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  1. Rod. Was in Jmall today as had an appointment with immigration. There were probably 3 times the people at the mall today and a lot more stores open. Even parking was kind of challenging. They were reminding some people to properly wear masks but nothing was said to anyone about the faceshields. Was a bit surprised the number of stores open from what I had heard.

  2. Lol not a’s a formal wear or formal shirt and not all filipina that work in the mall are not from the province..ask them if they’re from Cebu first but good to see the mall last time I was there was in January

  3. Hi Rod, nice mall, though a tad out of the way considering its South Cebu, an area we have no reason to visit. Dickies is an American Company which provides quality clothing including mens underwear which lasts forever, still got some. Best long lasting underwear i have ever bought in my life, LOL. Looks to me, the economic recovery of the Philippines is going to be a long time coming.
    Here, we have just today moved to level one, for the whole of the country except Auckland city and district which is still on Level 2,
    basically what it means is Auckland is the only region with ongoing restrictions at least for the next two weeks when it will be reviewed again by the Government. The remainder of the country has no restrictions now. Cheers mate and regards to you and Arlene. Bob.

  4. Just a thought why don’t other vloggers do what you do when there is music…just edit and do narration? So much better than talking over the music our running away from it….another great video Rod…see you on the next one my friend.

  5. I miss the phil bad Rod. I wish I could just go to a far away island with a quiet and white beach and stay there for months. I dont need luxury, chinese or koreans there AT ALL and just need a quiet and beautiful nature, low cost and full of chickens and roosters and dogs. enjoy ur stay in the phil and travel to islands if u can. stay healthy and safe my friend.

  6. We enjoyed the video. I stayed in Cebu for a couple of weeks when my GF picked me up there and that was the first mall I was ever in here in the Philippines. I purchased a lot of things there. We have been back to Cebu 3 times since then I like Cebu. It looked like a ghost town compared to when I was there. I am happy to see things are opening up there. We are not you would call back to the new normal yet here in Davao City either.

  7. Good video Rod. I remember Seaside well. The ladies were charming. The lady in the red blouse was just shy, her English was fine. I sure hope the government doesn’t wait for things to implode before they do what a blind man could see they must do. I’m already thinking of ways to spring my fiancee. I don’t know where we could go besides Sweden at the moment.

  8. Do you know if U..S. can enter Cambodia ?
    I know your not a travel agent ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ but I know you always give an honest answer and if you don’t know you just say that .
    Thanks , stay safe as well

  9. Ron I have about 4 pair of glasses that I purchased in the Philippines I paid 1500 for hi end frames and lenses eye test was included
    I stop buying my glasses in Canada because I would pay $300to $400 for glasses and $90 eye test it’s much cheaper in the Philippines

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