Food Review: Cheap Kiosk Tacos, in the Philippines

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  1. Just for a goof I figured I’d check out the ‘Mexican’ food at this little kiosk at the Lee’s Mall in Dumaguete, Philippines.

  2. What fun!  I like to try new stuff if I feel up for it.  Never could stand tacos, but I recall 5 cent bean burritos at Olvera Street in Los Angeles during the Helter Skelter Summer.  I also had my first fish ‘n’ chips there, wrapped in UK newspapers!  My French spouse will not eat junk or fast food and will NOT eat American food, but in the US, he tried EVERYTHING and liked most of it, he wanted to try it ALL!  (Just no eggs before noon!)  He ate it really, really slowly, scenting it, looking at it, et c.  Very fun!!!!!

  3.   I wonder Henry ??? because you’ve been sick quite a bit while your
    over there in the Phils, as you’ve mentioned in your videos before–can
    that have anything to do with the food ??? I was reading about this guy
    who lives there, and says they wash the lettuce for salads with the tap water
    there, and he was saying it could make you sick ??? I say this because when
    I was in Mexico, I had diarreha all the time, and bad stomach cramps everyday.
    BTW-I’m not one to get sick either–never get sick at all here in Canada.
    At that time, about 20 years ago, it could have been due to bad refrigeration
    systems–I don’t know??? My solution was to eat “fish” and drink very light
    Corona beer, and it worked great. Reason I drank beer, is I knew the water
    they used in it was disinfected, and distilled.( lost a lot of weight as well) It’s
    a funny thing–I have a cast iron stomach in my country, but if I go to a place
    like Mexico, I can’t seem to handle the food, without getting sick–maybe you
    have a comment, or solution on this subject Henry???- Grant ( in Canada)

    1. @BLACKCROW WALKING- I’m sure your probably 100% correct Blackcrow,
      as the human body can cope with a lot of elements, and adjust to things in the
      immediate environment. For a new comer to the land out there in the Phils, the
      person would not have the same resistance to bacteria etc in the water supply
      that a native Filipino person would. Thanks for your input on this Blackcrow.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines How about the nutritional value of those types of food though? Being in the PI’s one’s diet should be almost entirely of fresh fruits and veggie’s for optimal health.

    3. @Grant Bedard i’ve been fine with the food since i got here.  i just tried this cheap-o place for a goof.  i tossed up meal once since i got here, but that was due to some cheap rum in my pina colada.

  4. Henry you have only been over there two years. It’s been more than twenty years since Taco Bell sold 25 cent tacos. Hahaha. Just picking on you man, I got your point. I sure wish Taco Bell did sell 25 cent tacos. Four for a dallar? Heck yah I would be there twice a week.

    Speaking of prices I was going to take the wife out to see the new Disney Planes movie last night until I saw they wanted $12.25 (Php 530) per person. Of course you already know the OUTRAGIOUS prices for popcorn and cokes. I decided to not go because I can wait for the DVD to come out. Oh, and today a large bottle of Bacardi which cost me $26.95 (Php 1,167)! Sure made me miss my Tanduy Superior for a quarter of the cost. :-/

    Thanks for the info on the tacos.

  5. I like to see other ethnicities take on ethnic food.My friend Don’s wife was born and raised in Mexico,and no matter what she makes,it tastes like Mexican food.She made Lasagna that looked perfect,but.tasted like Mexican food. 8o)

  6. I don’t think Taco Bell has 25 cent tacos anymore. I tried tacos in Cebu and really did not like them too much either. The cabbage they use instead of lettuce makes it strange. But they were definitely edible. On a rating of 1 to 10 in would rate them 3 to 4. Great video Henry. I am still watching.

  7. How could you really screw up a burrito? Don’t challenge them!!! LOL
    Glad to see you accompanied again. Three more weeks and I’m in the air for Zamboanguita via a side trip in Manila. Hope to see you some time.

    1. @gerald dedon i’ve turned down dog before, just on general principle.  i don’t blame them for eating it, but i can’t bring myself to partake.

  8. Folks municipal water in Philippines not good for drinking even I got sick when I visited Philippines last 2005 but I went to my old provincial town I drank straight out from underground water source no problem.

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