Forget About It! Ko Samui Island It’s No Problem Here…

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  1. Since you have shown so many great places when I get back to Malaysia I will ask my step-son who is a prince if he will show you the palace in Seremban if you can visit.

  2. Ko Samui island look amazing – absolute paradise.The hotel look very nice.We are in Sydney, Australia.The weather here today is windy, and freezing cold 🥶.We envy the good life you and Paige are living.Thanks again for another brilliant video chuck, enjoy your trip.😊

  3. Hi Chuck and Paige, from the highlands of Scotland. Love you guys, super interesting. Think I am like you guys, itchy feet. Ive Never been one for career, money, big house, just exploring the planet. Keep on trucking guys. Currently listening to born to be alive on YouTube, do you remember that? Upbeat and fun! I Don’t show this amount of love to YouTube channel but I love you guys . I love your sarcasm chuck I think it’s funny. Its dry humor. That’s all it is. I get ya buddy. Paige is super cute what a lovely human being. You both have my thumbs up. Angela xxx

  4. Thanks again for showing your adventures… I enjoy the calmness you show… but the times when it gets bonkers… meh… lol, Keep living the dream!!! <3 I can't wait to see how the economy gets with everything going towards digital cash and other forms of currency. Cheers!

  5. Definitely living life through y’all at this point , we have a small family trip planned for port Aransas tx but we think they will close to beach soon. – keep us entertained

  6. two bathing beauties on there new adventure in Paradise, No do not need a fertility ashtray stopped smoking 7 years ago, Check out Facebook I post a picture of myself….Heavy People must me those Thai Giants ——- White sands Aloha….. fun fun funn in the sun….Buddha Bless you two!

  7. Good job Chuck and Paige another great video thanks for your content Barry hear from Brisbane Australia love you work see you in the next video I’m so jealous of your life mate I hope one day to come to Thailand

  8. I’m constantly amazed by the beauty. The resorts, vegetation, food, sweet critters for Paige to love on, the drives and the beaches😍…even the occasional octopus 😱

  9. “Complain if you want to but don’t”
    “Hey boss you want suit?” Lol. I love Chucks sense of humor. It reminds me of me. Actually I’m worse. I would have walked over to that guys table who was talking during breakfast and told him to shut up. I hate tourists who are self obsessed. They think they are way too important.
    You both seem much happier traveling. You both literally glow in your last few videos. I am very happy you guys are getting to travel. I will be there as soon as the covid dies down a bit. Meanwhile I’m stuck at home in Hawaii. Poor me. Love what you do. Keep on truckin. Love Pages pot hat. That stuff helps my ptsd and keeps me from killing people. Aloha. C

  10. Chuck, thanks for not wearing a speedo! I thought I heard you mention that but the wind noise was awful, LOL. Just kidding. Loved it as usual. The hotels are great so far. You have a great travel agent. Thank you everyday for helping us escape the reality of being trapped at home.

  11. Spoke to my wife last night, found out her mom has some land on the island, about 100 yards from the beach. She is trying to sell it for 2,000,000 bht

  12. Welcome to Koh Samui…I recall you saying to me that you missed fat belly men in Speedos 😎… happy to see they didn’t let you down. Most expats here don’t live in chaweng and lamai because of the tourist’s, noise and crazy price’s. You need to try The Shakespeare Pub for a Great Western menu and the best Sunday Roast on the island, also check out Homemade Burgers in Bantai… value and taste are again 100%. We need to see Chuck in his Speedos 😎…I Dare You..🤣🤣

  13. 1st resort has the better beach, 2nd had the better room. The roads look a lot narrow on camera. Have you gone down one and had to back all the way because no room to turn around?

  14. I love Koh Samui! First island I ever visited in Thailand. I stayed in Mae Nam but went to Green Mango every night. What a great place and great memories. Enjoy!!

