Getting a license plate in Dumaguete – Expat living in the Philippines August 28, 2020

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Today we TRY to get a license plate for our Tuk Tuk. Getting a license plate in Dumaguete – Expat living in the Philippines @Bud Brown August 28, 2020
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I am a retired sixth grade teacher from California who is presently living in the Philippines with my wife and two dogs. These videos aim to be entertaining, inspiring and motivating for people who are tired of the rat race and want to live a simple, yet rewarding life. My passions are studying and learning languages and helping people in any way I can.
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  1. Hello Bud! Each day is a gift that is why it is called the present. Financially you canโ€™t run and spend everyday for life has enough financial surprises. Good thing your stomach had enough rest or you may not have been able to drive properly. LOL As a westerner every day tasks appear to be an adventure in the Philippines. LOL I hope I donโ€™t have too many issues that overwhelm my spoiled western mentality. LOL God Bless

  2. I learned Chinese mandarin at DLI. Reading and writing the characters was the most interesting part. Some of the teachers were real characters.

  3. Never boring Bud! I have always enjoyed your day-to-day videos. Thank you for being so vulnerable about opening up your life to the rest of the world. Sometimes, I feel like you and I are brothers….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Definitely Curious about daily living in the Dumaguete area. We’re currently sidetracked in Cebu City and was intending to visit for possible retirement. Now living vicariously through your channel, HAHA.

    Been following you from the beginning back in the states. “Power On” as Kulas says!

  5. Florentina is where we always stay.Best guest service and good internet. Good place for families because they are like fully furnished Condos with full kitchens

  6. You know Mr. Brown the Philippines is the only country in the world that celebrate Christmas as early as September 1, from this date you will start to hear Christmas songs played on the radio or at the malls and supermarket…I’m pretty sure you have noticed that…plus they start to put Christmas decorations everywhere….keep safe Mr. And Mrs.Brown.

  7. Q: When does the Christmas season start in the Philippines?
    A: whenever you hear Alvin & the Chipmunks sing! Surely the most popular group!
    (Love the false takes at the beginning, Bud.)

  8. Hi Bud, looking forward to your next video. I also agree with Mark Jones and I too enjoy your daily life videos. Take care of Gloria and yourself plus try to have fun.

  9. What kind of motor…. Do you have… In the blue boy ?? I like your sound effects.. Oh yeah Christian music in the Philippines… September to The 1st week in February.. I hope you actually get video… While the person is making your number plate….. Have a great day Bud

  10. It took about 6 months before I got my registration for my bajaj re then I got my plate, if you carry youre recept from the purchase you should be allright.

  11. Btw, i own my Piaggio Ape now more then 2ยฝ years and stii no licence plate, even Piaggio isnt able to give me my licence plate! Strange, isn’it?

  12. Hi mr. Bud. I watch your interview with Paul. That was hilarious!! I’m glad you’re enjoying dumaguete. Great video! Keep it up please

  13. Hey Bud . Would you compare the Charoit with the Rusco. Pluses and minuses ? Started watching your channel right before you bought the Chariot! Thanks!

  14. Usually I do not comment on videos but I will now. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are right, Mr Brown. We want to see your daily life and glimpses of Dumaguete. We do not find it boring at all. If you just do a vlog and stop worrying so much this channel will grow quickly. At least that’s what I think.

  15. I used to see a lot of kids riding bicycles with those passenger foot pegs when I used to take vacations in Mexico. They called them Diablos. With those, a kid who can’t afford a bike can still hang around with his friends. 5 boys, 3 bikes, no problem!

  16. It was never a tradition to celebrate Christmas so early during my time when I was living there.Somehow they change that tradition.I guess they always want to say they got the longest Christmas celebration.

  17. I just finished watching your video and makes me laugh, because I am here in the United states complaining about the new requirements to get a Real ID drivers license. You have to make an appointment bring 3 forms of proof that you are who you say you are taking over an hour of your time to get and bring the documents required. We in America cannot point the finger at another country because we are getting the same all over the world!

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