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  1. Oh man you are correct. My wife bought a kareoke machine right after we moved back here. That thing could be listed as an “essential product” during these times.

  2. The Philippines government is as crazy as most of the Leftist Marxist Democrat Governors who are nothing but tyrants. There is zero evidence to support the nonsense that is going on.

  3. They Check IDs at the mails here in Davao City to make sure you are not 60+ which I am. Paul at Old dog new tricks said he had been turned away from a couple restaurants because they checked his ID and he is 60+.

  4. It’s crazy Rody. On Panay here we been on MGCQ for quite some time & now they start this face shield requirement when using public transport, but not required to enter mall. Quarantine pass currently not being asked for. I walked to Robinsons ( grocery store now making u fill out a tracing card before entering) along a busy road & made a point to observe people. Many bike/trike operators wear no shield & I even saw a few w/o a mask . This face shield thing is interesting as about 70-80% of people walking around on the street area I live are all w/o even wearing a mask.

  5. With all Due Respect?
    Face shields Does NOTHING!
    The stupidity of it All!
    While everyone is touching everything with their * bare hands! *
    Something smells of rotting fish and minds!

  6. Sure it’s good be out and about. Is everyone required to have a pass if their out. If they check ID’s are they checking for passes also? Be safe

  7. Thanks Rod. Do I buy face shield there at the airport when I come or should I bring one with me or make one from soda bottle ๐Ÿ˜? Got entry visa in my passport and ready to come back soon.

  8. The face shields offer no additional protection. My sister is a nurse and said this is a ridiculous policy. Some policy maker is making someone rich from forcing people to buy face shields. Corruption or stupidly, I donโ€™t know. Just like the ridiculous motorcycle back shields. Philippines has taken things much farther than other more developed Asian counties, why I donโ€™t know. Anyway, face masks and social distancing still is key. Be safe. Iโ€™ll be back to Cebu when the crazy policies there ends.

  9. Face shilds ???? The absolut stupidest thing the government has ever done. Astounding. Lets see, a bag of rice, you can barely afford, or a face shield, sounds like a no brainer to me. What a friggin joke.

  10. Thank you for your informative videos. Just a smart comment I’m going to make. They way they plug the appliance on the floor (even stepping on the fan with her shoe) amazes me. Talk about spreading COVID-19 which also resides beneath our shoes. We alcohol our hands but not our feet/shoe because of impracticality, but that just means feet/shoes must be held at a higher accountability more than ever. Just an observation. But great videos.

  11. Well We finally begged and spent eight hours to get a travel pass to go to Cagayan de oro. Went to NBI then to the mall. My three year old is growing like a weed. Needed clothes and shoes for the three of us. We were not allowed to enter . Im to old and child to young. We would have spent close to 50,000 pesos. The economy is bad !!! Why?? Because of Stupid people making STUPID. Rules !!!! And FYI in the philippines not everything is cheap. Many things thirty to fifty % more in cost !!!

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