  15. The rooms there are setup like a suite with a separate bedroom and lounge area. It’s really nice. Very gentle surf on that first beach too.

    The room at the second resort was also huge! You could comfortably entertain if needed.

  16. Hello chuck and Paige I’m sending this message only 11 minutes in your vlog and allready I’m loving it basically I’ve been coming to Thailand for 23 yrs and everything you Guys are doing that’s my plan also you Guys are living the dream thanks so much for wanting me to make this sort of stuff happen in my life in the future ps still feeling your pain loosing your mic 🎙😀

  17. I visited Koh Samui in the early 1990s nice and very quiet, with one main built up area on the western side besides the resorts. Wow…it’s very different now. Cheers

  18. Can’t agree more that folks should kinda be quiet at breakfast particularly at a beautiful location like that. Great Mexican food in Kho Samui whouda thunk. Can you put the Mex food place in the description?

  19. After watching your videos for over 2 years now, I have come to a conclusion. Paige may be crazy, but she is also a very cool beautiful lady. Gotta love her. Out of curiosity, when was the last time she let her hair be her natural color? I just can’t get past red hair on a Thai woman…

  20. What beautiful places your visiting,it’s great for you and Paige that no tourists can travel currently,means piece and quiet beaches to your selfs how lucky 🍀 have a great time 🌴👍🌴

  21. Hay, I saw Duran Duran at the Hard Rock Hotel, Hollywood, Florida with my Wife, love the song ‘ Paper Gods’, I noticed you like the same music as me. I use to know a young guy who would wear only Khaki swim shorts, put a huge Boom Box on his shoulder and roller blade around Nairobi bear breasted while playing Get up, Stand Up, Stand up for your life. He was hilarious. Anyway, I digress. Great video. I’m packing Like Crazy and hope to be in Korat by November. If Thailand is Shut Down for me as a Spouse, well my Wife and Stepson are returning and I’m going to Cambodia and will cross the border when things open.thanks Bro as I have a old blind dog to being as well.

  22. Super video. Love the resort you stayed at. Beautiful locations. And I absolutely love that music that you selected while driving through town. All the best to you from San Diego California

  23. Paige knocks it out of the park again! Being on vacation with you guys is so relaxing. Thanks for all you do to make these great videos! Enjoy the day!

  24. The Thai people, as you say may prefer a soft bed, but in general it could be we are bigger and sink deeper. Digging your shirt and glad you’re having fun! Isn’t the softness of the lapping water so wonderful in Koh Samui? ☺️

  25. Wow , Paige finds the best places ,I was there in march just before the lock down and was still a bit to bizzy for me but those taco’s got me hungry LOL , Cheers guys !

  26. liked into song, and what you played at pool, not heard Frankie goes To Hollywood “Relax” in a long time

    too early for beer? you cant drink all day if you dont start in the morning, lol. but these days I just like 1 or 2 with or after supper, occasionally,

    the view from dining area is AWESOME!

    french Fries, I am the oddball, NO ketchup, nor Mayo, however I Love Malt vinegar on them, or any vinegar if dont have malt, then maybe BBQ sauce, lol,

  27. Our first big trip together was from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui, we stayed a little further around at The Imperial Boat House, it was lovely and nice friendly restaurants nearby, I did like the island but yeah too touristy for sure, I would take my truck there and hire a scooter there again.

  28. Just subscribed after watching your vids for a while. Really enjoying this content and love seeing Koh Samui as my husband and I had our honeymoon there back in 2008! Watching the last few vids makes me want to go back there. Looking forward to next one, cheers!

  29. Did you and Paige take this video in July? I am noticing that the rainy season is still a good time to travel to Thailand. We wanted to come down at the end of June into July and I am noticing you and Joe are traveling now and the rain is not that bad. We want to come in the low season to avoid the crowds. I am definitely staying at your first hotel. The have some awesome resorts on that island. I need to get Brian one of those cowboy hats and burgers. 😎

  30. with that optcopus…..are you sure that was a black cloud in the water and not a big brown cloud?! haha was surprised how much cheese on those tacos, usually here in Thailand just a small amount.



