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  1. Rob In the last 2 weeks we rode the V-Hire from SM MALL to and from Balamban…

  2. Another enjoyable Video Rod mate! AkA “Smooth Operator” 😁
    Appreciate the updates on the status quo bud! I’m keen to get back there so its nice to see where things are at the moment✌
    AND yes Economy needa to open up again….people need to eat before dying of starvation….that will prevent riots and looting…. ✌
    “Support the locals and buy some street food and other paraphernalia….keep the country going”✌
    To endorse more restrictions will lead to more civil unrest you do not want that in Philippines period!
    Nice to see your upbeat there Rod God bless and stay safe mate✌😉

  3. Rod that would be fantastic having the subtitles. There’s a couple other channels that I have no idea what they’re talkin about. Also people leave comments that I don’t understand.

  4. Yup that’s Marigondon, the cottages are 200 pesos 4(bucks) for the whole day, 20-50 pesos to park your car.
    The things people sell there are really good and super cheap.

  5. F.Y.I. I live in Talisay. Our neighbors husband just arrived here yesterday from the UK. He had to be quarantined for 4 days in Manila. Now he is on a 14 day home quarantine in the unit he owns in the Townhouse residence. I think he is married. Might even have a permanent resident ACR like I do. I’m American and also married.

  6. When I was there in Paranaque Manila area, my friend and I would hire a trike, the fare was for P20. a passenger to SM Mall. If the trike was for 4-5 passengers, we would usually pay the 2-3 seats instead of waiting for other passengers to fill the trike which came out to P80-P100

  7. I sure can help the Cebuano Bisaya – English translation. Your friends need to watch your channel all the time as i write whatever phrases, verbs, dictionary, etc, in Ceb-bis, so let me know. I don’t mind teaching and have a Classroom in this channel.

  8. Kind of shocking to see so many people walking with their back to the traffic, but also nice to see the young kids riding their bikes—-couldn’t imagine growing up without a bike. I hope the country opens soon and deals effectively with the virus because from what I’m hearing from professionals in the know, this virus is going to be with us for a very long time.

  9. Rod, I sure appreciate the advice to use JR Coco . My 13 a is now permanent, With the covid19 I was unable to get to the Cebu BI office from Dumaguete, What a great feeling it is to have a visa, 13a. What would I have ever down with JR Coco’s help!

  10. Lol my first visit to the beach in canyon de oro was a eye opener having to pay and how dirty the sand was omg cigarette butts and buying a fish and having it cooked that was nice and having to make appointment to be picked up by the taxi not like NZ we are surrounded by beaches we also just use grab taxis and give good tips

  11. The Philippine government is playing this pandemic game as you may call it, very slowly and conscientiously. Countries that were in a rush opening up are now back to closing their countries again. Remember when Cebu had a sudden surge of cases a couple of months ago, they went into shut down again after the dramatic rise of cases. If we are to believe that people are going to die because of not opening the economy, I wonder where are the dead bodies now. I have been hearing about “people are going to die because of lockdown”. The only dead bodies I am seeing are those that afflicted with covid. It has been almost 8 months since the Philippines started implementing this very strict lockdown. If you ask me where are the dead bodies of covid people, go to hospitals and morgues. I work in the hospital as RN and took care of these sick and dying people. My point is, the government has the information that is not privy to ordinary folks. I would rather trust my government than selfish people who are very bored with not being able to travel and berating the government because of quarantine and lockdown. Well, I should say, there are so many people here with PhD in google virology. Philippines policy regarding this pandemic; people first, and I mean protecting people from Covid, the economy comes second! Whether you like it or not, that is how it is here.

  12. Funny thing Rod, Filipino’s do not anticipate danger on the roads or highways, even when driving, they will cut corners or overtake slower vehicles on narrow winding roads even where there is a yellow ‘no overtaking’, line. Seeing all those people including kids,
    walking on the righthand side with traffic coming from behind them, when internationally, its commonly encouraged to walk on the side towards approaching traffic. Years ago when our girl was walking with her mother, (our niece), the mother positioned our little
    girl walking on the road whilst the Mom walked holding her hand on the side of the road, with traffic approaching from the rear,
    a very dangerous practice indeed. She stopped doing that after i educated her of the dangers, especially to our little girl. Regards. Bob.

  13. My girlfriend and I spent 3 nights at Plantation Bay Resort in Lapu Lapu City, in December 2019, just after arriving back from 10 days in El Nido, Palawan. It is more of a “High end” resort, but it was an experience worth every peso.

  14. I wish there was a lot more buses in the Phils, especialy local. Being 6ft tall, not a fan of jeepneys. Long distance, the aircon buses are comfortable and cheap, best way to see more of the country. I watch all your vlogs for the latest updates.

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