Farang Soup. We Don’t Have to Agree

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  1. Thank you for the walk and talk! We will visit your part of Thailand at some point when we eventually return, my GF has a friend who is from and lives in Nakon Pathom, spoken about heading there several times already to see her. Stay safe.

  2. Good morning Chuck, Paige, mafia mom, Thailand. Open up we all want to come back. BTW did you just upload two vids in one day?😎👍
    Sunday fun day can’t wait. Thailand did so great with the corona I wish they would compare it with NZ in the news. Ok enough political had to say it. I’ll keep watching. 😎

  3. Hi Chuck, If you are bored, you can drive to my house and video it and my garage for me and i wont feel so home sick. My house is between Nong Khai and Udon Thani. I am stuck in Australia and we are still locked down. I have been fighting cancer, melanoma, now in remission or close to it. If Page loves stickers, my garage is covered in them, plus 2 very nice Harleys in there, A custom chopper and a 2014 street glide cvo. My house that i built, looks like an Aussie country style house, not the norm for Thailand. My wife is stuck in Thailand and I am in Aus, your videos have been, great for me, it’s not home, but they make me feel like i am there. Thanks for your videos. Rob

  4. No need to explain why you chose to pass on the event in Rayong. Life happens. Having never been to That Phanom your videos, bike rides, and opinions carry great weight in my opinion. I definitely want to visit the area in my search for a retirement domicile. I agree it is very beautiful. Thailand has everything anyone would need. Life is far too short to be negative. Thanks Chuck and Paige. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  5. Nice walk about and chat. You can tell your fearful friends there is no problem with the virus here in Rayong.. in fact the PM was here for a visit. Cheers 🍻

  6. Thank You very much for watching and sharing with us everyday life living and exploring Thailand. Many people won’t agree with what we do and we don’t expect them too. Opinions based on ones own experiences and needs will not be the same, and does not make either not true, or wrong. This is a community where we can share our own experiences and help others. Thank you for the Thumbs up and the new subscribers.

  7. I just love the putt putt motor bikes….Make good banana bread out of over ripe bananas…1000 videos, help an orphan….Coffee and a Massage…..T-shirt that say I am not a tourist I live here……ฉันไม่ใช่นักท่องเที่ยวฉันอาศัยอยู่ที่นี่….chicken is for eating bones for soup stock….How about a tourist trap?…..Take care be happy……

  8. Thank almighty GOD we have the freedom we have in AMERICA. I don’t agree with burning the flag but i’m glad we have the freedom to do it. WE don’t all have to agree. I have family members that have fought in every war only to come back here and treated like crap.

  9. Hey Chuck. I really enjoy your videos, I dare you to say the word “Sunday” without following it with the words “Fun Day”. I’m sure you’ll go into seizures so maybe you best not try it.

  10. Thanks chuck and Paige for showing us around the neighborhood, when I visited you the market was open and Lao people were visiting was great 👍, thanks for bringing back memories, have a great day chuck and Paige 🌴👍🏻🌴

  11. As you were walking along the river and then you said there is noone to “maintain” things. I was just noticing the beautiful street lights but then half of the globe light covers were broken or missing. Too bad they don’t keep up infrastructure like you said the left lane is so bumpy and not maintained. And the electrical (oh my goodness) wiring.

  12. I, for one, don’t think you need to state any kind of preamble to your videos!….Your opinions are you’re opinions!….and you state them eloquently…I might not agree with everything you say but, I support free speech first and foremost….right on, brother!

  13. Thanks Chuck and Paige I have been to Japan when I was in the service. The culture of the orient is so much more respectful than the USA especially to the older folks.

  14. You know watching you on the Isaan Farang channel and watching this video after subscribing, you really communicate the same language I do. On this litter, I agree 100%. Where I live in Louisville, people here just throw things down on the ground, even when there is a trash can at their feet. Seen it over and over. Usually these are minorities from low income neighborhoods that are just pure landfills. It’s about how you are raised, education and taking pride in your neighborhood as you said. On the riots, one of the reasons I want to get out of this country these days. Thailand is full of happy people it appears to me, not self entitled folks self hating millennials. I guess I better stop before the PC police arrest me. Enjoyed the video!

