some bars/restaurants are closed and the ones that are open have a curfew of around 10.30pm. However the Chilli Bar on the sea front is open and a good place for drinks. There are some very nice places to eat and white beach is certainly a nice place to chill out. You require to get a tourism pass from the Municipal Hall to visit white beach. Im one of very few foreigners here at the moment, I am not here as a tourist im here visiting family therefore meet the visa requirements to allow me to enter the Philippines.

  6. cool trip! I Used to have rooms for rent there through Airbnb till this things happened.So now i only visit there in weekends in my friends souvenier shop.

  7. Your in my area, we are just pass the Gasino Town Center. Wish I was there to meet you, Missed you at the beginning of the year because of the covid. we are hoping to get back next year around Sept. Did you do any other videos around Moalboal?

  8. If you kept on going on the road you turned onto to park, right to the end, you would of found a restaurant where you might of been able to have something to eat.

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