Goodbye Udon Thani – Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour Episode 4

#UdonThani #Isaan #Thailand
The crazy journey from Udon Thani to my next destination…

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  1. Keep up the great genius Vlogs. I must admit i do watch other vloggers and you are far more professional than your YouTube Competitors that ive seen so far. For Example your editing and segments pretty spot on. CB you Always have a good story line behind the vlogs. If oneday youtube ever decide to have awards for Vloggers you’ll definitely be in the running for a youtube gold logie ,Emmy award etc….i know you’ve be working on more ideas to add to your vlogs and be looking forward to those vlogs one day. Thank you “CB” your the man.

  2. The road to Isaan is called mitraphap (Friendship). It was a road of war, built to supply arms to American military bases in Korat and Udon Thani during Vietnam War.

  3. in issan they offer you white liquid as hospitality they’ll invite random people to have lunch or dinner with them even if they don’t know you.

  4. Man got chills watching this. Motor biking all over Thailand/SE ASia is some of the best times I’ve had. Took me back.
    Keep on doing these. ATL Alien represent

  5. 9:14 Agree completely. Did a 3 day motorbike tour in Chang Mai and was something ill never forget. Watching these videos makes me want to do it again.

  6. off the beaten path tours in much better than the oversaturated big city tours. Ill be following closely and fyi when you hear the thai’s say ” Chok Dee ” it means Good luck. Have a Smooth and safe trip Chad.

  7. It’s better you buy good breathable motorcycle gloves it will save you from sunburn and maybe roadrash if the unthinkable happens.

  8. Chad just love the videos …another great one ….the 3 kids on the bike … never see this in Australia …keep up the good work stay safe ..chz dd.

  9. Like I wrote before, from my experience,the Thais in Issan are even more warm and friendly.I have never had any issues with personal security anywhere in Thailand either. It is so hot in the summer that anyone walking around during the day for more than 5 minutes outside the coastal towns, they will think is crazy hence why they may look oddly at some visitors😊

  10. Dude! Your excitement in this video is infectious! Makes me seriously want to head out on another adventure myself! Good stuff👍👍

  11. Thank you for another episode of tour. I enjoy touring along with you. I was wondering? You said the weather is hot. Is it. Muggy Or dry hot?

  12. Just be aware that the speed limits in issan are.most likely 90km/h.
    Creating slelf incriminating evidence might not be in your best interest for you have problems at a later date.
    Peace out, enjoy your tour.

  13. Chad, awesome experience! Thank you for sharing this experience with the rest of the world! I’m sure there is nothing like being stuck in a small village at a small convenience store with an older woman hitting on you just to wait out a rain storm in the back country of Taiwan! Looking forward to the rest of this motorbike tour! I just want you to know, in my opinion you put out the best content about Taiwan on YouTube! Stay safe out there! Dan @6-4_Fab Glen Rock, PA, USA

  14. It’s great to see the true heartbeat of Thailand. It truly shows you how beautiful and friendly Thai people really are. Love it!! Thanks for sharing as always… Safe travels.

  15. Is it hard for you to communicate with the locals? Do most understand english or do you need to know at least the basics to get gas and such..?

  16. I love this so much, brother. Cruising on my scooter or as Thais call it: “moto-sie,” and getting lost in Thailand is absolutely one of my favorite things to do! Be careful of some of the snakes!

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