  15. Hey Chuck and Paige… good morning from The Adams Family…. we go where we want to go… you know the jingle…Ron,Gip, and Rola!! I like when you said “ I’m going to cut that shit right here”. Made me laugh. You know you’ve got to stir it up a little bit. So, I had a thought! 🙂 What if Paige could wear a microphone (wireless) sometime on your morning walks or whenever … might be a good addition … just a thought. Ok…. have a great day and as always , thanks….

  16. Thanks for the video Chuck. Planning another road trip from Singapore to Thailand when borders reopen….is there any nice mountain bike trails in your hometown?

  17. Yummy chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles. The trash problem in Thailand isn’t as bad as some SE Asian countries but it could definitely be better. Thanks for showing us around again, I always enjoy the tours of your neighborhood. Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  18. what is it about covid that makes people say things like you know what, outside of Thailand we are dealing with covid every day and in Australia and new zealand, why cant you say the word (covid) try and get over it chuck, otherwise we love your channel.

  19. Hey Chuck unfortunately something you didn’t want to talk about but hit on is spot on, no pride here in the USA, just blame game. Not to get too political but no sports watching in my household because of the non sense. I do agree with you on Thais having strong love for their country but as you speak, many many Thai people are protesting to change some rules regarding the monarchy and government. I can see the people’s point there but here in the USA 🇺🇸 it’s just plain stupid. Nice video.

  20. Things you learn as you go along(Im still trapped outside the country but still learn), my girl was given some ducks by the government(wont say what Isan province) and she and the rest of the villagers who got them were taxed 1 duck each by the local office, she said duck corruption. Love you vids keeps me in touch.

  21. Thank you so much for all of your support of our new business. We totally understand why you could not make the grand opening. We will welcome you whenever you come this way on your next adventure. I feel the same way you do Chuck. I truly cannot stomach all the negative expat chatter about this amazing country and it’s fantastic people. This is why I enjoy the company of khun Thai more than most Farang. We do have a very good expat community here in Ban Chang, and most are grateful to be living here in the Kingdom. When I get an ear full of the negative talk I tend to ask a question to those Farang that NEVER have anything good to say. “What slave ship brought you here?” I often get nasty looks and responses, but you know what, Jimmy cracked corn, and I don’t care. I love Thailand too my friend, and if they disrepect Thai people too much in my presence, they will hear from teacher. Maybe I’m a zealot, or a Thai flag waving supporter, but I know so many Farang that are living the best years of their lives in this great country, and they only have positive experiences to share here. Silent majority is a real thing amongst the great immigrants such as yourself. Keep doing what you are doing, because you show respect to the natives in a very positive way, as any decent person should do. Miss you guys, and we’ll see you on the next one. Peace and love, TTT

  22. Loved the walk and talk in today’s episode. Also loved hearing and seeing the parks and gardens and how it is maintained. As a horticulturist and worked in high maintenance gardens in the City of Melbourne and now in 503km 2 open spaces in Hume I find it fascinating to see how the garden in your town are maintained. It all looks far more relaxed and joyful rather than CoM trimmed to within a cm of its life.
    Hume is basically western plains and dry, dry,dry….so brown and dusty.

    Cheers and all the best bishka 🐨

  23. Make sure your nails are pretty also 🤠. Around here, people ask, “How are you or How you doing?” Instead of bye nye? If you ever start to express how you are really doing, they tend to runaway! Maybe it’s just me they run from 🤓

  24. In fact, police have to buy uniform and guns ( usually a Glock ) and you so high on the Mekong river but never add that is one of the dirtiest rivers on Earth

  25. 100% agree with your observations about sad old Pattaya expats. They live in a negative expat bubble and really have no idea about anything outside of a couple sexpat sois..

  26. Great video Chuck! Everyone should show respect for the country they live and flag. People have died in conflicts to build the country where they live. If the country bothers people so much try living somewhere more in tune with your beliefs and values. I stand for the national anthems in Thailand out of respect for the country and the Thai people. I love it that they play the national anthem. I wish more countries did this.

