Finally, A Heavy Rain

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  1. Glad you are getting some Brian. It has been raining here for nearly 2 days straight. Rained so heavy the tent thing Jen has put over the back door came down and we got some water inside. Let it rain 🙂

  2. The peppers will love that you sow it directly into those rice hulls. All that nitrogen from the manure will give them a great start. You should have bought some large garbage bins or something to catch all that wonderful rain. What a waste.

  3. We need some rain here in northern AZ. too. We’ve had very little here for our monsoon. I thought for a minute that was Mary Poppins with the umbrella…lol
    Are those toads or frogs there? I didn’t hear no splash or splat when you fell, that’s a good sign maybe… 🙂

  4. Brian it’s good to see how the water runs in heavy rains, that water going to the fattening pens you could pull that pipe under the path and replace it with a steel grate

  5. Would be nice if you can get into a late afternoon rain pattern or any more rain. Take it you are going to forgo the caribou tea bags for a bit and get everything back balanced. I think in two week so so you will have it looking like a miniature golf course again. Like seeing the clear water in the most pits.

  6. 100% barley mix not good why?: It also needs your local soil! The soil is important. The soil helps RETAIN / KEEPS moisture next to starting seed root.

  7. I hope the American vegetable seeds you planted will germinate and grow. Too much long rain sometimes will stop work and can’t accomplished something.

  8. STUDY YOUR GERMINATION: look at your seeds germinating every day. STUDY THE MOISTURE in soil, look at root. This is reason we understand why seeds died.

  9. Hey Brian, could you possibly set up a simple rain catch system that has a gutter leading to the first pit then when it rained it would be putting clean fresh water in and save on the well. Keep up the good work!!

  10. Ask for super phosphate instead, they make it in the Philippines. It is 0-18-0. Or even 16-20-0 is used for azolla, called ammonium phosphate. Azolla does not need the nitrogen, but I don’t know if it would hurt it or not. Not enough phosphate will definitely hurt it. Turning brown can also be caused by too hot.

  11. We don’t have Rain here in Vancouver Canada since June up to now? But enjoy the nice summer not so hot it temperature 21 to far. Enjoy the rain it gold rain needed for Farmers in Bohol waiting for Rain for planting rice. It been long time no rain in bohol supposed to be a already two months plant rice fields but no rain hoe rain pa Mores. Really need this gold rain. Good luck bohol more rain rain rain more. Good luck farmer’s. Godbless.

  12. Glad to see that you actually got some rain, I was looking at the acuweather video for bohol yesterday afternoon, saw the rain coming thru your way.
    Agree about Jalapenos, used to have loads on my seafood pizzas, back in England.
    Hopefully, that rain will have penetrated the soil, so that their should be some moisture available for the roots, below the ricehulls, when you plant the seeds.
    Thanks for the interesting walk about, being interesting to see how quickly the azolla comes back.
    Ask at the store about superphosphate. They may recognise that term?!!

  13. Happy the rain finally got there hopefully you’ll see more of them and i know your glad the well is done so you don’t have to worry about a cave in GOD BLESS

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