Family Trip to Latino Restaurant for Scrumptious Paella, Dumaguete City

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  1. I was in this restaurant once and I got scared … There are no windows there 🙂 But it’s nice that you like it there 😉

  2. Ned, happen to know any Pinoy website builders looking for a site to help build? Looking for a person not a company, I will pay cash daily.

  3. I am really happy to see Marco opened his place . I miss Dumaguete I wish going back again soon . Thank you guys . Whatcing your videos all the time 🙂

  4. Very good restaurant! Especially for PH, there are not many good italian restaurants that I’ve seen while I was in Manila. Only one, but that was run by an Italian in Makati.

  5. Muy Bueno makes me miss my Puerto Rican food and also missing good Italian cold cuts. hope to make it to dumaguete before I head back to the USA and check out the different restaurants you’ve highlighted with the Misses

  6. Ned, You mentioned the SRRV visa holders as those among permanent residents being allowed to re enter the country.. I have one and have been trying to get back to the US since May. I check with a supervisor in PRA ( Philippine retirement Authority ). Unfortunately SRRV holders are not included in the list of foreigners with long term visas that are allowed to enter the Philippines. PRA is trying to have the Bureau of Immigration change this as SRRV holders are in fact permanent residents here. I suspect that it was an oversight that no one cares enough yet to fix. I just wanted to clarify for your other subscribers. Hopefully this will change soon. Stay safe….enjoy life…

  7. Ned, don’t mean to correct you, but I believe the ticket to get back in, is a long term visa, and a marriage license presently..Also possibly a copy of your Filipina wifes passport.. Thanks for sharing the video, Sir…

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