  27. Everybody has different opinions! I don’t have an issue others opinions. Most are based on their limited view of the world. I don’t like it when they try and force you to agree. Thailand is beautiful place if you don’t like it go back to where you come from. Many people have lived in Thailand for many many years and still come to terms they are in another country. I will be back as soon as I can travel both ways without any restrictions. Thanks so much for sharing you every day life style.
    Jeff Perth Australia

  28. The birds that we hear near the river and in the parks sound similar fo doves. Are they doves or pigeons or something entirely different? Re; shoe repair. I’d suggest Shoe Goo if you can get it. I would not suggest you request from your subs unless you want 297 tubes to go along with all the garlic salt! lol Hi to Paige!

  29. Spent a week in Buriram about 2 years ago really like the city it’s quite relaxed not too much traffic and good roads. Looking forward to your video there 👍

  30. I read today where there’s an American doing some stupid s*** over there hes fixing to get some real good Justice I hope from Thailand maybe teach him a lesson I love Thailand to never been there but I love watching the videos

  31. Sorry you didn’t make it to Rayong this time. I live in Rayong (where there indeed is no “you know what”) and I’ve been subscribed to your channel since the start of “you know what”. It’d be nice to meet you and Paige in person whenever do go to visit Teacher Thomas. I’ll be keeping an eye on your schedule. 🙂🙏🏽

  32. Chucky + Paige in the mafia’s house – now there is a good title – great local area and so chilled – can see why your riding mate – awesome area.. Once we see borders open i think i may pop over from oz to say g’day!

  33. That was a very nice stroll ! 👍🏻 Nice to see the Liver full, made a basic chicken noodle soup also, carrots, onions, celery, and whatever else at hand..enjoyed the walk 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  34. I think it’s some of the older generation who are difficult to convince. Younger people tend to be more rational, hence why no one still thinks of Rayong as being a “dangerous” hot spot. Most Thais, like people anywhere also tend to have short memories, so still talking about Rayong and the Egyptian soldier 6 weeks after it stopped being a topic seems like a very unusual thing.

  35. I wouldnt call people fools because they 5hink different to you n perhaps me lol , l think everybody has different experiences in life both in Thailand and the western world , For example l hate Bangkok n could not live in a big city , everybody is different and have different likes and dislikes , l never put people in groups , we are all different , perhaps if not it would be boring ! I think instead of wasting your time thinking about others and perhaps condemning its better to live and enjoy our own lives and let them live theirs in their own way ! Good luck for your future , but without thinking other people are wrong or fools enjoy your own !

  36. this is the only thing i subscribe to on the net,i really enjoy your videos and commentary also the laid back way paige is and i like your opinions and your travels,keep up the good work and thank you,very entertaining

  37. Hey hi from down under in Australia…have been a new subscriber and enjoying your videos but mate there has been 11 ads inserted into this vlog which is very high, not sure if your getting any kick back but he’ll mate it’s very off putting, not sure if anyone else is getting the same as it fluctuates so much….anyway keep up the videos

  38. If you didn’t know Tesco used to be in the USA under the brand name Fresh & Easy, it failed miserably not sure why, maybe they should of stuck with Tesco:-) I believe it’s the second biggest retailer after Walmart. Great video as usual.

  39. Great Video as always your Gopro 8 Videoing looking Awesome Bud, lol I say Sawadee Krap in so many different ways its like saying hello in lots of different ways too

  40. As a Thai person, I am always frustrated when I see these idiots littering where ever they want. With poor law enforcement, you can see them everywhere in tourist areas or even in the national parks.

  41. You must complain if you want improvement, sometimes it’s a mistake, and you see more about the place by how they react, if you complain nicely they usually are thankful, if not don’t go back. In my opinion it’s not fair to keep quiet and not complain, as you don’t give them a chance to correct what may be wrong.

  42. Sawadee khaa Mr. Chuck and “Rainbow-Flower* Paige – she is always so colorfull!
    Verry nice Tour through your environment park and places in home Town, i loeved it 😍🌴🌴🌺🌾
    What matters most, is how well you walk through your one Live!
    My Italian Mama (she is in Haven), told me many times, when i was disappointed, ” dont be sad, this people they even dont serve you Bread”🤗
    Greatings to lovely Mama Soi Mafia for her Birthday, she is so caring… 💖💖💖
    PS: I love this cute wooly white dog…..hmmmm hmmmm?

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