1. Hello Mr Brown ,sadly could not make your first live stream wish I could have made it but our time differences did not allow me to take part ,take care πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Bud, I have been a sub for quite along time and I know of your interest in languages. Have you seen the you tube vlogger of a young American man who speaks a few languages including many dialects of Chinese. He is a native New Yorkerwho goes to various Chinese businesses and will start in english and then switch to a Chinese dialect to capture there reaction of them. He speaks so fluently the people are always shocked lol. The site is:Xiaomanyc, he has over 2.5M subs

  3. I sometimes think there are trolls who just see how far they can go before they get deleted. Welcome to the age of technology where live stream seems to be the way. The only thing I don’t like about live stream is if you didn’t view it live, it’s usually too long for my attention span and I don’t even bother looking at it.

  4. Gday great listening to you 2 guys talk about your life experinces episode 2 will be better when Bud learns more about live streaming well done

  5. Lance was a saturation diver. And someone asked if he feels safe? Haha, I don’t think his idea of safety is the same as most.

  6. Love it Bud and Lance very good job both of you i really enjoyed it thank you both me to im Stuck hear in South Australia so cold hear wish i was at my place up Northern Cebu Sorry i couldn’t watch you live we had lots to do today as well

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