Filipina Provence Girls, Beauty, Brains, Personality Plus! , Life in the Philippines July 19, 2020

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Filipina Provence Girls, Beauty, Brains, Personality Plus!, Life in the [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. I married the best of both worlds. A girl raised in the province but then had three years of college and fifteen years of working in the city where she learned computer skills and management skills. So she can cook and also manage me.

  2. As we all know girls all get bossy, we sometimes put up with it if they give us great benefits like cooking great food and are otherwise good to hang with and it looks like That guy Dougs got a keeper.

  3. What a beautiful girl, with such a beautiful personality…Another great interview Paul. Gio is such a lucky man, I could l look at that smile all day.

  4. Thanks for sharing your life journey. I can see you have “ grit “ for your future. Grit (personality trait) Grit in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal or end state (a powerful motivation to achieve an objective).

  5. yep another nice vlog i hope it all works out for her she seems switched on !! i know she is from the provinces and they like Chicken out there lol !!!! Where is me m8!!! Hail the Chicken !!!

  6. You do great interviews Paul, with some great questions that get people to open up to you. You’re a natural for this type of show and always make everyone laugh. Thanks for the entertainment, that was fun and funny.

  7. Ging! Love Ging’s vlog too! Sharp as a razor and soft as a prayer. Gio is a lucky man. I continue to be impressed by the maturity of these young women.

  8. I think Paul you are a cross between Johny Carson and David Letterman so I think we’ll call you the David Carson of the PHILIPPINES Only poking fun your the best best regards to you and Mae.

  9. Hey Paul. Your impromptu interviews are always the best and no need to edit. Didn’t see Gaylord today but he was probably hiding from the thunder. LOL God Bless

  10. Great interview. Hope Gings able to adjust to the move to KL Malaysia when it happens. I know she’ll mis her family, but she’s strong willed…that’ll carry her thru anything.

  11. Paul you always make me smile and laugh. You’ve got a great gift of fun communications that always keeps me smiling, even when I’m having a bad day. Thank you for the work you do.
    My fiancé Joann and I have a very small channel that we started just for fun. We filed a few months ago for a k1 visa. Wish us luck!! 🤠💕👰🏻

  12. Since she’s 21 years old, she’s probably wondering what a ‘home phone number’ is. Very entertaining interview, Paul. Ging is a delight. But I think she said that she was looking for a stable job, not a civil job.

  13. Great interview! Ging is the best and her channel is very entertaining. All of us single western men would move to the Philippines tomorrow if we could meet a province girl like Ging.

  14. Wonderful interview Paul. Your guest Ging was so articulate and full of positive energy. What a great story about her early life growing up in the province. She’s an amazing personality, with a brilliant and driven spirit. She should have many options for a bright future!

  15. This is the best. I’m watching it for the second time. I wish you could know my wife and her family in Zamboanga City. Their males are notorious, they don’t take no sh*t. One time my wife’s niece got kidnapped by some Abu Sayaaf types, because one of them was infatuated with her, well a few of them there kidnappers up and got themselves killed somehow in the middle of the night, and the girl set free. And no questions got asked by local authorities. Story kinda of Went Away.

  16. Your interviews are awesome! So heart felt and your laugh is contagious. Despite yourself degradation at times, we followers know your basically a good guy 🙂

  17. Hi Paul, I think you misheard her. She said, “stable” job and not civil job. 😊😊The word “stable” is a very common word there in the Philippines. Unlike here in the U. S., “civil” word is more common use. I just want to wish her more jobs and success in her future endeavors!! 👍

  18. “No we don’t edit here.” “Really!??” LMAO ..Great to see Gings Interview…I’ve been subscribed to Ging channel for like 3 weeks..she ought to do a blooper reel of her videos very funny.

  19. It is amazing that she has kept such a great attitude with all that she is been through. Life’s challenges can strengthen you or tear you apart. Good for Ging!

  20. Ging is as cute as can be, as is her personality! I’ve already been subscribed to her channel for a couple weeks. I wish her lots of luck for her future.

    Another great interview Paul!

  21. Always remember that,,,, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,,,,most of the young ladies you feature won’t even get a second look from a native pinoy,,,we met outside of immigration in Duma last month,,,I have many pinoy friends that are amazed at the choices of females western men choose for gfs,,,,old expats just get a thrill anytime a young pinay smiles at them,coz in the States the only smiles they get is from 50s yr old wrinkled over the hill broads

  22. Your laughter and her lovely smile are contagious. The Filipina ladies are absolutely wonderful, my wife is a Filipina province girl and you couldn’t find a more loving and caring woman. Keep up the good work, it’s a pleasure to watch your channel!

  23. Thanks for having Ging on. It was so much fun watching her interact with you. After discovering her on Gio’s channel, I watch her channel all the time and really enjoy it. She’s so full of life.

  24. Ging’s channel is very entertaining and well worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet. She’s a very happy and genuine person and it comes across on her channel.

  25. You dirty dog now what’s that number ! I’d give her my number anytime wat a smile and a happy personality to going to have 18 k sub’s less than two months.

  26. I’m not sure if I can say this without being offensive, trying to be tactful as I can. But all these girls seem so…shallow. Maybe it’s the language barrier, or a shyness factor. I’m certainly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it just does not seem like there is a whole lot of depth there. She is beautiful and smiling and good-natured, but I think I would be bored of them in 10 minutes. Let me add that I have watched her channel, I have enjoyed some of her videos, especially the one where her little brother climbs the avocado and coconut trees.

  27. I just noticed that Paul tends to ask multiple choice questions. “What do you like to do? Do you like to sing? Do you like to dance? Do you like origami?” I guess it makes it easier when the interviewee gets tongue-tied. Another fine interview by the way. Ging is very charming and funny.

  28. Paul I can’t find gins adventure channel.some guy has that name .you need to spell out people’s in written form so we can find your guest channel.tell gin many of us need more info on her channel.she will loose may subscribers like me.

  29. What a great interview Paul with Ging. What a sweet soul and that smile. Years ago we would say her teeth look like chickletts a type of gum years ago. Mesmeriseing smile. I wish all the best for her and Gio in their journey together thru life!. Now lets talk about you Paul. Honestly dude…you have a way of asking certain questions and a demeanor that is so sincere and intersting to the common man….or the common Dog! Love your interviews and will have to check out Gings chanel.I dont se a link here can you post it for us please?

  30. what a gorgeous, precious child. Sharp! great personalty, beautiful smile. Kind of girl that should be sponsored to study further or learn some business skills. So much potential !

  31. What the heck Paul, did Gaylord fly the coup? The fact that the thumbnail to the video has Gaylord in the hands of your guest has me worried 😁😁. Another award winning interview. You just keep them coming and they are all interesting. No two are alike so you keep them interesting. You are becoming the Phil Donohue of the Philippines. 😂😂. Love them all!

  32. Hey Paul, enjoyed the vlog. I follow you, Gio, and Baby Mae. I added Ging a few days ago. Her channel is also one to watch and enjoy…always upbeat and full of fun.

  33. Glad to not see crutches next to Ging! I watched two vids of her learning to drive a motor scooter, with one eye open and praying for her

  34. That was Great – So much Fun to watch you laugh with your guests and to see them get excited and laugh as well. I really like the not edited interviews, its unique for Youtube. I do kinda miss the chicken on the back of the other sofa !! Looking forward to more fun and laughs Paul !!

  35. Paul you are rockin that hair of yours- and that Ging is friggn cute and so sweet and such a prize Filipina province girl for a lucky western boy

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