1. shadow tree have role keep humidity into soil and not evaporation fast all water ——-corn function ,bins local similar !! not put bins of Canada there other climate and not function good for region ECUADOR climate

  2. corn has to have full sunlight.. id cut those trees down for a couple reasons. now I don’t know what kind of trees they are but there are many types of trees that produce a toxin naturally to prevent undergrowth and competition for the tree. walnut is one and Callisto is another but I have no idea about what you have there. a soil test should be done to give you some answers as to what is in that soil that is preventing tomatoes and other types of vegetables from thriving. that’s just me though I farm for a living and it baffles me to see you struggling to get a decent crop to grow.

  3. 7000kg corn cut 50% of food at 12 mature pigs one year entire and mixed hald corn half food at sack . At big field must plug after tractor and put strate compost on all field , after 3 years become soil very fertile …..at 10 000mp2 —-50 000kg-70 000kg compost …….5-7kg compost on m2 soil put . Are more of work at soil !! after good result at big field corn can risck buy a cultivator for easy work and 100% insurance return investition capital

  4. soil amelioration BRIAN ,,,,,,he have sands but are diferent now ,he keep humidity and have minerals ……..are more work ,after work can sleep easy . After become very fertile soil he work easy ,tools down in soil easy . Clay are heavy soil not fertile ,black soil are fertile soil !!! after colour soil you make diference —-red soil are poor not fertile . Compost have potasium ,minerals,,,,,,,,in past time you say high temeprature at pigs ,rice halls have role down temperature but become compost very good !!! after compost use in garden ,on filed for production corn ,legums and circle become complete ———–tree banana have role down temperature at roof pigs and down consume water and comfort piglets and production free banana not pay pesos . Compost are key farm ,,,,,,,,,,not function azzola not problem if function corn !!! ,at corn irigation at bigin plant ,after have fruit corn big not irigation more. All manufactuires life come din soil , all are minerals potasium ,phosphor , N2 . At pigs BRIAN when rice halls become black colour he are compost and big quantity and use for fertilize field …..chimics for amelioration soil not function

  5. you should rotate the land first then put the rice owls on top then rotated again after you spread the rice off cuz I’m getting is going to do it by shovel that that’ll never work

  6. Hi Brian, I would suggest using that plastic mulch sheet( think I saw it at the strawberry farm you went to?), once you have turned in the rice hills.
    Saw on Lazarda, 3 feet wide by 400 meters reduced by 35% in price to 2799 pesos plus delivery .
    Might pay off in the end, with saving on labour, for weed control, bug control? moisture retention ect!?
    And also consider either removing trees completely ( especially along the southern aspect of the area( up here in further north Pangasinan, it is very noticable, that the sun is much lower in the skies this time of year), or at least trimming heavily.
    Trees also remove a lot of moisture from the soil, for quite a distance around and of course , some will actually repress any vegetative growth at all under them.
    Gum( eucalyptus) trees for example,, being notorious for that( exudes oil from the leaves!) .
    All the best for the new year, from chillyish Pangasinan!! ( up in nearby Baguio ect, going down to single digits ( in C) in temperature at night in places!!!! )😁

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