Fancy $45usd White Sands Beach front resort. Island Koh Chang Luxury Tour.

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  1. $45?! I can’t even get a Motel 6 in a bad neighborhood. Rainy but still nice. Plus, being from Hawaii, the rain rarely last more than an hr in tropical regions. Still see sunshine even on rainy days unlike Seattle where it rains for a month or 2 straight.

  2. Another great place and great video. That massaman gai looked delicious I like it spicy made with chicken thighs if it’s made with white meat it just doesn’t absorb the flavor. Thanks for sharing Chuckee, many blessings to you Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  3. Ok, now I see what you’ve resorted too…parading around your hot wife in a bikini….damn, she look good!!!….hahaahha….(you’re hot too Chuckie)…..and then the bubble bath scene!! Jesus, Mary and Holy Saint Joseph!!!

  4. Once again, another amazing video! I fondly remember that island back on my very first trip to Thailand back in January of 1993. Your work continues to impress! I was wondering if you had a status update from Daz since he’s arrived back here in the States? I really enjoyed your videos that included him as he was a charismatic character! My wife, son, and baby daughter are looking forward to returning as we have family in Thailand. Stay safe and be well! (Scott, Chicago, Illinois, USA).

  5. Hello Legendary Khun #ChuckPaige. Love you guys. You’re Minister of Enjoyment and Tourism.
    Please while enjoying do preserve part of the enjoyed luxury getting ready for the resurgence of pandemic. Tougher times still lies ahead and I will like seeing the Minister of Enjoyment #ChuckPaige happy all the time.

  6. Wow percolated coffee and Bangalow living , deserted island no queue no rush ! You have all the attention all to yourself ! Bet you guys feel so special !!! Enjoy ja ! Hope you’d do some comparison between your last and this visit please 🙂
    BTW what’s plan on ya birthday 30th September young man ?

  7. Nice those are some great rooms, that buffet looks good too. If you can try out the Sunday brunch at the JW Marriott in BKK it’s expensive but so many items and really the best I’ve ever had, I went last November and can’t wait to go again. Thanks again for posting.

  8. Chuckee in a Buc Ees. T-shirt that is. Thanks for the video and welcome to the new Thai subscribers. Can’t wait for the next video hopefully the weather isn’t too bad but I’ll watch a bad weather Thai video in any case.

  9. Crikey its not busy there, most of the hotel workers are from Isann thats why Udonthani bars and massages parlors are busy here, great video Chuck and Paige have a great day Guys, oh be very careful if you go boogie surfing the waves might have a rip current that can take you out, i been surfing for 36 years and know the sea well and respect

  10. Chuck, give thought to doing a video with an itinerary for someone who wants to come for a two month visit. I hope to do that in the coming year. Your videos have been a great past time for me in last few months. Much thanks Rich Hogan Melbourne Fl

  11. Chuck every time i am in Thailand that is my only issue with breakfast is that the bacon is very undercooked but i have found all good hotels will make it for you crispy if you ask… L.A Rob

  12. Loved it guys, and your new room looks really really nice, overall a fantastic resort, we are planning to head to Khao lak end of beginning of the month for Lisas birthday, stay safe

  13. You guys look outside and see the ocean, I look outside in Oklahoma and see oak and blackjack trees… Lol
    The pigs are keeping me busy though….
    You two have fun… Your scenery is beautiful👍

  14. Good morning, we have been in Kok Chang twice the last time was in 2007 with our parents and it was amazing time. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place. We will definitely going back one day 😃

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