Ford Ranger Raptor Racetruck in Thailand

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  1. Can you use a drone at the practice track? Great coverage in the garage! Just got done watching Indy cars race in my home town St Petersburg this weekend. Helicopter had the best coverage by far.

  2. Toyota employees seeing you missing the Honda Fes thus not being able to give Honda more exposure be like “Heh we did nothing but we won this round”

  3. That’s an amazing looking truck
    We tried deisel trucks here but they were on bigger tyres so we’re slow and tended to roll over
    So now they have lowered them like that one and fitted LS 2 in them so they sound better and go faster

  4. Chad A little unrelated but i was just looking at the 1st ever Gran Prix at Silverstone and there was a Thai Prince who competed  Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh of Siam, commonly known as  Biraa” ( born 15 July 1914) in Bangkok, was a  racing driver who competed in Formula One in its inception

  5. Typical Chad planning! “I f$%ked up” lol. Well you cannot be expected to be in two places at once, they are only Hondas. When was the last time someone saw a racing ford ranger raptor race truck???? (yeah say that 10 times quickly)

  6. I love imports it’s pretty much all I do but I’m a Ford man at heart and haven’t been impressed by them since the Coyote motor. This I can dig the hell out of I’m gonna have to find these races. Thanks Chad you find the absolutely coolest shit

  7. 1 thing I really like about your video is the picture quality and obviously, you take good angles. Really like the Ford Rangers.

    Honda fest still on? Sonover… They really don’t advertise anything at all. At least I know the next one is the CivicX meet.

  8. Glad you be there bro !! My home town buriram !!

    I’ll tell the grid girls you be there….
    Outlook for

    And maybe your old friend @faii_ttk

  9. Yet another premium video chad so many different types of motorsport, you need a go in one of those open wheel cars. Honda Fest yet another CBMedia Fail LMAO

  10. CB do you only use ONE camera? Or are you using your phone and your expensive nice camera at the same time, meaning one on a tripod and one in your hand? Seems like waiting for the truck to go around and around to get one angle would be inefficient.

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