Gabrial Picks Out His Wedding Gift

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  1. I don’t know why, but I thought Gabe was already married. Been here since the beginning and I guess I just wasn’t paying close enough attention, LOL Well then, Congratulations Gabrial!! Pigs are looking good Brian, fat and healthy. Take Care, Stay Safe, Be Well, Mac from Georgia

  2. Brian could it be a mistake bringing Mitches stock to your place . you finally got rid of pigs with illnesses .You are already helping out a lot but why risk introducing something to your farm . Just think its a risk you dont need how ever big or small it is. From Tatays responses does the buyer even know about Mitches pigs ?

  3. I am so happy for Gabriel and his wife to be. Such a good person and worker. I thought he is already married. We should start donation for him for his wedding gift, i like him and Joselyn and his 2 children, wishing them all the best.

  4. Hugely expensive getting married for a minimum wage earner over here in the Philippines.
    Most of my wife’s neices and nephews are unmarried( two out of the 14 she has here!) even tho most have partners and kids .
    At my wedding back in 2008, had 150 turn up at the house ( had wedding on our upstairs sheltered terrace ( only room for about 30 there tho! Lol).
    Had been raising two pigs for 6 months for the event. Not that I got any!

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