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  1. Just because they have been building it for ten years any size does not mean it will be road safe pretty dangerous will your insurance company pay out

  2. Hey guy, did you ever see the tricycles in Batangas City?
    I live in Batangas City. The tricycles here comes with the extended back end strong and big enough to carry and refrigerator or washing machine

  3. Brian just a tip , Ive been in many trikes, only in mindanao and other southern areas do they know how to build a trike right. Make shure yours is taller than the crap they build in luzon, Theres nothing worse than riding in a short roof trike banging your head on the roof , Build your bike canopy and the sidecar up for a 6′ person and youll be good. Also make shure the windshield in the sidecar goes all the way up to the roof , most of the ones they build they put the windshield for a 4 or 5 foot person. Trust me if you have to haul friends youll need it.

  4. With that head room you could ride in the sidecar while your wife drives you around for a change. In the province they 3 inside, 2 hanging on the back, 1 one the roof & 1 or 2 behind the driver.

  5. I hope you choose a real windshield using glass instead of a piece of metal that hide the front view of the passagers. Only in Angeles they do that never saw this in other cities.

  6. Hey brother, make sure you make the roof for the sidecar tall enough for Americans to fit comfortably without banging their heads on the bars because I’m 6 ft. And I always get a bad headache when I get into a trike and I really hate it. And it’s dangerous to bang your head really hard on a bump or a pothole. 🤕

  7. After your last video about the side car, I looked them up again for here in the States. I quickly remembered why I haven’t gotten one to let my dogs come along on the bike sometimes…Cheapest was $3,000 plus, up to over 6 grand!!! For a simple sidecar, yeah, I don’t think so either. If I could do what those guys do in the Phils I would make my own sidecar for the dogs. Another nice video, Brian.

  8. I have had 2 side cars made in Angeles City, each time I have waited exactly 8 hours for them, we show up when they open 9-10am, tell them what I want….ask/tell them I need it before they close, can they do it? If they say yes they got the job. When the cash comes out, they always say YES !!!

  9. Really cool. Infatuation…you are just doing the proper research to get it done right. Oh tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, if you…thanks, now that song is stuck in my head.

  10. There is a valid reason why the cars are short in height in PI. It is so the rider of the trike can look to their right over the top of the canopy. Taller canopies block the rider’s view especially when its raining. Its Grab only for me.

  11. LOL as long as the glasses are dark enough that welder will be ok as for the sun burn hes giving himself thats another matter, yes i’m a former welder myself. But its nice to see how they make them.

  12. Of course anything you add is extra ..materials they use are not free and thats also extra hard labor. Do that in the US and they will suck you dry just in labor

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