1. Good morning. I’m in Florida. Coffee for me Mate. My big mug is one I got from Yellowstone. I like the Thailand also but it’s been about 6 years. My wife loves Thailand too. She would even live there because of the food and climate albeit from she has only visited Chang Mai.
    Do you recommend using an attorney when buying property? Seems to me money well spent.

  2. Sorry I have so many questions. Is there a typical range of condo fees in Thailand and are property taxes paid individually by each owner?
    I also heard Russian have taken over Pattaya. Is that true?

  3. To be honest after having traveled to many many places Asia, South America, Mideast, Europe and S Africa I’ve discovered there is no place like the good ol USA. Granted if you didn’t plan financially for your future then options are significantly reduced. I don’t have that problem. My problem is comparing everything to the US price wise.

  4. Did you figure out where Clark Global City is located? I think you will finally realize Sharp Hills and Sun Valley is not located in Clark Global City.

  5. All you readers are most definitely NOT being told the truth and the horror pitfalls of buying property in Thailand / Philippines either deliberately or by ignorance…i really am.stunned by the miss information….example this is just a taste to start…in Thailand the law on buying property ie house and land forming a corporation first…the law has never really changed, but it is being enforced in recent years…believe this or not ( your peril not mine if you dont) remember im not selling anything..
    The Thai government is offering a commission if it can be proven the Thai share is fake, and remember, the Thai share holders must be tax payers not a street vendor on a commission who on paper resigns as when they sign.. also with condos the building has to be 60/40….think of the consequences…ill leave that to your imagination…
    On to the Sillypinnes…did you know . There IS Torrens title achievable there
    Bet you didn’t know that…and with a corporation to buy land its very safe ..unlike Thailand. There is a far different way of thinking…all Philipino share holders must NOT know each other…. they resign on signing…get my drift…when you buy land ( long story,) photos of what is usually a family owned. Photos with lawyer…fingerprints. lots sign with a cross ….yes…. and individual strict guarantees stating on the lines if some family member suddenly appears they individually are responsible for discrepancies or Such lineS. Use your imagination…remember TORRENS TITLE is achievable… Do not allow a lawyer to arrange himsrlf or her self to be a share holder……best to hire a lawyer whom is foreigner friendly. Ie if a female lawyer….she should be married to a foreigner….in the Sillypinnes..there are a few ive seen on some vids ” The Philipina ,Pea ” great honest stuff she is a Philipina telling it as it is. Dropping truth bombs where ever they land. She gets hate mail…..people don’t like the truth if its far from complimentary

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