  32. Looking forward to seeing your stay at The Mud. I will be moving to Koh Samui in a few months time. If you have any time before your ferry I recommend trying Hippocampe French Bakery near the jetty in Nathorn.

  33. Hey Chuck, Frites and mayonaise( not the sweet one) is the only correct way to eat our national speciality. Aroi maak maak. Enjoy your trip. Longing to come with my thai wife in Novembre to Um Chan, if Covid allows

  34. What terrible living conditions, sea lapping just out side the door, dog to say good morning to, and a comfortable bed. No wonder you left..

  35. You certainly see so much more when you have car.
    But coming as a tourist it’s impossible to rent a car for 4 months.
    It may be possible but not for the budget.
    Would love to see the whole country on my time.

  36. Gidday, those birds at the restaurant are “Indian Minor” birds. They are an introduced pest and take over from the local birds. I was visiting Tasmania in February and there small native birds everywhere, just as I remembered there being when I was a kid in Queensland, but nowadays they are nearly all gone. Those things are truly rats with wings. There must be a way we can turn them into some type of food and sell them to the Chinese. Could be an alternative to bats.

  37. Oh man ! Chuck youre breakin my heart..I have been there so many times before ,but you are so lucky to see it so quiet without all the tourists..So chilled and relaxing which is what you need.Enjoy the rest of your time there.Cheers mate

  38. You expect silence when people are on holiday, making new friends, dining, and planning their exciting day ahead ? Then why didnt you just eat on your own private balcony ? ” I guess you cant have everything ” WTF ? you havent noticed how hard most Thais there do it ? . Please just stay out of the bar when im in there ! sheez. Thankfully most Yanks are not like you. Lard ass

  39. Thx for the vid…Tland has so many beautiful beaches, resorts, hotels..take a lifetime to see..was interesting geology next to the beach..anyway, glad you’re getting your travel bug fed…we’re battling a virus resurgence so enjoy your freedom..happy trails 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  40. Thx for my daily dose of sanity and beauty in the early morning. Had to change my usual watch routine due matters coming in between.

  41. Chuck far too many adverts…… No need for that many….. You would be surprised how many people will not subscribe because of what looks like overkill….. You sit and watch more adverts than actual real play.
    Come one I know your not that desperate for dollars….. 🤔😦😦😦

  42. Hi Chuck I am really enjoying your vlogs, been watching for the past few weeks and have to compliment you on how enjoyable they are to watch. Thank you for sharing. Always looks forward to the next edition. Best Wishes

  43. Like your videos but why don’t you say on video where you are, location and resort, right at the start of when you move to a new place. I find it really annoying watching a 30 minute video and not know exactly where you are. Thank you.

  44. Can I borrow Paige to be my tour guide on my next trip. She is great at finding hidden gems to stay, great vlogs happy I found your channel from Miami.

  45. Random question Chuck.
    But whats your experience on how much and also ‘how’ to tip hotel staff? Like I always leave money under the pillow or on bed for the cleaners every time Im in Thailand, just to say thankyou for looking after my room. But quite a few times when Im leaving, I want to leave a extra tip to say goodbye, but I have had experiences where front of house staff or management end up being last in room and hoover it up! But I wanted it to go to the cleaning staff.

  46. My channel HotelierZ has been also now showing Koh Samui in our Thai espect , welcome you all to visit my channel

  47. its is beautiful in Ko Samui atm….alas all too soon the Horde’s shall return 🙂 which is good and bad 🙂 still it looks really peaceful there right now, enjoy it 🙂 off the scale here with envy today lol:)

  48. The beaches at Ko Samui look beautiful . But I can see when the allow travelers back into Thailand , that place is going to be packed ! Also funny pictures by the rocks..Safe Travels…

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